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Most Recent Reviews

Joanne P.
5.0 Stars

Lunch date with hubby at Cafe Dominique. 128525

127860 Roasted Pumpkin Latte (PHP90) 127775127775127775127775127775
Really love pumpkin soup and this did not disappoint. It has the right mix of mashed pumpkin and cream.

127860 Tenders and Fries (PHP170) 127775127775127775127775127775
Breaded chicken and potato wedges with honey & mustard dips.

127860 HER: Kare Kareng Bagnet (PHP275) 127775127775127775127775127775
Super love how they retained the crispness of pork skin and still have the meat tender. This is a must-try!

127860 HIS: Twice Cooked Pork Belly (PHP260) 127775127775127775127775127775
Same with kare kare on the crispness and goodness of the pork belly.

127860 Mango Graham (PHP190) 127775127775127775127775127775
Dessert time 128523 I've tasted homemade mango graham desserts and there's something different on this one. Must be the cream & milk mixture that they used. It is unexpectedly good.

🥃 Ripe Mango Shake (PHP145) 127775127775127775127775
Usual fave mango shake 128521

Will definitely be back here. For me, this is value for money. 128077

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Jomarie A.
4.0 Stars

It has been a super busy April for me, which was why I rarely had the chance to meet with Josh. 128542 Good thing we were able to squeeze in a lunch date with V and her puppy, Walnut. V mentioned that Cafe Dominique is a dog-friendly cafe, and since I have heard a lot of good things about Cafe Dominique from the reviews of fellow foodies, I agreed to give it a try. 128522

When we got there, it was sweltering outside, so the server advised us to let Walnut stay outdoors (of course, we went out to play with him and give him water to drink once in a while) since dogs aren't allowed in the indoors dining area. The heat was unbearable, so we agreed to do this, instead of our original plan to go for outdoor seating. 128517

When we went in, I immediately admired the simple but homey interiors of the cafe. 🤗 From the outside, you'd think that they only serve coffee, probably some snacks, and desserts. But once you get the menu, you will be amazed at how much food they serve. 128562 Here's what we got:

✅ For V: DOMINIQUE'S BREAKFAST TAPA (Php 185) - 11088110881108811088
Whenever I see dishes named after the restaurant, one thing immediately comes to mind -- it's most probably a bestseller. 128076For this, the tapa is actually pretty tasty, probably home-marinated to its perfect taste. However, the beef was a bit tough to chew, probably a bit overcooked or the parts used weren't that tender at all.

✅ For Josh: LONGGANISANG LUCBAN (Php 185) - 1108811088110881108811088
Josh loved it so much! 128156 They toasted it a bit, which is the recommended way to enjoy their Lucban Longganisa. Even without vinegar, it was meatily flavorful on its own. As with longganisas hailing from Lucban, these meaty logs are packed with the flavor and aroma of garlic. Each bite of it made Josh smile from ear to ear. 128513 He also had an add-on of their house blend brewed coffee, but didn't enjoy it as much as he said it was unpleasantly bitter. 128547

✅ For Me: PESTO CRUSTED BANGUS (Php 235) - 11088110881108811088
I have read good things on this on plenty of reviews, so I got this for myself. It was pretty good! The boneless bangus belly was juicy, the pesto sauce was creamy and tasty, and the mango salsa screams of freshness. 128523 The rice was also tasty, but I'm not sure what they put in it! Hehe. Serving size was quite filling as well. My only concern was their menu item name... Because it wasn't actually pesto crusted. When we say crusted, it should have been a thicker or chunkier sauce, not the flowy sauce I was served with. 128517 Don't get me wrong, I loved the dish. I just found the name of the dish to be quite misleading.

The service was initially great, but after a while, our lady server seemed annoyed at what she's doing. We we requested her to snap a photo of us, she did it haphazardly and with a frown on her face. 128543 Huhu. I know being a server can oftentimes be tiring, but I hope they don't take it out on the guests. 128546

As mentioned, ambiance is super nice! I loved the chill vibe that is perfect for a hearty meal with friends or family, a quick coffee break, or sweet dessert with your loved one. 128521 I will definitely come back to try more of their unique food items! 128149


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Nikki C.
4.0 Stars

Though my friends have been dining here a bunch of times, and they always order one of the specials, honestly, I’ve never tried it out. 128514

So one Sunday with a bunch of friends courtesy of Eatigo’s 50% off, we came over and ate the food we liked. I finally was able to try their Karekareng Bagnet. I like the new plating they have.

• Karekareng Bagnet (275php) 11088110881108811088️ surprisingly i liked the brown rice that goes with it.. but the rice was just too much for me. The bagnet was good, i like the skin because it was really crispy.. mejo mataba lang ung meat, which I’m not really a fan of fatty portions (unless it’s crispy or it’s lechon 128061), the veggies were also good though i only tasted some of it. I like the peanut sauce, it wasn’t thick like in other restos, flavor was also good 128076

• Oreo Milkshake (145php) 110881108811088️ not a fan. IMO it was just okay for me. Probably because i was imagining it to be like a McFlurry texture type 128586

We also ordered some desserts (no photo)
• Undercover S’mores (190php) 110881108811088️ i only liked the toasted mallows on top.. not a fan of too much creaminess

• Mango Graham (190php) 11088110881108811088️ ultimate favorite. Reminds me of my lola’s mango float 128522

Service was just okay. Food was served promptly within the given time. Requests were accommodated well. My friends loved the food they ordered.

I love The Eatigo discount though 128586128514

  • No. of Comments: 6
John Vincent I.
5.0 Stars

Loved the Food. Great Coffee. Great experience.

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HungryManila P.
5.0 Stars

The time you have been waiting for is right now because I am showing you the best breakfast buffet for the price of P199. This is a collaboration between Cafe Dominique x Hungry Manila. I am so excited to share to you my experience because this is not your ordinary buffet.

Resto : Cafe Dominique

Location : 42 Examiner St. West Triangle, Quezon City

Operating Hours : Mon- Fri 11AM- 10PM, Sat- Sun 10AM- 10PM

Weekend Breakfast Buffet : 7AM- 10AM

If you haven’t been here, you have to because the place is aesthetically a place for shoots and events or just casual family dining. Glass walls and sunlight will greet you once you enter the place. I, myself, fell inlove with it because it’s a great place to unwind and dine.

Recently, they introduced their weekend breakfast buffet and it’s the best thing one could ever think of. Imagine starting your day with good food and to think that it’s just P199. Can’t believe it actually because they serve delicious foods like spam, adobo, etc. As simple as it may seem, I actually loved their fluffy scrambled eggs. They also have longganisa, tawilis, and sinangag when we visited. If you think that they repeat their weekend set, they don’t. You will surely have differet buffet sets everytime you visit and they make sure that you will enjoy every bite.

Coffee and pandesal were also present. You can choose blueberry jam, butter, and/ or peanut butter spread. After a sumptuous meal, don’t forget to have a taste of their desserts. They have churros and waffles ready for your sweet tooth.

Although this is a sponsored post, I assure you that their food were all delicious and very satisfying for the price of P199. Visit them and be sated.

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Angela Marie C.
5.0 Stars

I was invited by Nikki C for a private sponsored dinner here with a couple of selected foodies. Nikki is one of the investors/part owner of the place, so I was quite flattered I was picked by her to try it out. So even as I was a million years late because I had to brave the weekday traffic from Makati for this, I still wouldn't have missed it for the world for two main reasons. The first is I wanted to support her and her co-owners on this venture. The second was I heard from a friend, who consequently was their frequent customer, told me that it's worth the visit. Truthfully, he was absolutely right. 128571

The photo of the flatlay was just given by EJ B. Obviously, he styled it as well. I was super duper late that I wasn't able to take photos of the whole thing already. Still I was able to try everything and they were all very delicious! 128570

1.) Okonomiyaki Twisters - PHP 195
This was my favorite among the array of dishes we were able to try. When I, this plate looked almost full. It was like they bare touched it, and I admitted wiped out the plate when the night ended. I couldn't really explain it, but it was delicious! The chips were crispy, the pieces of squid and egg made it flavorful, the teriyaki sauce was great. The different textures of the dish made it really awesome. 128568

2.) Creamy Mushroom Capuccino - PHP 90
This was avery delicious mushroom soup. It was very flavorful, very surprising for it's color. It was really white, but the flavor of the mushroom was very pronounced. It was absolutely delicious! 128571

3.) Pesto Crusted Bangus - PHP 235
I loved this dish! I could tell the bangus was fresh because it was plump and meaty, the pesto gave the fish a contrast in flavor, it brought out the saltiness of the fish without even overpowering it. The rice that came with was delicious too! I would have gladly finished a whole plate of this to myself. 128568

4.) Kare-Kare Bagnet - PHP 275
This was my favorite among the dishes. The meat was crispy on the outside but nice and tender on the inside. I liked that it was not too pily. The kare-kare sauce that came with is was nicely sweet and savory. The bagoong they used paired really well with the meat. On love for this dish! 10084

5.) Dear Darlove - PHP 345
Their version of the rolled pizza is really good, but I think they can make it just a little bit thinner. It was just a little bit difficult to roll, but still I'm nit complaining. Harder to roll = more toppings and fillings so it's still good even as I found it a tad thick. It tasted really good actually, especially with the greens that you can put on the panizza. This is really good for sharing too. 128570

6.) Skillet Cookie Sundae - PHP 310
I got to try this when the sundae was already melted, but it still tasted so delicious. I liled that the cookie wasn't too sweet. I really hate it when the dessert is killed with too much sugar. Thankfully, my tastebuds agree with their chefs here. The texture was nicely soft and chewy even as it sat there long with my tardiness. I just know it would taste even more stellar if I get to eat at the preferable time. I'll surely order this again on my next visit. 128570

7.) Under Cover S'mores - PHP 190
I could always go for a good s'mores, and theirs is really delicious! The marshmallows were nice and fluffy, and the whole jarred dessert was very well thought off. The sweetness level again agrees with me, so I'm happy. I found it to be so pretty to picture too. It just looked so pretty sitting in that dainty and at the same time hipster jar. It was a really nice touch. 128568

Their drinks are worth the try too. I really liked their iced tea. Their coffee looked very pretty too, I just wasn't able to take a sip. I will definitely try it another time. 10084

According to Nikki, the common misconception about their place is that the guests think that it's just a cafe, but it's actually a restaurant. I'm guilty of this too. I may not be the first person to be surprised how big their menu is. It was really impressive, and i really want to come back to try more. 128568

All in all, it was a such a great night. The place was beautiful. The hues they used are very simple, pleasant and relaxing to the eyes. I loved everything we had, and most especially the company was incomparable. Thank you Nikki C for hosting us! Great night with EJ B and HungryManila P! 128571

Flatlay by EJ B 10084️ #teamkaladkarin

***Note: This was a sponsored intimate dinner of Cafe Dominique. All food items have been chosen by the restaurant based on their own discretion.

  • No. of Comments: 5
4.0 Stars

I was invited by Cafe Dominique through Nikki C for an intimate dinner.

This is not my first time in Cafe Dominique, I was here last year for a Looloo Rendezvoos event.


The restaurant looks gorgeous with a modern set up. Though it's not big but it looks elegant and spacious.


9749️Okonomiyaki Twisters for Php195.00 - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
(Potato Twisters, Squid, Tamago and Teriyaki)

9749️Dear DarLove Pizza for Php395.00 - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
(Tomato, Black Olives, Alfalfa, Romaine Lettuce)

9749️Creamy Mushroom Cappuccino for Php90.00 - 110881108811088️ 3/5
(Mushroom Bits, Cream, Croutons)

9749️Kare-kareng Bagnet for Php275.00 - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
(Crispy Pork Belly, Peanut Stew, Bagoong Rice)

9749️Pesto Crusted Bangus for Php235.00 - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
(Bangus Belly, Pesto, Mango Salsa)

9749️Undercover S'mores for Php190.00 - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
(Marshmallow, Chocolate Ganache, Graham)

9749️Skillet Cookie Sundae for Php310.00 - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
(Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Syrup, Vanilla Ice Cream)

9749️Cafe Latte for Php95.00- 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

9749️Lemon Iced Tea for Php90.00 - 110881108811088️ 3/5

"My favorite was the Pesto Crusted Bangus. The rice complement with the creaminess of the fish. I like it! It's appetizing."

"The twister fries was also good, it's a good starts and I like the Japanese flavor of it."


Nikki accommodated and entertained us well during our eat up. The staff of Cafe Dominique provided good assistance also.

*The event was sponsored and paid by Cafe Dominique.

#ilovetoeatph 12851510084

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HungryManila P.
4.0 Stars

Cafe Dominique is one of those knockout cafes in town located at 42 Examiner, Quezon City. I immediately fell in love with their earth toned cafe and the glass walls added up sophistication to the place. It's where you can unwind with your friends over good food. As the cafe stated on their page "Cafe Dominique is your neighborhood restaurant that serves everyday food made special through our finely concocted meals."

Come and visit them MON-THURS (11AM-10PM) & FRI-SUN (10AM-11PM).

- potato twisters, tako, tamago, teriyaki
One of the best tasting dishes! You will actually be surprised because it's just a regular twisted potato made special with okonomiyaki flavor. It's one of their best sellers !

127850DEAR DARLOVE (P345)
- tomato, black olives, alfalfa, romaine lettuce
If you are fond of yellow cab's dear darla, it's almost the same taste. Although this one has more personal touch to it. It doesn't look like a fast food pizza and it's an added point that they serve it to you in a very nice plating. Dear Darlove is a seasonal pizza choice depending on the availability of alfalfa in the kitchen.

- bangus belly, pesto, mango salsa
Yes, you heard it right. Fish + pesto + rice. It sounds weird but tastes wonderfully when mixed together. It's my second fave dish of the night. I was really surprised because it's a perfect mix of different flavors. Im not into fish and pesto but I will definitely go back for this.

- crispy pork belly, peanut stew, bagoong rice
Fun fact: I'm a die hard fan of kare-kare and bagnet. Cafe Dominique just matched two of my fave in one dish. It has a very rich peanut stew and the veggies were cooked perfectly. Landing at number 1 in my heart, I will go back for the crispy skin and bagoong rice.

- marshmallows, chocolate ganache, graham
Going to dessert, Cafe Dominique's Undercover Smores is listed by BOOKY as one of the 15 S'MORES DESSERTS IN MANILA TO SATISFY YOUR SWEET TOOTH. Tasted it and yes, I'm more than satisfied ! Thumbs up for this.

- chocolate chip, chocolate syrup, vanilla sundae
It's good, but i think it's too sweet for me. Quite pricy, as well.

127850AVOCADO SHAKE (P145)
Rich avocado taste, not milky and not too sweet.

It's my second time attending an eat up 128556
Thanks Cafe Dominique for the sponsored event.

Nice to meet you Nikki C, EJ B, Angela Marie C.

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Sun M.
3.0 Stars

This has been in my loooong loooong list of must-try restos-slash-cafes in Quezon City, until yesterday I finally pushed the button and visited with my boyfriend and (will always be) baby brother.

Boyfie and I just had our lunch, and it turned that my brother hasnt taken his yet so I saw the opportunity to ask them to go with me before we all head out on our own events yesterday.

I would often pass Cafe Dominique along Examiner Road since I just live nearby. Looking from the outside Be it in a broad daylight or night I knew it would give me the 'feel' I want in a cafe.

There was one big group of friends eating when we arrived and yet the place still looked neat, clean, and spacious. I loved how the interior of the place gives you the space to breathe.

I was supposed to only have a drink, but I couldn't afford to leave the cafe without trying anything. So far here's what we've tried:

🔸MILO DINOSAUR - 100841008410084
🔸ROOTBEER FLOAT - 100841008410084
🔸CARBONARA BENEDICT- 100841008410084
🔸RINGS and WINGS - 100841008410084

So the three of us ordered our own drinks... I had the RootBeer float in a mug topped with vanilla ice cream. It was good, and totally refreshing, but I just find the price a little expensive than it should be. The Milo Dinosaur was lovely enough, but nothing was special. Lastly, the Chocolate Milkshake, was a total disappointment. Sadly, it didn't taste chocolate at all and for the cost of Php115, I think they could do a whole lot better than a milkshake that tastes like the ones being sold from the neighborhood. It surely tasted like a cheap cocoa powder and nowhere near from being chocolatey. Or maybe I expected too much?

As for the meals, the tapa was okay, but not tender enough. It was juicy and hard to chew and nothing really spectacular. Good thing we had the Carbonara Benedict and Rings and Wings that saved us from further disappointment. Though the pasta was a little bland, I liked how creamy it was. I just hope they'd made a better poached egg and put a freshly fried bacon bits on it.

With the Rings and Wings we definitely made the right choice because the wings was soooo good!!! 128523128523128523 Serving though looked really small since there is no breading on it or whatsoever, but its saltiness and sweetness combined with their dip was just perfect! It totally saved the day. The onion ring was good too as it was crunchy.

Giving three stars because I loved the place, but was a little disappointed with their drinks and foods we tried, plus the serving size and pricing.

I'm still giving this place another try though, and I would love to try their other dishes especially the pizzas and desserts. 128512128512128512 I think the place be worth visiting for if they would make it a cafe for good. It'll be the perfect spot for me to sit on a couch while reading a book and sipping on a cup of coffee, while it rains! I can only imagine!!! Not sure whether they have wifi, but they do have sockets.

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Mica C.
4.0 Stars

It was my first time back since visiting Cafe Dominique during its soft opening. Some Updates: 1. They still haven't installed their wifi yet, according to the servers. Not having wifi complements the branding of the place, specifically to be a place to hang out with your buds rather than a place solely to work or study alone. This is not your typical 'cafe'.

2. They have a broader menu which covers pizza, pasta, salads, subs and desserts- and they all look great. Although admittedly its a mixed bag of cuisines- american, Filipino and a little Japanese thrown into the mix. It gets a bit confusing but I guess it adds to their 'anything goes' concept.

3. They have a Christmas bazaar every weekends. varied fares from 'plop' inflatable couches to makeup hauls, its worth checking out.

I settled with the Spinach and Cheese Fondue and their Tuna Pesto Pasta. The 'fondue' was served in a bowl. This resembles more of a dip than a fondue. It was really great, I enjoyed it. One caveat though, finish this appetizer in 15 minutes because the mozarella cools and its not as good. In other words, don't take good photos if you want to enjoy this dish peacefully! As for the Tuna Pesto Pasta, there was hardly any tuna. But the pesto was great, not too overpowering. The servers were cool and accomodating. As always it was really a visual experience. It was very 'peppy' and lively, much like the conversations across the room. Just a few tweaks in managing expectations in the menu and I'm sure I'll give Cafe Dominique 5 stars.

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Daylight M.
4.0 Stars

moments wherein the coffee is so pretty, it will not serve its' purpose right away.. the cafe mocha at cafe dominique has a strong bitter taste, needed 2-3 sugar, but i must say this one's a good choice!
followed by their pizza nachos, my 2 faves in 1 dish! and the cookie cream on a skillet. we asked the crew to serve the dessert together with the pizza, but this came a lil bit longer, but hey.. this is worth the wait! the hotness and sweetness of the cookie + vanilla ice cream just satisfied my sweet tooth!
and nothing beats a FREE salted caramel popcorn 128523 hahahah! will dine in and will try other desserts! yum yum!!!

it's spacious and so bright, inviting to study/do office works here, but.. but, they don't have wifi, that's the down side, but atleast it's not crowded 128517

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Kat M.
4.0 Stars

Had a team meeting at Cafe Dominique yesterday. Parking was a bit difficult for lack of space and the road construction just infront of the cafe.

I was pleasantly surprised at how pretty the place is, and really loved the fact that their food taste good 10084️ had beef nachos pizza and the chocolate chip skillet. Will be back soon to taste their other dishes!

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Julie L.
4.0 Stars

Celebrated mother's day here. We ordered:

Spinach and Cheese Fondue (180pesos) - We didn't expect how it was served but it was still good.

Battered Prawn with Vegetable Laces (190pesos)

Creamy Four Cheese (295pesos) and Beef Nacho (320pesos) - I liked the first one better. 128523

Carbonara Benedict (190pesos) and Seafood Marina (290pesos) - Both were delicious.

Chef's Special:
Roast Beef with XO Sauce (270pesos) - My favorite among all the dishes.

This restaurant has potential. Given that they just opened recently, they need to work on a few things:
1) One of the servers was just standing there and nodding his head. Apparently, he wasn't taking note of our orders. Another server approached and asked for our orders again.
2) Our orders took longer than expected. There was only one other group dining at the restaurant when we were there.
3) There was a strand of hair in the Roast Beef. (Lost my appetite when I saw it)

I hope people would still try out their food. It was delicious, the service just needs a little more improvement.

  • No. of Comments: 2
Ruth D.
4.0 Stars

Finally had the chance to visit Cafe Dominique. Such bright place. Well, it had glass walls/windows so that's why. It would have been so perfect though if there was a nice, country view outside.

We ordered the following:

Battered Prawn with Vegetable Laces. There were 2 pieces of prawns (or shrimps) on top of cucumber and carrot laces. I was actually wondering what was meant by "laces." Turns out they were peeled in that manner, as shown in photo. It had the Japanese roasted sesame dressing which I thought was diluted and almost bland.

Twice Cooked Pork Belly. The meat was tender but it lacked flavor. The skin was a little difficult to bite. The mushroom gravy tasted good.

Pesto Crusted Bangus. I liked this the most as it was the most flavorful. No photo, sadly.

I think there's good value for money here, given that the dishes were good enough to be shared by at least 2 people.

  • No. of Comments: 1
Marco L.
4.0 Stars

My mouth dropped and I was in awe when I saw how amazing the place looked. The lighting, the fixtures, the sign, the wall decals were so on point and that made me want to come back again.

Cafe Dominique wanted to bring out the owner's favorite dishes, with the the help of their Chef, he added a bit of twists on their favorite meals.

It was also great to see new faces, EJ B. Russel F. Elaine O. Cj A. Dennis O. and Marc David M. ! It was great to talk to you guys. Since it was my first looloo rendevooz, thanks Jayson J. and Peanut D. for inviting me!

Lets get down to business :)

Fried Mozarella Puffs - EAT IMMEDIATELY! Standard mozarella puffs. Tastewise, it was ok, Price, not so much. The mozarella inside was pretty generous.

All Hail Cesar - So apparently, theres a story to it, Chef explained that the egg on the salad represents Cesar, it was nice was that the dish had a story to it, but the dish itself is your everyday ordinary salad.

PIZZAS! - Creamy Four Cheese was good, creamy yes but what really stuck to me was the nacho pizza--it's Mexico in your mouth!!! The combination of beef, veggies and spices was just perfect; a little spicy for me so if you don't wanna go deep into Mexico, i suggest asking the waiters to tone it down a notch.

Carbonara Benedict - Standard but somehow CD managed to perfect it--not to salty, the noodles were cooked just right and just enough creaminess.

Skillet Cookie Sundae - Kinda like climbing mount everest except the mountain is made of ice cream and it rains chocolate syrup, you have to exert a little effort just to scoop it out of the skillet but when it finally reaches your mouth, you'll wish people weren't watching so you can lick the skillet clean.

S'mores - kinda underwhelmed with the chocolate syrup; it tasted a little watered down but it still reminded me of Friday campfires at the beach. good!

1st looloo rendevooz and it was a blast! Sponsored event by Cafe Dominique, thank you for having us! More than willing to come back again!

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Russel F.
4.0 Stars

It has been another fun and food-filled rendezvoos night with the fellow Loolooerz as we invade one of the newest foodie places in Quezon City - Café Dominique.

I arrived a little early (I guess), and just in time to get to know fellow loolooers who were already there! Upon entering, I immediately noticed that their acoustics was really bad. So, it was kinda noisy inside. But I was captivated with the minimal yet industrial interiors of the café. Rustic, glass windows, bright ambiance and nice wooden tables!

The food was served a few moments later when Chef Topher approached us and gave us some insights about the dishes!

Mozzarella Puffs - Basically, cheese puffs. Best eaten when it was served hot. Was good but a bit greasy. 3/5

Twice-cooked Pork Belly - This is one of my favorites! I don't usually pork belly, but this deserves a spotlight on the table. The pork belly was cooked first and then baked making it delightful to the palate. It was served with Spicy mexican rice and fried spinach. Since my toleration for spicy food was a bit high, I find the rice lacks in some real spicy kick but that's just me! 4/5

Four-Cheese Pizza - I looove this! Not to mention I love everything with cheese but this is just so good! Thin crust flatbread dough topped with mozzarella, cheddar, parmesan and feta!!! A little oily though but still good! 4/5

Carbonara Benedict - Thick and creamy carbonara with poached egg on top that was inspired by the popular breakfast dish, Eggs Benedict. Too overwhelming but it's good. Preferrably good for sharing! 3,5/5

Baked Mussels - Mussels filled with béchamel and cheese. I have had baked mussels before but sadly, this one's a miss for me. 2/5

All Hail Caesar - Their own version of the popular Caesar salad. Nothing totally special except for the Poached egg on top and the dressing. 3/5

Hickory Burger - Smoked hickory flavored beef patty with crispy bacon, caramelized onions, cheddar cheese and homemade cheese sauce. My spirit animal is telling me that I have to try because it has cheese. I find the burger, overall, sweet that it somehow overrides the succulent flavor of the patty. I guess they should lessen the sweetness? 3,5/5

Nachos Pizza - Surprisingly good! When Chef told us that the family likes Beef Nachos, he came up with the idea of making a Nacho Pizza for a little twist. Topped with beef, salsa, jalapenos and tortilla chips. So it's just like nachos in the pizza! I simply couldn't get enough of this and wanna have more! 4,5/5

Battered Prawns with Vegetable Laces - Japanese-inspired salad with battered shrimp, cucumber and carrot laces, and sesame dressing. I only had few of this and was surprised that it's really good! Chef Topher also made it clear that it's not tempura. 4/5

Roast Beef with X.O. Sauce - I liiike this!!! Though the meat was a little tough, I got to like the flavor of it and I wouldn't mind soaking it with the sauce to be honest. 3,5/5

Roasted Herb Chicken Au Ju - Everybody knows I love chicken! I can grow a wing by eating a lot of this and never gets sick of it. This was actually perfectly cooked and you can still see the juice coming out of it. But this one's a total miss for me. It's salty and the savory flavor isn't there. This needs a little work, mostly on the flavor. Mashed potato was meh. 2/5

Now let's head over to the desserts! Everybody's favorite!!! 128513

Undercover S'mores - Biscuit crumbs, chocolate ganache and then topped with melted marshmallows. This is already good but we all agreed that the chocolate ganache should be thicker and richer. 3,5/5

Mango Graham - The best one so far! Their version is much much better than the usual, not to mention it was topped by mango ice cream. 5/5

Skillet Cookie Sundae - Eat this while the cookie is still hot! Another great contender for the best dessert that night! 4,5/5

I just noticed that their plating is always spot-on! It's always a plus point for diners and the OC ones, I'd say.

Some of us have also tried their coffee and was amazed with the cute latte arts. The price was also wallet-friendly as they range from 100-140 pesos.

After having all the food served to us. Chef Topher gave us some insights about the food and the concept behind Café Dominique. All dishes on their menu are mostly family-favorites, and Chef gave each dishes a little bit of twist and took inspiration from different cuisines to make it his own recipes. Way to go, Chef!

We also had the chance to meet the owners and their adorable daughter, Dominique. They informed us that they're still on a dry run and still polishing the things to be improved like the acoustics of the place as well as some of the dishes on the menu.

It's a pleasure to meet you EJ B and Marco Jose L. It's always nice to meet new faces from the growing community of looloo. It's great to see you again Marc David M, Dennis O & Elaine O. Thanks for the invite Peanut D and the super reliable Jayson J! 128588🏼

Again, thank you looloo for inviting me on this special sponsored rendezvoos! Prooost!!! 127867 And of course, big thanks to Café Dominique for having us try your glorious food! Hope to see you next time!

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Elaine O.
4.0 Stars

I was so lucky to have been invited and had the privilege to try this 2 month old restaurant and also to bond with my fellow loolooers 9786. This is my first invite for a looloorendezvoos and I am late, yay! Sorry Peanut D , we were navigating to the wrong restaurant978697869786.

Café Dominique is a family restaurant that offers what seems to be an ordinary food with a twist. To give you a little background, the place is owned by an architect couple and named their restaurant after their cute and adorable baby, Dominique. They tapped Chef Topher to recreate some of the family’s favorite dishes.

For the food, I love 128077128154
-the cheesiness of the Baked Mussels Overload

-the feta cheese soaked in herb that elated the Four Cheese Pizza flavor

-the hint of spice and the tenderness and the juiciness of the Twice Cooked Pork Belly

-the jalapenos that brought the extra kick into the Beef Nachos Pizza

-the refreshing flavor of the Buttered Prawn Sesame Dressing and I will love it more if the coating is not that thick to give a crispy texture to the Shrimp

-the hickory bacon cheddar cheese flavor of the Hickory Burger, the patty is juicy and cooked perfectly
the Carbonara Benedict is perfectly flavored
the Mango Graham (this is the superstar of Café Dominique 9786)

And I will love it more if,128521
-the Roasted Herb Chicken Au Ju is less salty

-the meat of the Roast Beef with XO Sauce is more tender

-the Chocolate of the Smores is thicker and more chocolate-y

-the dough of the Skillet Cookies Sundae is softer

What left an impression on me was not the food, but the place. I love the architecture and the interior of the place and the people behind it. I will give high five to the owners and to the Chef for being so welcoming and warm and extra points for the staff for being attentive and friendly.128522128077

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Cj A.
3.0 Stars

I don't usually go out on a weekday because of the hellish traffic but what do you do when Jayson tells you that Peanut D is inviting people for a looloo rendezvoos and it's just near your place? Of course there's no way you'll refuse.

Cafe Dominique is tucked in Examiner St. in QC and is quite challenging to find. Good thing they have good lightning and exterior that makes the resto pop up in the middle of a rather dark street.

I got there a few minutes before 7 and just when I thought I was gonna wait for the rest of the gang for a bit, Peanut suddenly arrived and EJ B wals already waiting inside ahead of us. After a few hi's and hello's, the rest of the gang started pouring in. Jayson J, Marco, Dennis O, Elaine, and Russel F. Once (almost) everybody was in, the food were all served.

Fried Mozzarella Puffs - Chef Topher explained that instead of the usual mozzarella sticks, they decided to make them bite-sized. This was okay and would sure be a hit with kids and cheese lovers.

Baked Mussels Overload - This was good. My only concern was it got too much beschamel that it upstaged the mussel a bit.

All Hail Caesar - your typical caesar salad with poached egg in the middle. They were generous on the bacon which is always, always a good thing.

128523 Battered Prawn with Vegetable Laces - who would expect that a carnivore like me would love their salad? This was really good. Love the sesame dressing. The prawns can do without the batter because it tends to sog when you pour the dressing on the salad. Besides, the shrimp itself was perfectly cooked and it should be enough to compliment the dish.

Nacho Pizza - a pizza with nacho toppings, why not? It got ground beef, cheese sauce, jalapeños, and nacho chips too! I like the spiciness of this pizza too!

128523 Creamy Four Cheese Pizza - this was also a favorite that night. It got the right acidity, saltiness, and the alfalfa sprouts added a bite to it.

Carbonara Benedict - it has a poached egg on top that makes it resemble a Benedict. And it has bacon. You can never go wrong with bacon.

Twice Cooked Pork Belly - this was also a hit. It was so good, Pea wasn't able to taste it lol. The pork was tender, the sauce was not too sweet, not too salty, and the rice was good too.

Roast Beef with X.O. Sauce - this was tasty but the meat was a bit tough. The serving was okay also.

Hickory Burger - like what Jayson J mentioned, we found this burger sweet. Good thing for him he has a sweet tooth (teeth nga pala!), but I don't 128533

Roasted Herb Chicken Au Ju - the chicken was perfectly cooked, not dry, but it was a tad salty. But I liked this too.

The chicken was the last entree to be served, and just like Marc David M, huli man dumating, pinagkaguluhan pa rin. Lol.

Now on with desserts:

Skillet Cookie Sundae - this is best eaten while it's hot. It got cold because we were taking lots of pics of the food, that when we were digging into it, we were kinda having difficulties on breaking the cookie. It was good though! Just eat it while it's still hot.

Undercover S'mores - this was fun to eat and plated really well. They could improve the chocolate ganache though. If they could make it richer, this would be a more awesome dessert.

128523 Mango Graham - this was the winner last night! One bite takes you home to your grandma's cooking, to your mom's dessert that she usually makes during family gatherings. Nice plating too! The group loved this.

We also liked their interiors. Very minimalistic and rustic. The owners named the resto after their baby daughter who was also there too during the event. They were all gracious and accommodating to everyone.

They are still on their dry run and are still tweaking their menu and interiors before their grand opening this May. If you want to take the entire family to lunch or dinner and just have a good time without stressing too much on what to order, this is the place.

Thanks again to Chef Topher, the owners for sponsoring the event. And of course, looloo for inviting us!

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Jayson J.
4.0 Stars

Thank you cafe Dominique, Chef Topher, and looloo for having us in this sponsored event aka #looloorendevooz (did i spell it right? )

No. I'm not a looloo crew but thanks to Peanut D for letting me invite fellow loolooers for this rendevooz. Freaked out to spark invites QC area and extending to some more friendly loolooers.

I had the chance that morning of the event to scout the area already and found out that there were around 5-6 parking slots.

I had to pick up Marco Jose L since it would be kinda difficult to find the place because it is located deep at examiner's street. You could either take on west avenue or quezon avenue and turn at examiner. The place is radiating warm especially at night. With its special hanging light bulbs effect, it has given the outside dining area an al fresco style.

With a see through fiberglass, the place really looks homey and preppy and sweet. Arriving a little bit past 7, we already saw Peanut, EJ B and Cj A chatting with each other.
The ever gala Russel F arrived too!
I went quickly to their clean and non gender specific CR to have a quick bladder break.

On the table, the starters were served.

128204 fried mozzarella puffs
Chef told us that these are your ordinary mozzarella sticks only made into balls. I regret not having this eaten right away, because it was already hard when i ate it. I would really want to refire them that time kaso i was just shy to do so. 128538

128204 baked mussels overload
These mussels aren't your ordinary cheese-filled seafood, it got béchamel inside! I advise you to eat it right away! You know what happens-- taking photos could take some time.

128204 all hail caesar
This salad is your ordinary caesar salad with modern twist a piece of poached egg. Chef told us that the egg represents "Caesar" so that's why they came up with that title.

128204128525 battered prawn with vegetable laces
With the very delicious sesame dressing, this dish is it! The prawns were fried, i asked if the head is edible--but it was not crunchy enough. Don't worry the shell easily comes off of the prawn. The laces were gorgeous and unending. True of what chef said about the shrimp version of kani salad.

Just then Dennis O and Elaine O came to see the pizzas served. Food just got a little exciting. Chef decided pizza to be oblongs so that one could say it's the cafe Dominique way!

128204128525 creamy four cheese
The four cheeses were cheddar, mozzarella, parmesan and feta cheese! GET this. I thought it would be just plain salty but the feta cheese was marinated in olive oil plus those parsleys given the pizza herby taste! It's creamy too cause there was a layer of béchamel in it. To liven up everything was a slice of lemon! This is fun to eat!

128204128525 beef nacho pizza
Pizza and nachos? Why not?! Inventive chef made sure flavors of beef, tomato, cheese and jalapeños resound in your mouth, it's like eating nachos with bread-- i mean i did not even notice that i was eating a pizza.

128204 carbonara Benedict
Usually, we add egg white on carbonara, this got none cause they just decided to put all those egg theories in one poached egg served with the carbonara. They replaced the ham with bacon (how nice!). It was creamy but obviously wasn't getting too much of my attention.

128204 128525 twice cooked pork belly
I. Love. This. BOILED AND BAKED pork belly. Served with spiced rice, it was very complementary with the chopped pork belly! Really crispy skin, and it really tasted super. Adobo but really tasty! The spinach did the herb touch on the dish. Though i find it a bit oily. Maybe a bit more drying?

128204128525 hickory burger
Oh my. The burger patty is spiced so well with hickory. CJ and i agreed Overall it was a bit sweet. now, this may differ from other's taste but i love it! I got sweet teeth (sorry tooth is not enough)! Served with thick fries and some veggie refreshers.

Marc David M all the way from market market finally arrived after all these food were served. But no. He was not too late! Anyway he's always known for one thing-- mang ubos wahahahaha. Just right in time some more mains were being served

128204 roast beef with XO sauce
The beef was a bit tough. Just a bit! I love the sauce. Marc and i observed the mashed potato was... Baked and not totally mashed. It got some skin pa. Elaine and i thought the root crip wasnt that deli. Kulang ng cheese!

128204roasted herb chicken au ju
Au ju! French? 128514 Marinated in olive oil as well, wasn't much of a hit for everyone. Chicken was cooked perfectly bit it was a bit salty.

Just then chef topher explained to us that the owners decided to name the cafe after their cute toddler daughter--Dominique, and that the menu is just inspired by the family's favorite dishes, only recreated by chef topher. At first actually, i find it was ok, as in low 3, but then i realized that they don't wanna venture far from the family's faves and just wanna go hit the simple food--kinda think of it it's comfort food!

My rate for this restaurant from a low 3 suddenly hyped to low 4 because of the added history of the cafe. The embodiment of what they want reveals in their food---plus the desserts came!!! Sweet teeth alert sweet TEETH alert

128204128525 mango graham
Ref cake made extra special with the light and creamy layers of graham and cream and MANGO ICECREAM drool. I want more. Yes. I was the culprit in devouring the remnants of this dessert after everyone got the chance to taste it.

128204 undercover smores
Layered with biscuit crumbs and chocolate ganache topped with molten (kind of) marshmallows. I suggest to make the chocolate thicker. Ganache was good but need it to be stronger IMO.

128204 skillet cookie sunday
I remembered wicked kitchen ; however wasnt able to try theirs, well this one, the cookie tastes awesome however it just lays flat and kinda burnt on the skillet. Wishing more fluffiness and chewiness on it.

128204 cafe latte
Needs more practice in latte art making, but really brave enough to try the 3D latte art... Went too cute to dislike! 9786️ the coffee here is something. This coffee is better than what ive tasted at dipdenza. 128077🏼

The rendevooz left me 8 out of 10 filled. They close 10pm so enough time to chat with owners. I suggest you reading this to drop by and try my recos. Sayang because it's not your everyday you find this kind of food. PLUS it's affordable. Almost all you see here are below 200 pesos.

OH NO Peanut D hindi kasya ang 10 photos 128561128557

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Dennis O.
4.0 Stars

Yesterday was a very hectic fun fun |ooloo day for me. It was the twitter announcement of the 50KSummerGiveaway and |ooloorendezvoos in QC.

Our rendezvous was here in Cafe Domique a newly open homey cafe in west ave/examiner ave. Don't confuse this place with Cafe Dominic in Biak na Bato/Sto. Domingo. Stupid me didn't pay attention to the invite. I with Elaine O went to Biak na Bato 128517. So thats the reason why we were late 128559.

Cafe Dominique is such a nice vibrant place. The lights and the high ceiling was very nice. The glass windows made this place such a beauty. Check out |ooloo IG/snapchat for a sneakpeak of the place.

When we arrived we were just in time to join other |oolooers Peanut D, Jayson J, Cj A, Russel F, Marco Jose L and EJ B to snap some beautiful dishes. Marc David M came a little bit later than us. Before we start digging in Chef Topher (Tama ba name ni chef?) Introduced the dishes one by one. Here are they:

9749Baked Mussels Overload - a hit for me your typical baked mussels but with lots of cheese. Indeed a cheesy overload.

9749All Hail Caesar Salad - their version of caesar salad. Poached egg in the middle of the veggies. This was quite plain tasting. Maybe a needed dressing would work.

9749Battered Prawn with vegetable laces - this is their version kani saIad. Instead of using the typical shredded kani they used a battered prawn. love the delicious prawn with the japanese sesame mayo. But the laced veggies didn't work well for me since it was just too long. Chef told us they were trying to make the veggie look like a pasta thats why it was laced.

9749Creamy Four Cheese Pizza - love the cheese just a little bit oily. This one reminds me of Uncle Cheffy pizza both have the same elongated style.

9749Nachos Pizza - Pizza with bits of nachos, salsa and jalepeno. Was a bit spicy for some of us. For me this got a nice concept but lacking some kick. Maybe a better version of nachos beef would do it.

9749Hickory Burger - love their homemade patty and the sweet pickle worked well for me. Serving was also quite big.

9749Carbonara Benedict - another chef version. A carbonara that use eggs benedict. I love the creamy flavor of this carbonara and the poached egg was perfectly cooked.

9749Roasted Herb Chicken - quite a little bit on the salty end. This one needs a much improvement

9749Roast Beef - this one also needs a remake. Was quite on the tough end and sauce was a little bit soaking the beef too much.

9749Twice Cooked Pork Belly - one the fave last night. Delicious juicy pork belly with the spice rice. Love this one.

As we finish the meal we gave our inputs to Chef and he was eagerly listening on where to improve the dish. Like a true professional. As we were going discussing came the desserts and everyone grab their cam for another round of food pictorial.

9749Mango Graham - ooohhh this one is good! A version of the mango graham with their on twist. Picture beauty and tastebud worthy. Just the right amount of sweet.

9749Skillet Cookie Sundae - this one at first didn't work well for us because of the hard time digging into the cookie. But as we tasted it our smile and eyes were flushing. This one is also good especially with the vanilla ice cream. Just need to improve that it would be easier to dig in.

9749Undercover smores - this one is too sweet for me. But if you are a sweettooth kind of person you'll like it.

Overall this is a great homey place. The type of place that you'll visit with your family to have a sunday lunchout. Price of the dishes were also very easy on the pocket. I would love to come back to see how they slowly improve and create more creative dishes.

Thank you to Cafe Dominque nice meeting the lovely family and the uber cute Baby Domique. Also thank you to chef and the whole friendly crew of Cafe Domique.

**The event was sponsored and paid by Cafe Domique**


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