Cafe 52 Cafe & Restaurant

Plaza de Bole, F. Torres St., Poblacion, Davao City, Davao del Sur

Cafe 52 Cafe & Restaurant
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Suzette C.
3.0 Stars

Food was quite expensive. serving is big, but not big enough to be worth the price. Plus everything was just too sweet for me. If you're a sweet tooth?m, then you'll love this place!

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Krishna M.
4.0 Stars

Buffet 52 - a buffet house just along Cafe 52.
Me, Charlene C and Charel were very ravenous that we originally decided to eat in Gogi Gui, a cheap unlimited grilling house with korean side dishes but as we went there it was already closed for good. Good thing, there are a lot of options for a Korean Buffet restaurant and chanced upon this newly discovered buffet grilling place.

In just 399php you could enjoy the unlimited buffet which includes a lot of dishes such as rice, fried rice, buttered chicken, sushi, pancit, jampong, kimchi soup, bibimbap, pizza (and many dishes I have failed to mention). There are also marinated beef, chicken and pork, samgyeopsal, shrimps for unlimited grilling. Aside from that you can also enjoy dessert such as ice cream and cupcakes. There are also different tea's. But be sure before getting foods randomly that you can finished it, since leftovers would make you pay 699php, much more expensive than the prize you pay.

On the other hand, the staffs were very accommodating. One staff welcomed us and explain what are the inclusions of the buffet, he was so smiley and talkative at the same time. There's no hassle for grilling as well since one staff could also grill the marinated meat you get. I love how friendly the staffs are.

But be sure to get there early for lunch since they only opens at 11am-2pm, we didn't ask though if what time they would resume for dinner time.

DavaoeƱos who are Korean food lovers this place is for you 128522

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Charlene C.
5.0 Stars

It's Christmas Reunion w/ my college friends yey! Haha.

I was with Krishna M & our other friend. Yay this what we love to do! Haha eat!! 128109 128055

We decided to eat today at gogigui grill at mabini but sadly it was close! (Already for good) psh. hahaha. So go to our 2nd option! Cafe 52, not only cafe but now they also have buffet horray! We been wanting to try this the last time we saw it haha.

Anneyeong! Hahaha. We were their first customer! The staff or the head were very friendly & talkative. *too many chikas.128521128514128077 The price range of their buffet is šŸ’²399 & inclusive of samgyupsal beef, pork, kimchi, kimbap, kimchi soup, pizza, unli softdrinks & desserts too! (They have cakes, fruits & ice cream) haha. Worth your money already. 128077

The taste of their samgyupsal beef is really good because it is marinated already & also their pork, yummyers! Aigoo!! & with a good pair of kimchi soup (makalessen ng umay) Haha. Now what comes after the main course?! Well of course, desserts! Horray for ice creams! Good thing they have lots of flavors like cookies & cream, strawberry, durian & chocolates! 127847127848

Happy tummies indeed. 128055128077 The staff was very very accomodating, good service because one staff helped us cook our beef (no hassle) 128514 also! The place is kinda big, korean feels! For the people who loves to eat korean food this is the place to be, very nice & the price is just right. 12807712851310084

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Chantal C.
4.0 Stars

Yeah, it was weird that the waitress gave me a spoon. ONLY. I still don't get it.

Anyway, I ordered Spaghetti Classico and Ice Matcha Green Tea. I love their Matcha Green Tea! Reminds me of Matcha flavored KitKat. 128525
The pasta was okay. It was just an ordinary pasta and it was great too. 128076

I like the place. Because as my sister, Suzette C, mentioned that the place was very spacious. It's the perfect place to hang out with friends and just talk.

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Suzette C.
4.0 Stars

The place was super spacious, tables and chairs were nice and there are a lot of food choices. It's a coffee shop and restaurant. So you can come in to eat a heavy meal or chill with their cold drinks or halo halo.

I tried their korean version mango shaved ice, it was good, but serving was quite small and we found it quite pricey, but ambiance was definitely a winner, we would like to comeback again because the place does not get tok crowded :)

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