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Burot Beach
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Louise S.
4.0 Stars

While planning a trip to Burot Beach, it is important to know that it is undeveloped. Therefore, water is scarce and there is no electricity in here, so better be equipped with lots of batteries and a handy power bank to survive the weekend.

March 7, 2015 – The long stretch of fine sand was a delight to walk on, and just beyond it is the serene color of the ocean. When we first had the sight of the water, we were swearing, cursing under our breath seeing all this clear crystal blue. There were urchins, sea snakes and starfish laying just by the shore. No doubt, the ocean was definitely alive.

Despite being undeveloped, fortunately for beachgoers and campers, a few makeshift restrooms were set up for quick showers and for relieving oneself. Also, there is a sari-sari store located at the entrance of the beach, which by the way, could get as pricey as 7-Eleven. You can buy cooked meals in the sari-sari store for less hassle, but if you can, I still suggest you bring or prepare your own. Cooking will add up to the camping experience! Since we cannot really enjoy the swim, my friends and I took the opportunity to make the most out of the beautiful scenery that Burot Beach offers.

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Josh M.
5.0 Stars

Last 2016, me and my friends decided to do a Day Tour trip here in Burot Beach after work.

Burot Beach in Calatagan Batangas is one of the most popular beaches near Metro Manila. A favorite among weekenders and backpackers, the burot beach is often crowded during weekends, long weekends and holidays.

How to get to Burot Beach:
Via Public Bus: Take Celyrosa Bus going to Calatagan along Pasay Rotonda EDSA near MRT Taft Station (at the back of McDonald's). First trip is at 5:00 AM, travel time is around 3 hours and fare is 180 pesos. Ask the bus attendant to drop you at Calatagan Public Market. From here, hire a tricycle for PHP 150.00 or PHP 60.00 per person going to Burot beach. Travel time is about 20 minutes.

Via Passenger Van: There's a van terminal near the Bus Station and MRT Taft Station in Pasay where vans bound for Calatagan can be found. Travel time is around 3 hours and fare is 180 pesos each. Upon arrival in Calatagan Public Market, hire a tricycle for PHP 150.00 or PHP 60.00 per person going to the beach. Travel time is about 20 minutes.

There are so many things you can do during your stay here in this beach but for us, we just went Island Hopping. We rented a boat that costs P1500. We’re Four so just do the math 128540.

The sand was so fine and so white! The ocean was crystal clear. Plus we traveled there on a weekday so the place were all mine! We really enjoyed our Island Hopping there!

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Mae A.
4.0 Stars

It was back in late April when we took this trip. It was one of the few raw beaches in Calatagan. Untouched and not yet privatized. Something about that appealed to me. Before heading here, I was stoked to see a raw gem. Since the heat was at its peak, the crowd really headed here. I wouldn't blame them. Entrance fee here was cheap (P100 if I remember correctly). One could stay here for the night. You could rent a tent or bring your own. There was a lot of people at this time. A lot were setting up and prepping their dinner (we arrived late in the afternoon). While my companions were setting the tent up, I headed to explore the beach. I really don't know how to set up a tent so let's leave it to the experts. 128517

The beach had some grassy parts. Yes, grass. Sea grass? Haha. But it was grassy and very much coral preserved. One must be careful in taking steps as it can be rock. We even got to see a starfish! 127775 I tried to swim but the water was too low. I was afraid of bruising myself.

Though the beach and overall environment was not that good, what got to me here was the sunset and stars at night. It was nice to see the play of colors as it turned the day to night. Too bad that I couldn't photograph the bright night sky. Oh how the stars filled the sky! It was a good escape from the city where the stars are just muted. It would've been nice to spend the night here but alas, we had to bid this place adieu. 9995


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Mico C.
3.0 Stars

Took a very rare spontaneous trip to Batangas in order to get away from the city. My girlfriend found this blog in the internet of a private beach which is sometimes open to the public. The blog post boasts about the beautiful sunset from the beach side, wonderfully captured by the pictures from the writer’s visit. There was an option to call them beforehand to check if the beach was open to the public that day, but we decided to just wing it. It’s in Calatagan and a short ride from other resorts so we thought it should be fine in case we found the resort closed that day.

It was a 3 ½ hour ride including our usual stop along the way for breakfast. We bought our lunch as well just in case there were not a lot of establishments there. We arrived at the entrance gate at around 10:30 am. They gave us a waiver form to sign and asked us to pay 20 PHP for an entrance fee (for the whole group already, not an individual rate). The waiver form was given to us along with a trash bag, such a nice touch to remind people about cleanliness at the beach. It’s a bit of a drive after the entrance gate to reach the beach.

Once we arrived at the parking area, we were asked to pay 65 Php per person. Scanning the area, seemed like they had the very basic amenities covered. They had little areas for bathing, some comfort rooms, and a few stalls for food and tent rentals. We headed for the tent rental place. It was 300 PHP per tent. Once you pay, they’ll point you to a pitched up tent already. All that is left to do is to drag it to your chosen location for your stay. By the way, the rental place asks for an ID to ensure all the tents are returned.

We walked further into the resort where there were fewer people. We chose our spot and laid our tent down. First observation was that it wasn’t the cleanest of beaches. It’s very disappointing for me to see beaches where trash can be seen along the shore. We’re already given trash bags at the entrance. We just need to do our part to keep the place clean. That frustrated me a bit.

The highlight of most trips to this beach is the sunset, but not for me. The highlight is not the sunset because we just stayed there from 10:30 am to 2 pm. We had no chance of seeing the sunset. Our total cost for our stay was very low. You can check by simply adding up everything I listed above. Value for money-wise, I love this place. I think the price justifies what I saw there.

Aside from the cleanliness, the only other thing that bothered me was the tent rental procedure for returning tents. So I dragged our tent back and when I told the lady I’m returning it already, she just handed me a box of IDs and asked me to look for my ID. It took me quite a while to get my driver’s license last year and so their security of our IDs was definitely unacceptable.

I noticed that the previous reviews showcase pictures of the beach, so I decided to show you a peak of the view from the gate entrance to the beach. Mangroves. I love mangroves. If you want a picture which I took of the beach, you could check out my recent review of Starbuck’s. haha

That’s it for now. Take care everyone! Stay mahusay!

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Josette P.
2.0 Stars

Burot Beach is somewhere in Calatagan, Batangas. One of the easiest beach to get access with near the Metro. With all honesty, there's nothing to be hyped about the beach. The only thing that drives me nuts about the place was the beautiful starry sky during the evening. As there was no electricity and minimal signal at the place, except a beautiful starry sky. So good! To also have your own tent and a bonfire and just all the camping feels with your friends is really good. There's a sari-sari store to buy woods for your bonfire or buy things you forgot to bring. There are lots of starfish around, and the sea is pretty slimy with algae and seaweeds. It isn't really ideal for a swim, if you'd ask me. Just a dip or lying around the shore will do it. The comfort room is a big worry too. If you're like me who's sensitive about this, then this will come as a struggle for you too. There's just two public toilet for everyone. One for girls and the other for guys. Luckily, I didn't get to use those as there is these paid comfort rooms from quite a far to give you a better chance of having a half decent bath. I have all the negatives about the place because you paid for an entrance fee and another fee for tent pitching and all you get to receive is a not even decent comfort room. The land is currently owned by the Sy's so expect another Pico de Loro here sometime soon.

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Ann Margaret L.
4.0 Stars

Summer is not complete without spending some time at the beach! Our province is in Batangas which is well-known for its beautiful beaches, and I could say I'm lucky for that!

When we visited our grandparents in Batangas, they decided to spend a day at the beach and my aunt suggested that we try Burot beach. She said it was beautiful and is not that crowded unlike the other known beaches. She already went there few weeks ago and she showed us some photos of it, so we gave it a try.

Burot beach is a remote beach. No hotels, restaurants nor even electricity there. If you're planning for an overnight, you have to bring your own tents, own coolers, lamps or flashlights. In short, bring your own everything 128514 I think you can also rent a tent there, but I'm not sure where and how much. By the time we visited this beach, it was not yet trending on the social media. We had the beach by ourselves!! Only a few strangers who went for a visit like us.

Instead of posting a daytime photo like the other reviewers of this beach did, I decided to post a photo during sunset (with my silhouette haha)! Isn't it beautiful?? 128525 You'll find tranquility here! You just have to survive the scorching heat of the sun if you decided to go here during daytime.

This is for people who likes to get tanned because there's no shade against the heat of the sun. It

And for the rates, I have no idea about it because I'm with my family and I don't have to pay for my own fees 128517128513

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Gemma Annette B.
4.0 Stars

We arrived 7:30am, few people are already there, they have their own tents, charcoal for grilling, packed foods, some they have fresh fish to grill.

We went there for a day trip only worth Php65, it was a Saturday also.

We asked a bankero, if he can tour us around the beach and it cost us Php200, I guess he tooked the advantage, because we were just 4, and he said, that the minimum is 5, first I didnt understand what he was saying parang nagmurmur siya. He said per person it would cost Php150, for 5 pax, and we will go to the Mini Boracay, Sand Bar and Star Fish AREA, (not island).

The Mini Boracay is the best spot for me, its in the middle of the ocean, even though it's high tide, you can still see the island, white sands, tho the waves are a bit strong that time.

Next, is the Sandbar, its just a usual Sandbar.

Last is the Star Fish area, its a bit smelly because there are boats for fishing, that time they collect the fish they caught so it is smelly. I didnt not go to swim also hehe.

The beach is still virgin, but some people leave their trash, everywhere, so if anyone would be reading this, make sure you throw you trash properly, think of Mother Nature. The water is clear, as in clear but there aresea creatures lurking around like Starfish, Jellyfish, SEA WORMS 128534128534, Sea Urchins and many more can't name na eh.

You have to bring tent, beach mats, UMBRELLA! Sarong. Or you can rent there i think the tent cost around Php300-400. And basic bathroom and restroom, it also cost like Php10.

Burot beach is owned by Henry Sy, the Father of Philippine Retail.. So, he will develop the Beach, like maybe a luxrious resorts or whatever. Haha so you still have time to go there on a budgeted trip 128076🏼128076🏼128105🏾

PS, bring sunblock, I got burned, it hurts. Haha.

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Julie L.
4.0 Stars

It's a bit difficult to go to but the view is pretty nice. Around 2-3hours away from Manila, so i suggest you leave a bit early. You can go camping if you and your friends prefer that.

The shower can get crowded because of the number of people visiting the area. There's one hidden bathroom called Ligo Pa More. Bath fee is 30 pesos.

Make sure to bring food and drinks, there's a tindahan but they are selling limited items. 128522

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Casey D.
3.0 Stars

We were not aware that there will be a typhoon coming in when we went there. As we arrived, the rain started pouring. The waves were huge and there were lots of waterlilies and garbages scattered jn the beach. Decided to leave and went to another resort. Will definitely go back here to appreciate the beauty of burot beach. 128516

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Elaine B.
4.0 Stars

If you're looking for a beach near Manila that won't cost you that much and is willing for an adventure then Burot Beach is for you!

Located in Calatagan, Batangas, Burot Beach originally called Elizalde Beach offers one hell of a experience for campers, adventurers, wanderers, etc. The sea has clear waters and the sand is a mixed of fine and tiny pebbles. However there are some areas in which trashes are scattered due to tourists just leaving them around which is disappointing. To be honest, I never enjoyed the beach due to lurking sea creatures and scattered seaweeds.

However what made me like this place is the Boating experience. The bangkeros offered us php130 each for an hour worth of island hopping which I wouldn't call island hopping since there are no tiny islands to hop around.

We went to the Sand Bar, a spot in the middle of the sea where the sand is seen and the water is shallow. It was high tide when we get there so the sand is not really seen that much in photos.

Next stop is the Starfish Island. Yes the name says it all. This part of the sea houses numerous Starfishes of different sizes and colors which we enjoyed taking photos of!

We stopped to another Sand Bar where we enjoyed swimming because of the fine and white sand and clear waters!

Next we went to Coral Beach and went on a snorkel. We were bespectacled by the beauty of the corals down the deep and the diverse marine life within. I saw Dory!

Burot is an unspoiled beach so expect that there are no facilities around except for the restroom, charging station and karinderya. Also, there is no electricity around the area so better bring your power banks, headlights and other portable electricity stuff here. The well even disposes salt water! So be prepared.

Also, if you're going here, please be responsible and follow the guidelines. Don't leave your trash lying around and destroy the beauty of the place. As a tourist, please be mindful of our acts and respect the place to preserve the beauty of it.

SM will be building a resort here so now is the right time to go here! 128522

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Chrislyn F.
4.0 Stars

Been here thrice (proud batanguena here.) Burot beach is a remote beach located along the shores of Calatagan, Batangas. One of the nice beaches near manila, it's a favorite beach destination among weekenders and those who seek a quick weekend getaway.

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Lyza Marie R.
4.0 Stars

Been here twice this year. No accommodation and so so restrooms but it was still a great experience. Cheap getaway from manila.128076🏽

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Lady L.
3.0 Stars

This isn't actually Burot Beach lol, but Ivory Beach. 8km away from Burot Beach. Haha.

Anyway, we were supposed to go to Burot Beach but our contact, kuya Clarence, said that Burot was already crowded that day (Saturday) so he suggested Ivory Beach.

Php 200 overnight. With electricity. No waves(!!!). "Mas okay" na cr compared to Burot's. The only store only sells beers, no food or other basic necessity.

I think the best part of our trip was the bonfire (with Smores hahaha) under a sky full of stars1002412777510024 HAHA. #relationshipgoals #lifegoals =))

To be honest, all of us felt like, "we did not drive for 5hrs for this."

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Roegan T.
4.0 Stars

I started cursing the place when the sun was up and scorching every living thing in Calatagan, Batangas.

Imagine trying to get some siesta while being tortured by the heat of the sun.

Oh, go swim instead? The beach is low tide in the afternoon. And you'll see amazing and cute creatures like:

1. Sea Slugs 128528
2. Tube Worms 128533
3. Sea Urchins 128561

Plus, the place is so maintained that you won't see one single garbage in the area. Kidding.

I actually asked my friends if they want to go home and ditch the idea of camping overnight. They said no so we decided to stay.

But man, came night time. The sky started to show its beauty. Stars, stars everywhere. 1285571285571285571108811088110881108811088️ it was amazing..

I have to say, if not for the stars, I would've given this a 2-star rating.

Okay, now some info that really matters to readers:

1. Rough roads - about 2km of rough road. My small car was able to handle it though.

2. Limited parking slots - double parking can't be avoided

3. No electricity - yep, away from the glamorous life of living in the city.

4. No decent restrooms - line's pretty long too.

5. Place is a mess, literally - not sure if it was always like that, but when we went here this weekend, there were plastic bags and liquor bottles everywhere. 128078

6. Expect to pay - since the place is privately owned, you have to pay an entrance fee. Prepare around P250 (total) for everything (entrance, camping fee, tent space fee, etc).

7. Expect to sweat, like a lot.

Also, please, always make sure that you bring your garbage with you. Shame to all the people who just leave their garbage behind. 9757️ (move it to the next left finger) 128545


Don't go here in the morning. Start camping at around 5pm. Spend the night, have some beer, watch the stars, and enjoy the night.


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Lhorenz-Ehmer R.
5.0 Stars

Happy Valentine's everyone!

We celebrated out valentines here in beautiful beach of burot. Candle light dinner and bonfire at night.

We went here via ordinary bus, imagine that struggle. Hahah. Lagkit at bad hair day! But worthit naman pag dating.

Interms of food, be have butane. And thanks for the kuyas for the fire we had. Hahah. Bbq. Shot. And kwento. Saya. Chillax.

We also went to sandbar, snorkeling, and starfish gazing. Happiness.

Budget friendly travel. 1500. All in. ;)

I will recommend this place to my friends and to you guys. Sweet escape to manila.

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Ronith Jazel D.
5.0 Stars

Midterm week was approaching, I was longing for the beach, I wanted an escape.

The sun had risen so high, I was still in bed. I was uncertain whether or not to reach for my burning hunger, I closed my eyes and imagined the waves, the taste of the sea water, that’s when I finally got up.

Off to the beach we go after leaving Cape Santiago Lighthouse.

It felt so good to finally feel the sea breeze, to smell the salt water, to hear the waves. I wanted to jump, I wanted to drown myself with everything I see.

The beach wasn't developed yet which I liked, this kind of beach is what I prefer. There were no resorts, people who would stay overnight had their tents. There were bathrooms for everyone which maybe not the most precious thing in the world but it was clean and convenient to use.

It was guarded with security guards too to make sure of everyone's safety.

I wish I could have stayed more, but having to see the nothingness beyond the sea was more than enough for me (at least for that time for I was in rush for the buses bound to Manila’s last trip).

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Luisa E.
4.0 Stars

Lulu & Wes' together time. Overnight at the beach. Can't give you a breakdown of the expenses but bring 3000 and your good to go. 128541

128107 We put up our tent 9978️ got in touch with nature, swam in the sea 127946, ate outdoors 127860 and star gazing 127756. Ah l'amour 128143

To the owner of this beach: The only problem here is the bathroom128703128701, it's not that hard to put up a small communal bathroom with lights 128294and tiles on it so get to it. 128518128295128296

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Tine J.
5.0 Stars

Visited this place last June and it went beyond my expectations! 128522 The trip from Quezon City to Calatagan and from Calatagan to Burot Beach itself was smooth but it takes a lot of research. Although we planned this trip only for a week, I can say that we were prepared enough.

All in all, we spent at around Php 3,000 per person assuming that we bought and paid for everything (transportation, food, a boat ride, pitching of tents) for 3 days and 2 nights stay. Would definitely come back! 128522

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Zia M.
2.0 Stars

After conquering almost 4hr ride from Laiya to Calatagan, and the hazy pathways of the place, we managed to get here.

Describe in one word: Dirty

broken glasses
are almost near the shoreline
water is dirty 128550
seaweeds are just too many you can't even take a dip
it's like stepping into the moss

To think that we got here because we were persuaded by a travel blog,
(we curse that man who says this is a great place) 128529

It's a long stretch but after testing the different areas for three times, pinagtyagaan na lang namin yung Medyo Hindi ma-seaweed

But after a while, there was this weird smell, and only to realize there was a trace of vomit in our area. 128566 talk about being gross 128565128078

we hurriedly went back to our car and went home frowning 128517

PS this could have been a better place (given the fact that the beach isn't good) but if they try to clean it and not just tossing the garbage in one area, they can uplift the scenery a little

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Sharon B.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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