Butterfly Sanctuary

Ordonio Drive, Camp John Hay, Baguio, Benguet

Butterfly Sanctuary
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Paolo S.
2.0 Stars

I actually had high hopes for this place, seeing colorful and lively pictures of my friend's prior visit (well, years ago), so this was pretty sad.

It was the exact opposite, with one empty greenhouse filled with plants and only THREE lonely and shy butterflies (all of the same color at that). Was saddened to also see a pair of dead butterfly so i presumed one died. Konti nga sila nabawasan pa. Uh oh, I got this feeling that something was wrong and that this was probably not a suitable environment for butterflies to survive and thrive in. I dont know what exactly needs to be done, but i think something should. Either make the necessary butterfly-friendly adjustments or just turn it into a simple greenhouse without butterflies. I feel a bit sad if these butterflies are caught and forced to live inside to just die eventually. So sayang. 128532

Plus 1 star for manong guide who despite the gloomy atmosphere, was very enthusiastic talking about the butterflies, even gathering them on one plant so i could take a decent picture. And btw, that was a plant he carried around and was growing out of an iced coffee bottle. His favorite line being the butterflies were on "low batt" since the weather was rainy and the Baguio temperature not being very conducive for butterflies to flutter about and play haha.

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Glenzy C.
4.0 Stars

One of the lovely attraction in Baguio is the Butterfly Sanctuary. You will see a medium-sized open air structure covered by a light green mesh. Just beside the Paint ball area and Zipline. There is a minimal entrance fee that is charged for its upkeep. No time limits are set for visitors but they may limit the number of folks inside at any one time. Truly, a-must -see place in Baguio. These butterflies are amazing!

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