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Citi Plaza, 34th St., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila

Cafe Enye
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Aira A.
4.0 Stars

Been long wanting to try this restaurant out but it's only today that I was able to make time to go here. I've read so many positive reviews on their lechon carbonara and cakes so I've ordered their lemon meringue cake and their lechon carbonara. Their carbonara is really good. It was creamy and tasty. The lechon also blended well giving the dish the right crisp. Two thumbs up for this dish. It was around 250 pesos and given the generous serving of meat and pasta it's worth it. On to the lemon meringue. Ever since I've tried the calamansi muffin in boracay, I've been a huge fan of lemon or calamansi cakes and pastries so I was very excited to try this. Unfortunately I didn't like it well. First off, I can't really taste the lemon on the cake. Halfway through it I discovered that they made it custard like inside the cake. Like there is a lemon filling inside. I prefer if they had mixed it on the cake. An order of this cost 165 pesos.

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Phantasm D.
5.0 Stars

Cafe Enye is located on the Mezzanine floor of Citi Plaza, 34th Street corner Lane D, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. It's a bit difficult to find since it's located inside the Citi office. You can ask the guard where Cafe Enye is--it's worth going to. Cafe Enye is Colonial Spanish-themed. Hence the Enye to represent it. The theme has been well-thought-of because the owners really did much research on the Spanish Era--from the interiors and down to the dishes on the menu. I like the ambiance of the place--very cozy and has good lighting.

I ordered a drink which was called Cool and Tangy. Blended fresh cucumber and calamansi. It's very refreshing.

Now, onto the dishes that we had:


Chorizo Scotch Eggs (Huevos Rellenos). Sous vide egg covered with chorizo, on top of crispy potato nest, served with sofrito aioli. It's good and sating.

The Enye Callos Buns and Tapa Buns are both soft and savory, freshly-made soft buns filled with slow-cooked callos or house-cured beef tapa. They are both good.

Gambas Enye Style. Succulent shrimp cooked in garlic infused olive oil, roasted garlic, topped with garlic chips and garlic chives. The amount of garlic in this dish is generous and it just goes makes the shrimp taste even better. I had this with rice, though, from the other dishes that we ordered.


Lechon Carbonara. Classic pasta carbonara topped with homemade mojo chicharrones. Some say this might be the best carbonara in town, would you agree? I would. The lechon is just crispy and good--mix it with delicious pasta carbonara--break that egg yolk and have that indulging gooey yolk flow--it's heavenly good.

Cafe Enye Specials

Moroccan-Style Curry Paella. Moroccan-inspired paella, cooked with chicken, curry turmeric, and cinnamon. I haven't tried Moroccan-style curry before so I don't know what to expect. It's different than the Asian curry but it's also good. The chicken is also juicy and tender.

Paella Negra. Expect an "Enye-fried" paella, a blend of inasal and Cuban-Mojo marinade with a medley of Manila clams, New Zealand mussels, chicken, olives and roasted pimentóns. Paella Negra is my favorite type of Paella so my palate is quite picky when it comes to this. I must say that Cafe Enye did not disappoint.

Cochinillo a la Casa. Slow-cooked and roasted prime cut of suckling pig. Served with red wine and honey glaze, chimichurri, and homemade liver sauce. Crispy on the outside, moist and tender inside. It's so good even without the sauce--after trying this, we all just dug in and no one wants to share. It's that good, guys!


Handcrafted Garlicky Longganisa Brunch Plate. Cafe Enye's way of infusing paella with Pinoy-silog science. Handcrafted garlicky longganisa with a choice of scrambled or poached or sunny-side-up or hardboiled egg (we had ours as sunny-side-up), Enye rice topped with pickled vegetables, salsa, and crispy fried anchovies. The egg is just perfectly cooked. The longganisa, anchovies, and the toasted garlic just go well with each other--it's perfect. Add some vinegar and you'll have that longsilog satisfaction. Delectable.


Chouxros. Homemade light Pate a Choux pastry with dulce de leche and chocolate peanut butter dips. The churros are different than the conventional ones that we are used to. The dough used is like an éclair's--it's really light (not dense like other churros) and goes well with both dips. Indulging treat.

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Angela Marie C.
5.0 Stars

I’ve loved Cafe Enye since I got to dine in Eastwood, so when Team Kaladkarin got an invite to the opening of their second branch, I wanted nothing but to join! 10084

I loved my first visit in this full service casual dining concept in QC and this second one was not exemption. My appreciation for the place grew all the more stronger afterwards. Their Colonial Spanish Cuisine is entrancing, and definitely interesting and just keeps me wanting to come back. 128571

Just a little info on their food, the cuisine is stemmed from Spice Trade. As such, their food offerings are a combination of Moroccan, American, Argentinian and Filipino flavors. I truly enjoy their fusion food every time.

Cafe Enye opened its signature red doors in Citi Plaza, BGC as their second branch. They’re located quite at the far end of the Mezzanine floor, but you won’t miss it if you use the second escalator. Just ask the guards if need be, just like I did. 1285699996🏼

I expected no less than an excellent dining experience and it was exactly what we got. The staff received us with so much kindness and was very helpful in spite of the adjustment in operations.

The interiors of the restaurant was absolutely stunning. The murals were so beautiful and it really gave the restaurant a lot more life. It also gave a distinct continuity from their last branch to this one. 10084

Cafe Enye is a jack of all trades, offering fantastic options for breakfast, for afternoon pick-me-ups during their happy hour and their full meals are definitely not to be missed. They’re open from early morning until late at night, to satisfy any food or beverage craving you have. And the most important thing is their pricing is absolutely amazing. Everything is definitely a bang for your buck.

1.) Pollo Croquettas - PHP 175
On their menu, it says this dish is addicting, and I must say it’s true! I enjoyed tis the last time, and I happy to say they have maintained the same recipe even on their second branch. The flavors are exploding on every piece of this simple looking appetizer. Don’t be fooled, share it or you’ll get full easily. I can easily have dish with a warm cup of rice on the side! Yum! 128571

2.) Enye Callos Buns - PHP 135 for 3 pieces
These soft and savory buns are absolutely divine! The callos itself is very flavorful and delicious. The texture is wonderful and and has no remains of “lansa”. The sauce was wonderfully smooth, just right to keep the bread still firm but enough to coat the meat. I absolutely loved this dish! You can actually order these to go. 128568

3.) Lechon Carbonara - PHP 250
This dish is what keeps Cafe Enye on top of my list of go-to’s in the metro. Their recipe for the carbonara is simple but packed with so much flavor. The toppings of their homemade mojo chicharrones gives it so much texture and richness, it is absolutely indulgent. And for the price, I could easily have this for a hearty meal any time, any day! 128571

4.) Moroccan-Style Curry Paella - PHP 385
This was surprisingly flavorful! I never knew the flavors of Morocco would mesh really well to create a paella. The tastes mixed so well together, it was really to die for. I couldn’t explain really how to describe them, but it’s just really really good! 128568

5.) Callos a la Casa - PHP 440
I’m actually not the biggest fan of this dish, in general. But Enye’s version is really good mostly because of the lechon on top. Hahaha But seriously, I liked their callos because the cook on the trip was absolutely divine. Not rubbery or anything, it was truly tasty and wonderful. The taste was aslo very well balanced and not at all “malansa”. 128570

6.) Cochinillo a la Casa - PHP 1,400
Slow-cooked and roasted prime cut of suckling pig, served with pan-seared peaches over roasted root crop vegetables, served with red wine and honey glaze, chimichurri and home-made liver sauce. This dish was as tasty and delicious as it was stunning. The roast on that pork was just beautiful, glistening and all. The texture of the meat was fantastic, soft and chewy and juicy on the inside and nicely crispy skin. Great to be shared, this dish is easily the star and must be right at the center of your table for a complete Spanish feast! 128568

We sampled a number of their desserts and drinks as well, that are not to be missed as they are absolutely great as well! 128571

Their cakes are subject to availability, so check what they have on their display chiller before ordering. Unfortunately we weren’t able to try the dessert items on their permanent menu. But I must say, the cakes that we got to try are absolutely fantastic! I loved them all because each of them was not too sweet, and just enough to end the meal.

The beverages we tried were really good too. Their coffee is worth visiting, so try it out especially when you’re having breakfast here. Both hot or iced are very tasty. Their alcoholic drinks were really good too. They were very flavorful, and really has that kick of alcohol! Cafe Enye sure is another place to chill over drinks and chit chats. 128568

All in all, I am absolutely thrilled that Cafe Enye opened its second branch in BGC as a lot more yuppies can very well enjoy their food and drinks! I highly recommend this place to everyone, whether you are seeking out for a new place to dine, or for your next brunch date or most importantly for your next tita night with friends. They can cater to each and everyone, whether you’re with family or friends, indeed true to their wall motto, “Good Food, Good Meat, Good Friends, Let’s Eat!” 128571

***Note: This was a sponsored event of Cafe Enye, BGC for Team Kaladkarin. All food and beverage items have been chosen by the restaurant based on their own discretion.

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Jayson J.
4.0 Stars

Team Kaladkarin was invited for cafe enye’s second branch at BGC. Now, you need to go here to try some of their highlighted dish. If you are craving for Spanish colonial food, do drop by the place and try my recos.

128204128525 Chorizo de Abuela @160PhP
These are tasty chorizo ball bombs. This could be the ultimate appetizer you’re looking for for a real pampagana dish.

128204128525 Pollo Croquettas @175PhP
Mashed potatoes and chicken bechamel are good especially when wrapped in a batter fried ‘til golden. The salsa verde beneath it gives it an herby taste.

128204128525 Chorizo Scotched Eggs @175PhP
I so love scotched eggs— they elevated it to chorizo, what a genius! Egg porn it is as the yolk is still runny. I like the mustard tasting aioli in the center too.

128204128525 Enye Callos Buns @135/3pcs
I thought they were cheese breads until i took a bite. I never ate callos before, but i think i will only eat callos at enye.

128204128525 Lechon Carbonara @250PhP
So good but it’s a little salty for me. I like runny egg yolks. Haha. The lechon chops were tender.

128204 Conchinillo a la Casa @1400PhP
Served with three dips— chimuchuri, liver sauce, and red wine honey sauce. Eat it right away while skin is crispy. The meat is always tender.

128204 Moroccan-style Curry Paella @385PhP
I find the curry rice a little bland but i love the chicken ontop of it.

128204 Paella Valenciana @405PhP
Seafood! I think they use the same rice.

128204128525 Callos a la Casa @450PhP
Their callo dish hit me right on the spot. Six hours slow cooked beef tripe with the goodness of chorizo, olives, and potatoes!

128204128525 Cafe Mocha
Love the thick chocolate flavor with a coffee ending

128204 Banana cake
Too much walnuts for me, but those who does not like sweet stuff would like this.

128204128525 red velvet cake
This is moist, but the cream cheese taste os really good

Visit the place. Or can accommodate around 90pax. There’s no CR inside but you have to use the CR at the hallway. It’s a good place to stay for reunions, catchups, etc. oh, there are two power outlets here. One is against the beautiful flowery wall, the other is hidden underneath the cushions.

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Sandy P.
5.0 Stars

Café Enye just opened their 2nd branch at Citi Plaza, BGC. It was actually my first time to try it.

I first noticed the interiors; I really love the different lighting fixtures inside the Café, it made the place cozier and classier plus the floral mural. Tina mentioned that it was painted by a Japanese artist which has a very unique signature (red sharp sign with a circle- something like that) which is really interesting!

Here are my top favorites:

Polo Croquettas (P175) – I had a lot of this! It’s crispy and super creamy and cheesy on the inside! It’s perfectly paired with their salsa verde.

Morrocan-Style Curry Paella (P385) – Since I am a fan of curry and paella, this one is TDF!! This is soooo good! It’s very flavorful and it has chicken chunks. I like the stickiness of the rice and how it was mixed with cinnamon. I think all of us had a lot of this. Bitin pa nga e? Haha

Lechon Carbonara (P250) – Everyone’s favorite! It’s unusual to pair lechon and pasta but this one pulled it off! I like the creamy sauce plus the crunchiness of the lechon, not to mention it has egg too.

Cochinillo a la Casa (P1,200) – this is so sinful. It caught my attention from all the food. It’s juicy and mouthwatering. I like that it has a sweet taste and not too salty. It’s best to eat while it’s crunchy.

We have also tried their cakes but my favorite is the Mango Cheesecake!! I can finish two i guess? 128517128586

Overall, I love everything about Café Enye. It’s a good place to chill and eat at the same time. Not all cafes offer the same food menu and this one has good options, whether for group or even single order. The owners were very nice and friendly. They really assisted us the whole time and took time to discuss more about the resto.

Thank you so much for inviting Team K! We would definitely go back 128522 Thanks Christina R for bringing us here 128536

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5.0 Stars

Cafe Enye is now officially open at BGC. It is situated at the 2nd level of Citi Plaza. For those who wants some Colonial Spanish Cuisine, you should try the following dishes:

🥘 Pollo Croquettas for Php175.00 - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
Warning, this dish is addicting! Crispy marinated chicken bechamel and potato croquettas served with salsa verde and homemade pickles. Don’t forget to smother your croquettas with sauce at the bottom.

🥘Enye Callos Buns for Php135.00 (3pcs) - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
Soft and savory, freshly made soft buns filled with our slow-cooked callos.

🥘Lechon Carbonara for Php250.00 - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
It is the beat carbonara I’ve ever tasted. A classic pasta carbonara topped with Enye’s homemade mojo chicharrones.

🥘Cochinillo a la Casa for Php1,400.00 - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
Slow-cooked and roasted prime cut if suckling pig, served with pan-seared peaches over roasted crop vegetables, served with red wine and honey glazed, chimuchurri and liver sauce.

🥘Moroccan-Style Curry Paella for Php385.00 - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
Moroccan-inspired paella, cooked with chicken, curry turmeric and cinnamon.

🥘Callos a la Casa for Php440.00 - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
This dish will turn you into a callos fan. Six hour slow cooked classic goodness of stewed stripe, chorizo, olives and potatoes, topped with Enye’s homemade mojo chicharrones.

For first timer, you should try the lechon carbonara. Grabe this one taste really good. Ang sarap! The callos will always be my favorite, complement with the Moroccan Style Curry paella. If you have some money to spend try the Cochinillo a la Casa, the meat was so tender and the pork skin was crispy and tasty.

For the dessert we were served Enye’s different cake... Red Velvet, Mango Cheesecake, Banana Walnut and Carrot Cake. All paired with latte.

Overall, we the #TeanKaladkarin enjoyed Enye’s sneak peak before their opening day. We ate so much and had fun shooting. Sobrang busog!

Thank you Christina R for organizing. And for our guest foodie Gene G ‘til our next eat up.

Thank you Enye for having us.

Angela Marie C, Norman Lester T, Sandy P, Jayson J, Christina R Solid! 128588🏼

*The event was sponsored and paid by Cafe Enye.

#ilovetoeatph 12851510084

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Gene G.
4.0 Stars

Café Enye just opened their 2nd branch in Citi Plaza, bringing their boastful colors, unique flavors and creative ingredients for customers to experience. Known for Spanish cuisine, they make sure to keep their prices affordable. With their 2nd branch, it goes to show that they are successful with their main purpose – to reintroduce Spanish cuisine to the younger generation.

Ambiance wise, Café Enye is a perfect place to have those meetings or you just want to work there peacefully. There’s ample space to put your things. You will be surrounded by well lit lights & colorful decors to make the place vibrant. You can’t miss their signature red door which can also be found in their Eastwood branch.

Dishes of Café Enye are presentable and drool worthy. An instance, their Moroccan-Style Curry Paella (385php). It’s Moroccan-inspired paella, cooked with chicken, curry turmeric and cinnamon. If you get to ask the other people I was with, they can assure you that this is one of my favorites. I would constantly get and put a lot on my plate.

Another favorite of mine is the Cochinillo a la Casa (1,400php). It consists of slow-cooked and roasted prime cut of suckling pig, served with pan-seared peaches over roasted vegetables, served with red wine and honey glaze, chimuchurri and homemade liver sauce. I love the fact that even though I did not put any sauce, it still tasted great.

Since Café Enye is located at the 2nd floor of Citi Plaza, people working within the area can just go here to satisfy their alcohol intake. From 3pm-7pm, this is where their Happy Hour happens. During Happy Hour, their local beers will cost you 55php and their cocktails at 100php.

Don’t be fooled by Café Enye. They may look sophisticated because of its interior design but their dishes are very affordable wherein young people like me can have the means to get my paella fix.

P.S. Thank you Team Kaladkarin for the invite! 9786
Flatlay by : EJ B 128522

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