Cafe Panay

Molo Mansion, Dalan Rizal St., Molo, Iloilo City, Iloilo

Cafe Panay
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Reopens Sat: 10:00a - 8:00p


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    • 10:00a - 8:00p

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Most Recent Reviews

Glenie F.
5.0 Stars

Cafe Panay, a small cozy restaurant in Molo Iloilo that serves traditional Ilonggo breakfasts and snacks. We ordered pancit molo ni mayang and fried ibos with tsokolate tablea dip, muscovado sugar and mango compote. Im a little confused when we call pancit molo a pancit when all i see is soup and siomai, well pancit or not its still a great dish. I loved it to the last drop. Sarap ng soup it has a distinct taste, and the molo was soft and tasty. The fried ibos was also great. Deep fried suman. It was evenly crunchy on the outside and soft and sticky in the inside. Dip it in tsokolate, and the taste buds go wild! It was a pleasant visit, i would love to come come back and try their other dishes. 128521128522128523

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Abbey A.
4.0 Stars

After kwentuhan in Table Matters, I suggested for us to try Café Panay also, becasuse I was curious of their coffee. 9786 It was just a few steps away so yay!!!

Upon checking the menu, I got overwhelmed. There were so many items I wanted to try, but we settled for this fried suman that came with three dips, and for me Molo soup. The suman was surprisingly very good and I would have gotten my own order but we were all just going to divide the bill equally so I got hiya. Hahaha The Molo soup was good too! Although, I was thinking of Lomi, while ordering, the Molo soup did not disappoint. It was good to have something savory after the ice cream and suman.

Of course, we also had coffee. I ordered the Iced Kape ni Inday, which I initially thought was good for one only, but turned out to be good for sharing. The coffee came hot, in a tall bottle. We were also provided with 5 glasses coated with fresh hardening caramel filled with ice to cool the hot coffee we poured into it. Sarap naman, but the suman was the star of the show! 128541

For Café Panay, I liked the food more than the ambiance, opposite of my verdict for Table Matters. Table Matters ambiance127811 + Café Panay food, now that would be a perfect package.

Price wise, in Iloilo, things are pretty affordable. 128076

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