Cafe Lago

Sampaloc Lake, Dagatan Blvd., San Pablo City, Laguna

Cafe Lago
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Sandra Y.
4.0 Stars

Long drive to San Pablo, Laguna with my dear bf. Took us 2 hrs from Makati to San Pablo! Whew! For me to see where he has been for past few weeks (work!) We had brunch at Cafe Lago. The place is facing Sampaloc Lake, with nice view of Mt Banahaw..something great to see for the first time in the morning in a weekend. #imaspecialchild

At around few minutes past 10am, there are diners already. Its a small rustic cafe, with small courtyard inside, with lush foliage all over the place..Spell "ambiance"128525 Menu has breakfast meals, lunch& dinner meals. By the way, their binagoongan is the best seller, but didn't get to try it since I wanted a breakfast meal.
Initially, we tried their Fern Salad (Paco), wow! I just loved it. It has tomatoes, onions, salted egg & fern! Lots of fern. That is so good!!! It has this sweet tasting vinegar that makes it extra yummy.

I had Daing Na Bangus (120) crispy fried milkfish, a cup of garlic rice, sunny side up egg and atchara on the side. Serving is okay(not bitin). This is one of my favorite breakfast meal. And it passed my standard: Fish is crispy fried 128523

Adobo Omellete, this is our shared meal ( ayan may disclaimer companion has his Lucban longganisa meal, and we saw this yummy meal ordered by another customer.. So we ordered it also) This one is good! It has fries rice cooked in adobo and wrapped in a scrambled egg. its quite a heavy meal128524

Brewed coffee, hmmm its ok. It was so hot when it was served. Also, was able to taste their Apple smoothie.. And its good!

All in all, its a good place to visit. The food I had is not something that blown me away, (as its the usual.. But its good128076🏼), the alfresco dining facing the nice scenery is something to highlight in this visit.

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Marti M.
5.0 Stars

Our home by the lake 9786️ Cafe Lago has been our usual stopover whenever we visit Sampaloc Lake. Visiting the lake this time with Kandyce Kulit, we made sure this baby will eat her brunch well.

Espie and I got our usual longganisang lucban with garlic rice. Kandyce shared the rice and longganisa with her mom. We were so happy that Kandyce loved the longganisa and garlic rice (with lots of garlic by the way) - just the way mommy Espie cooks it at home. We also got a chicken sandwich just in case little Kandyce didn't like the longganisa. To our surprise, Kandyce also loved the sandwich (hungry kid!)

To end our brunch before we go walking (and eating) by the Sampaloc Lake, we also ordered their usual brew which never fails to amaze (and made us fully awake despite the cool drizzle). I do wish they'd offer more coffee concoctions.

The owner even took time to be with us while eating and before we left the place. It really feels great to be back to this place we call home by the Sampaloc Lake.

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Paul G.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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Stephen C.
4.0 Stars

First stop on a recent San Pablo trip. Right on the lakefront of Lake Sampolac, this is a quaint and simple Filipino cafe with your usual offerings.

The food is decent. We tried the binagoongan, their best seller. For you fellow foreigners out there, that's lechon kawali (pork with skin) and bagoong (shrimp paste). The lechon part was quite good by itself, but paired with the bagoong it got too salty for my tastes. I'm not the biggest fan of bagoong anyway, so that could be why.

The interior however, the atmosphere, is really quite nice. It's alfresco, but with being so near the lake there's a nice constant breeze to keep everything chill. Having an afternoon coffee here after a day at the lake would certainly be worth the visit. There's even a hammock here should you need w siesta or a fun little photo op.

Service is also quite nice, going the extra mile with kindness.

So while the food may not blow your socks off, the service and atmosphere of this place make up for it, making this place a nice relaxing spot when you're spending a day at the lake.

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