Café Arabelle

Solenad 3, Nuvali, Tagaytay Rd. cor. Nuvali Blvd., Nuvali, Santa Rosa, Laguna

Café Arabelle
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AlwaysHungryPh P.
4.0 Stars

@This was our team’s fourth food crawl stop by Zomato and at this point we are on the verge of being tired of eating. But how does one stop putting a spoonful of good food when Cafe Arabelle’s selections for us looked amazing? After having some, it also tasted as expected.

It’s one of your go to destinations here in restaurant rich Solenad if you are craving for American and Italian comfort food. It could also be your preference if you appreciate cozy ambiance while you dine. It’s homey with intricate designs here and there.

We had 6 well selected pieces for our stay here. Arabelle’s Special Salad (Php 270) was a rich healthy starter, packed with fresh greens, and fruits like mango and apples, topped with a lot of sour mango dressing. It was a fruity sweet first encounter for this one. Next was a sinful opposite, fatty bacon strips and flavorful pancetta with asparagus in delicious peanut sauce dubbed as Grilled Bacon Pancetta (Php 270).

For main entree, we got their most prized offering, Arabelle’s Barbecue Ribs (Php 740). This filling dish prides itself with fall of the bone meat and their own sweet barbecue mix. This one was curated to the liking of a typical Filipino. I also liked that it came with ample amounts of vegetables to balance this meal out.

For pasta, Seafood Marinara (Php 335) was value for money with generous pool of shrimps, clams and squid. It could use however additional herbs like basil to add more complex flavor to it. Arabelle’s Creamy Mushroom Pasta (Php 400) on the other hand, was way better. It had Al dente, firm pasta and creamy yet not milky sauce with a nice bold mix of bacon and ham.

For the last serving, Buffalo Pizza (Php 520). It’s filled with buffalo seasoned chicken chunks, red and green bell peppers, mozzarella cheese and rich tomato, pomodoro sauce. It’s just one of the 14 pizzas they offer here. It’s a sure bet if you are seeking value for money dish. It’s meaty, fresh and filling.

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Muffy T.
4.0 Stars

Cafe Arabelle's Spanish, Italian, American, and 'sometimes Pinoy' menu is just one of the reasons to visit this place. The restaurant is homey, cozy, and has a refreshing vibe to it. The owners named the cafe after their daughter, and opened it in December 2015. They have not stopped innovating their food since.

The most popular dish on their menu is currently the Paella - unfortunately we was not able to try it. Instead, our group had the ribs, asparagus wrapped in bacon, pasta with truffle oil, chorizo pizza, and fresh greens salad.

Two dishes stood out for me: the pasta with truffle oil and the asparagus wrapped in bacon. These were both full of flavour and very filling. I also appreciated the pizza, but i found that the crust got soggy after a few minutes of being on the table. The sweet-tangy glaze of the ribs were good, but the tough and stringy meat disappointed me a bit.

Despite mixed reviews about the dishes served, Cafe Arabelle still would be a nice place to visit in Nuvali.

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Jenna L.
4.0 Stars

We were looking for a place to eat for dinner on Valentine's Day. I have already come across Café Arabelle few times- in the internet and its physical store in Solenad, and is really planning to try it out. After half an hour of searching we decided to head back to Café Arabelle since we also want to have pizza that night. The place is really inviting, their staff? Not really. No one bothered greeting us or escorting us to our seats. Since I already saw that two of the tables in the corner were already reserved I didn't bother asking if we could still sit in there. We were standing there for a couple of minutes figuring out where to go. I saw another table, the last vacant table, with no reserved sign but still waited for the crew to lead us since she was still confirming if the table is really vacant. Finally we were able to have a seat!

As for the food we decided to have Meat Platter (this is good for 2-3 person) paired with Java rice and My Italian Pizza. The food is effin AWESOME!! Specially their BBQ Ribs! Super tender up to the bone! The buffalo wings have the right amount of spice that is not too hot and bursting with flavors especially with its sauce. The pizza- I love the cheese; thin crust yet soft that I think is because of their old-fashion way of cooking it- through fireplace or pugon. It only has 4 ingredients but they were able to maximize the flavor!

If it had not been for the food I would rate them lower for their staff's lack of good interaction with the customers.

But this is really a must try and I will surely go back to this place. 128521

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Mitch N.
4.0 Stars

Had an early dinner here yesterday since were up for pizza and pasta. We ordered their Margherita pizza and Arabelle's creamy mushroom pasta. But they also have other choices in the menu too like salads, ribs, burgers etc. The pizza were extra thin and crunchy it was good but not really filling since it's very thin. The pasta was good too its loaded with mushroom, bacon plus extra long strip of crunchy bacon on the top, truffle oil 128525 and poached egg! But for its price P390 single order it's bitin and pricey, they could've add up some more pasta. The place was cozy and clean with bossa background music plus the fast wifi connection 128076🏻 Staffs were prompt and friendly service.

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