Cafe 26

11 Sapphire St., Capitol View Park, Malolos, Bulacan

Cafe 26
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Sheena D.
4.0 Stars

We found this new coffee place with my cousins, it's probably not new new but I haven't heard of this place until my cousin mentioned that we should try it. So we did last weekend. The place is smaller than we expected, but the overall feel of the place is really cool. I got the gourmet tinapa pasta for P99, my cousins got the tuna pesto and bacon carbonara, both are priced at P99 as well. Cheap, in my opinion. For the price point, it was surprisingly good. We all liked my gourmet tinapa, it was different than usual. The hint of smoky tinapa is all over the pasta, you should go and try this one.

But of course, I had to get the matcha ice blended beverage, and my cousins got their own ice blended beverages. I find the matcha one good, but probably nothing compared to my other favorite cafe, Cafe+.

I found nothing special on the waffles, but don't get me wrong, it wasn't bad. We also got the bacon lettuce sandwich to share. For the price, this place is worth going to. Plus point to the ambience, and another point that pasta is good, and the ice blended beverage will give other cafe a run for their money. So yes, I will visit this again.

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Anne Of A.
3.0 Stars

In search for something near and new for our impromptu wedding anniversary dinner, we chanced upon this place. Cafe 26 is the newest cafe tambayan which is strategically located near the city's universities, establishments and offices. Opened just this 30th of January, it offers its customers a limited variety of choices which will tickle everyone's palate. For some people, this limited variety might mean just like that, limited, but for me, who does not want to be bombarded by limitless choices which I always always struggle about, I find it more than ok.

For the three of us, we got to experience Cafe 26 for less than Php 500:
Nachos-sweet and juicy ground beef with bell peppers. You could do away with the cheese sauce since the dish itself is yummy on its own.
Gourmet Tinapa Pasta-a perfect marriage of salty and smoky flavors. Generous amount of tinapa in the plate.
Quarter Pounder-very tender patty with fresh and crispy vegetables. The potato chips on the side are ok.
Oreo cookies and cream waffle-I didn't get to taste since my son finished it all. By his looks, I think it passed his taste. A little overdone since it took my son a while to cut it in pieces but the vanilla ice cream topping has compensated it. You don't want a soggy waffle, do you?
White chocolate frappe-a bit too sweet for me but I think it's my age talking! Hah!
Complementary donuts-a little tough to eat with the fork, even if you just use your hands. I hope this gets a little attention from the baker though 128524 (peace). It was sweet since they have placed a happy anniversary message on the plate.

All in all, it was a good experience. My favorite part was that the staff are VERY VERY ACCOMODATING. Three of the four owners were also there that night. Special thanks to Mr. Geoff Neri, who unfortunately was the only owner who I got to really interview and get a name from.

I am hoping that this would put you guys on the map and help you make your dishes better 128524

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