BZ Bean

TSL Bldg., 59 E. Rodriguez Sr. Ave. cor. Cordillera St., Doña Josefa, Quezon City, Metro Manila

BZ Bean
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Most Recent Reviews

Fatima L.
5.0 Stars

The place is quiet and refreshing!

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Denise A.
3.0 Stars

BZ Bean Lounge is one of the newest Cafe Boardgame Restaurants situated along E. Rod.

My friends and I went here today cause we have been trying boardgame places for months now and exploring the different boardgame places in the metro.
The difference of this to Dyce N Dyne and Ludos would be the ambiance. It's too cozy and quiet. Unlike the other boardgame places, talagang sigawan mga tao overjoyed while playing.
Mood lighting palang nila alam mo ng medyo intimidating and you have to keep your voices low.

Here the target market is more on the oldies who want to have coffee and some students near UST, na tumatambay lang for a short time. Surprisingly, maraming families na nagcocoffee lang dito. Iba takaga yung market niya. So if you are a gamer, this is not the place for you.

They have very few boardgames which you can play as compared to the other restaurants. I think the reason behind this is because they are more of a "cafe" than a boardgame place talaga. One order would cause around P200 up. Not bad if you're staying for a long time. Yung mga games available yung mga typical lang, Cards Against humanities, party games, mga basic.

We've tried and ordered the ff:
127831Herbed Chicken P220
Grilled Chicken marinated with Provencal Herbs and Spices
I ordered this one. I like the gravy sauce and crispiness of the chicken skin. Just order this one!

127835Aromatic Pork Belly P230
Grilled pork belly dry rub with special herb and spices
So so lang, nedyo liempo-ish ang lasa. Nothing special about it.

127836Gyoza P130
Delectable Japanese Dimsum

127837Napolitan P240
Tomato based with Italian sausages, bell pepper and parmesan cheese
Smells so good. Pero mabilis lumamig so eat it while it's hot!
Okay naman siya pero nothing special too.

127838Chicken Sandwich P120
Blant and dry. It came with fries pero dry din siya and walang lasa at all!

127868 Hazelnut Frap P170
THE ONLY THING I LIKED. Ang dami ng whipped cream, so happy. And hindi matamis ang timpla ng frappe, so thumbs up for this! Maybe I have to try more of their drink instead.

Overall Rating: 3.5/511088
Maybe they can improve more on their food and drink or their overall menu. Okay na yung ambiance. Since di naman talaga siya for boardgame fanatics, Naintindihan ko na they don't really have a lot of games. If you are a newbie sa boardgames, this place may be a good start for you.

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Honey A.
5.0 Stars

March 14: Mum's Birthday
Came home with this for her. Oreo cheesecake. We all loved it! I didnt had the chance to stay at their café. Will definitely come back when I finally have the free time out of my very busy daytime sched.

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Michelle A.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Michelle A.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Jayson J.
3.0 Stars

This new cafe at e rodriguez also conceptualizes on board and card games.
I did notice that most of their servers has little knowledge on how to accomodate their guests. It's like upon entering the cafe, they do not know what to do. My experience: well, there's this server lady waiting at the door. But she did not even noticed that i was about to enter. She was staring blank at the playing customers.

Ok, i was really here to try their banoffee pie and earl grey cheesecake; only then i was disappointed to know that they were sold out (it must be really good)

I was about to order their red velvet but then only to know that it is food color based. This, the server did not know until he asked the 'master of the house'.

I also asked about their cafe mocha--what kind of chocolate do you use? The little server girl had to ask again the master of the house. She came to me with--chocolotae syrup as her answer

128204Cafe mocha
I dont think they know a lot of latte art. Seemingly by this heart latteart, level one skill. But then maybe it just depends in the milk used? Ok, stir up now, cause the chocolate syrup will sit on the bottom of your cup. It was too sweet for me.
128204Pistachio cake
This is a cake. Not a cheesecake. This was recommended to me by the server. And the recommendation was a success for me. I did like the vanilla and pistachio combination. It was fluffy and light; making room for the
128204blueberry cheesecake
This one i did not like much. The cheesecake was too soft. And a notch sweeter than the usual cheesecakes (ie starbucks)

Id still say i should be back for the banoffee and earl grey cheesecake. It must be very good since it was sold out.

And please improve the service. Greet and accomodate warmly! I could only count one or two servers who got heart for the work.

Overall i think the cakes here are good.

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Jen L.
5.0 Stars

Neighborhood board game place with yummy pastries, drinks and tummy-warming food 128077

Full house last night, buti maaga kami dumating haha

Compare to chikka minute sa sbux, you can have fun with people sa mga games 128077

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Salie D.
4.0 Stars

There are already a couple number of booming coffee shops and restaurants with free use of board games...nauuso na Maginhawa, the Fort, Timog and this branch along E.Rodriguez Sr Ave. which just recently opened more than two weeks now. Newly opened Laruan like this are more spacious and homey and inviting. I mean I have been to some places where playing games and having plates on the table is next to impossible. The idea of how much it costs mesmerized me, though I know that it would help keep the customers stay longer, enjoy the place more, and create a good display at the same time. 128522

We went here last night after a heavy dinner from the nearest Chinese resto. The plan is just to have a cup of coffee with my friend and chat. We were delighted that they offer free use of their board games which are neatly placed on a wall size shelf and lucky us that since they are operating for less than a month, there were still boxes that aren't open yet. 128525 I even saw a couple on the other table opening one and played with it. Wow! I'm pretty sure each one costs dearly ...most of them I'm unfamiliar with and to experience opening it and be the first to use it might just be a different experience, feeling ko kung ako yun, feels like it's mine. So hurry up and make sure to bring ur friends with you! 128076

Too bad I was alone with a friend, we were supposed to meet another friend kaso she didn't make it last night. The more the merrier! And it's still not crowded like the others.

Btw, we ordered Hazelnut and Caramel hot coffee. The size of a cup is double than the usual one. Price is at 140 pesos. Mine was just a bit sweet but I get to finish it though. Stayed from 9-1130pm. Closing time is at 12mn.

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