Bukal Beach

Bukal Island, El Nido, Palawan

Bukal Beach
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Joyce I.
5.0 Stars

El Nido is a must-see, we already know that. However, we did not expect that we will be able to see El Nido in a different perspective. On our fifth day, we made our way to the last stop of our island hopping – Bukal Beach. Bukal Beach is probably not the most visited or the most famous island stops in El Nido and I almost agreed with that. The white sand was fine, the rock formation was spectacular, the water is clear, and there is a nipa hut where we can rest and hide when the sun is already grilling us. Our tour guide told us that we can climb up the rock formation and see (a part of) El Nido in a 360 degrees view.

The climb was challenging, as it took almost an hour. The rocks were sharp and pointed but we have to hold on to that, as these rocks also serve as the stepping stones. That did not stop there. One needs to cross a fallen slim tree trunk with DIY handle and step bars. Whoever attempts to climb it will also have to climb on a rope, fit yourself in a small hole, and many others. Be prepared to have cuts, wounds and bruises on this journey up. But, do not be discouraged of how hard the climb can be as these will be all worth it.

Despite all these, the photo above will greet you on the view deck. What you will see is the endless sea almost touching the set of clouds, while the mountains and rock formations try to break these two apart. What the climb can offer you is a picturesque and breathtaking view. This view just proves that Philippines is a beautiful country wherever you try to see it – under the sea, above the clouds, or just in the long roads surrounded by nature.

Of course, going down the cliff is harder. But that will be just a simple task knowing that you were able to see the best of what nature can offer. Go here, and see for yourself.


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