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Buta+ Wagyu
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Most Recent Reviews

Mary Love S.
5.0 Stars

Buta+Wagyu is one of our favorite restaurants as its succulent A5 wagyu are just too good to be to enjoyed once. However, it’s also too pricey to be enjoyed on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis. But when there’s something to celebrate, one of our top picks is Buta+Wagyu.

Hello, Buta+Wagyu!

Knowing that this is R’s favorite restaurant to date, I suggested this Japanese wagyu place as the venue for R’s pre-birthday dinner. R’s parents and sisters were okay with the idea and I quickly placed reservation as soon as I got a go signal. We decided to have dinner there on a Thursday night.

I was the first to arrive and I ordered a few appetizers for everyone to munch on as we decide on which mains to indulge in. I got Organic Pork and Wagyu Gyoza (PHP280) and Organic Pork and Wagyu Kimchi Mandu (PHP320) for sharing. When R and his family arrived, we ordered two Double Stone Grill Samplers—Ohmi (PHP8,500) and Kagoshima (PHP7,000), and three orders of 200g Steamed Wagyu (Rib Eye Hida, PHP1,640/100g). There is also a cooking charge of PHP300 on top of the cost of the wagyu dishes.

While waiting for our food, I munched on the complimentary appetizers, dilis and kimchi. I usually do not eat kimchi but I eat it like a wolf whenever I’m hungry.

Soon, our gyoza and mandu were served.

Both dumplings were made with free range organic pork and A5 wagyu beef so I had high expectations for these. I actually tried the gyoza before and I liked it. It was flavorful and the meat was indeed succulent. However, I still find turning A5 wagyu into ground beef to be such a waste.

It was my first time to try the mandu version of the gyoza and I was a bit iffy when the server told me that it could be a bit spicy for some diners. As a person with low tolerance to anything spicy, I took a demure bite of my mandu and was surprised that it wasn’t that spicy. It just happen to have mildly spiced kimchi stuffed inside but that was about it. Nonetheless, it was pretty good too and I liked this one more than the gyoza.

Our bowls of steamed wagyu was served next and it took a few blinks before all of it was gone. Yes, it’s R’s family’s favorite! It may not be a photogenic dish, but this is our tastebuds’ ultimate crush. We could feel our tastebuds blush and quiver with glee even before having a mouthful. A bite of this succulent thin A5 meat brings us to the temple of almighty wagyu. (Just think how the judges of Cooking Master Boy react whenever they sample the dishes served to them.) We all loved it with the steak salt more than the thick grainy brown Ponzu dip. It is also best enjoyed with rice.

It took quite a bit before our Stone Grill Samplers were served but it was worth the wait.

First thing I noticed was that they removed Chuckroll from the sampler and we were left with Rib Eye, Sirloin and Chateaubriand.

We all went for Chateaubriand which was the softest and yummiest among the three. Second best for me is Rib Eye and last place goes to Sirloin which is your usual cut. Again, we enjoyed this best with steak salt and some garlic bits.

And just before we were about to cap the night, Buta+Wagyu surprised R with a whole junior Choco Yema cake from Slice! R actually thought that I bought it for him as it is one of his favorite cakes. Well, I did the arrangements. So, yeah, it came from me.

Again, it was a fantastic dinner. Thank you, Buta+Wagyu for the superb food and service. We will definitely be back!

Total damage: PHP27,000.


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Deck A.
4.0 Stars

Melts in your mouth steamed wagyu goodness. Filled my tummy but emptied my wallet after paying almost 3k for this meal.

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Mary Love S.
4.0 Stars

I have read a few reviews about this wagyu place in SM Aura that serves A5 wagyu beef. All reviews say that the place serve quality beef but it comes with an expensive price. I told R about it but we didn’t really bother going as even with us two, I’m sure that we have to shell out around PHP10,000 for a nice and filling meal. But then R’s dad wanted to bring one of their business suppliers there for dinner and R told me to tag along. So we got to try it for free! Yay!

Hello, Buta+Wagyu!

The wagyu restaurant is located at the Sky Park of SM Aura, beside Kettle. I didn’t notice it at first as the entrance of the place is flushed inside the walkway and is right beside the escalator going to Niu. It has another dining area right across where we dined. R, his dad and business suppliers were already there when I arrived.

Since I was the resident foodie that time, I ordered for us. We got a Stone Grill Sampler (PHP8,500 + PHP300 cooking charge) and 300g of Sirloin Hida Steamed Wagyu (PHP1640/100g + PHP300 cooking charge). I also got a glass of Apple Cucumber Shake (PHP250) while R got Cantaloupe Shake (PHP160).

While waiting for our dishes, I munched on the complimentary side dishes—anchovies and kimchi. (I hate kimchi but I was too hungry to be a picky eater. I actually finished the whole thing!)

Soon, our steamed wagyu was served.

It was so soft and perfectly cut. I enjoyed dipping it in Ponzu sauce and putting a bit of wagyu spice and garlic chips for extra flavor. It was so good that we ordered rice to go with it and we also ordered another 300g right after we finished the first serving. That was another PHP5,220 to our tummies.

The platter of raw wagyu was presented to us while enjoying the steamed wagyu. We asked the servers to prepare it medium and to just provide us with a hot stone grill for us to cook the meat a bit more if needed as some do not like seeing blood in their meat.

It took about 10 minutes after we finished our steamed wagyu when the platter came. The Ohmi platter comes with Rib Eye, Sirloin, Chateaubriand and Chuckroll cuts. All were amazingly good! 10084

The rib eye which is from the top part of the center section of the rib had beautiful marbling. It also had the most fat.

Sirloin which is from the back part of the ribs and tenderloin also had good marbling and lovely sweet flavor.

It was my first time to hear chuck roll. Apparently, it comes from the neck, shoulder blades and upper arms. It had moderate amount of fat which gave it a great natural flavor.

My favourite was Chateaubriand which was the tenderest meat I have ever popped inside my mouth. It was the melts in your mouth type of meat. Known to be the most luxurious part of the beef carcass, it was also the priciest wagyu served that night.

We couldn’t help but order another platter! (We ordered four in total!)

I also tried the Organic Pork and Wagyu Gyoza (PHP280) which was juicy and flavorful as well. It was as good as the gyoza served at my all time favorite, Kitchitora.

R’s mom also ordered Steamed Iberian Pork Rolls (PHP420) which was an unpopular dish that night. I guess our tastebuds were spoiled by the scrumptious and succulent wagyu cuts that this dish didn’t stand a chance. 128566

Before our desserts, we toasted to a wonderful meal and opened a bottle of Dom Perignon. There was a corkage though of PHP1 per milliliter so we had to pay PHP750 total for it.

After finishing the champagne, our lime sorbet was served to cleanse the palate. Its light and tangy taste was perfect! 128523

Overall, it was a fantastic night! The bill though was a bit too steep for me to visit soon. Our total damage was almonst PHP55,000. 128561

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Peanut D.
5.0 Stars

Now thinking about steak as I write this review. Tried this one last week! Ordered their sirloin from Ohmi (Php 1850) and it was so good. 128557 A little bitin but it's too expensive to order another one hahaha.

Melt in your mouth meat that tastes even better with their salt. Not sure what kind it was, I was too busy eating) Sigh it was so good. :(

Unlike Wagyu Japanese Beef in Chino Roces, they don't serve it to you on top of a heated stone grill. Instead, they ask you how you want it done and then they serve it to you on this plate (pictured above) I like it. Less mess hehe.

They still gave me a hot stone grill though in case I wanted to sear the meat some more.

They also serve the pork salad here. Same as the one in Wagyu Japanese Beef. Quite torn as to how different these places are. Do they have different suppliers? Eh. Who am I kidding, I don't care lol. I just want some good a$$ steak and they have it here!

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Ferdie A.
4.0 Stars

Great Wagyu. I would definitely come back. The ribeye was stellar.

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Dominique E.
4.0 Stars

If you're looking for good wagyu at fair prices, try Buta+Wagyu! They only serve high-quality Wagyu (grade A5, levels 9-12). We tried their Steamed Wagyu (Sirloin) and Stone Grilled Wagyu (Ribeye) with their Wagyu Rice and the Gyoza. Prices of the Wagyu ranges from about php12-17 per gram depending on the level... But the Wagyu did not disappoint and the price reasonable as far as Wagyu goes. Bonus is that its served on a bed of vegetables. Gyoza was just ok. So on days you feel like splurging, give this new restaurant a go. 128523

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