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AlwaysHungryPh P.
3.0 Stars

Burgoo tonight is equal to bland night. Three dishes we got- Lemon Grilled Chicken, Steak Fajita and the freebie (because of BDO), Baby Back Ribs were all lacking in taste. We had to be saved by sauce.

Well it wasn’t like this before. So am coming back to try you guys again. The Baby Back Ribs taste was all in the barbecue. The Lemon Grilled Chicken tasted lemon yeah and charcoal. Steak Fajita needs to find flavor.

Good service though that’s why am giving them a 3.0 🙂

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Toy G.
2.0 Stars

J and I had dinner there a couple of nights back .
We ordered the Surf n Turf which showed a half rack of meaty ribs and a nice pile of shrimps on a platter P695 127775127775
We were disappointed 128533
1. The poster showed a pile of shrimps , the platter they served had a pile of french fries with a few shrimps gingerly placed on top, bummer

2 the ribs were tasty , BUT , were mostly Bone and you'd have to manhandle the bone and scrape every bit of meat you could get with your teeth . Not enough meat to get even a decent bite .

Something good .
The servers were attentive
The fries were ok but like i said we were expecting f a pile of shrimp and got fries topped with shrimp instead .
They give a free sampler w cheese logs, buffalo wings, crispy calamares , celery sticks and more fries . This free treat was good.

But what we ordered was too expensive for what was served and the poster on their glass wall deceived us . Look at the picture and decide for yourselves.

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Miss Tala I.
3.0 Stars

Mozzarella cheese sticks! 10084
Mashed potatoes were good, too!

Here, they usually have freebies.
Like, when u order atleast P500 u get a free supreme sampler. Or buy one take one of such platter.

We also had banana split for P200+ that came with some pineapple tidbits too.

Service --fair.
Abit expensive. Good food but nothing special.

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Toy G.
4.0 Stars

Our first time here as a family, though L and I ate here before .
So first things first, the servings are large ! Be prepared to stuff yourselves AND bring home leftovers c",).
My son B who is home from college started us off with 2 appetizers . Supreme Sampler and the Ultimate Nachos.
The sampler was comprised of spicy sweet buffalo wings , mozzarella cheese logs, calamares and french fries .
The wings were great . Sweet at first and the heat followed to make you want more, more, more !
The cheese logs were big and heavy and it's best to eat them while still warm .
The fries and calamari a bit under-seasoned, so reach for the shakers and season to your taste.
Then we ordered Uncle Sams Burgers , one for L and I to share and my son ordered the other . J our daughter opted to get the Cheesy Beef mac and cheese .
The burgers came with potato wedges which were crisp, seasoned well, and could feed a barkada.
The burger had a juicy patty, cheese, crispy bacon and the perfectly cooked fluffy scrambled egg to bind this together ... Talk about comfort food.
Wife L and I also ordered 1 large roasted pork chops w a mashed potato side and pilaf rice. The chops were skin off but had the tasty crispy edged border of fat on one side . We all ended up sharing this plate with the kids alternating slicing off a piece of the chop and digging into the buttery tasty mound of mashed potato. We couldn't finish this off .
The mac and cheese was served in an oval deep dish . The mozzarella covered the meal entirely, moist and tasty inside.
Because of the huge servings, we brought home three fourths of a burger , half the wedges, 1 chop and the pilaf rice . And we walked away smiling .... thinking of the midnight snack we were bringing home .
Thanks Burgoo ! and Jeff our server ! Till next time. #loolooexplorerpackgiveaway

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Anthony A.
3.0 Stars

Late post.

Good! But nothing too special.

Not so fair. Service wasn't good as we keep on calling their service personnels' attention to attend to our needs. They were not too sensitive to feel and see that we need them. 128553128553128553


Expensive; can't see the value for money for this bundle/group meal.

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Toy G.
4.0 Stars

big portions
we ordered 3 dishes
2 were good and worth recommending and coming back for.

spinach salmon. ++++
tasty and in big portion
the salmon was fresh and perfectly cooked
the mashed potato , one of the best ive tasted except for at home of course

burgooburger ++++
double pattie with a lot of fries. , juicy , cheesy

supreme seafood ceasars salad ++
not enough shrimp , you could count a few tiny shrimp . more squid rings but the squid was very bland. almost tasted unsalted . lacked ceasars dressing. lacked cheese. only thing it ddnt lack was the price - pass on this next visit .

if you've got a big appetite . willing to spend the extra bucks. then Burgoo is the place for you . spend P600-850 per person .

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Janet T.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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Sandra Y.
4.0 Stars

Big serving even on their regular serving. And just a bit disappointed, their waiter claim that regular servings are good for 1-3 pax.. When its actually good for 5 pax. Hmmm.

For appetizer, i highly recommend chicken finger tenders. And their tomato basil pasta, love it because the angel haired pasta. Their ribs and shrimp platter is a 2 thumbs up! For dessert, beware of the big slice. Its all yummy. The strawberry cheesecake and oreo cheesecake. Love!

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Rufina C.
4.0 Stars

Nung first time namin kumain sa Burgoo, me like whoaaa!! masarap ang mga pasta!! i didn't even know how big their servings are.. my bestfriend told me that their pasta is good for 2-3 persons.. i asked the crew what pasta is the best seller.. so sabi nya lahat daw, pero yung may picture sa gilid ng menu ay mga best seller. so i try this one, the linguini with clams.. :) the restaurant was nice and they have amazing interiors and lightings. we enjoyed the ambience. :) and also what I liked most in Burgoo was that you’ll get to play stuffs like crayons and they have provided papers wherein you can sketch anything while waiting for your orders. :) I was referred by Kuya J. to join the #loolooiPhone6giveaway!

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Corrine A.
5.0 Stars

free supreme platter if you order above 500php.. very friendly staff. 128076128076128076

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Diane S.
4.0 Stars

Had brunch with college friends here 9786
After 8months of our busy and conflicting schedules finally! We're able to see each other 128514
usually i'll order chicken diane here 9786
But i opt for rice today kasi gutom na gutom ako 128514
I wasnt able to eat breakfast 128557128514
Ordered lovey's usual here; pork chop 128055128522

Ohhh heyyy!!! Another badge 128557128525127881127881

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Ria D.
4.0 Stars

Strawberry cheesecake <3

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April R.
4.0 Stars

A take on American diner. Generous serving, value for money. Ribs is so good need ti say more?

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Joyc C.
3.0 Stars

We ordered ribs and shrimp platter and new york style steak. Their steak is juicy and tender. I didn't like the shrimp because its very toasted. The ribs is delicious but not that big.

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Kimberly C.
3.0 Stars

This was a year ago photo but I really wanted to catch up with all the resto I've explored and tried.

It was our first wedding monthsary and me and my hubby decided to celebrate it at burgoo since he told me a lot of good food and good service there. So yes we ordered a platter of half slab baby back ribs and shrimps with corn and mashed potato. We also ordered a platter of appetizer, as I can remember it had buffalo wings, calamari and fries.

So we waited like half an hour for our appetizer, I was expecting more but it's just like all other appetizers.

Then for our main course which we waited for half an hour again, it was like dry baby back ribs with an after taste that I hated the most. Also we ordered it with shrimps which is so small and dry too. Taste was not so mouth watering. I won't recommend eating here or better yet try to go to other branches maybe they could provide better services.

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Kiko G.
3.0 Stars

We had a hard time choosing where to eat and that time we were standing outside Burgoo. "Tara dito na lang!" Haha

The service was fast and friendly. The tables are completely covered with white paper and provided with crayons. This is a huge plus for kids and for adults who wants to practice their creative side. Or BORED! I initially thought that this is one way to keep customers busy because service is slow. Maybe? But We got our orders in 5-10 minutes.

Seafood Jambalaya
-a combination of mussels, calamari and shrimps with ham, chorizo, green peas, green bell pepper and white onions on top of long grain rice with Cajun spices. Taste was okay but the uncooked rice disappoints. Although the flavors are great, wasn't really able to enjoy it because the rice bothers me.

Chicken BBQ
-chicken marinated in different herbs and spices. Grilled to order and basted in BBQ sauce. The chicken was cooked perfectly but the BBQ sauce was too strong. Halfway through, I got sick of it.

Shrimp Arabiata
-my favorite on our table. It has shrimps, mushrooms, tomatoes, basil and chili in vodka sauce. This was delish! Enjoyed the fresh shrimps and the pasta was cooked well.

I don't want to give this place 3 stars and I don't think they deserve 4 stars too. It's only the Shrimp Arabiata that I really enjoyed. The rest were okay. So,


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Eric N.
3.0 Stars

Did you know that "burgoo" is a spicy stew that traces its roots to 17th century Kentucky??? Cool, right?

Traditionally cooked outdoors during autumn or harvest season, it took 20 to 30 hours to cook. A whole lot of love went into burgoo is all I can say.

Although burgoo was made with whatever was available, it has three basic ingredients: meat (pork, venison, chicken, beef, game birds, or mutton), vegetables (potatoes, corn, okra), and a thickening agent (cornmeal, whole wheat, starch). A good burgoo is said to be able to have a spoon stand in it!


Burgoo is as American as its namesake. Their goal is "to serve American food, American size, in an American way".

We came across the restaurant after watching a movie. The menu outside the restaurant looked good so we decided to try them out.

We ordered the Supreme Sampler (PhP295), the Tomato Basil Spaghetti Regular (PhP295), and the Pizza Sampler (PhP475).

The Supreme Sampler was made up of different appetizers (buffalo wings, mozzarella, cheese sticks, onion rings, and cheddar cheese fries. It arrives just a few minutes after the server got our order. Which made me think if everything was freshly cooked or reheated. One bite and I could tell that the wings and cheese sticks were definitely reheated. The chicken was dry and hard, and the cheese sticks weren't the melted-that-it-would-stretch-when-you-bit-off-a-piece kind of thing. The cheese fries and onion rings were quite good, though. And I liked the dips, especially the tomato based one.

Then, the Tomato Basil Spaghetti. Now that was good. Just the right amount of garlic and basil, tons of tomatoes, and al dente pasta. A little bit on the oily side but very nice flavor. We had no trouble finishing it off. Hehe!

Finally, the Pizza Sampler. There were 4 flavors in one. You can pick the 4 flavors that you want. The pizza was just ok. Mukhang tinipid yung toppings. Underwhelming and kinda bland. We didn't finish it.

Burgoo didn't exactly live up to its concept of serving quality food. They were inconsistent. But it does live up to its goal of serving food at American sizes. The food portions were huge! The regular sizes can feed 2 to 3 people.

All in all, it was an ok experience. Nothing to be excited about.

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Ayen P.
4.0 Stars

"Supreme Platter" for our lunch. Ha! 128513 it has 3pcs of cheesesticks, onion rings, buffalo wings and fries topped with cheesy sauce and bacon bits! What is HEAVEN? Hahaha

I love them all except the onion rings bec I dont eat onions. The smell makes me want to vomit. 128586

We also had the Seafood pasta. Think noodles with clams and shrimps. Pretty good! 128076

The waiter named Leo was very accommodating. 128516

PS. Kung sa Yabu nag-ggrind ka ng sesame seeds to kill time while waiting for your order, sa burgoo, mag-ddrawing ka naman. Haha 128517

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Shella B.
4.0 Stars

Their NY Style Steak was good and I can compare it to OutBack Steakhouse :)

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Reycel C.
3.0 Stars

I thought it was OK.

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