Cafe 7gram

Annapolis St., Annapolis, San Juan, Metro Manila

Cafe 7gram
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Reopens Sun: 10:00a - 12:00a


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    • 10:00a - 12:00a
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Most Recent Reviews

Jayson J.
3.0 Stars

This cafe is open until 12 am so if you are around the area, and don't miss this out especially if you are craving for bingsu.

That night i was not really craving fir a bingsu, it's just that i was interested into seeing what's in store. It was right after a gym session, definitely i was looking fir a carbo-protein meal.

And upon seeing their menu i was wuute surprised it's a little too costly.
128204 hotdog @199-250PhP
It's not sometging extraordinary. The hotdog is.. how do i say this... tough? Parang nag gym din ung hotdog. But it's not something to dislike. It's meaty. Butnot stellar. I think if hotdog paglalabanan is may say ito versus pinks or harry's. The taste was a little salty.

128204 matcha latte
It was a little too sweet so it just added sugar to my night huhu.

Some koreans were there that night. I had a gut feel he's the owner. He keeps eye outside wherein parking space is limited-- he's strict on the cars that were parking. There were at least three spaces for tgis cafe as this is the main problem when dining at greenhills.

The place is a little cute, there's a tree inside the cafe, there's a "mezzanine" where people could climb in and have a quick "detachment" from the world-- it's a good place to study!

Back to the bingsu, i really cant wait tell if it's good but it's pricey. I rather go to magpie cafe.

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Julienne Y.
4.0 Stars

Good coffee, quiet place to hang. Decent speed wifi.
No parking.

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Reena C.
5.0 Stars

In search of a good bingsu place that can rival Cafe Seolhwa, we stumbled upon Cafe 7gram in Annapolis!

Annyeonghaseyo!! It turned out to be a Korean cafe owned by a Korean guy. I liked the table with the tree in the middle.

The waiter recommended both strawberry and injeolmi but I was more in the mood for red bean so we got the injeomi bingsu (299.00) . An order is good for two or three people. There were small squares of mochis and they were perfectly chewy!! Their shaved ice reminded me of Cold Layers. I will come back to try the other flavors -strawberry and green tea!!

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Camille S.
4.0 Stars

This place immediately sent me to memory lane because it reminded me of chill college days in Cafe Noriter (a Korean cafe in Taft). It's because of the loft-type interiors they had on one corner where customers can sit and even lie down. We stayed on top of these wooden interiors so when our coffee was served, the barista had to go up the stairs and had to remove her shoes to be able to serve/put our coffees on the table. I kinda pitied the server because it's hassle to go up, remove your shoes, put it on again, go down, and go to the next table to bring their coffee. I don't mind getting my coffee from the counter before going to my chosen table or getting the coffee from the server's tray after she climbs up the stairs. I got the hazelnut hot coffee and it was okay. It wasn't super sweet and the coffee didn't taste so strong.

Cafe 7gram is a good place for both alone time (for studying, working or chill) and time with friends (chatting, board games or chill). During our visit, the place was almost full but it didn't get noisy. 128077🏼

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Bea A.
3.0 Stars

Dropped by one time to check the place out as I pass by it like, three times a week. Glad that there was parking space (only for two cars though on regular hours) right outside the cafe.

Loved that the ambiance was some sort of treehouse- so cute because you can choose to climb the stairs and sit on the top bunk, while enjoying your coffee in your own little space.

Ordered a White Chocolate Mocha, and it tasted good but it was too sweet for my taste. Wondering if all their coffee were as sweet as my initial order, which I hope not.

The café seems like a perfect study session venue- they have wifi, parking, good lighting and the place was generally quiet. Not sure, though, if they have sockets.

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