Café Laguna

G/F Veranza Mall, J. Catolico St., Lagao, General Santos, South Cotabato

Café Laguna
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Nicole Eunice C.
4.0 Stars

Crispy pata! 10084

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Kristella D.
1.0 Stars

My parents and I decided to check out the newest mall to open in the city, Veranza.

Veranza Mall is like a hybrid of Glorietta and Abreeza. The way the hallways were designed remind me of Glorietta; its spacious, posh, and al fresco feel remind me of Abreeza. 127811

So while walking around the mall, we spotted Cafe Laguna. Since it was close to dinnertime anyway, we decided to grab a bite there. Their branches in Cagayan de Oro and Davao were great, so we hoped it would be the same in GenSan.

We couldn't have been more wrong.

My father ordered ampalaya salad, and it took forever to come out. Come on, it's just some chopped vegetables with some vinaigrette! He had to follow up his order because it seemed like they forgot. And to add to his frustration, there was no vinaigrette in it. 128565

I ordered their fresh lumpia and it was just average. Just you usual lumpia BUT without garlic. BOO! Who does lumpia without garlic? 128557

And we also ordered their crispy tadyang. The crispy tadyang that we loved so much in their CDO and Davao branches. And yes it was crispy all right. Waaay too crispy because it was a bit burnt and overcooked. 128555 The servings were smaller than the ones served in CDO and Davao.

The worst offender though was the halaan. They used tulya instead of imbaw! Say whuut? 128566

If you're not familiar with seafood then you won't know the difference. Taste-wise, it's just not that good compared to imbaw. It's muddy. But with my father who had practically worked in the seafood industry nearly half his life and career, he can tell what the creature was in a snap. Tulya in halaan... Uhh, no thanks. 128531

So how offending was it? Let's just say it got my mother raising her eyebrows and my father sending it back to the kitchen and asking for the bill in frustration. 128544 They offered to replace it but we declined the offer.

Oh, and may I just cite how absent-minded their staff are. We requested for minced garlic and vinegar as our sauce for the tadyang. This girl served us vinegar with chilies. No garlic. So we had her do it again. This time, the garlic was there, but it was the same chili vinegar. *face palm* My mother cannot eat spicy food! So we specifically told her to use plain vinegar and add in some minced garlic. And she finally got it. Finally! 128528 In their other branches, you just tell them once and they already know.

And in another instance: when the bill arrived, I spotted that the halaan was still on the receipt even though we had it sent back to the kitchen. We had to correct them yet again. *face palm again* 128547

Hmmff. Never ever again will we set foot in this branch. 128544

PS. Spotted Jinkee Pacquiao and her twin. They were at the table just across ours. Bling bling and the bodyguards y'all! 12812010024128181

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