Cafe Tavera

Avanceña St. cor. J. Camus Ext., Davao City, Davao del Sur

Cafe Tavera
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Open: 10:00a - 10:00p


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Most Recent Reviews

Kaye A.
4.0 Stars

Nice ambiance, good food, though not that cheap. Order some of their brewed coffee! They would present it like a science experiment (homemade bunsen burner).

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Suzette C.
2.0 Stars

I came in around 11:20AM, suppose to be waiting for a client. The place was packed, so I was assuming that their food was really okay. People seem to like it and there we're 2 events going on when I arrived.

at 11:30 AM, I called the waiter and one saw me and pointed me to the other waiter. So I put my hand down thinking someone would come to assist me. 5 minutes had passed, I again raised my hand and a different waiter saw me and signaled at "wait" sign. So I waited for him to come. 5 minutes passed, no waiter. Kinda irritated, I said "excuse me" with my hand up. Not realizing my voice was kinda loud, all dining guests turned to me and then I put my hand down. FINALLY, a waitress approached me and I said "miss paorder na muna ng iced tea, hintayin ko lang kasama ko" she said okay and left. Iced tea came fast. I'm taking my time drinking because my client is still not replying. I want to order something she wants so I did not order any meals yet.

My client then texted that said she wants to reschedule the meeting and since I was in Cafe Tavera already, I decided to just eat and try their food. This is my first time here. Again, I raised my hand waiting for a waiter to notice me, no one was looking my way. I think I had my hand up for almost 10minutes, I was even resting my elbow at the chair's backrest beside me. Everytime a waiter pass by I would say "excuse me" or "waiter" in voice but i was not sure if they really did not hear it or was ignoring me. One waiter again signaled a "wait" sign but never came back. The guests 2 tables away from me could hear me calling the waiter's attention for they would turn their heads everytime I speak. I hate how I am unintentionally creating a scene.

I cannot hold my temper anymore, I stand up and poked the waiter. Saying, "paki-Bill out nalang ng iced tea ko please, kanina ko pa gusto magorder, wala pumapansin sa akin" the waitress came and said "53 pesos po mam. Iced tea lang talaga yung sainyo?" I replied with a "kanina ko pa sana gusto kumain pero di ako makaorder. Kulang yata tao nyo wala nagaassist sa akin." Then she said "sorry" to me. i walked out with waiters staring at me. Now, I got their attention huh?

Take note I left the place around 12:30. I was there an hour and ten minutes with just my hand up most of the time and an overpriced iced tea na kulang sa ice. 128547

I'm not here to make the restaurant look bad. I'm sure their meals are great because the placed was packed and to think people chose this restaurant for important events of their life. But i just have to comment on the service. The number of servers is not enough to the cater the number of dining guests. I would have to think about if I ever want to come back, maybe in a non peak hour.

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Raul C.
5.0 Stars

Tucked in the more quiet part of f. Torres st in Davao city is a new place called cafe tavera. ( simply put, it is located at Pardo de tavera st cor avanceña st. The food was really good! The crabs were briming with cholesterol laden crab fat! Try the dragon ball and steamed pampano. The fish are all fresh and tastes clean! The sashimi is wonderful ( really fresh!)

Price? Well it is cheap considering the love their cooks gave in preparing the food...

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