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Dona Carmen 2 Apartments, 2nd St. cor. C. Aguila St., Mendiola, Manila, Metro Manila

Cafe UK
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Zia M.
4.0 Stars

I was drag along in the streets of Mendiola, a famous cafe, where college students flock and study and eat and hangout.

Upon entering, I immediately saw the tablets on the table, free for everyone who wants to play, which is kind of cool. 128077

There are 4 refrigerators beside the counter, catering different flavors of cakes, big and small, and if you're a cake person, you'd probably find peace right then and there. There are enough seats for everyone who wants to chill and just eat good food. I heard this store is busy because of college students, but since we got here on a semestral break, I think it was just a good timing.

My friend helped me ordered Sardines Pasta in oil while he had Pesto pasta and chicken. Their pasta comes with a panini on the side. I was lucky, that my friend knew the owner of the store Mr. Jodi, and we had a little chitchat while waiting for our food.

We were just having a great conversation, when finally the food arrive. The pasta were surprisingly placed in a big plate, not knowing it was actually shared for two people, but I know I can finish it in minutes. And thanks to Mr. Jodi for giving each of us a slice of red velvet cheesecake and a glass of lychee flavored iced tea. Now, I don't think I can finish all of it anymore.

The sardines pasta was my fave, oh and did I mention it's Fettuccini; and although I love pesto, theirs wasn't the oily kind of type, but it's good too. The cake tasted okay, I only had few bites because I'm too full already from the abundant serving of the sardines pasta. The panini was perf for the pasta and def good for sharing.

We had a great time meeting the owner, eating big servings of pasta, and enjoying the ambiance of the cafe.

I'd probably go back to try other cakes, plus I heard their signature salad and carbonara is superb!

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John Rey D.
4.0 Stars

Studyin with tria-methoprim

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Golly B.
5.0 Stars

The place was so cozy and perf for studying or planning especially for me where i have a hard time finding my focus haha the coffee was good and the cake was my favorite hihihi :""") Mendiola branch was alot better than Uste branch. 128521

  • No. of Comments: 3
Patricia C.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Nicola A.
5.0 Stars

Their cakes are all too good!!! Definitely to die for!

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Otep C.
5.0 Stars

After long walk from UE to St.Jude, i take a break inside the cafe uk...they place is really nice cool place...they wifi us so fast i download movie for 2 mins only... I love their kit-kat cake127856 yummy....their cake tells me "Good Vibes"

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