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The Eastwood Excelsior, Eastwood Ave., Eastwood City, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Cafe Enye
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Reich T.
4.0 Stars

We found ourselves in Eastwood one night and was looking for a quiet place to have dinner. Then i thought of the lovely Spanish restaurant i visited a couple of weeks back.

We meet again, Cafe Enye!

I distinctly remember the Lechon Carbonara and how good it is. Suffice to say that getting this is a must.

There were a lot of vacant tables when we arrived. Not sure if Sunday night is a slow night for them. This played on our favor as we prefer lesser crowds and it makes dinner more intimate.

Huevos Rancheros. Sous vide egg covered with chorizo and breadcrumbs mixed on top pf crispy potato nest and served with Sofrito aioli. This is the first time i've had the aforementioned dish, so i dunno how a legit one should taste like. I am gonna leave it all to good old fashioned tastebuds. First, i didnt know that you can sous vide an egg. Anyway, ze rancheros falls on the just okay category as it failed to wow me. For me, it is eggs coated in batter.

Lechon Carbonara. This is still as good as i remember. Al dente noodles, creamy and rich white sauce and the lechon bits on top. This is a bowl of sinful goodness.

Garlic Silantro Mussels and Clams. Mussels and clams sautéed in garlic olive oil served served with Chimichuri and crisp bread. This dish gets top honors from me and CMA! For one, we both dig clams and any other marine life hiding inside a shell. I love how clean the flavor is. This dish is the epitome of how fresh seafood should be cooked - simple, clean and delicious.

Suffice to say that we enjoyed our intimate dinner at Enye. Yeah,'s shocking (pun intended)

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Julie L.
3.0 Stars

Nice ambiance but the outside tables wasn't well ventilated. We ordered the following
Chicken MoJo Skewers (Php330) - full of flavors and spices
Pancheta de Cardo (Php350) - the skin was tough and was a bit hard to chew
Pollo Croquettes (Php175)

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Ruth D.
3.0 Stars

I've been to Cafe Enye twice, the first was during an event and the second was a personal visit. I don't normally write reviews for sponsored events except if it's a looloo rendezvoos so I make sure I come back right after an event.

Here are the dishes I ordered:

🔹Chorizo de Abuela
🔹Basque Rock Fish Fillet
🔹Peachy and Green blended drink. Blended fresh celery and peaches.

All these were good during the first visit but quality was different when I went back, except for the Chorizo which was pretty much the same.

Service was so-so.

P.S. I can no longer find the dishes in online menus so I'm not sure if they are still available.

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Reich T.
4.0 Stars

This is one of the reviews that got stuck in my to-do-list. The visit was ages ago, the delay is not due to my procrastination but my stubbornness to write anything without remembering one detail. Here goes…when we received the invite from the wonderful people of The Foodie Station, I thought that Café Enye is a Korean Restaurant. I know, my assumption doesn’t make sense and downright silly. From some reason I associated Café Enye with Korean food and for x number of months, ive been in a constant battle with my own brain. I finally figured out the reason – another joint bears the word Café in their name and this restaurant happens to be associated with Korea.

Anyway, digression stops here.

Unlike my silly notion, Café Enye specializes in Spanish Cuisine. Without knowing any details of what they offer, one would have an educated guess by scrutinizing the interior. The mural is the first thing that you will see and some photos adorning the wall. It sort of reminds me of a modernized ancestral house.

Note: I will only review the dishes that I remember

Lechon Carbonara. This doesn’t sound too Spanish eh? I don’t care as I really like the dish. The crispy lechon chunks made me see carbonara in a different light. It brings an interesting contrast with the sauce.

Basque Rock Fish Fillet. This one of the dishes that stood out. The fish was cooked in such a way that the natural and clean flavor is eminent. The dish is very light and delicious.

Paelle Negra. I am no paella expert and I don’t have the faintest idea on how it should taste like. I am happy to report that Enye’s Paelle Negra passed with flying colors. The flavor is on point and can I just say that it is the prettiest plate in the spread.

Callos Buns. This Enye’s answer to Tim Ho Wan’s famous buns. The only difference is that they used callos as the filing. I like the fact that dem buns are cooked in such a way that is not too oily. The bun has a crispy exterior while the inside is fluffy and cloud-like.

Pollo Croquettas. Chicken x béchamel wrapped then deep fried. Sounds sinful eh? Yes it is! The marriage of fowl x béchamel is a match made in heaven. Once you sink your teeth into it, you will feel the creamy texture.

Carrot Cake. This is the best guilt-free dessert. The cake is so moist and goes well with ze cream cheese topping. I like the fact that they added some candied orange peels to add a lil tang.

Dinner at Enye is truly satisfying. The food they serve stands out because of the excellent flavors and the innovation involved in making them.

Peace Out!


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Christina R.
5.0 Stars

Masarap Ba, uber popular IG foodie account, declared Cafe Enye as a hidden gem in Eastwood. This secret foodie described the Lechon Carbonara as "Heaven sa sarap, pikit pikit ng eyes bawat subo."

I've been here a number of times already. The food is super affordable. With the setting and service, you can't find a similar place in BGC (where I'm usually at) that offers the same food and price points that Enye does. As I've said before, the best Spanish food comes from my Lola's kitchen, owing to the Spanish side of my family. But this is a good try, not really authentic but good enough for a craving and your wallet too.

A food eat up organized by IG: @thefoodiestation brought me here one weeknight. While the food is definitely best enjoyed if served per plate, they set up a sumptuous buffet spread for 25 of us.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Here's what I had for the evening:

127752LECHON CARBONARA. 250. Best Classic carbonara in town with house made chicharrones.
This is in their original menu which I've tried before. I've noticed this is one of their popular dishes too. This is a real carbonara rightfully made with egg, not a copycat Pinoy version that's swimming in cream sauce. The spaghetti was al dente. The lechon is like panchetta on steroids, hu-waw. Forget bacon.

PAELLA NEGRA. 450. Classic paella with squid ink, sofrito, chorizo, prawns, mussels, squid.
I hate black food, mostly the saucy ones. Paella negra is probably the only black food I’m ok trying, like a spoonful. Rice was soft, not mushy. Could use more seafood thou gh. It is also topped with chorizo, which by Spain's ruckus over Jaime Oliver's addition of chorizo to his recent version of paella, is a travesty. Since I love chorizo, and only part Spanish, I didn't mind.

127752CHORIZO BUNS. 135 for 3. Freshly made soft buns with slow-cooked callos.
Subtly sweet crust, soft bread, and a generous filling of callos. Think Tim Ho Wan for the bread. Needs a little tweaking on the filling, maybe some roasted pimiento. Otherwise perfect, because I love buns and callos anyway. Ate this with Chorizo a la Sidra.

CALLOS ALA CASA. 440. 6-hour slow cooked stewed tripe, chorizo, olives potatoes and mojo chicharrones. I heard foodies exclaiming how much they love this, even those that don’t eat callos. Still pretty good, but as you can read from my previous review here, there’s nothing like my lola’s callos for me.

127752POLLO CROQUETTAS. Crispy, marinated chicken béchamel croquettas.
Fried potato. With yummy sauce.

PINCHITOS PESCADO. 225. Caramelized onions, aoili, crisp kankong, and fish fillet on a squid ink baguette. Black bread is on my list of a few black things I’m ok eating. Fish was moist. An order comes with 5-6 pieces of pinxtos.

POLLO POCKETS. 280.Chicken chunks wrapped in pita bread with chop salad on the side.
Best eaten while still warm. The chicken is made a la Brasa.

127752EL TINDERO. 190. Bacardi Gold, lager beer, coconut water, muscovado, apple cider vinegar, and a rim of desiccated coconut and muscovado sugar. I somehow can’t say no when cocktails are offered. Even after I indulged myself in Enye’s hospitality by providing us with our choice of red or white wine. Concocted by their mixologist Richie Cruz, who is the Philippine’s First Bacardi Legacy Cocktail Competition Champion. This drink also went all the way as a finalist in the global competition held in San Francisco last April. Smelled like a potent drink but the alcohol is very tolerable. It was a great mix, and not overly bitter. Really liked this one. And at only 190, it is such a steal.

Alfajores was crumby, just the way an alfajores should be. Carrot cake was moist, maybe a little more nutmeg for me, but really liked this one too. Turon Souffle is new on their menu. The soufflé is more of a canonigo over baked bananas. They told us to poke a hole and pour the accompanying sauce to it. It’s really good when you eat all the components in one bite.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

I was delighted to find out that Enye is eyeing Makati and BGC for their second branch. It’s only a matter of time! Happy hour is from 3:00-7:00 PM and 9:00 PM-12 MN.

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April H.
3.0 Stars

Tired from the holiday festivities, my parents and my brother decided to go out for dinner on Christmas day. Megamall and BGC were not feasible due to the traffic. We ended up in Eastwood, hopefully to enjoy Ippudo. Seeing that it was closed, we transferred to Cafe Enye. They had a lot of reservations for that night, but Miss Grace was still able to accomodate us.

The place had a simple yet upscale atmosphere. I liked the mural by the entrance and the photos hanging on the walls... Even the bathroom was really nice.

I had the mojito while waiting for the food. We ordered the Gambas Enye style, wherein the gambas were submerged in olive oil but diluted with something so the consistency was watery. I think we were all used to a very garlicky gambas that's why we didn't quite like it.

We shared the calamari salad and the caesar salad. The calamari was fried nicely but my parents thought that the dressing didn't go well with the components. My brother didn't really like the mayonnaise-like consistency of the caesar dressing. He also ordered the pumpkin soup which tasted good but had a very watery consistency.

I got their Lechon Carbonara and I swear this was so good! Much, much better than the bacon, cream and egg pasta of Le Petit Soufflé. If you do drop by, this is the dish to order. It hit the right note in terms of creaminess, without crossing to the oily side. The noodles absorbed the egg yolk nicely. The lechon (kawali) complemented the whole dish, giving it both added flavor and crunchiness.

We also ordered the callos ala casa and it was just okay. I think the tripe needed a little more time in the slow cooker to get that tender consistency. They ran out of their burgerizzo, so my bro had the panchetta. He said it was okay.

It was the bacalao puttanesca that was a miss. Bacalao is something we are very used to eating AND preparing. I think the best version is still the original I tried in Portugal. This is salted cod that can be found easily in Spain and Macau. It is supposed to be washed thoroughly prior to being cooked. I think this is probably the step they missed. The bacalao was not edible-- super super salty. My dad ate a bite and didn't touch it again. My mom and I had to spit it out. Literally. She called the staff's attention regarding this dish. They did replace it quickly with the lechon carbonara but they were insistent that was how it was supposed to taste like. Oh come on, hijo. It was DEFINITELY not, end of discussion.

I thought the service was really nice. We had one waiter who didn't have the answer to anything we asked, but the rest were very knowledgeable. They kept making sure that all dishes were already served. Everyone was very pleasant.

I have to agree with the reviews that say the lechon carbonara is a must try. It is. And that's that.

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5.0 Stars

All the food here is love! 128149

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Chiara C.
2.0 Stars

Carbonara was exceptional. Aside from that, we had the steak and roast chicken, which were meh, especially considering the price.

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Angela Marie C.
5.0 Stars

Yey! I finally got to come home after a long while, and a few days in Manila means nothing but food trips and being with loved ones! So happy to be home, even if it was just quick.

I had a wonderful Sunday Brunch in Cafe Enye with the family! It's been a while since I've wanted to try dining in this joint. I love cream-based pasta sauces, so to hear about their Lechon Carbonara just excited me so much.

For starters, we had the Pollo Croquettas (Php 175) and we shared their Chicharrones Salad (Php 250). The croquettes were really good mainly because of the sauce that went with it. Otherwise, on its own it was just ok. The salad was delicious. The dressing was light and sweet and went very well with the poached egg on top and the pieces of lechon kawali. It was a well balanced plate, I must say, composed of veggies and just the right amount of richness.

Then for mains, we ordered their Paella Valenciana, Carne Asada Cubano (Php 265) and of course, their Lechon Carbonara (Php 250). The paella was delicious, but the texture was a bit weird for us. It was more of greasy and separated than what I'd think it would be, or maybe I'm just used to Valenciana made by my mom using sticky rice. I'm not sure what it was supposed to be served as, but in terms of taste, it was sure spot on! The chefs do know their stuff. The cubano sandwich was such a delight too. The pieces of beef were tender and packed with flavor and the sauce and veggies in the sandwich put the while dish together. The fries served with it needed a tas more salt though, and probably a dipping sauce. I ended up dipping the fries on the croquette sauce cause it was so good!

The star of the meal for me was the Lechon Carbonara. When it was served it was just lovely, nicely twirled creamy pasta with an egg yolk on top, glistening with the pieces of bacon bits, garlic and Lechon Kawali! It was absolutely delicious! I can't say this is already my favorite carbonara dish I have had in my life, but their version sure is up on my top 5 list.

Service was good too, though there were times the servers couldn't see us immediately because we were seated behind a pillar which blocked the kitchen / staff area. It was a good experience for me, and I will definitely come back! 128568

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Gemma D.
5.0 Stars

+++Good food, nice place, good service, & value for money 10084️ must try!

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Migs C.
3.0 Stars

Not digging my pricey chicken skewers. Meh.

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Aileen L.
4.0 Stars

A new cafe in Eastwood, Cafe Enye.

My Pre-Mothers day celebration. After Baga Manila, I asked hubby that we should try this new cafe. It's a Spanish restaurant besides healthy option. The place has a very nice ambience and it's not crowded. You'll love this interiors here. It's open up to 12 midnight and glad they accepted us even if it's almost past 11pm.

We tried their coffee, smoothies and hubby tried imported beer. Last but not the least, churros is a must! Lucky that they have promo for Mother's Day and I've got a free red velvet cake.

A sophisticated Spanish restaurant that you must try in Eastwood 128131 adios!

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Mary Love S.
4.0 Stars

I have heard of Café Enye since last year. It sure captured my interest after reading positive reviews about it in looloo. I was so intrigued that I even begged my family to eat there instead of the ribs place a few blocks away a few months ago. But since it was my uncle’s birthday and he chose Big D’s Smokehouse, I had to give up my intense desire to visit this place. (Yes, I’m that passionate with food.) Then again, food gods love me and I finally got a chance to visit this place last week.

Hello, Café Enye!

I visited the place around 12 noon on a Monday and I was the only diner that time.

The place has a warm ambiance with its predominantly brown interiors. The server who assisted me was very friendly and pleasant too.

Since I have been stalking this restaurant for quite some time, I already knew what to order. The only problem is, since I was alone that time, I had to trim down my long must-try list. I ended up ordering Chicken Mojo Skewers (PHP330), Chouxros with Dulce de Leche Cream (PHP170) and Calamansi-Cucumber (PHP90).

Service was quite prompt as I was just about to start blogging when my drink arrived.

It was the perfect thirst-quenching drink. It was refreshing with a bit of zest. I loved it! <3

My main dish was served next and it was a very pretty dish. I instantly fell in love with the citrus marinated chicken skewers. I may be a bit biased as I love anything tangy. But this dish is a definite winner. It had a delightful balance of saltiness and tanginess. Also, the chicken cubes were cooked to perfection. Each bite was juicy and packed with flavor.

It went lovely with the cilantro yogurt and the Harissa and Latin Salsa which further added texture and balanced the zest of the chicken.

After an intense flip flopping on whether I should finish my plate of skewers or not, the lovely rings of dough finally arrived.

One order comes with two dips--dulce de leche cream and tsokolate peanut butter dip. Though interesting, I didn't go crazy over the dips and it just made me crave for Dulcinea's/La Lola's/Alqueria's thick and rich chocolate dip. Nothing beats the classic!

Overall, it was a wonderful and filling lunch. Dessert was a bit of a miss though but it won't hinder me from visiting this place again. See you again soon, Café Enye!


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Jialing H.
5.0 Stars

I think this is the best carbonara I have tasted so far, the Lechon Carbonara128525 it was truly mouth-watering. It wasn’t your typical carbonara, as it had bits and pieces of Lechon meat topped with a whole egg yolk accompanied by a rich and creamy sauce, the combination of these ingredients made this dish mind blowing! (PS. the garlic bread on the side was sooooo good)128523128523128523

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4.0 Stars

Meeting a friend at #EastwoodMall and decided to go to the Spanish theme cafe, #CafeEnye located at the ground floor of Excelsior Building, Eastwood Avenue, Libis, Quezon City. 128663🇪🇸

I am amazed with the chic interior of the cafe. Very colorful. 127912

The coffee and desert that we ordered taste good, especially the churros, it compliments with the chocolate sauce and dulce de leche cream. 9749

Cafe Latte - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5

Iced Cappuccino - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

Chouxros with Dulce de Leche Cream - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

The service of their staff is superb 128077🏼 but the wifi/internet has a poor signal 128078🏼 #ilovetoeat 12851510084

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Jennifer S.
4.0 Stars

Tried 2 of their tapas. Both didn't disappoint.

Pollo croquetas: the croquetas were good but the sauce was wonderful, adding oomph to the dish.

Mojo chicken and lechon carnitas: great, savory flavors. So, so good! Think lechon, olives, mushrooms, garlic, chilies sautéed in olive oil. I will go back for this!!

The Kamias shake was superb too. The dishes were large enough for the 2 of us, we didn't have room for dessert. The churros though looked promising.

The restaurant is well appointed with a nice outdoor seating. Will definitely go back as there are many more on the menu that caught our eyes.

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Leia P.
4.0 Stars

I ate lunch at this place last week. I tried their Pollo Croquettas and Lechon Carbonara (pictured here); liked them both.

I liked the ambience of the place; has a warm feel to
It. The staff were gracious in answering my questions and attentive. It's a little pricey but I look forward to eating there and try their other dishes.

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Angelique R.
3.0 Stars

The first time I entered Cafe Enye, I already fell inlove with how homey it looks inside. It was their first week of operation and they even offer 40% off for the main dishes on their menu. I ordered the oil based chorizo pasta and their house blend iced tea.

My opinion:
Pasta: 110881108811088️ as it is a bit bland. I am expecting more flavor as they are using chorizo which usually has a string flavor.

Houseblend iced tea: 1108811088110881108811088️ because the flavor is perfect.

Price: they are a bit pricey than expected. Luckily I got my meal 40% off that day.128076🏼

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Mickey S.
3.0 Stars

I've always loved Spanish food, although because I normally associate it with my grand parents. I appreciate how Cafe Enye has really made it modern, and added interesting touches to the classic favourites.

The interiors of Cafe Enye and all of the carefully thought of details are something to behold. I love that they exerted effort to make the environment classy and inviting and not divey in feel.

The give you all the dishes you want from a Spanish restaurant - tapas, paella, callos, great meats; The way to go here is order a few items to share so you can taste a little bit of everything.

To be honest, the food can be a hit or miss. For example, their version of Lechon Carbonara was probably my least favourite item on the menu (And that's already saying a lot because I love lechon!). The pasta was overcooked, sauce was watered down, and had no hint of Parmesan. On the other hand, the Lechon Cubano sandwich was really delicious. In my opinion, juiciness and tenderness are two very important factors when it comes to meat quality and they have managed to achieve both factors with flying colors.

The steak was okay but not nearly as amazing and tasty as l had hoped. Again, the meat was tender and juicy but under seasoned. Also, the Sofrito Butter that came with it tasted nothing more like margarine(?).

Overall, I think the food is just fine; or average for lack of a better word. Cafe Enye has the potential to be a really good place if they will just try a little bit harder and of course, if they are open to it. Seems like a lot of diners (myself included) have had a few issues with their food that I believe they should pay closer attention to.


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Russel F.
5.0 Stars

It has been a dreadful start of the work week for me, so I decided to unwind and somehow reward myself (because I coped with it) with some great food. I’m thinking of trying out a new place but I decided to go back here and finally try some of the pasta. I tagged a friend with me who lives on the same building where Café Enye is to join me for dinner.

I got this Lechon Carbonara and just by looking at it, I instantly fell in love with it. Aside from its usual elements and being creamy and all, the chicharrones brought the dish I have always loved to a whole new level. Adding a raw egg yolk might be icky for some, but it actually adds an interesting hook to the taste of the pasta itself. It’s filling that it took a lot of time before I could finish it.

My friend tried the Grilled Porkchop and he seemed to like it! Aside from its taste, he really like the plating of the dishes and its inclusions such as the roasted root crop mash, salsa and grilled tomato.

Since I already tried this place last year, I have noticed that they’ve started working on the interiors and rearranging the seats and layout of the café to make it look cozier and appealing to the masses. Way to go, Enye!

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