Buntot Palos Falls

Balian, Pangil, Laguna

Buntot Palos Falls
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Allen Y.
4.0 Stars

Pangil, Laguna. 12 April 2014.

Weekend quick hike with falls adventure. After an hour of ascent, we were rewarded with a beautiful sight. Lo and behold, we were the only group there.

They decided to cliff jump. I had to muster all my strength to do so. There's something about jumping off of a cliff that scares the sh*t outta me. Partly because I can't see what's underneath the surface and that I have this fear that I won't be able to reach the surface soon enough.

All's well that ends well. Glad to have shared this adventure with Ben, Ralph and Jan.

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Chrislyn F.
5.0 Stars

I was born and raised in Laguna so hindi pwedeng d mapuntahan ang Buntot Palos. It was a hot Sunday morning, 8:00am sharp when we were at the foot of the mountain ready to start our climb. Due to the good weather, the trail was dry and the air was humid which is far better than a muddy trail.

In the first 30 minutes of the climb, expect to climb literally so better practice those cardio muscles. But it should not daunt the "would be explorer " because it is worth the wait.

It is also called Hidden Falls due to its location up in the mountains, it is locally known as Buntot Palos which translates to "EEL's TAIL". My friend told me "Chris, d na hidden falls tawag dito kase nakita na natin sya." Okay. Medyo corny. :D

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Russel F.
5.0 Stars

Last weekend, me and my friends went out for a new outdoor adventure; and our destination? The Buntot Palos Falls aka The Hidden Falls in Pangil, Laguna. Armed with our own bags, we headed to Brgy. Balian that's about 20 minutes from Famy terminal, and there’s a checkpoint where the barangay officials' headquarters is. We logged our names, pay 30 bucks each as an entrance fee and hired a guide that also served as a marshal during our stay in the mountain for 300 bucks. It is highly suggested to hire a guide since the place wasn't that safe yet for tourists or outsiders. If you ever heard of the news where hikers were robbed during their stay here, then it was totally suggested to get someone who could take good care of your belongings and your safety.

From the entry point, we walked through a steep cemented/flat road that’s about 900 meters or less. The end of the flat road is the start of the trail (non-cemented road). The trek was easier than in Mt. Romelo going to Buruwisan Multifalls. There’s a single trail on most areas, but there are easier paths that would add more time of walking and hiking aka Horse trail or daang-kabayo. There are lesser steep trails and most likely straight paths. But most of the trails approaching the falls are a bit narrow and you are about two steps down to your final destination. It’s quite a challenge that you really have to maintain your balance especially when you’re carrying a heavy backpack with you, so better be safe than sorry. The last challenge was like the one we encountered during our trekking in Mt. Romelo – crawling down the cliff, through the support of rocks and tree trunks & roots, and that’s about a hundred feet high. Quite scary, isn’t it? But if you want, you can take the easier path going down to the falls that will somehow consume more time. And yes, after everything we‘ve been through, we finally made it to the Hidden Falls or the Buntot-Palos Falls that serves as the reward!

Once you made it down there, you will surely forget how tired you were; it’s just beautiful and makes you feel more excited to go swimming! The water level was really deep and the height of the falls was about 80 meters (twice the height of the Buruwisan Falls in Siniloan). There’s a big rock that serves as the catching basin from the falling water above 200+ feet. Be careful while walking towards the falls as most of the rocks was slippery. It is best to go here during the dry season to avoid the muddy and slippery trails. A total of 1,5 hours trekking from ground zero to the falls in mid-pace and we rested 4x on some resting areas; and an hour trek from falls to the ground zero on a mid-pace walk as well.

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