Cadlao Lagoon

Cadlao Island, El Nido, Palawan

Cadlao Lagoon
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Joyce I.
5.0 Stars

Cadlao Lagoon is just one of the many lagoons found in El Nido. But this is not just like any other, it is one of the most spectacular lagoons I have ever seen. We were able to see Small Lagoon and Big Lagoon first before seeing Cadlao Lagoon, so I was able to really compare the three. Without a doubt, Cadlao Lagoon is the most beautiful. Believe me when I say that the first time I took a glance at this place, I was just in awe.

The tour guide said that Cadlao Lagoon is better during high tide. When we got off the boat, we must swim towards the shallower part. True enough, there are many live corals and territorial fish so one way to avoid them is to swim or float so as not to destroy the corals and avoid being bitten by the territorial fish.

The lagoon itself is surrounded by rock formations; the sand is fine, white, and soft; and the water is cold and crystal clear. Snorkeling and swimming are recommended, or just plain sunbathing. The view is just picturesque. Definitely, I will come back.


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Jairus d.
5.0 Stars

Originally part of Tour D but it became the last destination of Tour C when our boat was prevented by high tides to reach Secret Beach. Cadlao will also astonish you with Lagoons and its majestic formation.

Lush forest can be seen at the back of the Lagoons. The water is wide and deep enough for snorkeling. Most of my time was spent in swimming and watching the marine life underneath.

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Cette D.
5.0 Stars

This is the second stop on our first island hopping. My favorite among all the islands. 128525 truly breathtaking! I mean truly!

I was blinded first by the big jellyfishes when we docked. It was many!!! 128560 We were too far from shore and away from the jellyfishes that's why we doubted to go down and swim across. 128513128518 But our tourist guide insisted because we would regret daw if we won't. And yes I'll regret it because it was really beautiful. No exaggeration! The rock formations were unusual. the water is bluish green. You can see school of fish. You can even try kayaking. How beautiful the world is. 128517128522128513

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Joel C.
5.0 Stars

Cadlao Lagoon is not included in the El Nido Island Hopping Tour C, but because we were not able to visit Secret Beach due to strong waves, they replaced it with Cadlao Lagoon (originally part of Tour D).

Cadlao in english means laugh, it was named Cadlao because of its shape similar to the human lips.

The area is surrounded with greens and rock formations. The water is clear and clean, the color is blue with the touch green.

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Eya P.
5.0 Stars

This lagoon is actually not included in island hopping Tour C but they brought us there for free! 128516 the view is beautiful like all the other beaches we visited. I was tired already when we got here so i choose to make chika with the other tourist in our boat. My boyfriend went for a dip and snorkeled. He said he saw lots of fishes and pretty coral reefs. To bad we don't have an underwater camera 128557

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