Cafe Terminal

G/F Phoenix Gas Station, 652-C Congressional Ave. Ext., Congressional, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Cafe Terminal
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Most Recent Reviews

Sher H.
4.0 Stars

They once had an unli bacon fried like chicken (BFLC) promo. You need to refill both rice and bacon, so you may not make the most out of the bacon because of the rice. The bacon is very crunchy... but a little salty. Service staff were nice, too! :)

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Kizzy M.
2.0 Stars

Maybe it's just me but the bacon I was craving for was the old fashioned honey-cured goldenbrown breakfast bacon - not the breading dredged crist fried chicken type served here. It's true that when you eat here you come out smelling like frying oil. Staff were pretty helpful and polite however can improve on being upfront with their promos. See I ordered for 3 house blend iced tea and 1 strawberry iced tea only to be advised they have a bogo (buy1take1) I could've just ordered 2. I just get turned off by these small things easily. And it took about 30+ minutes to get your order. Would I travel back here again from manda just for the bacon? Nah. I'll probably just go to Pancake House for my bacon fix.

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Tan M.
4.0 Stars

2nd time here! This place offers unli BFLC( Bacon Fried Like Chicken) and wings. Love love the crispy bacon like chicken.

Photo on top was the appetiser BFLC

All you can eat BFLC
199 (without a drink)
250 (with drink)

All you can eat wings
275 (without a drink)
325 (with drink)

If you want to make your drink refillable just add 30128521

Initial serving and refills consists of BFLC/wings and rice. So please do mind the rice. You need to finish it all to get a refill. 128559 well that's the down part of it128546128546. Tho on your last refill you may request for a half rice.

The place was not that big so it tends to get easily crowded.

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Von C.
3.0 Stars


I went to Cafe Terminal with my friends today from 7-8 pm. The place was jam packed with teenagers and some professionals. We ordered their best sellers the unli bacon fried like chicken and their chicken wings. Also ordered their sloppy joes french fries.

Their BFLC was delicious at first especially if paired with the corn which cleanses your palate. For 199 the serving is really worth it and you can ask for another plate. Usually no leftovers are allowed and theyd ask you to pay. My friends also seemed to like their chicken wings since they got more servings. However, we didnt feel like eating anymore after our third or second plate. Personally, i felt like the butter like gravy overloads your palate as well as the fried oil smell that lingered in the cafe (the cafe was really small, with only 3 small tables and 3 booths). On the other hand, the french fries were awesome. It was french fries topped with delicious and cheesy pasta sauce. For 140 pesos it was a steal!

I already got tired in the middle of my second plate because the food appeared to have no taste at all. And I had to go out to not feel nauseous because of the smell that circulated in the cafe. Maybe they should get a humidifier or something. Service was rather slow because there was only one guy working (i applaud kuya tbh) and the manager/owner/cashier was rather confused with the orders. When i got home, the fried oil smell got stuck on my shirt.

If youre looking for a place where you can satiate yourself fully with oil crisped food then this is the place. But if its the taste youre after please dont be deceived by the hype on the internet.

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Maribeth C.
5.0 Stars

Totally hilarious experience eating unli bacon in the place.
We didn't know that to be able to get these unli bacon, you need to have a clear plate so you can ask a second shot of these crispy fried bacon.
It has good taste.
I noticed two flavors on these bacons, a salty and an appetizing one.
If unli, no left over of course or you'll pay 100 pesos for your left over.
Oh my!
Here it goes on our second plate of rice and bacons again.
Problem was.....
How we will consume them all.
We're full on our first plate.
Think of good solution so you won't pay for the left over.
Its not greediness but an experience to treasure.
What's the use of my tiny sling bag for my cellphone, coin purse and powder use.
We took it out.
Put the 7 pcs bacons in my bag while we're bursting in loud laughters.
What an experience!
First time I did in eating unli foods.

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Michelle M.
4.0 Stars

Unli bacon. They have this bacon fried like chicken which is actually really good. Chicken wings is so good!! The place is small, that's the downside. Unli bacon goes from like 12:00pm-2:30pm & 5:30-8:00pm 128055

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