Bugsy's Sports Bar & Bistro

G/F Forbes Town Center, Forbestown Rd., Burgos Circle, Taguig, Metro Manila

Bugsy's Sports Bar & Bistro
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Sports Bar
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Most Recent Reviews

Julie L.
3.0 Stars

Met up with my friends to have dinner and drinks. They were offering a promo for buy 1 take 1 on selected cocktail drinks. I had Mojito (Php185) and Lychee Martini (Php185), I liked their Mojito the alcohol wasn't too strong.

Then I ordered Schublig Platter (Php295), which was disappointing waiting for more than 40 minutes for it.

Slow service though.

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Manila E.
4.0 Stars

Bugsy's reminds me of good memories with colleagues after work at the Fort. My colleagues and I don't necessarily make arrangements or reservations as we prefer spontaneity so we just hit the bar and order whatever we can and like. The usuals would be grilled pork chop and amaretto sour. Yes, that is our preferred combo and has been going on for the last three years!

This time, got invited to visit and test out their new items:

Ultimate Cheese Sampler
Roasted bone marrow w/ roast beef
Klassic Kare-Kare
Filling Arroz caldo

New items are OK, but would still go for the usuals. You have to be prepared with at least P600-P700/each if you want to try a lot and eating with a group of 4-5, but I'll say go for the pork chops and take a few drinks, that way you'll be fine and and have a good time.

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Kristin A.
4.0 Stars

A quick review of yesterday's lunch:

128046 Bugsy Siegel - it's no Wagyu so you can't expect buttery soft, but it is tender enough. Plus, it's big enough for three people to share! Real value for money right there. The mashed potato is also really good.

128020 Chicken wings - they have a few dishes on lunch deals for 245, and this is one of them. Three pieces of wings plus a heap of rice plus iced tea. Not bad either, but my lunch buddies' comment is that it's too crisp (meaning, close to being burnt).

Not a lot of people here for lunch, so there's no problem getting a seat. What I do hate is the smoky smell - as in amoy yosi. Not coming here if i had to go to a meeting afterward.

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Marc M.
5.0 Stars

128525 |ooloo R E N D E Z V O O S 128525

128694🏻 I always pass by Bugsy's whenever I would #RamenLife over at their next door neighbor Wrong Ramen, and I admit I would often overlook Bugsy's since it looks like a place where upscale people hang-out that I assumed it might be too expensive like Super-Club-expensive on their alcohol and food. But man was I wrong! Thanks to |ooloo and the generous people of Bugsy's for shattering my otherwise wrong impression of them. 128077

The food we sampled were all good. "Walang tapon" if we would call it. As a matter of fact, there were no leftovers! As in "simot". Or was that because of me 128583🏻.

The price tag was reasonable for the serving size and quality of ingredients. Apparently, they only use the freshest ingredients even down to their vinegar. 128077

What we tried that I loved:
✅Home Made Potato Chips - so simple yet very addicting.
✅Bugsy's Nachos - you can't go wrong on Nachos. Serving size is big! Sulit!
✅Buffalo Tenders - wings with just the right amount of spice and the perfect bleu cheese dip! No doubt a crowd pleaser tonight.
✅Chicken Skin Chicharon - Another crowd pleaser, who doesn't love deep fried chicken skin? Perfect Pulutan! 128525
✅Crispy Pork Face - oh man! Skin is crispy while the meat is oh so tender! Putok batok moments over here! 128513
✅Vongole - my instant favorite! Creamy Aligue Pasta with clams! 128525
✅Bugsy Siegle - we were all caught by surprise on this one. We never would've thought they would serve good steak here. Apparently they do and it's reaaallly good and sulit! 128525
✅Roast Pork Belly - here comes another putok batok moment! One of the stars of the night! So good I didn't even have to dip in vinegar.

Their prime location would also mean that despite being affordable, rest assured that the crowd would be decent. There will be some rowdy customers (like us 128513) as the night progresses but it only means they are having a good time and are not really bothersome. Like I said, decent. 🚯 "Walang Jologs dito bukod sakin" 128514

127866127863127864O P E N B A R127867🍾127868
Now this is quickly turning to be my kind of rendezvoos!!! 128525
They have a wide selection of local and foreign beers at below zero! But they don't have Bucket Promos because "ewww pang-masa" 9996️🤐
Beer for the Boys and Wine for the Ladies at the other table! Kampai! We downed set after set, bottle after bottle while munching on additional orders of chicken skin and crispy pork face. But then it was already 2am 128561 Nakakahiya kay Chef! I can still push til closing though "wala pa ko amats, matindi training ko eh". 128514 but some of us still have work the next day so we called it a night. An EPIC NIGHT to be precise. 128513

Will I be back? Definitely! I might even order two of those steaks just for myself 128525

Thanks to |ooloo for the invite!
Peanut D dahil naalala niya ko.
Roegan T sa wakas nakainuman din kita.
@Chef Ed for the wonderful spread and the surprise Open Bar. It's always a pleasure sampling creations from successful fellow alumni. Animo Benilde! 128074
@Bugsy's for being very generous hosts!
Sa mga kainuman ko Jayson J EJ B Kiko G Dennis O Jairus d Reich T Chili G Jackie S BEER PA!!! 127867

127908HHAAAAaaaappy BEEEeeertday tooooo yoooo! 127867

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Kiko G.
5.0 Stars

At home, watching TV with a bottle of Pilsen is my custom setting if I like to drink. The very reason I dislike going out drinking is because I do not want to spend for beer and after-hour joints can be too turned up and riotous (Tatay Mode). Bugsy's at the Fort is different from my recognition of drinking establishments. There are two profiles at this Bistro; the ground floor has the semblance of a usual bar with a beer counter, communal tables, upbeat music and busy scene. Upstairs, they have a bistro setting and a bit tight-lipped (except nung nakainom na kami).

I have heard a lot from Bugsy's most especially about their food and pricing. Going through the menu, looking at the food coming out of the kitchen and considering the restaurant settled in BGC, Bugsy's is the place to be and not only on a Friday night. If you happen to pass by Bugsy's at the Fort, you would probably have an impression that F&B is expensive but it's a false front.

They served us with their HOMEMADE POTATO CHIPS (PHP195) to start. Its a huge bowl of perfectly crisp slices of potato. I can't think of any dipping sauce that will go well with these delicious potato chips except their sour cream mayo sauce.

Served next was their BUGSY'S NACHOS (PHP345). I initially thought that the price is too much for a plate of nachos but I was surprised when I saw a huge rectangular plate of nacho chips with loads of chili beef, red beans. jalapeno, onions, cheese and sour cream generously drizzled on top. We were already drinking our fifth bottle and there were still a lot of nachos left.

Chef Ed was too cool and too generous so he served us their CRISPY PORK FACE (PHP295). You only live one and if eating this will be the cause of my death. So be it!

The BUFFALO TENDERS (PHP265), for me, is the best partnered with cold bottle of beer. Strips of chicken fillet are tender and crisp on the outside and the coat of buffalo sauce was perfect with the blue cheese dip.

Their TACO SALAD (PHP295) was my least favorite and that's probably because I am a non salad eater. I ate everything on this plate except the greens but 70% of this dish is leafy. Hehe! The tortilla chips were pretty good though with some ground beef, cheese, onions, salsa and sour cream.

Bugsy's recently launched their new menu items. My favorite was the CHICKEN SKIN CHICHARON (PHP195). An instant favorite at first bite. It's crispy and bit spicy served with a delicious spiced vinegar. We had our second round of CHICKEN SKIN CHICHARON and the plate got cleaned up in a minute.

Having some GRILLED PORK CHOPS (PHP435) after drowning ourselves with chicken skin chicharon was a good transition. If you want to die and make sure that the last meal you ate was a plate with 2 stunning grilled pork chops with garlic rice. Hindi pwede walang kanin.

Another dish that is part of their new menu items is the VONGOLE (PHP375). After the chicken skin, pork face and pork chops, you just can't say no to a plate of spaghetti with sauteed fresh clams tossed in crab fat sauce. Yes crab fat and parmesan cheese served with garlic bread on the side.

To tone it down a bit, we had some FISH and CHIPS (PHP395). 2 pieces of beer battered cobbler and deep fried to perfection. A bit greasy for me but it tastes really good and serving was quite hefty. They should change the name to Whale and Chips.

My ultimate favorite during our looloo rendezvoos was the BUGSY'S SIEGL (PHP995). For the price, you get USDA Angus rib eye grilled to your preference. On the side you have mashed potatoes, green beans and red wine sauce. PANALO! If Bugsy's has only one item on the menu and it's Bugsy's Siegl, they'd still get the same traffic with this.

Bugsy's would most likely be the place to be for me if and if I want to go out drinking with my buddies. I hope they put up a branch again here in Ortigas with the same set up as Fort branch. Thanks to Martin and Chef Ed for a generous feast and overflowing beer :D :D :D and to the starburst rocks of looloo Peanut D and Roegan T.

It was nice to meet new faces Chili G and Jackie S. and the rest uhmm.. haha! Epic night! Jairus d Reich T Dennis O Jayson J Marc M and EJ B

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Reich T.
5.0 Stars

Bugsy's a familiar name in the bar scene. Not for me though, i don't think of booze, i think of Warren Beaty! Yeah, i am such a sucker for vintage Mafia Movies. And guess what? Bugsy is one of 'em.

Why would a retired party girl go to a bar, you ask? Two words - |oo|oo Rendezvooz Baby! The invite is very timely as i have been working way too much for the past few weeks. I am in dire need of a drink. A glass of wine is in order. Wait....a whole bottle sounds really awesome.

Bugsy's is one of the establishments in my work neighborhood - Burgos Circle baby. This is regular route going home after my run. The interior screams "IamASportsBarButNotQuite" vibe. Why do i say that? Well, the LCD screens airing basketball is a dead giveaway but if we take that out of the equation, it looks more of a bar x restaurant hybrid. Dim the lights, play a lil jazz and we got a speak easy.


| Chicken Skin Chicharon (Php 195). The name says it all but I feel that we need to add an adjective – CRISPY. This is one of the standout dishes of the night…WHY? No frills, straightforward, unhealthy appetizer….i mean everyone likes that. I think I said kept on mentioning to Chef Edward how awesome it is (I was saying that while I was munching on ‘em)

| Homemade Potato Chips (Php 195). Dear Cibo Chips – I am breaking up with you. I am in love with someone else.

| Bugsy’s Nachos (Php 345). Cripsy nachos with chili beef, red beans, jalapeño sour cream, onions, tomatoes and cheese. Who would’ve thought that I would like Nachos with beans in it? I guess it has something to do with how they mixed the ingredient in exact proportions, and how each flavour compliments the other.

| Buffalo Tenders (Php 265) . I am really a fan of buffalo wings but the first bite made me realize that if it is done right, it is magical. I like the fact that they didn’t go cray-cray with the buffalo sauce, the flavour is just right. The problem with other joints is that they put too much sauce and you don’t taste the chicken. This is the exact opposite; I get to taste how juicy the chicken is on the first bite. You know what is the best part, they use boneless chicken baby!

Pizza x Pasta

| 3 Cheese Truffle and Bacon (Php 425). Grilled flat bread topped with homemade marinara sauce, cheddar, mozzarella, parmesan, truffle essence and bacon. Flat bread is best eaten fresh off the oven in order to appreciate the texture of the dough. Well, I am happy to report that you don’t need to rush when dining at Bugsy’s as their flat bread remains awesome after letting it sit for x number of minutes. I like how the mixture of cheeses blend well with the marinara sauce.

| Vongole (Php 375). Vongole is prepared two ways – Bianco and Rosso. The latter is cooked with tomatoes and fresh basil. This is Deconstructed Rosso. Picture this – al dente spaghetti sautéed with fresh clams in creamy crab fat sauce. I like how the richness of the crab fat compliments the clean flavour of the clam. This is a dish that is thought of, carefully crafted and will surely please your palate.


| Grilled Porkchops (1 piece – Php 315, 2 pieces Php 435). Grilling pork requires expertise as the meat to on the dry side if it spends an extra minute on the grill and everything is down the drain after. What you will get is a dry and tough grilled porkchop. Fret not, this aint one of ‘em. The chops are grilled to perfection, the meat is juicy and tender. This is absolutely divine.

| Bugsy Siegel (Php 995). USDA Ribeye served with mashed potatoes, green beans and red wine sauce.

Fun Fact: This dish is named after a gangster who co-founded Murder Inc.

This is one of the best steaks under Php 1000. The meat is super tender and oozing with flavour. This is wow on the first bite. I never bothered adding some red wine sauce as the steak is good on its own. And the serving is big enough to be shared by two people. Now if doesn’t sound like a good deal, then I dunno what else can I say to convince you.

| Roast Pork Belly (Php 365). This is Chef Edward's personal favorite. I can't blame him, everyone likes pork belly. Lemme tell you that this is not the kind you find anywhere else. The dish is a family recipe, i think it is conceptualized by Chef Edward's grandmother. Short term memory loss aside, why do i say that this is one of a kind. Slow roasted pork belly infused with lemon grass! This is the first time i tried belly cooked with tanglad. The citrus flavor goes well with the meat. It creates an excellent flavor contrast that will entice your palate. After the first bite, i can confidently say...without a shadow of a doubt that this is the Baddest Pork Belly in Town.


They have an extensive selection of booze to choose from – beer, cocktails, wine, champagne, whiskey, brandy , vodka, tequila and single malt. Our generous host offered overflowing drinks – Yay! *happy dance* I skipped the hard liquor and settled for a glass of red.

Dinner was fantastic. Good food shared with foodie friends is always a good idea but when you add a little ethanol in the picture, it becomes…..wait for it… Legendary.

Thank you Chef Edward and Martin for having us.

Thank you Peanut D and Roegan T for the invite

Fun times with my homie Jairus d

Nice to meet you Chili G Jackie S

And the rest of the gang Kiko G EJ B Jayson J Marc M Dennis O

Peace Out!


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5.0 Stars

The coolest #LoolooRendezvoos so far! 127867127863🥃

It was an epic night at Bugsy's Sports Bar & Bistro. Chef Edward and Martin welcomed and greeted us once we enter the premises. I started my Bugsy's experience with Apple Juice for Php65.00 while waiting for other fellow Loolooers before we start our rendezvous.

The "manginginom" headed by Looloo's very own Roegan T and the Rendezvoos queen Peanut D together with the owners of Bugsy's entertained us until such time that one-by-one the starters were served on our table.


127867Homemade Potato Chips for Php195.00 (Thinly sliced fresh potatoes served with sour cream mayo) - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5

127867Bugsy's Nachos for Php345.00 (Nacho Chips with chili beef with red beans, jalapeño, sour creams, onions, tomatoes and cheese) - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

127867Crispy Pork Face for Php295.00 (Deep fried pork face served with vinegar) - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

127867Buffalo Tenders for Php265.00 (Crispy strips of boneless chicken tossed with buffalo sauce served with bleu cheese) - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5

127867Taco Salad for Php295.00 (Ground beef, flour tortilla chips, salsa, cheese, sour creams and mixed greens) - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

127867Chicken Skin Chicharon for Php195.00 (Crispy chicken skin tossed in homemade spice served with spiced vinegar) - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5


127867Vongole for Php375.00 (Spaghetti in creamy crab fat sauce sauteed with fresh clams topped with parmesan cheese and garlic bread) - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

1278673 Cheese Truffle and Bacon for Php425.00 (Grilled pizza topped with Marinara sauce, cheddar cheese, mozzarella cheese, parmesan cheese, truffle essence and bacon) - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

127867Grilled Porkchops (2 pcs.) for Php435.00 / (1 pc.) for Php315.00 (Grilled marinated porkchops served with garlic rice and spicy soy vinegar sauce) - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

127867Fish & Chips (2 pcs.) for Php395.00 / (1 pc.) for Php345.00 (Beer battered and deep fried cobbler served with fries & lemon butter sauce or tartar sauce) - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

127867Bugsy Siege (400 grams) for Php995.00 (Grilled USDA Angus rib eye served with mashed potatoes, green beans and red wine sauce) - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5

127867Roast Pork Belly for Php365.00 (Cebuano inspired crispy pork belly infused with local herbs and spices served with steamed rice and lechon sauce) - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5


127867Bugsy's Fudge Brownie for Php195.00 (Moist and velvety fudge brownie topped with vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce and powdered sugar) - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

*Overflowing beers (local & imported, cocktails and red wine)

All the dishes prepared by Chef Edward were truly amazing and delicious. "Walang tapon! Lahat masarap!" And the pricing is very reasonable. My favorites:

🥃Homemade Potato Chips & Chicken Skin Chicharon
"The thinly slice potato chip served with sour cream sauce were super duper addicting same as the crispy chicken skins, grabe! Forget the calories! Ang sarap lang... Lalo na yung spiced vinegar."

🥃Buffalo Tenders
"It's not your ordinary buffalo chicken, this one is boneless and flavorful but not that "nakakaumay!" Best to be eaten with bleu cheese."

Overall, it was a super fun night. From now on, Bugsy's will means happiness to me! Good conversations, good food, laugh all the time and ended up being happy... smiling! 128541

Thank you Peanut D and Roegan T for the invitation.

Thank you Chef Edward and Martin for having us.

Nice seeing you guys... again. Marc M Kiko G Jayson J Dennis O Jackie S Chili G Jairus d Reich T

The event was paid and sponsored by Bugsy's Sports Bar and Bistro.

#ilovetoeatph 12851510084

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Dennis O.
5.0 Stars

I've been a regular customer of Bugsy's eversince. This place is one our barkada go to place when it comes to inuman session. We love this place for its live sports screening during football season. Last night I've been invited by Peanut D for a |ooloo rendezvoos and I was excited cause I know this will be a long fun night. In my many visits to Bugsy's it have always been Beer and Nachos. In this rendezvoos I was surprised how good their food are. They are more than just a sports bar. Served in this fan fan night are the following.

127867Homemade Potato Chips - crispy potato chips minus the MSG. This a great pikapika and the sourcream that comes with it was delicious.

127867Bugsy's Nachos - you can never go wrong with Nachos and beer. Typical nachos nothing special about it but serving size was huge. 128522

127867Chicken Skin - oohh.. This one is so sinfully good. Perfect for the beer. One of my fave and a great new option instead of having the nachos.

127867Buffalo Tenders - another fave of the night. Love the sweet spicy tangy flavor of the juicy chicken tenders.

1278673 Cheese Truffle and Bacon Pizza - this one is also good love the crisp pizza crust and the flavor was just perfect.

127867Vongole Pasta - a clam shell pasta. Not sure if they used aligue for its delicious flavor

127867Fish and Chips - for me this was just okay since I've tried better fish and chips.

127867Crispy Pork Belly - this is a winner! Tasted like Cebu lechon belly. It was on the garlicky side flavor and the meat was so tender. 128077

127867Bugsy's Siegel - a big serving of steak and for just 995! It was a great deal and it was so good! One of my fave!

127867Cripy Pork Face - this one was served while we're deep into our inuman session. Another sinfully good dish. Love the thick face and its soft meat. Too good but too dangerous for the health.

127867Bugsy's Fudge brownies - brownies was thick and moist. Love it!

Best part of the night unli beer!!! They've got great list of imported beers that I love. From Blue Moon, Heineken, Hoegarden, Stella Artois, Corona.128588128588128588

Overall Bugsy's is indeed more that just a bar. Their food are topnotch. Can't wait to get some of my barkada again to grab beer and this time have dinner here.

This might be one of the most fun rendezvoos I've attended. Alcohol is just a magic that makes everything more fun haha. Thanks |ooloo peeps Peanut D Roegan T Jayson J Marc M EJ B Kiko G Reich T Chili G Jackie S Jairus d. Cheers!!! 127867127867127867

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Jayson J.
5.0 Stars

Hooray for another rendezvoos thanks to bugsy's for a sumptuous night of eat and drink fest, like literally! Thanks to chef edward who really entertained us the whole night erm... morning as well!

Well as for bugsy's it really is a place where you could enjoy different kinds of drinks-- beer, wine, and all. It's a place where a group could relax, bond or just watch sports TV together. As for the looloo team, we really had a good time with these food (some of them are new in the menu so make sure you also try my recos)

128204128525 chicken skin chicharon @195PhP
It's crispy thin. Everyone in the drink group liked it, it's not the thick crispilicious jiucylicious type. Good to go with beers

128204128525 bugsy's fudge brownies @195PhP
The brownie is moist and sweet. Not even a #kampon. Get this to have a sweet option in your pulutan. Haha!

128204128525 homemade potato chips @195PhP
Get this too! There's no MSG in it, the light salted and very thin crispy potato chips goes well with the sour cream dip. This for sure is a simple and unbelievably became one of crowd's favorite that night.

128204 Bugsy's nachos @345PhP
It got chili con carne, but i dont think it's the best nachos. I still like fat daddy's jerra's nachos. But again. This is still above average ;)

128204128525 crispy pork face @295PhP
Ang kapal ng muka ng pig. Yun lang ang masasabi ko. Haha. Pero it's really thick and young and crispy 🤤 i have to take caution though it's really pitok batok

128204128525 buffalo tenders @265PhP
Love love love the mildly spiced covered chicken tenders-- almost everyone made this one of their top three faves. The blue cheese dip really really goes well with the tenders!!

128204 three cheese truffle and bacon pizza @425PhP
This was just okay for me. What's special is that this is not baked-- it's grilled, man,

128204128525 vongole 375PhP
This pasta. Is full of clams and i loved it.

128204 taco salad @295PhP
Chips and salad combined. This did not really impressed the crowd, lack of twist or something hehe

128204128525 bugsy siegel @995PhP
Their bestseller, man i did not know they have steak here, really tender. Best paired with a glass of red wine.

128204128525 crispy pork belly
Try this one too! The twist is the fine taste of ginger and lemongrass it comes with rice so this is good for your main meal before having alcohol loading.

128204128525 fish and chips
Mas masarap yung fish cargo but this one is mas malaman!!!

That night i was able to try hoegarden, bluemoon, heineken, pale pilsen, and a lot of corona!!

Saying hi at the lady's table
Hotseat Peanut D lolzzz. Jackie S Chili G Reich T
And the guys' table
Kiko G Marc M Dennis O Roegan T (may utang tayo ng jump!) EJ B Jairus d mayor!!

Ladies should stay more next time!!! Hehehe (clap ni dennis)

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Chili G.
5.0 Stars

I've always loved bugsys and when I received Peanut D's invite for a |ooloo rendezvoos at bugsys BGC, I just had to say yes! Bugsys had always been one of our go to places here in Alabang and I was excited to try another branch 128522
Arrived a little after 7PM and was happy to see new faces! The guys were really prepping themselves for a long night methinks 128513
We were warmly greeted by one of the managing partners Martin and also by Chef Edward. Chef mentioned that they' really want bugsys to be known for their food and not just a bar or drinking spot. Of course being familiar with the food already I fully support this! Their menu items are fairly priced, has good quality and no pretensions imo.
Now on to the food which I felt did not stop coming 128517 we were served some homemade chips which were pretty good, just the right amount of saltiness and it went well with the dip. The nachos were huge! Perfect for sharing! A ton of toppings too so even those bottom chips have their share. They also served a taco salad which I wasn't able to try.
I always order the four cheese pizza at bugsys but this time were served the truffle cream pizza and it was delish! Not too heady and I loved the crispiness of the crust 128077🏼 a super good but deadly dish they served was the chicken skin! Waaa who could resist chicken skin?? Their version is crispy almost like chicharon which matched so well with the vinegar. Literally had to stop myself from eating too much! Oh and of course my favorite buffalo tenders! I think I can finish one order of this!
The main dishes came one after the other! But the main star for me was the Bugsy Siegel. Aptly named after a Vegas mobster, this one really packed a punch! I'm always wary of ordering steak outside of a steakhouse but this one was really good, trust me! They sliced it into cubes so we were almost like eating wagyu cubes 128517 there was also a porkchop dish which was quite tender and I also liked the fish and chips! They served vongole in crab fat sauce which was very good as per my co reviewers and the oven roasted pork belly was another pleasant surprise! The crunchy skin paired perfectly with the tender meat.
Enjoyed all of these dishes with my amaretto sour 127865
I'm sure I forgot a couple of dishes, apologies cheffy! But it was definitely a great experience and will surely go back!

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Abe C.
5.0 Stars

Bugsy's is known as a bar or a sports bar in my hood, but I love and appreciate it even more for its great food. And value for money. One night, when my wife and I were craving for (relatively) cheap steak, we ventured around. I'm so glad we picked Bugsy's. For under P1k, a decent sized Ribeye Steak (I think the steak was around 200g), with great seasoning, flavor and oh-so- tender meat. Char burns gave that smokey taste that was complementary, too.128522

It's the perfect place to
> chill
> drink
> socialize
> watch sports

All while being affordable and comfortable. Had me a bottle of Brew Kettle while I was enjoying my steak.

Plus they offer BOGO of their best-in-class Buffalo wings. This visit, I ordered their Buffalo Boneless wings (breast cuts). I have to admit, theirs has the perfect balance of buffalo sauce, just right heat, zesty, and utterly delicious.

Service was impeccable. The non smoking upper floor was also solely ours and the big screen for NBA TV. Their interiors can still be updated as it's a bit old now, but what the hell, I'm not paying for ambience per se.

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Nathan Glenn Z.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Unisse C.
5.0 Stars

It was a rainy Saturday night. We were planning on visiting Tipsy Pig along Burgos Circle, but since they didn't have a table available, I suggested that we go for Bugsy's since I've been missing their grilled porkchops for the longest time!! 128557

Got the 2pcs grilled porkchops. 12852510084️ And I was one happy girl with a happy tummy!!

Since we were planning to chill and drink, their happy hour buy 1 take 1 cocktails fit the budget perfectly!!! 128077🏼 Cheers!!127864

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Yugie C.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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Thor M.
4.0 Stars

Great food and ambiance.
Reasonable price.
Staff are friendly and accommodating.

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Abe C.
4.0 Stars

Ugly pic, but I understand now what my friend Ana A meant when she said this is her favorite tapa (after I twisted her arm and made her pick 2nd Mr. Jones' famous Angus ribcap tapa.

This will be a short review. Promise.

Went drinking beer here a month ago with a former colleague. We ordered Brew Kettle and had a few rounds while catching up.

We ordered their tapa. Strips of beef, cured to be on the sweet side, while maintaining its soft bite. Enjoyed as a meal of pulutan. 4.99/5 (because Mr. Jones' tapa will always be 5/5128517).

Chicken Wings buffalo style - buffalo seasoning coated, right balance of crunch and soft coating. 4/5

Service was decent. 5/5
Ambience is so-so. Bugsy's is usually full. I didn't mind the old feel of the furniture and the place's upkeep, 3/5

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Tracy M.
3.0 Stars

Parang kulang sila sa asin today. Mozzarella sticks were bland and the batter was too thick. Then the fries with my fish and chips were also bland. The fish was also rather oily. Umay pa more!

After my brother corrected the server that his order was the salpicao sub and not just salpicao, they still served him—*drum roll*—salpicao. Whoops.

We also found it odd that when we asked where the non-smoking section was, we were told that it was outside, and smoking was here inside. WHAT. In what universe does that happen? Thankfully it's a Sunday today.

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Renee M.
4.0 Stars

Captain Cola for just 75 pesos! 128541

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France C.
4.0 Stars

My friends and I decided to meet up in Burgos Circle for a catch up. After different suggestions, we ended up going to Bugsy's. We were seated inside the bar. We decided not to stay outside because of the humid weather. You can smoke inside the bar anyway. My smoker friends didn't have to go outside to do it.

It was a Saturday night and their music was on full blast. They were playing these old shitty songs. My friends and I had a hard time hearing each other because of the loud music.

Their cocktails and beers are reasonably priced. The cocktails were on Buy 1 Take 1 until 10 PM that night so I we availed it. Beers are only P75 each.

Their staffs are very accommodating and we get served right after our requests.

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Margot D.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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