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Burger Company
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Foodcrawl P.
4.0 Stars

Burgers, bacons, and board games. Good things starts with B!

This is located along Sct. Reyes corner Mother Ignacia. It is 5 minutes away from Quezon ave and easily reachable from Tomas Morato area. Burger Company is a laidback diner that stores over 200 board and card games for guests to play.

It was a struggle to choose which burger to get! There are about 20 burgers with an option for chicken meat. Strucked by the Striker’s Burger (P289) made with Angus Beef, melting cheese, mushrooms, and crisscut fries. Liked every bite of it except that I actually find it a little overpriced for its size. One irresistable part of the menu is the Bacon Dippers (P193), Crispy strips dipped in cheese can be overwhelming but, it’s actually good.

Every part of the menu goes well with bacon even the dessert is wrapped with it! There is also a gamer’s platter (P450) composed of bacon dippers, cheese bombs, chicken firecrackers, and wings. A combo that is good to share while playing with friends.

It was a quiet afternoon during my visit and only two tables are occupied. We are assisted well by staff and they introduced us to Tapple game. It was a fun way to cope up on a work day.

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Phantasm D.
4.0 Stars

Burger Company is known for its delicious finger foods that go great with the various types of tasty burgers that they offer. They also provide board games to their customers which make it a perfect hangout place for family and friends who want to spend a good time together. Alcohol not included. lol.

Their burgers were already a hit so we decided to try the things that were new and unique on their menu.

Gamer's Platter. Bacon dippers, cheese bombs, chicken firecrackers, buffalo wings. This finger food is amazing, with or without the dip. The wings are a bit thin for me, but the glaze is good.

Burgerrito. Flour tortilla, nacho hash, picante sauce, cheese, chopped lettuce, pico de gallo, sour cream, lime wedge. What an innovation, burger tortilla. A creative fusion of two amazing snacks.

Next up are the Curry-Inspired Dishes. You may have cheese and/or corn as an add-on. The cheese is added inside the burger as a filling, which gives an explosive effect that's really good.

The Curry-Inspired Dishes come in two choices:

Hambugu Kare. Hamburger Steak Curry.

Menchi Katsu Kare. Deep-Fried Breaded Ground Meat Curry.

I'm not much of a fan or curry dishes but I enjoyed this very well. The curry sauce was an original recipe made by one of the owners of Burger Company, Mr. Alvin Ong. Alvin is also a foodie and he loved the curry dishes in Japan. When he came back to Manila, he was looking for something that was similar to what he loves back in Japan but couldn't find one. Because of his craving, he made a series of trials in an attempt to come up with a flavor very similar to his favorite. Thus he came up with this very unique and delicious mix of Japanese curry.

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AlwaysHungryPh P.
4.0 Stars

When one is craving for comfort food or food that provides excitement and happy emotions, this is one of the places for it. They’re not just about a variety of artisanal burgers, it’s also hub of creative appetizers and desserts.

On this sponsored foodie trip, I was fed with some mind blowing dishes. It’s wild for the research and development it went through and the wow factor it creates.

Best one I had among the five was their Cheese Balls. So cheese in liquid form wrapped in solid cheese, deep fried. There is sensation on every bite especially when dipped to their sauce with various ingredients.

The biggest “what in the world is that” is their huge battered deep fried bacon called Homemade Bacon Dippers. Haven’t seen bacon that size and crispy. It comes with either cheese dip or vinegar. I suggest you go for the latter.

Another must have is their Spicy Wings. Well marinated and prepared. I also got the chance to go for O Bacon Me Crazy. It’s deep fried Oreos wrapped in bacon topped with Vanilla Ice Cream. If you’re looking for good guilt, take a plunge on this salt-sweet-hot-cold combinations. Your palette will be in good confused mode.

I know it should be about burgers here. I did try one, the Lamb Burger. It is one of their new burger creations- done Mediterranean style. It has a strong presence of yogurt and Mediterranean spices. It would have been perfect though if it had a kick of salty taste and more ‘hot’ factor. Oh and a toasted bun.

I look forward to trying more burgers. I should! If you’re visiting check out also their weekday daily promotions. Like today, they give out free orders of fries when you get a burger.

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Patrick V.
4.0 Stars

Burger Company, which is located at Scout Reyes cor Mother Ignacia, QC, started at 2012 as just a burger place, but they eventually added board games for their customers. They started the night out by giving a bit of a background of how Burger Company began, what they have done in the past and the recent addition to their menu, the Burgerrito, Menchi Katsu Curry and Hambugu Curry.

The Gamer's Platter
The Bacon Dippers were heavenly-fatty. I was supposed to be on a no-rice, no-fried diet for the whole week but how can you say no to bacon? Another thing that I liked about the platter were the Cheese Bombs! Very cheesy indeed! I wasn't able to taste the Firecrackers and the Buffalo Wings. The platter was paired with a cheese dip, a garlic and sour cream dip and a spicy aioli sauce. (Bacon dippers + cheese dip!)

Angus Beef Patty, Nacho Hash, Flour Tortilla, A Picante Sauce, Cheese, Lettuce, Pico de Gallo, Sour Cream plus a Lime Wedge. How can you not want to experience such amazing-ness? It was meaty, spicy and definitely satisfying. I don't think I can finish one serving though.

And finally... rice!

Hambugu Kare
A grilled Angus Beef Patty with Curry Sauce. At first I was worried that the curry flavor might be too overwhelming, but it wasn't. It was just right.

Oh and they also have a wide array of board games which majority are from the owners themselves. We weren't able to play as we enjoyed the food and each other's company too much. Lol. But I was really full after everything. Uhm. Goodbye, diet.

Overall, it's a great place to dine and play board games with good friends without hurting the wallet.

Again, Thank you to Dennis O for the invite! 128074🏻

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Norman Lester T.
4.0 Stars

Burger + board games? Good idea, right?

Burger Company in QC has new featured items in their menu. Dennis O received an invite to try these and extended the invitation to me and other |ooloo friends.

Burger Company isn't just a burger place. It's also a gaming haven for those who love board games. Yes, same as Ludo or Puzzles but the space is quite smaller. But the food? Come on, really oh so good.

We were served the following.

** Gamer's Platter
This consists of bacon dippers, cheese bombs, and buffalo wings. It came with three dips such as chipotle aioli, ranch dressing, and cheese. I'm a kind of guy who doesn't really use dips or sauces but I liked their ranch dressing. The cheese dip was good too especially when partnered with bacon. And dude, BACCCCOOON. It's so goood, I kid you not. I mean bacon is bacon but theirs, really really good.

** Burgerrito
Flour Tortilla, nacho hash, picante sauce, cheese, lettuce, sour cream, love, peace, serenity, love again, and secret flavors. My favorite among all the food that were served! One order is huge! It's actually good for two. I love their beef patty. It was juicy and flavorful. This also made me feel less guilty because of the flour tortilla instead of a regular bun. This has a kick but not too spicy.

** Menchi Katsu Kare with Cheese
This is their version of Katsu Curry. Alvin, the owner of the place, told us that they make their own Japanese curry from scratch. He also said that they patterned their curry from Japan's Curry House Imasa. Interesting. You have the option to choose if you like to add cheese or corn in your order. I chose the former as I'm cheesy (kidding, cheese lover). I noticed that the flavor is mild compare to other curry restaurants. It was good, but I'll like it more if it's spicier and has stronger curry taste.

I'm impressed that they have a nice board game collection. I saw that they have Avalon, One Knight Ultimate Werewolf, One Night Revolution, Cards Against Humanity, etc. I actually wanted to play but due to time constraints, haven't done so. Next time!

I wonder how long will be the wait time if the place is packed on the weekend night? The place is small considering that it's more of a tambayan of people who will play. I'll definitely go back to try their other burgers. And to consume one order of Burgerrito. And Bacon Dippers. And Coke Vanilla.

P.S. Thanks again Dennis O for the invite! And nice seeing you guys Jayson J Elaine O Patrick V JC T Manfred M! 128513

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Jayson J.
4.0 Stars

It was a media night as well for us that time. Thanks to Dennis O for the invite. We were only a small group (which was a bit beneficial for us)
Arriving simultaneously, we were first served
128204128525 game platter
128073🏻 cheese bombs
I love the these balls; although i was expecting mozzarella cheese, the melted cheese inside tasted great anyway. It's crunchy and ratio of filling and breading is equal. Want more cheese? Dunk it in the cheese dip.
128073🏻 chicken strips
This was quite ordinary but the spicy aioli dip made it more exciting!
128073🏻 bacon in batter
My favorite! I kept on saying it tasted like the bacon strips snacks (batang 90s junk food)
128073🏻 chicken wings
My least favorite. Probably it would go well with the sour cream dip

128204128525 burgerrito
Say whuut?! Burger and burrito combined! This one is really huge; two can share one order. I like how authentic the overall taste was! There were potato wedges, burger patty and veggies! It's a messy finger food so i suggest you ask the server to give you platic gloves. (Just wondering how are you gonna play gameboards with this--probably not so recommended when in a game)

128204128525 burger curry rice (w/cheese)
This one is preferable while playing a game. I heard the rice meal has just launched this year to satisfy those who were craving for rice. The curry really tastes authentic, but it just had a mild taste. For those who wants a stronger curry taste, alvin is currently working on it. But i tell you, this one, is really good.
Variants of this are the menchi katsu with or without cheese.
PROTIP: you may ask corn at the sides.

We did not get to play with the gameboards but we had fun talking and knowing more about the history of food served here. Similar with JC T i agree that m the place needs more improvement as to the interiors. The cracked floors actually reminded me of my highschool classroom floor. Haha.

They dont serve liquor here because there's a school nearby.
Nice to finally see Manfred M

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Dennis O.
4.0 Stars

Burger Company is one of the few burger joint that started before the burger mania conquer the foodscene in manila. They started in Katipunan formerly known as the Burger Boulevard but around 2014 they transferred here in Sct Reyes with its new name Burger Company.

Burger Company is well known for their unique inventive combination of ingredients on their burger. Actually they have this yearly event the Mystery Burger where they serve different flavor from different country in a burger slider. Cool!!! They are also one of the few place that started the board gaming place. But unlike other board game place, Burger Company serve great food first and the board gaming is just an added bonus.

On this visit I was invited by Alvin (owner of the place) to try their new feature burger and new delicious dish.

127828Burgerrito - Have you heard of the fusion between a burger and a burrito? Well here is the outcome, Burgerrito. An actual buritto that is filled with delicious burger patty, nacho hash, veggies and cheese. Wow the outcome of this fusion was so good. The delicious mexican flavor in a burger is just pure awesome. This the type of food you that is so good that you don't even think about the messiness of eating it.
Tips: Roll the flour tortilla wrap to have that one big bite with everything in it. Be sure to bring a backup if you have a small appetite the serving is huge.

127835Menchi Katsu Curry - a first in Burger Company. There was clamor that they serve rice dish before and finally here it is their first rice dish. Deep fried katsu burger 128525. The curry that they use was the real deal. The wonderful japanese curry flavor was so good that even with just the curry sauce and rice I'm still all good. The burger patty was equally good. same with JC T I don't think the added cheese will give any calue addition to the cheese with the strong flavor of the curry.

127936Gamer Platter - a combination of their appetizer. A nice pika pika for that intense gaming. This platter got the crispy delicious bacon dipper, cheese bomb, chicken wings and chicken tender. The big deep fry bacon was awesome. It was so huge. Love the tangy spicy flavor of their wings. Cheese bomb was delicious but was expecting more of a mozarella cheese kind of effect on it. The chicken tender goes well with the included ranch dip.

Overall this place might be the board gaming place with the best food. That burgerrito is worth coming back for. 128513

Nice meeting some other |ooloo peeps in this invite. Hi JC T and Manfred M 128587🏻‍♂️

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4.0 Stars

I’ve been a big fan of Board Game/Restaurant/Café hybrids. SETTLERS OF CATAN for life! (Trade me all your sheep people). 

So what makes Burger Company standout from the plethora of similar Board-Game themed places in Metro Manila? The answer is simple. Mouth Watering Food.

I was fortunate enough to be invited by Jayson J (who was invited by Dennis O (So thanks to Dennis by the transotive property!) And we were able to sample several of the items on the menu. As explained by the spokesman for the restaurant (shoutout to sir Kel!) Burger Co. was originally launched as a Restaurant, without the boardgames, thus the initial focus was, and is, always on their food, and not the other way around. In other words, their food is their crowning jewel, the games are what you could consider an added bonus.




Their Classic Appetizers –  A.K.A. Heart stoppers

Oh yeah baby, they had BACON DIPPERS, which is every Bacon-Lovers dream. If the ‘I Love Bacon’ meme needed a prototype for picturequre giant sized bacon strips, this is the posterchild for everyone that loves the meat. They were crunchy, tasty, and humongo. Legitimately some of the biggest bacon strips that I’ve had to pleasure of devouring.

Their CHIKEN WINGS had a kick to them, spicy, tangy, barbeque-y; not for people who can’t handle spicy, but if you and your butthole can, it’s definitely worth the burn. Add the Tapatio hot sauce (OH DID I MENTION THEY HAVE TAPATIO!) and it’s a recipe for sweat inducing deliciousness.

CHEESE BOMBS, little round balls to put in your mouth (dats bastos). But real talk, these were good, they paired well with the Spicy Aioli dipping sauce, but I also enjoyed the sour cream-esque sauce that came with the appetizer as well.


The last appetizer, to be honest, I don’t really remember. I have a picture (see basket above), but I don’t recall anything that outstanding about it. It looks like chicken tenders to me (I ate a lot of food since going last week, forgive me!) so whatever that was, I’d probably pass on it due to it being a forgetful experience in terms of taste.





Sweet mother Mary. This was an otherworldly experience. I rarely praise fusion foods, cause usually it always seems more focused on selling based on the Gimmick (like a pizza with fries on top or something) rather than the taste. I’m glad to say that this was both: Cool to look at, unique, but also tasty enough to stuff into your face. It is kind of difficult to eat, so expect a mess. I want to get messy. That is all, go buy this bad boy.



Inspired by Japanese curry (as stated by sir Kel) they actually patented this dish from a curry shop in Japan. I grew up in Japan, and I know my curry, and this was Japanese curry if I’ve ever tasted it. I got the Katsu filled with cheese. It was yums and worth a try.  The only thing I can constructively criticize is that I feel the cheese isn’t really necessary since it’s easily overpowered by the curry, so save yourself the extra add-on fee. 

Speaking of add-ons, if they could introduce Fukujinzuke (that pickle stuff) a staple in Japanese Curry restaurants, it would be just that much of an extra incentive for me to get it again


Unfortunately we didn’t have that much time to play the board games, but I just want to say, I was absolutely blown away by their BOARD GAME LIBRARY. For a small place, it certainly packs a punch for board game enthusiasts, even having games that I’m sure only board game purists have heard of. 

But I think it’s also good we didn’t play, because it’s a testament to the power of their food, when I think of a place where I want to play games AND have good food, Burger Company has made it’s way to #1 on my list of places to do just that.

Why not 5 stars? Well the place honestly does look kind of run-down. I included the signage in the photos of my review because this place can be hard to spot. It has a hole-in-the-wall appeal to it, if you’re into that, I guess.

I think that the presentation within could use some work. I know it’s small, but I feel like the spacing, wall paint/decor, and table arrangement wasn’t quiet appealing to the eye. In other words, if you want to bring a date to play board games, it’s not quite as ‘sexy’ as places like Puzzles in BGC, where the atmosphere there is conducive to help you get to second base after.

This place seems more of place to kick it with your homies. Unfortunately they don’t sell alcohol, which is why I could see why some of their clientele traffic probably opting to go to other alcohol-selling competitors (a la Game Over).

In summary:

If you like heart-stopping, I don’t mind getting fat, I wear sweatpants to feel sexy kind of food, this is the place for you. Bring your friends, eat bacon, and just enjoy the laid back dining experience.

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Manfred M.
5.0 Stars

A few days ago, I went to Burger Company, a upbeat diner located in Scout Reyes, Quezon City. The place has been there for quite some time now. According to the owners, they started the venture in 2012 as a quaint and simple restaurant. They diversified into a boardgame place a few months after; and their clientele also grew. From hungry diners looking for excellent burgers, customers soon flocked to their place looking for the newest board games to buy or play. This was my first time in a place that has garnered a lot of accolades for its excellent food, particularly burgers and sides.

The owner truly had a passion for cooking the best dishes his skills can conjure. He took pride in personally sampling his creations and making innovative ones that would surely catch the taste of even the most discriminating foodie. The creations of his restaurant originally came from a previous business venture in Quezon City. After it ended, he immediately imported it into Burger Company's selection.

I was able to sample a few of their long-time favorites plus a few new dishes. Two of these are Japanese themed while the other is a Mexican variant.

According to the owner, the Hambagu Kare and the Menchi Katsu Kare were the product of his fruitful Japan trip. He explored the places in Tokyo which had the best curry dishes. He also went from store to store to make a curry formulation which would be highly palatable and enjoyable for customers. Finally, he dreamt of a secret recipe for these curry dishes using his experience and knowledge.

On the other hand, the Burgerrito was conceived out of his supplier's request. The dish was made one week before the deadline of a Mexican month event organized by Potatoes U.S.A. Using only the finest potatoes coming from the latter, the owner combined his love for burgers and Mexican food and made this.

The restaurant's menu is composed mainly of different burgers, all made from high quality U.S.D.A. Angus Beef and other fresh ingredients. The menu prices were very reasonable given the quality and quantity of the food served. I must say, though, that the menu is for those who crave high-fat meaty goodness. Hence, the selections are geared towards the tastes and preferences of a younger generation.

The restaurant also has an impressive array of board games, ranging from casual and easy-to-play ones up to hardcore titles for the gaming fanatic. With more than 100 boardgames in all, a diner will surely not run out of games to play with during his stay. Some of my favorites, inlcuding Politricks, Ticket to Ride, and Avalon were in this extensive collection.

The gamer/diner can also indulge himself in the Gamer's Platter while being busy with his favorite games. At Php 450, the meal, consisting mostly of finger food, included Bacon Dippers, Cheese Bombs, Chicken, Firecrackers, and Buffalo Wings.

The restaurant had simple yet colorful interiors. Apart from being eye-catching, the interiors were also well lit. The table sizes were just right for food and board game placements at the same time.

The Gamer's Platter in all its fatty glory was pretty well-stocked. The Bacon Dippers were greased with a super secret Chinese-style batter that prevent the juicy strips from shrinking. Every bite radiated with crispiness and the familiar fatty taste. On the other hand, the Firecrackers were coated in an anonymous breading (made from a popular junk food) that gave it its crispy outer core. The insides were pretty tender and juicy without being too oily. The cheese bombs had a thick Bechamel sauce for its interior and a cheese cube for its core. The breading was pretty hot and soft. Perfect for those who like the food ultimately cheesy. The 4 piece Buffalo wings, while a bit smaller than its competitors, were cooked in a spicy barbecue sauce. This was truly perfect for a spice lover like me.

The Gamer's platter came in 3 distinctive sauces. The first is the cheese dip for the Bacon dippers. This was a true testament to the age old adage that bacon goes well with anything cheesy. The second is the garlic and sour cream sauce for the wings and the firecrackers. The third is the spicy aioli sauce for the cheese bombs. The spiciness of the latter balanced out the cheesiness of the bombs.

The Choc-nut milkshake was an in-house specialty that is brimming with a thick ice-cream and milk cocktail that had bits of whole chocnut in the lower parts of the drink. I must say that I didn't have a fond appreciation for choc-nut but the vanilla flavored concoction changed my opinion. The sweet and thick consistency of the drink coupled with the bitter, nutty flavor of the choc-nut blended well and made me finish the whole glass with ease. The price was pretty reasonable at Php 171, given its top-notch quality.

The Bacon Dippers, served as a stand-alone dish, cost Php 193 for share and Php 284 for party size. This was the same variant served with in the Gamer's platter, albeit in longer cuts and quantities, plus an excellent amount of the cheese sauce. It still had the same goodness and familiarity one would expect from bacon, plus the fact that the size didn't shrink due to the special Chinese-style batter.

Ah the Burgerrito, in its full glory, was priced at Php 310. It was composed of their signature Angus beef patty, Nacho hash, flour tortilla, the secret picante sauce, cheese, chopped lettuce, pico de gallo, sour cream, and a lime wedge for garnish. I guarantee that a single person can rarely finish this due to the overload of carbs and meat, which were of the best mixes and quality. Every bite is reminiscent of an excellent Mexican burrito even with innovative ingredients such as Nacho hash and burger patties in lieu of chopped beef cubes. The amazing combination of a burger and a burrito was truly made apparent in every bite. The tangy, spicy, and meaty flavors brought about by the variegated mix of ingredients was a truly filling and satisfying experience.

We ended the night with a sampling of the Hambagu Kare and the Menchi Katsu Kare. The Menchi Katsu Kare, pictured here, was a katsu style beef patty fried to perfection in a special breading. The Katsu was of a larger size than the Hambagu due to the fact that the fats were trapped inside the crispy breading.

The Hambagu Kare was an angus beef patty grilled to perfection. It was filled with the owner's curry sauce, an eclectic mix of special spices and herbs for that top-notch, yet restrained flavor. According to him, the sauce was based out of beef stock, which definitely gave the curry a brown, almost gravy-like color. The curry was a cocktail made out of more than 5 spices. Furthermore, the sauce was unlike Philippine style curry which was more of the Indian variant.

I must say that the owner's meticulous planning and vivid dreaming have surely given fruit to a meal that perfectly replicated the trademark Japanese dish, while at the same time created to his own unique concoction that will surely be loved by diners.

The Curry dishes may also be paired with a generous siding of buttered corn and/or a sumptuous cheese filling. The Php 235 and Php 249 price tags were a steal since other Japanese curry places in Manila offer curry dishes at twice the price.

Burger Company surely has cooked up something new once again. Their fresh ideas for preparing burgers will surely give foodies like me something good to look forward to.

Burger Company is located at Scout Reyes Corner Mother Ignacia Avenue, Paligsahan, Quezon City 1103. It is open from 11 AM to 10 PM, Monday to Sunday.

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Isha S.
4.0 Stars

Keeping in line with my
board game cafe reviewing streak, this time it's Burger Company! 127828127828127828

I have to admit, the first time I saw this place I was like "This is it?" It looked old and small and underwhelming. But as they say, don't judge a book by its cover!

Upon entering, you'll notice a counter, a few tables and chairs and walls that look like corrugated metal. There are a couple shelves of board games as well.

On the menu, they have Angus beef burgers which you can have in various ways, chicken burgers, wings, nachos, fries, onion rings, etc. plus dessert and drinks. I believe they had a rule that it was 150 php per person, consumable for food and/or drinks. Prices were 100-200+ php mostly.

Recommended food items include their burgers, Bacon Dippers, Jalapeño Fritters and if you want something weird and different but still good, their Bacon-wrapped fried Oreos served with ice cream! 128517 (pictured)

In addition to the board games that you can play, they also apparently hold an improv comedy night every Thursday (or on some Thursdays?) as well as Acoustic nights, etc. so that's also fun. Be sure to check their Facebook page out for more details.

I believe they're open from 11 AM to 10 PM every day!

Overall, was pretty pleased with this place! I think it can definitely hold it's own against all the other newer board game places. 128076

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Mickey S.
5.0 Stars

This place is a true hidden gem in the corner of Mother Ignacia Avenue. The whole feel of Burger Company is just spot on. It's one of the burger places that I go to and think that, 'Hey, this place definitely knows what it's doing.' It just gives that vibe that you're in a pretty cool place. The walls are decorated with various shout outs on sticky notes of people who have visited the place. I really dig the decor. It has this mix of being retro and modern at the same time; that alone separates it from the rest of the burger spots in Metro Manila.

The menu is pretty much straight-to-the-point and I'm sure that you'll find a combination that works for you. They serve different varieties of burgers but guaranteed that the quality of meat is better than the average burger joint. The beef in their patties are 100% Certified Angus Beef.

Burgers are cooked fresh to order; juicy, and not just a dry flat patty. You have an option of choosing a single or a double-patty. I opted for a single patty Gorgonzola and Bacon Burger. It was well worth the wait. The bun was really soft with a 1/3 pound CAB patty, American cheese, onions, bacon, and Gorgonzola dressing. All the flavors meld together perfectly and my mouth is watering just thinking about it. Nothing disappoints me more than an under-salted burger patty. If I had to sprinkle salt on the patty myself, I'd just go home and make it myself, thank you. But, this place makes the juiciest and perfectly seasoned patties. Really melt-in-your mouth delicious. 

Surprisingly, I felt like I could have eaten more and maybe should have ordered the double patty but no doubt that would have given me food coma for the next few hours. I would definitely get the double patty next time and see if I would be able to devour it. Also, the fries here are REAL fries and not the frozen/processed fries kind. These are fresh, US Potato fries and they are super tasty. 

We also tried their Bacon Dippers, Chicken Firecrackers, Cheese Bombs, and Buffalo Wings. If you must only eat one appetizer/starter at Burger Company, get the BACON DIPPERS. IT'S OTHERWORLDLY. I've never eaten anything like it. Super crispy, huge, bacon and tasty cheese dip - seriously, what's not to love?

I also need to come back to try the Chicken burgers. The Cajun Chicken and Slaw in particular looked really yummy. Also, did I mention that Burger Company has a nice selection of board games? Yes, you will find board games for your use which is always fun specially if you are with a group of friends. The perfect place if you just want to chill and play games instead of hitting the bars.

The burgers are made when you order them so that means waiting for it to cook. It usually takes about 10-15 minutes from order to food in front of you, but it is definitely worth the wait. The prices are also excellent for a premium burger. Actually, less than most of the other burger places around here. Parking slots are limited, as with most locations in Quezon City, but there are a few street parking spots available.

So if you want a great burgers, crispy bacon, and enjoy playing board games, then give Burger Company a try. Highly recommended!


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Karla D.
3.0 Stars

Burger company is very near to my workplace. (As in ilang kembot lang) So when my friend told me that he would like to try their bacon and burger, I definitely joined him. It was Thursday when we went there. The place was not that big, but has a lot of board and card games in it. It can be a perfect tambayan for the barkada who wants to eat, play, hang out and have a great time.

We ordered their classic burger, american classic and their bacon. I loved the bacon dippers and it's sauce. The burgers were okay, the patty is okay, a bit dry 128517 and the bread was not that good either.
But just like what the saying says "everyone deserves a second chance." So i might try their burger again someday. 128516

Classic burger - 1108811088
American burger - 110881108811088
Bacon dippers - 11088110881108811088

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Bianca F.
4.0 Stars

O Bacon Me Crazy is 10084️!

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Snow E.
3.0 Stars

Found this place when we have our session in Crossroad Center. The place was nice, a heaven for those who loved board games like me. I ordered B.O.B, the drooling smell of cooked beef, and my stomach approves it. But the downside, the service was just okay, since kinda unfriendly for those who are new in this place.. 9786

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Jho D.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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Sopia S.
5.0 Stars

ONCE AGAIN, IT DIDNT FAIL ME! I ordered Striker's burger with solo american fries and redeemed their special promo of free iced tea! I only saved five pesos with the promo but the experience of playing board games here was actually priceless!

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Marco A.
5.0 Stars

Have to say, I've never seen a more stable menu of classics and an array of "out-of-the-box" burgers that would make you go, what do I feel like eating this visit.

All that food for not so much, a perfect combination already, thrown in a board game that you've never played and you got a trifecta. You see they got the latest table top games (technical term) there as well to play for free or to buy. What else is there to do in QC?

Sometimes you just want a straight up burger or grilled chicken sandwich, want something more, got that too. Chicken wings you might ask, top notch. But what takes the proverbial cake at this joint is their Bacon Dippers. Let me tell you, it's just too awesome not to try, leave your mental reservations about bad cholesterol and waistlines out for the five minutes that you'll need to finish an order.

Eat there once and you'll come back because you spent the whole day thinking about those burgers, wings, shakes or game and you wanted to come back.

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April H.
2.0 Stars

I'm addicted to buying vouchers, definitely!128522 so look at that photo!!!

I previously enjoyed our visit here months back... So when I saw that they were offering a deal in a group buying site, I had to buy vouchers! I was looking forward to using them... However since there were so many things going on, we were only able to use it last week... Specifically, one day before the voucher expired...

I called one day before the intended redemption date... I spoke to Juvy, trying to make reservations last Friday... I fully intended to get the burgers for takeout and I expressed this immediately to her... She asked me how many vouchers I was going to use and I said I purchased two... She put me on hold to talk to another employee...

When she came back on the line, she told me that they can only accommodate me if I just use one voucher... I said I didn't understand why that would be the case... She said that they were given explicit instructions to only accept one voucher because they already had a lot of reservations for Friday... I said that the terms of the deal allowed multiple vouchers to be redeemed at one time... She said, late na daw ako e...

I told her to please ask again. I said that wanted to go there at about 330-4pm, not at dinner time... So off-peak naman... Plus I wasn't planning on staying, I just wanted to get takeout... She said that they really couldn't accommodate me... I should just try redeeming the voucher on Saturday... I told her that's the last day of redemption and I wouldn't be able to pass by the resto then... Masasayang yung voucher... She then said that if I wanted to redeem on Friday, then I should be contented that they were allowing me to use with one voucher... That ticked me off... I told her that if I don't redeem it, they would be losing business-- to which she said, eh ganun po talaga ang policy namin e. That further pissed me off... It's not the first time I've experienced redeeming deals near the last day... It really happens, people forget or become busy, but they still want to get their money's worth... Owners really try to accommodate you, extending hours and even giving you signed notes to be able to redeem on a later date, but already getting the printouts from you... So this exchange really ticked me off...

I told her that I'll write about my experience here... She then consulted the other employee again... We were arguing for about 15mins already by then. She then said, they will be able to accommodate me, so long as I just get the food for takeout... I told her that I've been saying that all along...128545128545128545

So I got there last Friday at 4pm and look at the picture for reference-- there was not a single customer there... What the H???!!! I really made a sarcastic comment when I was given their menu-- akala ko naman umaapaw yung customer nyo Kaya tinatanggihan nyo ako... Wala naman palang tao. I was really irritated. Had they just checked the time wherein I wanted to drop by, the whole argument could have been avoided. Hello!!!

Furthermore, I was informed that they were out of their cheese sauce. So I should avoid the items using the said sauce. Unfortunately, a lot of burgers use this sauce... So that's like half the burger menu... Anyway....

So I finally ordered the following:

🔹Parmesan fries-- to be fair, I think the drive home made it soggy... They were generous with the Parmesan but it stuck to the roof of my mouth...

🔹Buffalo Chicken wings-- bantam weight, as in 6 pcs... It tasted ok...

🔹Crispy Bacon strips-- don't remember what it's called, but I was so excited to try it anyway... This is usually served with the missing cheese sauce, but the server said that it tasted really well with suka... So I still ordered it... An order gives you 6 pieces of crispy bacon with a sort of flour/egg coating... Don't believe that this tastes good with suka-- it's not like it's chicharon. It didn't really work... Maybe dipped in cheese sauce, it would have been amazing, but for us, it was a letdown. DON'T ORDER THIS WITHOUT THE SAUCE...

🔹B.O.B. Burger-- burger with BBQ sauce... BF said it tasted okay...

🔹Gorgonzola and bacon burger-- it tasted good to me...

They have a lot of sodas to choose from, including Dr. Pepper, which I love!128525

I think the food quality would have been way better if consumed immediately, though it was just a fifteen minute drive...

I really hated the discussion over the phone... If they wanted to turn me away, they should have just said so. Up to now, I don't understand why only allow one voucher during the visit, when the terms already said that you can buy as many vouchers as you want and there was no limit to the vouchers used per table... It made me annoyed even before stepping foot in the resto... I was tempted not to redeem it anymore, TBH...

I stayed in the restaurant for more than 30mins trying to decide what to order and waiting for my order... They only had customers (a group of two, btw) right as I was about to go out... Wth?! Really pissed me off...


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Sopia S.
5.0 Stars

The best so far! I would surely go back here again and again. I love everything. From burgers, board games, owners (yes, they will interact with you. They will teach you how to play different board games) and all. We kept on shouting while playing but it's okay because everyone does the same. I love it so much. We met new friends as well. AWESOME! Looking forward to taste another burger and learn more games. :)

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Rorie G.
5.0 Stars

Second time around and loved it so much! Went with my unica hija and she loves the burger! Sulit sa sarap 978697869786

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