Cafe Sanso

32 V. Cruz St., Sta. Lucia, San Juan, Metro Manila

Cafe Sanso
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Jayson J.
5.0 Stars

You know when it's hidden, it's something special. It goes true for this Spanish cafe along V. Cruz san juan. I thought this place is located near taft or sta cruz, so i was hesitant to try this since i saw Edwin I review. Good thing it's at near greenhills.

Colorful checkered tile floor, air conditioned, wifi zone, soft Bossa nova music, mix of metal, plastic and wooden chairs, and well-lit high ceiling cafe is where i spent tonight's damp weather.

The place can only accommodate about 25 pax inside and additional 10 more seats outside for al fresco pleasures. The parking space was all full but thankfully it's a good 7 meter one way street and was able to park at the street side.

There are only a few baristas who were attentive. At this dusk hour, self employed business men and some hipsters are seen dining here. This may also be a good hang out for tittas and tittos. There are a variety if food here--sandwiches, soup, tapas, entrees--to fill up your hungry tummy. And first i was thinking of just having a light snack here but ended up getting filled up.

128204128525 Francesinha @350php
On the sandwich menu, this is the most expensive. I was not looking at the price then but what caught my attention was its content--jamon serrano, chipolata sausage, sauteed wild mushroom on sourdough bread; chive cream cheese, melted mozarella and asiago cheese on top. Served with seasoned fries. A lot right? It was served to me for quite some time so i was able to do some documents sorting. Then there's my food! Ot looks wow! The fries were potato wedges! The look of the sandwich really amazing, but i only saw the chipolata sausage. The mushroom is already incorporated in this some sort of spread in it--well it tasted truffles! I asked if there's truffle oil in it but there's none! I liked it!

128204128525 churros con ice cream @240php
Whoa! This is a lot! I ordered yhis right after i ate the sandwich-- it took sometime, but wow, it was fresh! The churros is toasted with cinnamon sugar outside but really a softy inside--the softest that i have tasted so far. On top of each freshly made churros were a scoop of ice cream--salted caramel, dark chocolate and vanilla flavored. The vanilla was so-so, the salted caramel offers something not sweet. I loved the dark chocolate, something that stands out.

Check put their pastries when you visit. The cakes look promising.

A double like for me. A good measure of a good stay place cafe is the presence of power outlet! Yes, and this place got some outlets at the cushioned seats! However the price you see on the menu is tax exclusive. You'll get a little surprise at the bill. There's a common CR beside the counter. Good thing the turnover of customers was a little fast so i could grab a moment to take a photo of the place. (Quick there's another customer parking!)

Overall i love the place, a 4.5, if only they could improve on the pricing 128540128513

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Howie S.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Edwin I.
5.0 Stars

For Churros-loving foodies, Cafe Sanso's new sweet treat called "Churros Ice Cream Cups" is definitely not to miss.

It simply is hard to resist the 3 huge cupcake shaped Spanish sweet treats topped with different ice cream flavors.

The churros cups themselves , nicely hold a nice crunch yet chewy inside. Lightly sprinkled with cinnamon sugar with a touch of saltiness for that perfect balance.

Each "cup" generously topped with different ice cream flavors-- Salted Caramel , Dark Chocolate, and Vanilla.

The Salted Caramel Churros Cup, further indulgent with crunchy bits of bacon sprinkled as garnish. The right levels of sweetness, caramelly, crunchy, salty mix of flavors and textures perfectly please the palate.

The Dark Chocolate Churro Cup, indulgences chocolate loving palates. The cup is lightly coated in a dark chocolate syrup then topped with a scoop of Dark Chocolate ice cream.

The Vanilla Churros Cup, nicely clean with the straightforward flavors of enjoying Churros with vanilla ice cream.

What I further loved from this sweet treat was that the Churros Cups held their texture even as the creamy-cold toppings began to melt.

Ordering this insanely good treat will need some 15-20 minutes of waiting (after all, Cafe Sanso makes their Churros from scratch). But I must say, it was worth the wait.

A single serving is good enough to share between 2-3 people. Or perhaps, if you don't mind the calories, enjoy a serving all by yourself. This sweet treat is priced nicely for just about php 240.

This dish isn't listed in their regular menu. So if you do intend to indulge yourself for a helping of this yummy treat, just ask your server about these heavenly Churros Ice Cream Cups.

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Kwokie K.
5.0 Stars

Got invited by a friend for dinner in the P. Guevarra San Juan area, never heard of the place she mentioned to me but she promised that the place would be nice and will not disappoint. Pictured are the following dishes we ordered for the 3 of us. Paella ala Catalonia, Beef Salpicao and Jamon Serrano, with Melon and Mango Salad together with Mint Citrusade for me and the can of coke for the friend.

And I'm very happy to report - the food indeed was good! Very well prepared, fresh ingredients and they all tasted great! The salad reminded me of the salad we would get dining on our Italy trip last time around. The salpicao, for their take on it had slices of green chili for that slight kick together the tender meat slices. It wasn't too salty as well. The paella was an obvious hit too, ingredients weren't skimped and taste was superb.

Inside seating would be only good for 12-16 folks while outside seating would be an additional 10 seats. Like most of the places there, I'm guessing it was the ancestral home of the Sanso family and they just converted it into an art museum with this restaurant beside it which you can dine into after spending time in the museum. And the food was definitely made for the palatte of those with good taste. I don't mind spending for quality good food and this place certainly hits the spot. Take your wife out for a date or bring the girlfriend you want to impress. The place will be charming for the company you'll have.

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Edwin I.
4.0 Stars

There is a cafe tucked hidden in San Juan that specializes in Spanish cuisine. The cafe serves as the in-house dining specialty place of a private museum. This is Cafe Sanso.

The place sits away from the usual food haunts of San Juan. It is a small private, modern, and comfy dining nook at the side of the Fundacion Sanso Museum owned by renowned artist, Juvenal Sanso. A few in door settings with a couple of outdoor sittings for diners who wish to dine, wine, and smoke under the small tree covered modern pocket garden. The in-door sitting, though small, is airy with bright modern touches and colorful tiles. Framed print artworks of the art master prominently adorn one wall.

The menu is short but covers full course meals from Tapas/Appetizers, Salads, Soups, Mains, Pasta, Sandwiches, and Desserts. A good list of beverage included wines, spirits, and Sangria.

The menu purportedly includes favorite dishes of the artist. This visit, we are loving their Gambas, Salpicao, Callos, Paella, Francesinha, and Churrasco Pork Belly. We are liking their Calamares Fritos and Jamon Serrano Salad.

For our Tapas, we loved Cafe Sanso's Gambas al Ajillo and Salpicao. The Gambas were perfectly cooked into a succulent yet tender texture. Quite flavorful and sweet indicative of the freshness. The dish was yummy with the sautéed minced garlic and the fried garlic chips in a tasty olive oil based sauce. The Salpicao were nicely seared deliciously tender. The meat tapas was flavorful with the garlic spices. Yummy with the bell peppers and mushrooms. The Calamares Fritos, we felt were a bit over fried. The batter was a tad to tough to the bite although the squid meat remained nicely tender and chewy. The spicy marinara dip though went perfect with the fried seafood morsels.

The Jamon Serrano Salad with Melon, Mangos, and Machego Cheese was delicious with the crisp and vibrant fresh greens. We just found the Balsamic Vinaigrette a tad bit to sour for our taste. Perhaps a touch of sugar in the dressing would have balanced off the tartness of the salad dressing.

The Paella Catalonia can easily be one of the best tasting paellas in town. The rice dish was perfectly cooked in a small paellera pan with that perfect flavorful socarrat (thin rice crust/"tutong" at the base of the pan indicative of a well cooked Spanish Paella). The rice was nicely flavored with seafood broth and saffron and held a nice chewy, nutty texture. The huge green clams and shelled shrimps were all succulent, sweet, and tasted quite fresh. The slices of chorizo were nicely salty and spicy and added a perfect flavorful zing to the rice dish. As one of my friends aptly described, Cafe Sanso's Paella Catalonia was "very masarap to the tutong".

Their Churrasco Pork Belly was one delicious unhealthy dish. The pork was flavorful with a delightful crunchy-crispy skin, sticky-melt-in-your-mouth fat, and nicely chewy meat. It served in a bed of Rosemary infused light sauce. The garnish of roasted baby potatoes and French beans were likewise so flavorful and yummy.

The Callos Ala Madrilena was also so flavorful. The chunks of tripe and meats were nicely tender and flavorful swimming in a thick , rich tomato sauce broth flavored with chorizo.

The Francesinha was a hearty-savory take on a ham and cheese sandwich. Layers of Jamon Serrano , chipotle sausage, chive flavored cream cheese and sautéed wild mushrooms were stuffed in a sourdough bread. The sandwich was then topped with melted Mozarella and Asiago cheese. Then served on a bed of beer infused tomato sauce. The hearty , flavorful sandwich was a marriage of a very good gooey cheesy-ham & cheese sandwich and tomato soup. The accompanying French fries were also nicely seasoned and added to the heartiness of the sandwich.

Albeit the two dishes mentioned, as a whole, our dining experience at Cafe Sanso was truly delectable. More so, service was fast and friendly. The place comes highly recommended to foodies who enjoy Spanish cuisine with a nice, cozy modern private dining spot to boot.

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Wennifer C.
4.0 Stars

Paella was ok, a bit pricey for the size. Beef salpicao was yummy and the melon mango salad was good too.

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Linlin T.
5.0 Stars

QUAINT, CLASSY and CHIC! A HIDDEN GEM- Cafe Sanso is a tiny space that serves up BIG Spanish flavor! For those who might wander past this little restaurant-cafe, Do Not miss the chance to discover such a hidden gem!

We stayed only for coffee and a TORTILLA (pictured) and are already planning our trip back for a full meal! Good quality coffee was a good compliment to the flavorful tortilla! Well/ seasoned chicken and roast vegetables against that ooey gooey melted cheese? Perfection.

Looking forward to trying more from Cafe Sanso! Their paella, Churros and Sangrias are on my list!

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Ac C.
4.0 Stars

I love the food 128525128525128525 the meat on both the caldereta and salpicao was perfectly cooked :) medium rare yum! The paella, cooked perfectly! :)

Problem was parking, but I guess it's somewhat a good thing. 128077

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Mark L.
4.0 Stars

sopa de ajo is good.
salpicao is spicy (which I like)
puttanesca is so-so.
pastrami sandwich is ok (pictured)
churros is good.

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Leslie S.
4.0 Stars

The interiors are nice--small but cozy, with Sansó art decorating the walls (of course).

Beef Salpicao - tasty & slightly spicy & garlicky. 11088110881108811088

Fran(--something) Sandwich - this is probably the Spanish equivalent of a grilled cheese, with chorizo and mushrooms inside, surrounded by tangy tomato sauce. Very tasty.11088110881108811088

Chorizo y Quezo paella - rice was cooked perfectly and it was soooo cheezy like YUM. Would have preferred more chorizo in it, but that's just me.110881108811088

Churros - just the right balance of cinnamon & sugar, with thick dark chocolate. I would come back just for this. 1108811088110881108811088

Not pictured:
Jamon & Melon Salad - refreshing 110881108811088
Gambas pasta - don't bother with this one 128528

It's a bit pricey (we spent over 2k total) but I feel that's expected when it comes to Spanish food. The place was on its soft opening, so CASH ONLY for now (their CC facility is currently being processed).

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