Cafe Du Tukon

Fundacion Pacita Nature Lounge, Sitio Tukon, Basco, Batanes

Cafe Du Tukon
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Mon V.
5.0 Stars

Café du Tukon is Fundacion Pacita's farm-to-table restaurant, just a few steps away from the main building. Serving only the freshest catch and produce that their neighbor fish folk and farms have in season, Café du Tukon will surely make you smile with their good food and great service.

Appetizer: Tokwa't Luñis (Fried bean curd with crispy luñis and sautéed onions in calamansi, vinegar and soy sauce) - The saltiness of Lunis is balanced by the soft tofu which made the dish flavorful.

Soup: French Onion Soup (Gratinée with Gruyére) - Was very interesting. I saw on the menu that the main ingredient are Onions, and I thought wow, the soup tasted good, a little bland at first, but later gave the sweet kick of onions and the savory soup.

Mains: Beef and Garlic Rosemary (Oven-baked grass-fed beef with sea salt, rosemary and garlic slivers served with red wine sauce and steamed rice) & Braised Beed Short Ribs (Slow-cooked beef short ribs in red wine sauce, topped with fried onion rings served with wakay mash) - Both dishes were superb. The beef was tender (medium well) and all sides were cooked/prepared just right.

Desserts: Dulce de Leche Cheesecake & Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting - Even in the sweets section, this Cafe still made us very satisfied. I especially liked Dulce de Leche Cheesecake, I think I could finish a whole! Lol

Overall, we were very satisfied and will recommend Café du Tukon to everyone who'll visit Batanes.

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Manila E.
4.0 Stars

Batanes, northern most part of the #Philippines and a hundred miles away from #Taiwan is a beautiful must see island. Sharing with you my love for food and what they served me during our 4 day stay at Pacita Fundacion. Dios mamajes, Batanes! Beautiful island, culture and people indeed!

Enjoy your cup of coffee or freshly picked tea and dessert at Cafe du Tukon. I also tried corned beef panini And truffle pasta. Food prices are quite expensive, but I'm not complaining at all because ambience and believe they are helping out for a good cause as a portion of proceeds go to fund local artists.

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Carla Fenella A.
5.0 Stars

Breakfast in bed or in the midst of a lush greenery and scenic mountains?? I'd prefer the latter over and over!

Cafe du Tukon is Fundacion Pacita's restaurant. It is located before the pathway to their lodge. It is made of bricks and not cobblestones. There are lots of artworks displayed inside by the late Pacita Abad. There is a gallery underneath it but we're not able to see it coz they were renovating it that time.

The cafe is beautiful, colorful and picturesque. You can take pictures in any angles and it will give you beautiful results. There is a glass wall on the other side which has a view of the stunning mountains.

When we arrived at the hotel, the staff directed us here after checking in at their office. The place is really cute. They have a table with continental breakfast on it; different types of bread, spreads and coffee that we can eat while waiting for our meals.

Our first meal here consists of batanes sausages, egg, jam and two slices of toasted bread I liked their sausage coz it tasted different. It was fried, a little crispy and salty. Their egg looks a lil different too because of the color. Everything here in batanes are locally produced and organic so better savor each dish coz we all know that organic food here in Manila are expensive. Lol. They even make their own jam and bread.

On our third day, we get to choose our breakfast the night before. The first dish that I chose was not available so I just ordered their sausage again but this time it was served with a heart-shaped rice.

They also serve sundried flying fish and sundried dolphin fish. I dont eat fish but for the sake of tasting a flying fish, I asked for some from my friend's dish and it was too salty. Bought some at the market to take home and my family liked it.

Staff here were accomodating and nice. On our last night we brought leftovers from our sunset dinner at the lighthouse (we asked a caterer to set up a dinner for us there) and we ate it again at Cafe du Tukon. We even have one of the dishes be cooked again. They agreed without any additional charge or complains :)

Dining here was the first thing we did on our first day. So can you imagine how overwhelmed I was? I just love the view so much and we haven't even started exploring yet!

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Leslie Ann B.
4.0 Stars

Everything tasted good! Not to mention all food in Batanes are delicious!128076

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Catherine C.
5.0 Stars

Jumping up north! Cafe du Tukon is an oasis in Batanes for coffee lovers! O basta kahit sinong nagugutom after a day-long pasyal. I really love this place! Situated on elevated hill-like spot, overlooking the vast green fields. Aaaah! I also love its "camote cake." I forgot how they officially named that dessert--that's how good it is! The place is classy and really relaxing. Aaaah! I want to come back here! And order more food to share with you!

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Charleston G.
5.0 Stars

Travelling without dining in a nice place is not complete. To start with the ambiance in Fundacion Pacita's Cafe du Tukon is the best among the rest of the restaurants with a perfect sunset, the view of the pacific along with the hill full of grass eating cow its truly magnifecent. I just fell inlove with the place. I love Batanes

Salad Nu Itukon 128077🏼128077🏼128077🏼/128077🏼128077🏼128077🏼
(Organic grilled eggplants, tomatoes, garlic and onion in coconut milk)
The best salad in cafe for me, the sauce of this salad is quite addictive and it has this weird feeling that i can actually eat it along with a rice. I just cant explain

Margherita Pizza 128077🏼128077🏼/128077🏼128077🏼128077🏼
The crust and the whole pizza is too much toasted but i liked it. But i dont classify it as a pizza anymore

Aglio Olio 128077🏼128077🏼128077🏼/128077🏼128077🏼128077🏼
Nothing to say. Perfect

Steak Au Poivre 128077🏼128077🏼/128077🏼128077🏼128077🏼
The steak and the sweet mashed potatoes complement very well. I liked the sweet mashed potatoes more i could still imagine how does i taste. And nothing can comes close to that taste so far.

Turmeric Chicken 128077🏼128077🏼128077🏼/128077🏼128077🏼128077🏼
The chicken is perfectly done with the turmeric rice. I just noticed almost every restaurant that ive been in batanes has an obsession to turmeric rice. lol128514

Lunis 128077🏼/128077🏼128077🏼128077🏼
Adobo in Ibatan way. I and my family preferred our homemade adobo. Funny when im about to cut the portion of the meat. It projectiled the meat was quite tough. But i can understand due to scarcity of pork in the island.

Palek Bread Pudding 128077🏼128077🏼128077🏼/128077🏼128077🏼128077🏼
Loved it

Calamansi pie 128077🏼128077🏼128077🏼/128077🏼128077🏼128077🏼
The best pie on the planet yet! Its just the best and my favorite. If you wanna take home some of these inform the staff ahead of time. Very sad story i came home empty handed of these precious pie 128557128557128557 i did my best, and insisted to bake one for me but the calamansi was not enough so there

Lastly, try the

Taragon Tea
To calm your tummy after eating during the day. The leaves was so freshly picked from their garden.


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Aiza A.
4.0 Stars

Missing batanes and this cafe! loved everything we ordered all are very sumptuous :) from paella negra to the pasta and the turmeric chicken. all are pricey but super sulit!

the place is also pretty :)

also loved the desserts kalamansi pie and the cheesecake super sarap!

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Mae A.
4.0 Stars

This Grilled Marinated Tuna was just beautiful. Just look at it! It shines in the midday sun. The same can be said for its flavor. No need for sauce on this. Paired with sweet potato mash and grilled tomatoes, it was a good lunch overall. 128523

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Grace d.
4.0 Stars

Coming in with low expectations (which I blame on the internet) worked for the better by saving me from disappointments. I actually enjoyed everything I ate at Fundacion Pacita's in-house restaurant!

Contrary to the bad rap I have read prior, their food is delicious. I was being hypercritical due to my presumptions, but even then, all the dishes I chose were satisfying.

My dinner steak is one of the best ones I've had; I had to have it again for lunch the next day. I mean, that probably came from their own pasture land! Grass-fed, organic beef--how could that possibly be amiss?!

Their kamote bread is also memorably yummy, and super filling! Butch Abad's daughter (and Pacita Abad's niece) who I think is in charge of the menu, said that they tried making their kamote bread here in Manila, but it just wasn't the same. Must be all those rolling hills, howling winds, and Pacific Ocean x South China sea air?

Another noteworthy dish is their mashed kamote. Sweet and creamy and almost guiltless (I think it had butter?). Definitely a far cry from the same old mashed potatoes.

It's the only place we went to, where food isn't bland or underwhelming--which can be the case for most of the restaurants in Batanes. I think, since the resources are very limited, they make do with what they have, which most of the time compromises the taste. But not for Café du Tukon. They really put thought into what they would be serving; the menu varies from time to time depending on available resources, I believe.

That's not to say it's perfect, though. The coffee grounds they used for the french press lack flavor, and they kept serving that during our entire stay, huhu. Food takes about an hour and a half to prepare, so you have to inform them ahead of time. My hunger pangs are unpredictable so this would've been a problem, had they not kept in stock some kamote bread, and they offered that in stead while we waited. Service can be a bit slow during lunch and dinner as there's only a maximum of two waitstaff attending to a dining room of around 20 guests. And like everything else in the Fundacion, it can be expensive. Our dinner for two cost P1700. I should also point out that their restroom stank (sadly rampant in most public restrooms in Batanes. Badtrip. 128532), like you know it hasn't been cleaned in a while. That's unforgivable in my book.

All in all, that experience was an unequivocal proof that I shouldn't put my absolute trust on food reviews, especially the negative ones, because taste is subjective. I give it four stars for exceeding my expectations! Hehe.

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