Cafe Blooming Days

Loyola St., Davao City, Davao del Sur

Cafe Blooming Days
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Suzette C.
4.0 Stars

Came back with my parents. I insisted that they have to see the place it's really nice! They were curious too, so they gave in.

We ordered the rainbow and greentea cake. The same cakes I ordered the last time I was here. My dad got the Guatemala coffee. It's very expensive at 300 pesos but my dad said ut was too strong for his liking. He ended up requesting for a to go cup.

P.S. The following day, the coffee was still in our fridge and my dad had to turn it into an iced venti latte himself128514 baka daw buong araw siyang dilat! 128563

The cakes we ordered was not as moist as the last time. The plate was cold so we assumed that this is an old batch that was kept in the fridge for too long.

My sister ordered a pasta but I think the lady missed that order so her pasta never arrived.

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Charlene C.
3.0 Stars

Desserts after eating chicken! Hahaha.

Hello Suzette C Jennifer T Jhunaan Caye B ! 128075🏻

Time for desserts, so we were thinking of having desserts like cake! So we ordered their rainbow chocolate cake (the taste of it was okay but nothing much special but still good) & the other one is the green tea cake (the taste of it was good though i really love the green tea icing but the filling was just too ordinary like chiffon cake) zzz & both of the cake costs 130pesos each haha. For the drinks we ordered hot teas flavored peppermint & chamomile it was good though *pampatunaw sa kinain* hahaha.

The ambiance is good but kinda noisy that time because there were a lot of people pero pwede na sya pang tambayan & pang chika hahaha. 128077🏻

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Jennifer T.
3.0 Stars

I thought it was OK.

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Suzette C.
5.0 Stars

My aunt from Manila told me that the interior design of this place is super nice, I have to go visit. Today, Charlene C told me that we should have dessert there, not because it's pretty, but because I have to credit her looloo recommendation, HAHA!!

Upon entering, the place was well lit. I would love to read a book or do work here. The place is really bright. That's why the place looks very inviting and all the decors are highlighted. Lighting is everything!

The place is very dainty and even their food! We ordered the green tea cake and rainbow cake. Plus I got A chamomile tea, instead of a coffee based drink. Charlene got their peppermint tea. It complimented our cakes really well.

Can I just say, their toilet is super pretty. Especially their floor tiles. Super unique. Their brick walls are also very dominant in the place but not too overpowering. The brick walls may be rough and on the rustic side but it definitely did not lose the dainty touch of the place. The pretty flowers around made the place feel calming. :)

Check out charlene's review! I hope she posts the photo of her OOTD, it shows a pretty part of the entrance:)

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Charlene C.
3.0 Stars

One hot green tea latte. 9749

Fan of green tea drinks but not this one haha! Still the Green Tea frappe wins for me haha! The design is cute though, effort in doing this i guess haha. 1285149749

But still the place is cute! Do visit & try their other drinks. 128513

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Charlene C.
5.0 Stars

Cafe's Blooming in Davao?!

Ohhh. I just saw this place in one of my friends instagram & reacted "gaaah the place is so cute" haha. Next step: where is this located btw? Hahaha.

It's a place in loyola st. Besides plaza del carmen compound haha. I'm not good at giving directions hahaha 1285149996 Anyways sorry for my pictures the book was included & my glasses, i should have only pictured the drink 128514

So here i am now, really love their interior from the first floor & it also has 2nd floor :) What i ordered was as you can see in my picture it's Green Tea Frappuccino!! My favorite frappe in starbucks & coffeebean! (Ahhh why does green tea taste that good?) 128514128514 So their greentea taste good *it just taste like starbucks greentea frappe! Yum! BUT what is unique in their drink is that they have greentea powder or that looks like sprinkles on top my the whipped cream! That makes it more delcious!!128513 yay!

Never regret what i ordered hahaha. It costs 170 pesos & as you can see they put it in a mug 128154 hihi nice! & also the place is very peaceful, i heard that the owner of this restaurant is korean that's why the interior is too pretty. 128513 Good thing the service was good & the staff were very polite, so go here na!!! 128149

I saw in their menu they also serve pastas, also pretty floweryy cakes & more. 128514128513

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