Bulgogi Brothers

2/F Newport Mall, Resorts World Manila, Newport Blvd., Newport City, Pasay, Metro Manila

Bulgogi Brothers
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Business Hours
Reopens: 12:00p - 12:00a


  • Sunday
    • 12:00p - 12:00a
  • Monday
    • 12:00p - 12:00a
  • Tuesday
    • 12:00p - 12:00a
  • Wednesday
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  • Friday
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  • Saturday
    • 12:00p - 12:00a

Payment Options

Cash, MasterCard, Visa

Price Range

₱225 - ₱495

Most Recent Reviews

Dianne C.
4.0 Stars

The only photo I was able to take 128514

We ordered:

Seafood dumplings 128032128031

Tofu & steak

And a lot of beef and pork for cooking.🥓127830

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Joan T.
4.0 Stars

It's my second time to dine here,same place,same spot but not the same crowd. Tonight, I'm with my cousins, one of our favorite bonding is to pig out or I should say we love to EAT. We ordered Kimchi Stew, for me it was okay, I don't really like tomato based soup, but I was able to finished my bowl of soup. The all time Korean favorite Bulgogi Bibimbap which I liked and Beef Brisket Bulgogi, the beef is super good. I would say it's a perfect eating bonding with friends and family. Thanks to my cousin's bistro card it comes with complimentary coffee and discount. happy weekend.

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JOresa S.
4.0 Stars

Near to authentic korean food
Friendly staff
Fast service
Comfortable place to eat

At time load music

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Heizelle S.
5.0 Stars

I attended the MSAP 2015 and for my meal stub, i got BULGOGI BROTHERS for my lunch.
This Korean restaurant is located at the 2nd floor of Newport Mall, near Casino so its easy to find.

They gave me a sort of like bento box meal maybe because these are pre-ordered meal for the MSAP delegates.

The verdict:

The food: i love korean food except kimchi. :-) i love the sweet-chili-barbecue sauce they usually put on their food and i love the side dishes, fruits/ vege sidings and sweet potato. Of course who wouldn't want egg rolls?! :-) the chicken barbecue is also a win! I don't know of they offer this set-meal in this restaurant but just give it a try! I like to try their grilled meats wherein you'll be the one to cook your own food!

Te service: i love they way they treat their costumers. I think they're fair enough to serve Everyone whether its a complimentary meal from RW events or paying customers. And my officemate needs a powerbank/charging station and i was happy to know that they have powerbank to lend to their customers! This is NEW and ABSOLUTELY CONVENIENT! :-)
-i give this restaurant a 4.5


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Elaiza E.
5.0 Stars

Bulgogi Brothers' Beef Brisket.

I highly recommend Bulgogi Brothers' Beef Brisket.

The beef are thinly sliced and it is so tender. It comes with a special sauce that makes the ingredients come together. Not only is the beef really good but also I love eating the bean sprouts, sweet potatoes and zucchinis that are cooked perfectly and the taste blends well with the sauce.

If you love eating beef this is a must try. 128077

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Elaiza E.
5.0 Stars

Bulgogi Brother's Bibimbap

This is my first bibimbap and I can say that I enjoyed it. I am not a meat lover but the amount of vegetables in this dish is enough or more than enough for me to enjoy eating this meal without having to eat the beef. 128516

The sauce, gochujang (chili pepper paste), was served separately which is great because if you are that person who doesn't like the spicy flavor it wouldn't be a problem. In addition to that, in my opinion, this bibimbap can stand on it's own without the sauce because all of the flavors blend well together and the vegetables are seasoned well too!

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Elaiza E.
3.0 Stars

Bulgogi Brother's Chicken Ginseng

The chicken is cooked perfectly. The broth is so light and despite this dish having ginger on it, it doesn't overpower the taste of the whole dish.

However, I am but dismayed that the rice that comes with this viand wasn't serve at all.

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Elaiza E.
5.0 Stars

Bulgogi Brother's Appetizers brings you to 4 different flavors.

Their Romaine Salad is a little bit spicy. But if you are the type who loved spicy foods, you might find the spiciness to be close to nothing.

Then we have the Picked Kangkong that is sour in taste.

The Fried Anchovies that gives you a salty taste and a little kick of spiciness.

Lastly is their Pumpkin Salad that is very sweet in taste.

Another perks of their appetizer is, It's UNLIMITED.

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Rampelthels L.
4.0 Stars

Throw Back Thursday!

Im not crazy about Korean food except for their ice creams 128522

Appetizer is complementary like sweet potato, corn, spicy kimchi and more.

Kkotdeungsim Gui 995.00 per pc (200 grams)
Tender, flavorful & perfectly marbled meat. Best ordered with Baekseju. Having tried Melo's a couple of times already and ordering their best meats, this is at par, if not better than their most expensive choice beef.

Bulgogi Bibimbap 395.00. A traditional Korean favorite. Great combination of bulgogi, various vegetables, and rice. Nutritious and delicious.

It was a great night and we end our dinner with Korean Ice cream. Finished 2 sticks of creamy and yummy ice cream.

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Ping J.
4.0 Stars

Since Korean POP Culture is a hit with Filipinos, it's only natural for Korean cuisine to make it's mark in the PH Market. Bulgogi Brothers is probably the best place to dine for first timers. Their straightforward methods of preparation somehow blunts the blow the potential culture shock for the uninitiated. Their seasoned meats and salads would definitely satisfy your palette. You wouldn't even mind leaving the place smelling like the food you just ate. To top it off, their crew delivers good, personalized service.

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Gelai G.
5.0 Stars

Specialty Food: Korean Food
Price: Php600.00
Person: 1 Person

I'm having a "me time" when i tried this place and boy was I amazed with great customers despite the fact that I came in an hour before the closing time.

I was greeted by the staff in the most friendly way.
They helped me pick my food as it is my first time eating alone in a Korean Restau.

They even offered to mix my bibimbap for me which of course I refused as I would love to try it on my own.

I ordered their bulgogi bibimbap which consist of a large bowl of bibimbap itself and it includes
a side salad, soup and 3 side dishes like kimchi, mashed pumpkin and an identified greenies hehehe..

The bibimbap itself can feed two persons so sulit and super heavy!

One word - SARAP (exclamation point) 128516

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