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UG/F Annex, SM City North EDSA, EDSA cor. North Ave., Quezon City, Metro Manila

Cafe Amazon
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Clari R.
4.0 Stars

Have you been to Café Amazon?

PTT Public Company Limited, Thailand’s largest gas and energy company established Café Amazon in 2002. Yes, it’s a non-oil business. But with the vision of offering a full circle service hub, a cafe is best suited for the lifestyle of the present generation.

Fast forward to 2016, PTT Philippines introduced Café Amazon in the country by opening its first branch at the oil firm’s biggest station – PTT SCTEX. They also opened branches in PTT Dasmarinas as well as in PTT Pulilan. But for their fourth branch, they opened a standalone Café Amazon inside SM City North EDSA, one of the largest shopping mall in the Philippines.

I haven’t seen their PTT branches but I do love the one at SM North. It was a breath of fresh air and a beautiful sight because of the cafe’s “Taste of Nature” concept. Not only where they able to offer a cozy green atmosphere, but also serve quality drinks made with carefully selected green beans.

I ordered one of their iced coffee for my abuelita - grandmother (but I also got to try it). It’s really creamy and not too sweet. The blend did not overpower the taste of coffee which is good because it’s coffee to begin with. My abuelita is very sensitive to food and drinks but she said that the drink was light in the stomach. Thus, she enjoyed drinking it.

Oh by the way, Café Amazon is offering two new flavors – PTT Blue Sparkling and Amazon Green Latte. I ordered the latter for myself. This drink is my new favorite! The combination of flavors; not to mention, the sweetness is perfect. If you get the chance, order this one. Or, try the PTT Blue Sparkling then let me know below how it tastes. 🙂

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AlwaysHungryPh P.
4.0 Stars

When it comes to cafés, Filipinos are always eager to try new flavors. For those who have visited Thailand, this is some thrilling news, as their most popular coffee chain is now here in the Philippine shores!

Cafe Amazon first opened in 2002 and now has over 2,000 branches in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and Japan. Just a brief background, the oasis-inspired café is from the PTT Group—yes, the one behind the PTT gas stations, as part of their non-oil business investments. The first Café Amazon in the country was opened last year at PTT SCTEX.

For this launch, celebrity guest and PBB alum Ylona Garcia graced the event, much to the delight of her fans and converts (who just found out how endearing and talented she is). The teen, who loves the café’s Iced Amazon and Thai Tea with milk serenaded the attendees, as they enjoyed their drinks and snacks at the cozy café.

Café Amazon serves drinks to clients of all ages, as proven by their record-breaking feat of 140 million cups in 2016. The beverages are available in hot, iced, and frappe form—so there’s something for your discerning taste.

As for me, I was able to sample their Iced Latte (Php 105), a refreshing perk-me-up; the stimulating Mocha Frappe (Php 140); Iced Thai Tea With Milk (Php 95) for those who can’t get enough of this signature drink; and the invigorating Green Tea With Milk Frappe (Php 110).

For the younger ones who just needed some caffeine free refreshments, they can try the Lychee Juice (Php 80 iced, Php 100 for the frappe variant) and the Strawberry or Blueberry Smoothies (Php 120).

For some authentic Thai milk tea and more, head on over to Café Amazon at the upper ground floor of SM City North EDSA Annex or visit their other branches in PTT Dasmariñas and Pulilan.

Looking for a branch near you? Watch out for more stores opening at PTT Veterans EDSA in Quezon City and PTT Lubao, Pampanga.

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Joanne P.
4.0 Stars

My oh my! Imagine my happiness when I saw this marshmallow cake in Cafè Amazon when I was crazily craving for the one from Cafe Lidia. Same taste. This is more pricey - Cafe Amazon PHP140 vs Cafe Lidia PHP95. Nothing more satisfying than having your taste buds give in to sweet tooth cravings!

Will be back to try their drinks and other cakes! 128522


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Jacexperience V.
4.0 Stars

It was my first time to come here yesterday (July 11, 2018) and boy I was surprised that Cafe Amazon has been in SM North Edsa since September 2017. Or maybe because don't really get to go on the farthest part of SM Annex lately. Haha!

Cafe Amazon's specialty is Thai coffees and drink, since this is a Thai brand which has been existing for about 16 years.


I love the nature-inspired aesthetics of Amazon. At first I thought that it is only a well-designed stall but no seating for it's client and I realised that there is an area for it's client where they can sit which is exclusive for Cafe Amazon located just a few steps away from the ordering station.

🍽 FOOD & 127865DRINKS (What caught the attention of my tongue):

1. Thai Tea with milk Hot (P80.00)/ cold (P110.00)
- I ordered the hot version. I felt the spicy aroma but not spicy taste of Thai tea in it.

2. Green Thai Tea w/ Milk (cold P110.00)
- Balanced taste of Green tea and milk.

3. Lychee Juice (P100.00)
- The dark horse among the drink because it really does taste lychee!!!

4. Amazon Extra (P120.00)
Four ounces of coffee in this drink. This one I enjoyed after my stay in Cafe Amazon. There is a slight kick that made me sleep at around 2am. hahahahahah!!!

For the Food!!!

I highly recommend the Tuna Turnover and Ham & Cheese Turnover.

Chocolate cake was awesome too!!! :D

128134‍♂️ SERVICE:
Superb service so far. :D


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