Bugis Chomp Chomp

Banawe St. cor. Quezon Ave., Banawe, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Bugis Chomp Chomp
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Jaymie P.
4.0 Stars

My 200th Looloo Review! 128079🏼128079🏼128079🏼

Went to Banaue to attend a SENA at NLRC. And because I hadn't eaten lunch, I opened my Looloo app to check out possible options in the area. Bugis Chomp Chomp showed a high rating so I crossed the food bridge on over to the other side.

Entering the restaurant gave me an SG Hawkers vibe. They offered a large variety of SG food, including scallops, chicken satay, squid balls, tiger rolls on stick, which I ordered. I also ordered salted egg spare ribs and dynamite. All sooo good!

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Ishi C.
4.0 Stars

Bae's all time favorite food, LAKSA! 127836

The place is a bit small though, but a visit is definitely worth it when you are quite in a tight budget because they offer cheap but good food. They have generous servings too! An additional nod because the waiting time is bearable considering it is Saturday night.

They're a CHOMP! 128522128077🏼

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Diana L.
3.0 Stars

This restaurant was always fully booked so I thought their food was delicious.

My howe and I had dinner here and good thing there was a lot of seats available. I was very excited to try their Laksa because I saw some reviews that this resto is a must try in Banawe.

We ordered Laksa and fried rice (sorry I forgot the name) hehe. The fried rice was good and their laksa was fine but I was a but disappointed because I thought I'll be having like food orgasm. Hehe. The soup lacks something I think it was the coconut milk? It doesn't taste laksa compared to Shiokshiok and Wee Nam Kee. :)

For me I'd rather go to Shiokshiok. It's just beside them. Hehehe.

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Jen L.
5.0 Stars

Guys, kung nagyayaan kyo ng mga friends nyo sa Bugis Banawe, clarify nyo which branch, yung maliit na tabi ng dakasi o yung malaki na malapit sa infinitea haha

Food is so so Singapore lah, price is so so Chinese lah :) sarap na, pasok ba sa budget! Till next time!

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Jayne Marie W.
4.0 Stars

So we wanted to try something new. Just off to Banawe is a restaurant that I found while searching |ooloo's best food reviews. We were one of the first customers there since it was only a little past 11am. The interior was cozy with the bright colored chairs and soft lights.

This laksa is rich in flavor. It came in this huge steel bowl which is a little overwhelming. Peeking from the coconut milk goodness are the ingredients which I can’t name the majority of. This has coconut milk, spaghetti noodles, shrimp, egg, lobster balls, and all sort of ingredients that I can’t enumerate.

I would love to go back to this place even if it was just for Singapore Laksa. I’m craving for it already as I type this post. 128563

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Julie J.
4.0 Stars

When we're lazy and don't want to cook or if there's nothing inside our ref, which is often 128517 we just order from this place or drop by... It's Located just a few corners from our place so it's uber convenient 128077🏼 This is a newer branch and is more spacious and a lot cleaner and brighter.

Was in one of our lazy moods so we came straight here from the office... Was craving for Hainanese Chicken and some of this Num Nums on stick 128070🏼pretty affordable and delicious @35 a stick 128522 there's also a wide selection of Singaporean food to choose from, their Laksa is also very good! Fresh fruit shakes @105 is also a must try here 128525

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Aileen B.
4.0 Stars

Laksa Soup YUM!

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Jayson J.
4.0 Stars

sunday and its lunch day with friends..
i dont know what's the difference between bugis chomp chomp and bugis singaporean at n. roxas...
laksa rice:
the rice was good 2-3 person. it was kindof dikit dikit... nothing really special.. i Thu k they call it laksa eice cause ot has a bit of cocomilk in it and some shabu-shabu meat.. you know. typical what you see in laksa.

satay rice:
it's more tasty than the laksa rice. highly colored though... pero mukang achuete nmn...

hainanese rice:
we just had it from tge hainanaese chicken set... wlang anything special din... boring.

hainanese chicken
paarng toyo chicken naman.... hainanese in a sense how it was cooked. well cooked. and quite big.

chicken teriyaki
it got the tast of teriyaki.... sweet.. but suddenly bigla siyang aalat. the sauce i was assuming to be thick... but it was loose. chicken cutlets... quite far from what i expected.

fish fillet in mango sauce..
looks like an analogy of lemon chicken... blended well. sabi nila hindi dory ang fish nila... and i do think so too... the taste was really mango with a bit of artificial... mejo off but can get used to it.

pork chop..
with matching curry sauce. their 127835 sauce was really good! i suggest you try their curries narin.

i really like their laksa. creamy and spicy.creamy not thick. has an after effect on every sip. gumuguhit.

we had fruit shakes...weird if you order avocado, you'll only get a 16 oz size.... as for the rest its 22 oz. you can mix fruits. i had strawberry mango... and i think there's some strawberry artificial flavoring.

for dessert. they offer japanese yoghurt ice cream sandwhiches. one thing about yoghurt ice creams... they dont go that creamy like as milk ice cream does... tastes like cheese cake actually...

room LOOKS big coz of the mIRROR
check two crs..
no wifi
.. says there 'davies' but really ineffective.
servers are corteous and thwy serve really fast. kahot na sunday.
the food were ok i thing... for me it's more than just 3
.. but not good enuf for 4.

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Raisa Z.
4.0 Stars

The food was very similar to Eat Fresh Hongkong Street Food. I kind of theorize they were competitors. Anyway, LAKSA and LAKSA FRIED RICE is a must!!!!! Worth every single dime. So good! I think Laksa is one of their best seller because almost all the tables have Laksa in it.

We also tried the deep fried street food. Yummy. Also don't forget to order Strawberry-Kiwi Fruit Shake. Not too sweet and you could really taste the fruits. Wanted to try the avocado too, but I was too full.

Am i coming back? No doubt yes! Any time of the day!

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Jasper T.
2.0 Stars

Epic fail. The spring rolls' wrapper was really thick and it wasn't cooked thoroughly. The sizzling chicken was ok, but this was not enough for a second visit.

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