Cafe de Angelo

54 Chapis Village Rd., Baguio, Benguet

Cafe de Angelo
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Most Recent Reviews

Mintzy F.
1.0 Stars

Note: This is at Café de Angelo (Coffee Bar) St. Patrick's Village.

We went last Saturday and properly ordered our foods, we then waited for almost an hour and guess what? The waiter didn't give our order slip and no one asked us how we were or if we already have our order. They asked us after almost an hour of waiting and my parents just had it so they complained to the owners who were not aware of the situation. We left disappointed and disgusted. There were also some students who were forcing to smoke inside and the staff were so puzzled and anxious everytime. The revalation there were on 4 groups of customers there and they were frantic. We might never go back after this.

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Mintzy F.
4.0 Stars

We tried out their new branch at St. Patrick, Cafe de Angelo Coffee Bar and we loved the ambiance of the place. The staff were so friendly too! We ordered their famous bacon sandwich and their Garden Burger. Totally worth it! My mom ordered their chamomile tea which tasted like dirt as she said and I ordered their green tea latte which tasted like milk and they placed it in a small glass which doesn't give justice to it's price tbh. Still their food was great. The garden burger is really a garden on a place, it comes with 2 patties and homemade barbecue sauce. Their bacon sandwich, sliced into half was filling. It comes with fresh sliced cucumber, apples, carrots and lettuce. Just let the picture talk for itself.

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Mintzy F.
4.0 Stars

A secret hide away? A cafe distant from the city? Cafe Angelo offers light sandwhiches, cold frappes and warm coffees to delight your tummies!

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Rocky R.
5.0 Stars

Where has this café been all my adult life? For lack of better words, this place is a true hidden gem. Hidden within Chapis Village on Marcos Highway, lies Café de Angleo; a quaint and peaceful café located below the owners' own home. This establishment is the epitome of what a cafés should be. Beautiful, simple, comforting and peaceful is what describes this place.

Before entering the café, you are welcomed by beautifully arranged flowers with white colored benches and seats that reminds you of a warm summer day. Once entering, you are graciously welcome by the staff. In noticing, this is a no-stress, hassle free establishment, hence having great service.

Their menu is simple; coffee, juice, sandwiches and pastries. The simpler the menu is, the better the quality of food you will get, I say. I hope I don't mislead you looloo'ers when I say that Café de Angelo offers (the) best sandwiches in Baguio at very reasonable prices. No dish exceeds P200. Because of the prices, we were able to order a plethora of dishes just so I can post this review.

The first dish that hit my palate were their chicken and shrimp quesadillas; 2 light, homemade tortillas filled with cheese and chicken or shrimp. This comes with salsa composed of tomatoes and basil and olive oil. Both quesadillas were delicious, especially topped with their salsa. It was light enough to whet our appetites for the sandwiches to come.

The first sandwich served was the bacon bundle sandwich. Please DO NOT be scared of this sandwich! It's a club sandwich with basil wrapped in low sodium bacon. As you see on this photo, they are not stingy when it comes with the bacon. Though this dish is sinful, they balance this sandwich with fresh, organic vegetables that won't make you feel guilty indulging in this beauty.

The second sandwich we tried, and loved the most was their sirloin steak sandwich. Undoubtedly, this is their best seller; tender, juicy, flavorful shredded pieces of steak with über amount of homegrown micro greens like baby lettuce and alfalfa sprouts makes for a healthy but very sumptuous sandwich.

We both washed these dishes down with their cucumber cooler. This drink is composed of fresh calamansi juice mixed with cucumber and honey. This drink is light, refreshing at the same time packed with goodness. We also tried their 20oz. Java Madness; a semi-sweet ice blended treat. This beats out Starbucks' frapps all day, everyday!

A big 'thank you' goes to Facebook that I was able to come across this café. This was truly a great place for those who wants peace and quiet with.

Café de Angleo (is) the quintessential café. Their food, service and ambiance made patron out of me.

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