Cafe Aquatica

G/F Greenhills Promenade, Annapolis St. cor. Missouri St., Greenhills Shopping Center, San Juan, Metro Manila

Cafe Aquatica
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Most Recent Reviews

AlwaysHungryPh P.
4.0 Stars

New concepts continue to arrive the food scene. This is very much felt with Cafe Aquatica. It combines your sweet cafe and a well integrated aquarium store here at Promenade, Greenhills. It replaced an arcade, Time Zone.

You can either watch fishes and its plants or buy them while you sip coffee. Just be careful though- if you break it, it’s sold. One aquarium costs as much as Php 450,000. Yikes.

We loved their cakes! Maloushky, a die hard Sansrival fanatic loved their version and I did too. It had a nice smooth buttery texture and lasting sweet taste to it. The toasted meringue was delicious and had the right chewiness.

Another great pick was their Dream Cake. Packed chocolate chiffon and not airy, nice sweet touch of melting marshmallows and divine fudgy layer of chocolate.

I also enjoyed their coffee. The Caramel Macchiato had a strong element of sweet lingering caramel while their Mocha had a delightful balance of chocolate and coffee.

Next stop here would be their savory meals. And so I asked do you serve fish? They said no. 128556

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Carlos L.
2.0 Stars

Place is nice with all the aquariums but the food is expensive and substandard, not sure about its quality as I got lbm after dinner. Clubhouse is a disaster all lettuce and onions and cucumberand chicken sandwich spread

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Nicole A.
4.0 Stars

Aquarium plus Food?? YES PLEASE.

Product: We ordered Linguini Alla Carbonara, Rosa's Trio of Sliders, Potato Wedges, Cafe Americano, and Houseblended Iced Tea.

The carbonara was very creamy and had a lot of flavor that it's more than enough to satisfy your cravings for well, carbonara. The serving is very generous and evens well with its price, it is good enough for two people so ask for an extra plate.

The sliders weren't really my favorite thing. They came with potato wedges so we definitely had a lot of those. There were three kinds of sliders in the dish, hence, the name. One is burger with bacon, another is burger with pickle, and the last one is burger with pineapple. The buns were soft which is a plus on my side because soft buns are my thing just a little, I think fishy is the way to describe it. No pun intented.

The wedges were super duper duper great. I mean, it is no different among those in other restaurants but that doesn't mean it's not amazing. The dip is actually what made me love it so much. I think it was aioli sauce, as described by another. The wedges are hot and soft on the inside and crispy on the outside and when combined with the dip, is a party in your mouth.

The coffee will be loved by those who love their's bitter but for me, I had to ask for a lot of sugar for me to be able to drink it all. The color of the milk deceived me because the presentation looked really cool. It is also very effective in keeping you up.

The Iced Tea is sweet and sour and bitter blended all in a good way, although it doesn't stand out among the rest, it is still pretty good as it is.

Venue: Okay, I admit what attracted me to this place were the aquariums. I have a thing for "bodies" of water. I love it. The fishes in this place are super expensive, you can also buy some from them actually. They have a shop inside the restaurant. Even though we didn't wait that long for the food, if ever that you do, you can stare at the fishes to distract you from your hunger. Just make sure not to break any of it, because as affordable as their food is, you will be paying probably a year worth's salary if you break just one aquarium. So admire it but be very careful. I am definitely coming back here.

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4.0 Stars

Fusion of pets and cafe nowadays is uber hype. Cat Cafe... Dog Cafe... now Aquarium Cafe? 128031

Cafe Aquatica in Promenade, Greenhills, San Juan combines the aquarium stores and cafe/restaurant.

After attending Looloo Rendezvoos at Grub Hub with fully loaded tummy that I need a hot drink, I went to Cafe Aquatica and tried their coffee. The place looks spacious with elegant furnitures, warm lights and lots of aquarium inside. It was divided into 2 sides, the other side is the cafe/ restaurant and the other part is the aquarium store. I was fascinated with the beautiful aquariums and fishes surrounded me and I was astonished with the price of each aquarium starting Php450,000.00 and when I broke it... it will be considered as sold. Gosh! 128561 How expensive?!

128032 Cafe White Chocolate Mocha for Php145.00 - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

128032 Lemon Bar for Php55.00 - 110881108811088️ 3/5

Few customers were dining inside the cafe/ restaurant when I arrived and they accommodated me well and provided good service.

#ilovetoeat 12851510084

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Yshkael C.
5.0 Stars

What an awesome experience! Passing by this cafe will surely catch your eye!

You will immediately notice several gorgeous aquariums spread out all over the place! I have to say coming here was really something! It was different ! It was relaxing and it was extraordinary! Nothing like it, believe me.

I love pets to begin with so I appreciated the seeing the fishes displayed in beautiful aquariums. When I say beautiful! I mean it ! The aquariums aren't normal aquariums! They had waterfalls in them! Woah! Plus the prices on these aquariums are mind blowing! 500,000 pesos?!? What!

Be extra extra careful ! If you break it ! Be ready to pay for it. Yikes! By the way they also have a store inside the cafe which specialize in selling betta fishes and aquariums. They've got lots of varieties too!

Moving on to the decors. They were pretty nice. Very cozy and relaxing as well. I liked how the place was put together! 128079🏻

Since we came late at night already. The kitchen was already closed so we could only choose from the drink and dessert menu. We had cucumber juice, chocolate cake and dark chocolate sansrival.
Everything was really good! I love it!

The staff had good service and was even kind enough to take pictures for us.

My suggestion ... Please have wifi! That's all! 128523

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Maria Fatima L.
5.0 Stars

Have you guys heard this new place sa promenade? Fishstore ans concept cafe. Haha! So cutie the ambience
. Nkita ko dun su nemo at dory! And alot of colored and fighting fish! After we tour around
Nag dine in kme. I ordered aquatica clubhouse! Yummy! Frenchtoast tung bread then big portion lahat. Good for two na ung clubhouse worth the penny. Then my mom ordered chicken fingers and potato wedge isa rin good for two and iba ung taste nya unlike the other. Medyo sweet ng konti nag cocompliment sa taste buds ng mga kids though mom ko ang ngorder128517128517 ilike there baked pene also haha! Hndi cla ngtitipid ng sauce in allfairness. Plus the waiter/waitress puro mga kakagraduate lng ata. Ang babata pa. Pero always smile cla. Try it guys. 1st concept cla all over the asia. Ang ggnda ng mga fish. Meron mg micro shrimp and micro crab. Well bwal cla lutuin kasi for hobbies lng sya and benta ng owner128517

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