Cafe de Lipa

KM 80 STAR Tollway, Lipa, Batangas

Cafe de Lipa
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Aileen L.
3.0 Stars

After the wedding of my sister in law last Sept 17, we go home the following day and we passed my StarToll Lipa Batangas.

We're so sleepy and need coffee and we can't see any Starbucks on the road we take and just saw this Cafe De Lipa. I was curious how does the taste of kapeng Barako which is Batangas was known for .

This is their best seller coffee, Barako Joe. Strong coffee Ice blended. Glad it works, I'm wide awake after drinking it.

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Casey D.
5.0 Stars

A must visit coffee shop when in Lipa! 128521
We were here for breakfast and there were only 2 groups dining in. The place is huge. Perfect for "cocol" dates. They have wide array of coffee selections. They also sell coffee beans and they have this "coffee lab".
Upon entering, grey, black and orange color will welcome you. The place is clean and well-maintained.
They offer coffee, breakfasts and pastries and breads.
We ordered their tapa meal with fried rice and egg, and the purple yum pancake breakfast with bacon and egg. Both were priced around 150-180php.
The tapa was really delicious!!!!! The fried rice was garlic-ky and not that oily. The egg was cooked the way i like it, 1 comment though, they put rock salt on the egg yolk. Hahaha One part of it was really salty. 128514128514128514
We were envy of my friend's purple yum pancake as we all ordered the tapa meal. Upon arrival of her order we were like ... "Wow!!! The pancake is really purple!" Hahaha
We all tasted the pancake and it was delicious! It's like Baguio's ube turned into pancake!!!!!! It's sweet, therefore the bacon and the egg really complemented well with it. I was the one who finished her meal. Hahahaha 100841008410084 We also tried their revel bar and it was chocolatey and moist! 128516
The crew were nice and approachable. The place is well-ventilated. This is a good alternative for Starbuck's when in Lipa. 128077128077128077

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Imelda L.
5.0 Stars

My go-to blend. 9749

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Chrislyn F.
5.0 Stars

A taste of Batangas - Batangas, known for its barako coffee, Cafe de Lipa has shown that it can compete with the likes of Starbucks. With four branches in total, three of which are in Batangas, 1 in Market! Market! Cafe de Lipa is slowly growing. I've always been biased towards Starbucks. But being in the land of kapeng barako, I just had to try its coffee. One thing that you'll notice right away is the price. The drinks cost cheaper than Starbucks or your other favorite coffee shop chains. As for the taste, it was comparable. I'm not a coffee connoisseur, so I don't really notice these things. The coffee beans were locally grown in Batangas though, so they're definitely barako.

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Angelica T.
4.0 Stars

Even if this place is small it really felt cozy. Ambience is why it got a 4 star bec if I based it on the coffee I ordered I might have to put 2 128528
I ordered venti iced caramel macchiato. Last I checked that was exactly what came out of my mouth "1 iced venti caramel macchiato please". But once I got the drink I felt like what they heard was "1 caramel, caramel, and more caramel syrup with a tinsy tiny splash of milk & coffee". Damn thing hurt my teeth. I really can't say that I got to drink half of it.

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Jacob N.
5.0 Stars

We went here after our tiring and fun vacation at puerto galera.. It was the perfect place to chill and to unwind after all the sun and beach action that happened to us.. They serve kapeng barako and cakes.. Iced barako joe is a must try! 128077128513128522

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Kate O.
5.0 Stars

Suddenly, Starbucks is just an over-rated coffeeshop. Mas masarap dito! Support the local industry. 10084

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Frances B.
5.0 Stars

Kapeng Barako. The pride of Batangas.
The name itself is after the Batangueño term barako, which is used to refer to someone, usually a male, with a macho character.

But they don't only offer kapeng barako, they offer a wide selection of latte, frappes, etc. Think of Starbucks, but cheaper. Plus it's local (yes!)

✔ Good coffee and pastries.
✔ Excellent service
✔ Friendly staff
✔ Affordable (10 - 20 pesos less compared to

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