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Cafe Sugarhouse
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Toy G.
3.0 Stars

we're back L, B and I
they had
chicken salpicado 128165128165128165 just ok nothing special L wasn't impressed
pork ribs in tomato sauce 128165128165 tough , said B i.they serve their food quuckly , its because all the dishes are already frozen in their individual ceramic containers, ready for tge microwave .
tsk . at their prices , you woukd expect no microwaving
i had the sugar house club house sandwich. this at least was freshly made bacon, tough over fried. chicken salad ok. fied egg omelette ok bread ok fries 128165128165128165 128165
over all 128165128165128165

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Bella J.
3.0 Stars

Ate here for merienda yesterday since the pubmats on the Taisan loaf caught my dad's attention. It was served cut into slices and was slightly toasted for some crunch in its texture. I liked it! It was soft and crunchy at the same time. It wasn't overly sweet. Perfect with a hot drink.

The downside to my Sugarhouse experience was the Baked Macaroni I ordered. Though it was a good size portion, it was bland. I only ate the parts with lots of cheese and didn't finish the rest.

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Manfred M.
4.0 Stars

Sugarhouse is one of the most remarkable remnants of 90's kid memories. It was a mom and pop cake store that catered to a child's sweet tooth. Their French apple pie would remind one of the good old days when everything was simple and uncomplicated. I for one, remembered a lot of childhood memories once I stepped into their Rockwell branch. Their cakes, for one had that nostalgic feel of birthdays and special occasions I thought I had forgotten.

The Rockwell Mall branch is their biggest ever. It is also one of the last remaining original tenants of the mall since it first opened. Talk about resilience. At present though, the cafe simply wants to be known to a younger crowd craving not only for dessert, but also for fresh and unique viands that can satisfy their palate. Since the business has originally been known for cakes and an older clientele, the owners wanted to expand their influence to a younger generation.

We started off with their 3 remarkable viands. These were the Mushroom Ciabatta , the Taco Salad, and the Sugarhouse Chopped Salad. At Php 220, the Mushroom Ciabatta was a bunch of Ciabatta bread topped with Mozzarella and Mushrooms accompanied with a helping of golden colored fries. I enjoyed the bread; but the fries were something less remarkable. The bread was brimming with cheesy goodness together with the sweetness of mushrooms. The fries reminded me of frozen ones from a warehouse shopping mall. Nevertheless, it would have been better if they used fresh potato wedges.

The Taco Salad (Php 210) and the Sugarhouse Chopped Salad (Php 250) were perfect due to their fresh lettuce toppings. The Chopped Salad had lots of toppings, namely mango, tomato, ham, eggs, and almonds completed with honey vinaigrette. The taste was pretty rich with a balance between sweet and sour flavours. The Taco Salad was more of Tortilla-based affair topped with similar ingredients used in the Chopped Salad. I do wish that more taco chips should have been placed in the meal. Nevertheless, the dish was still appetizing.

The main courses were composed of their pasta offerings and rice meals. For the rice meals, we had their Beef Ribs in Beer (Php 350). According to the staff, this was one of their less popular dishes with a cult following. I got the rationale for a cult following after I tasted the sumptuous dish. It was a slow cooked platter of beef ribs with German beer for sauce. The meat was pretty tender and juicy, plus the beer sauce complimented the meat well. The Baked Pork Spareribs (Php 295) was a pork variant slow cooked and served instead in tomato sauce. It had the same level of tenderness as of the former dish. I’d say both had the taste to appeal to a younger crowd.

The chicken dishes were composed of their signature Cordon Bleu accompanied with aioli sauce (Php 295). This was the rice meal with the heaviest serving in the menu. The Cordon Bleu was chopped into 10 sumptuous pieces and had thick breading. Add to that the aioli sauce for a garlicky flavour; and you have a flagship viand for the restaurant. Heavy eaters like me surely had a great time with this dish alone. The other chicken dish was the Pastel de Lengua (Php 280). This one was a combination of chunky chicken bits with ox tongue and sausage in special mushroom sauce.

Their pasta viands were the Fettucine Carbonara (Php 210) and the Baked Macaroni (Php 230). While the least stellar, these could use more room for improvement. The Baked Macaroni was a mix of bitter and sour flavours particularly due to the mix of chicken and mozzarella. There was also a lack of macaroni filling to fluff up the volume of the dish. The Fettucine could have been partnered with seafood instead of a bacon topping for a stronger taste. While these were the downsides, I appreciate the fact that premium quality ingredients were used in the preparation.

Lastly, the cakes need no grand introduction. I have always been a fan of their Dulce de Leche cakes(Php 155). Its airy, fluffy, and moist bread filling topped with their special caramel sauce topping and vanilla chiffon icing wasn’t too sweet or too heavy for the stomach. It has always tasted the way I wanted it to be. I’d surely consume more than one of these if I hadn’t eaten a lot beforehand. As for their Sylvannas (30 per piece), I’d say that it was melt in your mouth. It was a bite sized sans rival dessert comprised into a candy-like shape perfect for those who want their dessert to be engaging in small quantities. I’d even say that it was way better than the ones served by a popular Filipino restaurant. To sum it up, their desserts were still at the top of their game.

To sum it up, Sugarhouse has gone a long way from being a dessert place to being a restaurant with their own viand roster. Some of their offerings are a bit tasty while others need more improvement. And I’m pretty sure that the quality of these dishes will improve over time.

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Nicole C.
4.0 Stars

It was just last Sunday when we went here, and the only reason why we ended up here is because all the other restos were full and there were seats available here so.. Yep.

Not that that's a bad thing as we wanted to only have merienda anyway, and Sugarhouse is actually a fave of my mom as well. Anyway, we got their spinach empanada and blueberry cheesecake as well as yema (I think it's yema?? haha).

The spinach empanada was good, it wasn't filling but already okay for a snack. Didn't try the other two, but I do know that their NY cheesecake is good too! 128518

Service was alright, the place does feel a little run down though.

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Clarissa P.
4.0 Stars

When you see or hear about Sugar House, what comes to your mind? Is it cakes? Or maybe pastries? Cookies perhaps? I admit that it has always been their sweets that gets my attention - Concorde and Sylvannas in particular plus their Gingerbread House during Christmas! I have seen full-fledge restaurants before, like the one that already closed in Eastwood City or that one in Glorietta, but never really paid attention to their savory dishes. Little did I know that they in fact have an extensive menu of salad, sandwiches, pasta, rice meals, etc!

Got the chance to sample their best selling dishes, and of course desserts, during a sponsored event.

Sugar House Rockwell was our destination on a weekday. We were to meet in the afternoon for what I knew would be a feast! We were welcomed by their friendly staff, chose our drinks and waited a little for the feast.

The place looked rather gloomy, maybe because of the lighting. They should consider putting bright lights to perk up the mood a little bit. A little more trinkets, color splashes, brightly-lit cakes and pastries display would also help.

Onto the food, they had us try the following --

Starters: Taco Salad, Sugar House Chopped Salad and Mushroom Ciabatta

| Taco Salad for 210Php

Crispy tortilla chips generously topped with tasty ground beef, shredded lettuce, onions, tomatoes, cheese and tomato salsa. This came with a side serving of vinaigrette. This salad was simple but the flavorful beef carried this dish. Loved it!

| Sugar House Chopped Salad: Side for 150Php, Main for 250Php

This colorful salad was served in a platter with all the chopped ingredients arranged column by column on a bed of crisp greens. Roasted chicken breast, ripe mango cubes, slivered almonds, chopped tomatoes, cubed honey ham and chopped hard boiled eggs make up this salad with a side serving of vinaigrette so you can be in control of how much dressing you want.
Loved this salad! It was refreshing and light! The almond slices added texture and the Asian style vinaigrette went well with the ripe mango cubes. Just a side note though, it was a little hard to mix the ingredients. Maybe putting everything in a bowl instead of a platter would do the trick.

| Mushroom Ciabatta for 220Php

Mushroom sauce and mushroom slices on top of soft Ciabatta, finished off with mozzarella cheese and then grilled. The result? Gooey cheese with lots of mushroom goodness. I liked that the sides of the bread were a little toasted giving off a nice crunch with every bite.
Best consumed while warm, don't indulge too much coz these slices were filling! Normal serving includes fries.

Pasta: Baked Macaroni and Fettuccine Carbonara

| Baked Macaroni for 230Php

They said that it's a cheesy one and they were right. It was oozing with cheese but that's the only good part. Why? First there was too little pasta that I thought it was lasagna after all. Second it was a little sour for my liking. Maybe they should have lessen the tomato sauce and third they should have added more cream sauce.
White sauce, bacon bits, al dente pasta and Parmesan cheese - should have been promising but unfortunately, it was bland.

Rice Meals: Chicken Codon Bleu, Pastel de Lengua, Baked Pork Spareribs, Beef Ribs in Beer

| Chicken Cordon Bleu for 295Php

The serving looked rather big but if you check properly, you'll notice that the breading of the Cordon Bleu was rather thick. Though it had a good form and a nice crunch, I would have wanted more chicken, cheese and ham. The sauce didn't sit well with the meat. A cream sauce would have been better instead of the garlic aoili sauce.

| Pastel de Lengua for 280Php

This was one of my two favorites out of their rice meals. Lengua is close to my heart since I grew up enjoying this. Sugar House's Pastel de Lengua had tender chunks of ox tongue in a creamy mushroom sauce that was baked with pastry crust. I loved how the sauce was thick with a nice mushroom flavor. Totally made my day.

| Beef Ribs in Beer for 350Php

Do not be afraid of the word "beer" in this dish. There's really nothing bitter or beer-like taste here since the alcohol evaporated while cooking. The flavor of the beer, which leaned towards the sweet side, was left that made this hearty stew unforgettable. The beef chunks though were not too tender. This was also my favorite from the spread.

| Baked Pork Ribs for 295Php

The ribs have been marinated in tomato sauce then slow-baked until tender. This dish reminded me of Caldereta.

A feast in Sugar House will not be complete without desserts! They had us choose our preferred cake slice but they also served some Yemma Balls and Sylvannas.

| Yemma Balls for 20Php per piece

These balls were OMG good! They were soft, sweet, caramel-y, milky and awesomely good! Trust me, you won't be able to stop eating these!

| Sylvannas for 30Php per piece

Sylvannas are the bite-size versions of Sans Rival. I've been a fan of Sugar House Sylvannas so I was one happy kid when they served a platter! I lost track on how many pieces I have consumed. They were great! Sweet, buttery, nice crunch from the meringue and a little nutty. Me want some now!

| French Apple Pie for 199Php

This was my dessert of choice. A friend highly recommended this to me so I gotta try it. Served with grated cheese on top and with whipped cream on the side, this was packed with apple slices that were still a little crunchy, just the right amount of cinnamon and just the right sweetness. I just noticed though that it was a little dry. I would have wanted the apple filling to be a little more saucy. But nonetheless, this was good.

| Almond Sans Rival for 135Php per slice

This was ordered by my friend and I had the chance to try it. This was good too! Loved the crunch from the layers of meringue, the layers of butter and the generous heaping of almond slices.

Overall, it was a pleasant visit. It was so hard to stop eating their yummy deserts! I was also so tempted to buy some of their cakes and pastries, even their dinner rolls that looked wickedly soft and buttery but I needed to stop by uber full self.

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Reich T.
4.0 Stars

Sugarhouse is considered an institution when it comes to desserts.  They have been around for as long as i can remember.  And their branch in PowerPlant is one of the first establishments who set up shop a few years back. 

The last time I've visited Sugarhouse was eons ago.  Another visit is in order and Yeah,  i got another invite for a food meet-up!  Yey! 

Did you know that Sugarhouse also offers savory dishes?  Bet you didn't know that huh?  Anyway,  our generous hosts served some of their best-selling savory dishes.


| Taco Salad
| Sugarhouse Chopped Salad
| Mushroom Ciabatta

I only tried the Ciabatta.  This falls in the just okay category.  The bread is soft and i taste the mushroom but this is something that i would skip on my next visit.  Personal preference.


| Fettuccine Carbonara (Php 210).  A classic white sauce pasta with bacon bits and a slice of garlic bread on the side.  I'd probably rate this 3/5, the pasta is cooked al dente,  the sauce is flavourful but there is nothing remarkable about the dish.  This is something i can cook at home.

| Baked Macaroni (Php 230).  I honestly thought this was lasagna. This is a case of too much cheese and less pasta.  The abundance of cheese made the cloying factor really high.

| Chicken Cordon Bleu.  Big servings!  That's my initial reaction.  This however falls under the Just Okay category.  The breading is too thick.  The chicken though is cooked perfectly and really flavorful.

| Beef Ribs in Beer.  Wow!  Succulent ribs,  oozing with flavor.  The ribs is fall-off-the-bone tender and really flavorful,  i loved every single bite.

| Baked Pork Spareribs.  Another crowd favorite. One thing is fot sure,  Sugarhouse make a mean ribs dish. 

| Pastel De Lengua.   This is number one on my list.  I dunno how a decent pastel should taste like but my first spoonful is a party in my mouth, an explosion of flavors.  Who knew that ox tongue can taste this good! 


| French Apple Pie
| Sansrival
| Silvanas
| Yema Balls

I aint got beef with their sweets.  Everything they served is delicious.  I don't feel the need to describe each pastry as Sugarhouse is a household name when it comes to decadent desserts.

I am happy to report that Sugarhouse is nlt a one trick pony,  they can definitely deliver in the savory department.  Some of the dishes need a lil upgrade but some are extremely good.  Please visit Sugarhouse soon and lemme know what you think. 

Peace Out!


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Eboy D.
4.0 Stars

A little bit of history first. We were told that Sugarhouse Powerplant Mall is one of the pioneer tenants of the mall. It has been in existence for as long as the mall itself. That says so much for this cake shop to withstand the changing palates of time. There is more to Sugarhouse than meets the cake and pastry stands that is prominently displayed upfront. Their loyal clientele should know because my family are long patrons of their Glorietta branch. Unlike their ATC kiosk (which unfortunately already closed shop) which only had cakes and bread and my personal favorite, the caramel candy (tira-tira anyone?) The bigger branches such as the one in Powerplant Mall also serve meals for lunch and dinner.

For starters our group had the Ciabatta with cheese and mushrooms. I like this one a lot because it reminded me of a pizza without the pizza sauce. The mozzarella was very generous and the mushroom is a good alternative to meat. The kids would definitely gobble this up. The Taco Salad was served next, the meat was very generous but lacked flavor. It was just plain 'giniling' that did not have any spices. I had to put tabasco to give it the distinctive flavor i was looking for. The salad was filled with almonds, mango, diced ham, egg. It tasted fresh and was served with dressing on the side which is good so that diners can control the portion and drown the salad (or not) to their liking.

Pasta served was Baked Macaroni with garlic bread. The noodles was cooked just right but the dish had too much sauce. The sauce itself was watered down. It was not thick enough to hold the pasta on its own.

The mains: Beef Ribs in Beer was a hit in the group. It paired well with the beans and carrots on the side and if not for my restrained could very well finish off the rice that came with it. The beef was soft and had great flavor. I also liked the BBQ Pork Spareribs which had the same vegetable sides and fragrant white rice. There was also Lengua but cannot give a review on that because I was not able to taste it.

The dessert was a given plus! Yema Balls and Silvanas is perfect with coffee. We also got to choose a cake slice. We ordered their best sellers so we can have a small portion to taste for the entire group. We had the French Apple Pie, Marjolaine, Chocolate Truffle Cake.

For my drink I ordered my perennial favorite which is the Frozen Hot Chocolate. I don't remember it being that small, perhaps I grew up and the serving was not as I remembered. But it is still as indulgent and delicious as ever. The overall look of the restaurant is in need of a renovation to stay competitive in today's market but the cakes are still one of the best in the market. Better lighting and set up of products to showcase their cakes.

Must take home is the 'caramel candy'. Perfect pick me upper. Just make sure to cut it a bit smaller since the chunls can be too sweet for some.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored dinner by Sugarhouse.

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Kim L.
5.0 Stars

Aside from their Concorde cake, their Honey crunch cake is another classic must-try. It's your usual vanilla chiffon base with layers of honeycomb chunks and vanilla buttercream in between. Others might find it too sweet but I love how it reminds me of my favorite chocolate bars from childhood, Violet Crumble and Crunchie!128522

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Pau R.
5.0 Stars

Hearty Mushroom Ciabatta for mushroom-lovers like me! 100841008410084

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Mica G.
4.0 Stars

I ordered Carbonara for lunch one day. Nothing special about it but would come back to try their cakes if ever 9786️ i heard good stuff about them.

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Judd Danielle G.
5.0 Stars

Nice place. Try out their tuna melt!!!

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Dianne C.
4.0 Stars

Bought cakes here: 1 concorde (picture) for my friend celebrating his birthday and 1 almond sansrival as pasalubong at home.

Concorde has sponge cake with chocolate filling and decorated with this chocolate meringue sticks. It was okay, not really a fan of it. 127874

Almond sansrival 128522128077128077128077

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Michelle Ann Y.
4.0 Stars

We bought concorde cake for my boyfie's cousin coz' it's her 22nd birthday (plus we brought her to Hatch 22 to celebrate her birthday)9786

This cake is so good! Not too pricey128076127856

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Jeah Maureen D.
2.0 Stars

Having tasted legit sylvannas from dumaguete, this is not only overpriced for its tiny size but also not as good. 128557128557128557

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Teejhay A.
5.0 Stars

Love the service here! They even let me taste some of the cakes so I'd have better options to what I should buy. I ended up with Triple X cake. Chocolate Moose, chocolate Ganache and Cream Cheese Filling! It was TO DIE FOR!!! Perfect birthday asalto for my dad 128522127874127882

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Gordon C.
4.0 Stars

Ordered the mushroom ciabatta, it was very soft and good, the mozzarella cheese and portobello mushroom makes a good combo even on a different kind of bread since they ran out the usual one. The strawberry and mango iced tea was crisp, but too sweet. Same goes for the watermelon shake.

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Isabella B.
4.0 Stars

Went here with Rose B a while ago to buy papa a birthday cake. We tried the almond sansrival & marjolaine. The almond sansrival was yummy and it wasn't too sweet. Mama and I didn't like the marjolaine. It's not worth the price (165/slice) because it wasn't that yummy... It's just layers of wafer and chocolate; and the chocolate wasn't so good. We've tried the apple pie, cashew toffee, midnight cake before. They were all good but i wasn't really a fan of the cashew toffee because i'm not really the toffee type 128517 hehe but it was still good 128523

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Veanney V.
4.0 Stars

Deadly! 127856

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Melissa P.
5.0 Stars

I'm not much of a cheesecake fan, but there are only 2 places which serves cheesecake that makes me pick cheesecake over a chocolate dessert. That's Bag of Beans in Tagaytay, and UCC! Now there's 3 places!

You're looking at the photo of Sugarhouse's New York Cheesecake. I must tell you, this is one of the smoothest cheesecakes I've tasted.
It's sweet, salty, sour, and creamy just the way I like my cheesecake!

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Melissa P.
5.0 Stars

Introducing the "Leaning Tower" of Midnight Cake! It's a chocolate cake, a lava cake, a historical tourist spot from Italy. Err ok that went a little far.

The midnight cake is one of the most chocolate-yest cakes I've tasted! It's moist, it's smooth and absolutely mouth-watering on every bite. What made it outstanding was that it was warmed first before it was served. Hence the leaning.

This just became one of my favorite chocolate cakes! 128525

Thanks Abe C. for the suggestion! Although couldn't give you looloo inflooence points!

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