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G/F Uptown Parade, 9th Ave. cor. 38th St., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila

Cafe Barbera
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Shaine M.
4.0 Stars

Want a hint of caffeine that’ll keep you going like the energizer bunny and not the kind that’s more sugar and milk than real coffee? This is it!
Ordered their coffee-choco frapp combo (forgot the name) and the adrenaline hit me after 1hr: heart palpitating and all.
It would have been great if it was early morning, I could have used the energy. Sadly I ordered this at 1pm so, no nap time for me! 128514
Cheesecake is meh..

The mugs were for my kids (National Bookstore) but they were so cute, I had to include them! 128513

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Denise R.
3.0 Stars

I’m sorry, but I’m not sure what the fuss is about here at Cafe Barbera. First of all, their music is confusing. At one point it’s as soothing as Moon River, then it will be Penny & Me (Hanson) and Guilty (Blue) the next 🤷🏻‍♀️ Seats were also too near each other, and customers who were in groups were buzzing with noise that it’s hardly relaxing.

I tried their Cappuccino Shakerato—nothing special. I got to taste the Bellagio Sipping Chocolate as well. Meh. I bet I may have done a blend of these coffee at home at a much cheaper price. They also serve the drinks in paper cups even though they were not to-go, which may be more efficient for their staff or may be more environment friendly, but for me lessens the feel of a cafe.

Other people may love it here for reasons I unfortunately was unable to discover, but I personally won’t be coming back anytime soon.

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mary the explorer G.
4.0 Stars

Cafe Barbera is located along 32nd street, just infront of Uptown Mall.. I went here with my siblings and my hubby.. We opted to try a new cafe instead of going to the usual starbucks or CBTL.

9749️ cafe americano
9749️ espresso frapuccino
9749️ caramel frapuccino (decaf, less milk and no whip cream) this is my special request since its quite late to drink coffee..

127856 blueberry cheesecake

🖼 ambience is a bit modern, with bright lights and nice chairs, however it would be better if they added more couch.

We chose to sit outside, so we could watch the fountain show from uptown mall.. it was also a blessing that it suddenly rained..
coffee + rain + my favorite people in the world = perfect timing

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Travel Eat Pinas T.
4.0 Stars

Cafe Barbera is a 147 years old company that started as a coffee roasting company that brew, blend, import and distribute coffee in Italy. 10 years ago, they started to put up coffee shops for an international franchise that intend to teach baristas around the world to serve perfectly brewed espresso and serve fresh, healthy and with a touch of Italian flavored dishes in a classic yet elegant coffeehouse.

Cafe Barbera intends to let Filipinos feel the vibe of an Italian coffeehouse by providing the same interior design that they have on all of their coffee shops. Cafe Barbera has a classic interior with earth-toned colored walls, wooden pieces of furniture and photos of their banner products while the history of the Cafe Barbera is printed on one of the walls of the coffeehouse.

Aside from the ambiance, Cafe Barbera will enable Filipinos to taste the same coffee and beverage flavors, texture and aroma like its counterpart in Cafe Barbera Italy.

Dishes and pastries served in Cafe Barbera are fresh and made with healthy ingredients. They shy away from fried cuisines that are usually served in fast food chains and restaurants. Aside from that, dishes served in Cafe Barbera has an Italian touch and flavors.

Cafe Barbera promises Filipinos to serve as a venue where they can taste authentic Italian coffee, beverages, and dishes while staying on an Italian themed coffeehouse.

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Mary Love S.
3.0 Stars

Italians are known to be particular with what they eat and drink. To some extent, they can be what millennials describe as savage when they eat anything non-Italian. I can't blame them though as they have been spoiled by the finest ingredients. However, not everything that Italians love and rave about is well received by the local market. But for something universal as coffee, it's a different story.

Hello, Cafè Barbera.

This Italian cafè has been around for over a century and has grown from a small street coffee vendor on the streets of Naples to a global franchise. You'd think that this place would most likely have the best coffee. After all, espresso is something deeply rooted into the Italian way of life.

It all started with Domenico Barbera who first started serving his own unique blend in Italy. It eventually caught on and now, Cafè Barbera is located in 14 other countries.

So what sets Cafe Barbera apart from the other coffee shops? Enrico Barbera Jr., sixth generation owner of Cafè Barbera, quickly answered, "the way we roast our coffee."

Unlike other brands that use automation to roast its beans, Cafè Barbera sticks to the old school way as they believe that it's the best way to keep the taste and aroma of coffee, giving you the most pleasure.

I've tried a handful of its drinks and instantly fell in love with its Espresso Freddo (PHP125 | PHP135 | PHP145), an on the rocks sweetened espresso. I have to admit, I was scared to take a sip for espresso always mean bitter to me and when baristas say sweet, it just meant not extremely bitter. But this one was enjoyable to drink. In fact, I finished it in a few sips.

I also tried the Cappuccino Freddo (PHP145 | PHP 155 | PHP165) which had a lighter taste profile. It must have been because of milk but I still liked my first drink over this one.

The place was packed during its launch and I was glad that the organizers were nice to accommodate us again after the event for us to take better photos.

I headed back to Cafè Barbera two hours later and I got to try a few more drinks which were not served during the event Cappucino Italiano (PHP135 | PHP150 | PHP165), Bellagio Sipping Chocolate (PHP145 | PHP155 | PHP165), Cappucino Shakerato (PHP145 | PHP155 | PHP 165), Nutelloto (PHP195 | PHP215) and Matcha Green Tea Latte (PHP145 | PHP160 | PHP175).

I am a big fan of cappuccino and I usually go for one when I'm visiting a coffee shop. Knowing that Cafè Barbera is an expert in the field of coffee making, I was excited to try my favorite. However, it was bland. I think there was too warm milk on my cup that diluted the beautiful taste of coffee.

The Cappucino Shakerato had stronger taste than the first one but it was a bit too sweet too.

The Bellagio Sipping Chocolate was one comforting drink to have during a rainy day. It had the right thickness and sweetness.

The Nutelloto is Cafè Barbera's Nutella-based coffee shake topped with whipped cream and cocoa powder. Caffeine junkies who also love sweets would enjoy this drink. I found it a bit too sweet for my liking though.

The Matcha Green Tea Latte, which is not part of Cafè Barbera's standard menu and is only available here in Manila due to our addiction to matcha, was amazing! It had a strong kick of matcha but beautifully mellowed down by milk.

I also liked that it had that grainy texture making it feel even more legit.

We were also given Polpette Fritte Napoletane (PHP315 without pasta | PHP365 with pasta) which had that authentic Italian tomato sauce flavor. It was tangy and refreshing!

I was completely surprised with my favorites in Cafè Barbera. I suddenly liked espresso and I wasn't expecting to like its matcha given that it's not their expertise. I guess this place has a lot of surprises in store for me.

Cafè Barbera is located at Ground Floor, Uptown Parade, Uptown Bonifacio, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City. For inquiries, you may contact them at 0915 214 4803.

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Clarissa P.
1.0 Stars

This review is for Cafe Barbera's Tiramisu alone that does not deserve to be called Tiramisu in the first place! It has nothing to do with the ambiance of the place which I love and will easily give a 5, nothing to do with their friendly staff that are always accommodating and nothing to do with their coffee which is not stellar but deserves 3 stars anyway.

I mean, I LOVE Cafe Barbera because I can peacefully work here for hours without being judged. Comfy seats, fast wifi and charging ports. I've been trying to avoid their cakes and pastries because they are too familiar and with just one look, I know where they came from. Chocolate Lava cake? Carrot Cake? Oreo Cheesecake? Classic Chocolate Cake? I'm sure you'll be able to identify.

Then something happened. Tiramisu in their shelves! Hooray!!! I've been in a Tiramisu Trance for years and when I see one anywhere, I buy it! Cafe Barbera's tiramisu looked so freakin good! Good size for 230Php, lots of chocolate/coffee dusting and it just looked so creamy! So there - looks can be so deceiving and I am such a prey!

After taking some snaps, took a spoonful right away!! Happy with how soft it was, I was in denial when I took my first bite. No no no. I needed to immediately take another spoonful. A desperate act hoping my taste buds were wrong. But no! Layers of DRY cake, no coffee/espresso flavor, no liquor and no chocolate - it was just so disappointing! I hoped that somewhere in between the cake layers, the filling would have even a hint of espresso but nah! My 230Php went to drain in an instant! I couldn't even finish half of it!

So let me warn you - SKIP THE CAKES AND PASTRIES in Cafe Barbera! Seriously, you're better off that way 128555

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Chizbun - Cherrie P.
5.0 Stars

Cafe Barbera brings to Manila a whole arsenal of Italian coffee selections and its 147-year history of great roasts and flavors.

Starting with their Americano, with its full bodied flavor but with less acidity, Cafe Barbera boasts of internationally reknowned coffee varieties to satiate even those with the most discerning palate.

Note the Italian verbiage for when you order at Cafe Barbera. Classic Italian hot coffees like Caffe Latte, Mocacino and Cappuccino come in 3 sizes - Otto for the smallest, an 8oz cup, Dodici for the 12oz size, and Sedici for the 16oz cup, their largest compared to other coffee shops.

Classic Italian cold varieties can be bes enjoyed 3 ways - Freddo, iced or on the rocks, Frappe for the usual blended with ice and milk, and the Shakerato, meaning shaken with your ice. Customize your drink with the type of milk and syrup to further up the Cafe Barbera experience. A suggestion we submitted to the franchise owner is to carefully manage the sweetness of the drinks to further highlight the flavor quotient of their coffees.

Surprisingly, Cafe Barbera also offers a wide array of pasta dishes, sandwiches and even pizza!

My personal favorite was the Pasta ala Funghi. The creamy richness of the sauce meld well with the goodness of the mushrooms that it made the dish so decadent and flavorful.

They have a remarkable Penne Arabiatta recipe, made more appetizing with that added heat. Pair it with the nice Tomatino Iced tea, a peach and tomato infusion that further brings out the delicious tomato flavors in the pasta.

Pricewise, I must say Cafe Barbera is more of an upscale brand. But for a bold, classic Italian coffee experience, I say it's worth the indulgence.

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Muffy T.
4.0 Stars

Cafe Barbera is a new third wave cafe located on the ground floor, street entrance of the Uptown Parade building in BGC. This relative upscale coffee shop (and restaurant) is part of a 100-year old franchise from Naples, Italy.

Cafe Barbera serves authentic Italian coffee where in the beans are individually roasted to bring out their best flavour. Each cup contains 7 types of coffee beans ground and blended to give you the perfect cup of joe.

Aside from their high quality coffee, Cafe Barbera also serves a variety of hot meals like pizza, pasta, salads, and sandwiches. They prepare these meals using the best ingredients available in the market. I was able to try a few of their offerings during my visit, but i liked the pasta the most. The noodles are al dente, and the sauces are well balanced. The thin crust pizzas are also worth trying.

The coffee is great! Their baristas are well trained and very knowledgeable in their craft. I personally liked the americano because it had subtle hints of chocolate, and was not acidic. The cold drinks were a little too sweet tho. They should look into this.

Overall, beautiful Cafe Barbera has good service, good food, and great coffee.

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Manila E.
4.0 Stars

New upscale coffee shop opened last June 2017 to cater to Filipinos. With roots and historical background from Italy, Cafe Barbera is here in Metro Manila with their first shop at Uptown Parade. Modern-themed cafe with a promising menu, coffee lovers must try their latte with dessert or dine over lunch or dinner.

What we were served:
Latte (hot)
Americano (hot)

Barbera's Pizza
Vegeterian Pizza
Penne Arrabiata
Spaghetti Bolognese
Chef's Salad

It has been a pleasant visit and my personal favorite is their salad as it has the perfect dressing (vinaigrette) over lettuce topped with grilled chicken and smoked salmon. From memory, it also had carrots and walnuts I can definitely eat that all day. Salad was fresh and ideal for sharing. Don't forget to try their penne arrabiata as it has that mild kick of spiciness Filipinos would enjoy eating.

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Reich T.
4.0 Stars

Manila is a living witness of the evolving coffee scene. I cant recall when it started by the arrival of Third Wave coffee joints paved the way for big brands to innovate and international brands to branch out in Manila. Another big brand decided to open its doors to ze Pinoy Coffee Drinkers.

Café Barbera is an Italian coffeehouse from Italy and is named after the first Café Barbera founded by Domenico Barbera in 1870 in Messina, Southern Italy. The brand has been around for 145 years and they are considered as one of the oldest coffee companies in Europe. Cafè Barbera's vision is to establish traditional Italian coffee shops serving premium authentic Italian roasted coffee beans. The beans used is sourced from seven varieties of the world’s finest coffee beans, slow roasted separately by master coffee roasters and artfully blended to the original recipe.

Okay, enough of the history lesson. Let us give a warm welcome to Cafe Barbera.

(Insert clapping here)

Interior. The space they occupy in Uptown Parade is cozy and reeks of quiet sophistication. Indie Folk music playing in the background. I am loving the usage of both modern and classic design. The counter is adorned with expensive cofffee machines and paraphernalia while the wall on the opposite side is hand-painted and has shelves made of wooden planks. Excellent juxtaposition. Try to stand in front of the door outside and admire the view.


Americano. What sets them apart from ze other coffee joints? Well, their Americano has leas acidity compared to the others I've tried. And you get the strong coffee kick the Americano is known for.

Milky Frozen. Condensed milk, frozen Italian coffee and whipped cream with cocoa powder. Mediocre. They need to adjust the sweetness level in order for the coffee to stand out. The cafe manager is kind enough to add more coffee in my drink to tone down the sweetness.


| Penne Arrabiatta.
| Fetuccini Fungi
| Spaghetti Bolognese
| Cafe Barbera Pizza
| Vegetarian Pizza
| Chef's Salad
| Club Sandwich

The standouts are the pasta dishes. I absolutely love the Arrabiatta! Wanna know why? They added heat 🌶🌶🌶. I am a simple foodie, gimme chili anytime of day and i am a happy camper. The Bolognese is equally good too as they stayed true to ze classic.

The pizza is mediocre as the crust needs a revamp. The crust is too crispy to a point that it crumbles when you bite into it. And i find it too pricey (price range is php 390 and up).

Verdict. I am gonna rate them 3 stars for the food and 1 extra for the service and the ambience.

I feel the need to justify my rating. Why three? Well, some of the dishes were good and some falls on the just okay category. Some of dishes needs a lil tweaking to justify the price tag. The ambience is on point and the manager is very receptive to feedback, we had a lil chat about the sweetness level of their drinks. I told them that it would be better to tone it down one notch in order for the customers to appreciate the coffee. By doing this, they can fully appreciate the full bodied flavor of their coffee.

That's all for now.

Peace Out!

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