Burias Group of Islands

San Pascual, Masbate

Burias Group of Islands
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Gwen I.
5.0 Stars

The waters of Masbate has probably one of the most beautiful shades of green and blue out there. Seriously. 128525 It's dark blue when you're at the deepest, then turns into a lighter shade, to aquamarine, then to green when you're near an island. It's just so beautiful! 128525

The drive to the port from Alabang took us 9 hours due to the traffic in Quezon. Too many buses and trucks. Huhu. It was also the Holy Week break, hence, the heavy traffic.

When you go island hopping here, you will usually visit 5 islands: Animasola, Tinalisayan, Sombrero, Dapa & Alibijaban. Each island has its own unique beauty that makes it hard for someone to choose which is the best.

Animasola Island (photo #5-8):

The 1st island we that we've visited from San Andres port. The boat ride is about 2 hours. What's unforgettable about this island is its very unique rock formation. So amazing! 128525 You can also snorkel here (like we did) where you can see several types of fish. 128522

Tinalisayan Island (photo #1-2):

The 2nd on the list and my personal favorite island. 10084️ It has a small hill where you can see the beauty of everything around you.. from its green water and white sand to its sandbar! 128522 Ahh.. so beautiful here, I can't! 128525

Sombrero Island:

The 3rd and last island for the day, and also the campsite. There were a LOT of people (as expected) when we arrived, but we still found a spot to pitch our tents. I haven't tried exploring this one as I was already dead tired from all the traveling that we did since we left Manila. If you're not used to camping, I suggest you go back to San Andres port to check in a hotel since this place isn't for the picky. The island doesn't have electricity nor source of clean water. The locals get their clean water from another island, so the water here is gold. They put it in a container and sells it for 50 pesos each. Restrooms are okay, but the challenging part is standing in line and wait for your turn to use one. I've waited for an hour. Huhu. The locals use generators to light up the restrooms, so that's a relief. The boat ride from Tinalisayan is about 40 mins.

Dapa Island (photo #3-4):

The 4th on the list. This island reminded me of the rock formation in Bolinao. It's a good thing I brought my aqua shoes with me as you'll be walking on a huge dead coral reef to go up and see the view. This island has the clearest and greenest water I've ever seen! 128525 No need to filter your photos! You can also do cliff jumping here. 128522 I told myself that I won't swim anymore since it's a hassle to shower, but damn, I just couldn't help myself so I jumped into its beautiful water and snorkel. 128513 So worth it! 10084️ The boat ride from Sombrero is about 30 mins.

Alibijaban Island (photo #9-10):

The last island on the list. Most people will pronounce it wrong, like me. 128517 It's pronounced as "a-li-bi-ha-ban". 128521 Gosh.. Sobrang ganda rin ng water dito, you don't need to filter your photos! 128525 I'm just sad that we arrived late and we missed the sandbar. Huhuhu! 128557 This is the nearest island from the port of San Andres, maybe about 20 mins. of boat ride only.


* If you'll be coming from the south area of Manila, the travel time is usually 6-7 hours to San Andres, Quezon.

* Plan your island hopping accordingly. Coordinate with the DOT personnel at the port to help you choose which islands should you visit in order because it depends on the time that you arrived. I joined a group tour, so I didn't have to think about this. Also, it's where you have to register and pay the environmental fee.

* At the port, kids will try to sell you huge plastic bags to protect your stuff from getting wet. I suggest you buy it, it's very useful. You'll also have to change clothes there 'coz you'll definitely get wet while you're on the boat. The waves can get REALLY insane when it's windy. Don't forget to put on sunblock.

* Bring a liter or 2 of water for each person before leaving the port. The prices are crazy when you buy stuff from the islands and not all have stores. I also suggest buying food at the market nearby.

* I recommend having a pair of aqua shoes with you or any sturdy footwear to protect your feet from getting cuts.

* Bring a flashlight if you're planning to camp on Sombrero Island. The restrooms are not that bad. They're not smelly, surprisingly. I guess the locals clean it all the time.

* You can ask the locals to cook food for you for a price. I have no idea how much, though.

Overall, I loooove Burias! 10084️ One of the best group of islands out there. 128522

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Jayvee R.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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