Buyayao Island

Bulalacao, Oriental Mindoro

Buyayao Island
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Shayne B.
5.0 Stars

My favorite island of all: BUYAYAO ISLAND! 1278119786127796127754128026128031

Most of us agreed that this is the most beautiful island during our island hopping. It is an island with pristine white beach and limestone formations. However, it was a scary moment for my team on our way here. The wind was so strong and the waves are as high as 2-3 meters... We were into that for 15 straight minutes! 128552 It took us 1 hour and 30 minutes to go here from another island. Our bangkeros even told us to stay in the middle of the boat, so we would keep the boat in balance. We were 22 including the bangkeros (4 of them) and not a single life vest was available. NOT. A. SINGLE. ONE. I swear!!! We were told by the locals that "it's okay" because the boat we were using is their boat used to chase illegal fishers. 128584 It was scary but it's okay. It was a fun ride still!!!

Near the Buyayao island, about 10 minutes away, is an islet where the surroundings is a combination of deep and shallow waters. This is where, for the first time ever in my life, I JUMPED OFF THE "cliff". My family was never able to make me so such thing during outings, only our director for this project! Hahaha. 128557128514 I was chickening out already but he shouted, "Shayne, for the love of art, DO IT." I made inarte for about 10 seconds, saying I'm scared but I eventually jumped because the director told me it will be a waste of memory of the cam. 128514 When I jumped, there were 4 men in the water because I told them I don't know how to swim. BEST JUMP SO FAR. Hahahaha. I can't believe I faced my fear of heights and fear of deep waters that moment. 128514128557

After that, we had a 15 minute free time. The water current was so strong even at the shallow waters. We had our lunch. Funny because our grilled fishes and sinigang was being blown by the strong winds. It was so hard to eat. 128514

After the cliff jump we proceeded to the main Buyayao island. Did some shooting, then went off to another island again. 9786️ We were not the only visitors that time.

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