Cafe Via Mare

2/F Landmark, TriNoma, EDSA cor. North Ave., Quezon City, Metro Manila

Cafe Via Mare
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Business Hours
Reopens Mon: 10:00a - 9:00p


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Payment Options

Cash, MasterCard, Visa

Price Range

₱190 - ₱485

Most Recent Reviews

Haidee C.
5.0 Stars

Via Mare =10084

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Sun M.
4.0 Stars

Right after Fely J’s, King and I went straight to Trinom for mass. We just found out that the chapel was transferred to the new landmark at the 4th floor. The chapel is waaay bigger than the one in Landmark Makati. So there are a lot of tv screens. 128591🏻128591🏻128591🏻

He didn’t know that we’ll be having dinner with my family this time. Haha. I asked my younger brother to buy a small cake from Mary Grace for my little surprise.

We originally planned to go to Torch, but I was hesistant because my dad might not appreciate it so my brother suggested the CAFE VIA MARE located in Landmark 2nd Floor. I honestly forgot that there is Via Mare there, but I do remember passing by there for quite a few times. Haven’t tried it so I said yes. It’s near the couture gowns and is a little hidden. Brother also wanted to eat there because it’s not crowded. When it comes to food, I surely trust mg brother’s taste because he is more of a foodie than I am. He also loves trying out new restaurants.

Didn’t know that they offer Filipino Dishes.
I actually thought they only have coffees and pastries without meals.

So here’s what he had:

Everyone liked this one especially Lui. Can’t believe he actually liked a vegetable. 128586

Dad was curious to try this so we got one. This is the first time I tried fern leaves and it’s yummy pala! The salted egg and shrimp and vinaigrette was the perfect match with it.

Feeling still quite full from our lunch, I just ordered the salad because I love pomelo! It was so sour! It wasn’t remarkable as the Pako.

If the Crispy Pata was the star for our lunch, this was for the dinner. They have a lot of variants for they oyster, but brother suggested that we try this. He said this is the best they have and he was actually right! It has spinach, bacon topping and 3-cheese blend and it was so delish and so flavorful. Grabeeeh! 128525128525128525 It actually brought me back to my chilhood days because I used to eat a lot of oysters in my home town with just vinegar and onion. I will be back for this and I also want to try their other flavors. 128557128557128557

It was not crunchy enough but the mixture of the breading enhanced the tilapia flavor. It was a bit pepper-ish that’s why I loved it.

PHP295 - 3/5
128553 Their soup is salty. Too bad I love bangus belly pa naman.

For dessert, they have sticky rice too and other Kakanin. They ordered Puto Bumbong Php80 with Php17 add on for the cheese while Php26 pesos for queso de bola and Palitaw for Php55.

I loved the puto bumbong better because it’s cheesey and comes with muscuvado sugar. 128523128523128523

Then we had the cake lit up for my baby. 128149 haha. So kulit because even the staff and other diners sang together with us.

I did not expect to like their food because it’s not visually appealing. Presentation wise was meh 128530, but don’t jude a book by its cover because their dishes are actually good especially the oysters!!! 128149

Their meals are pretty affordable too because we only paif half of what we paid with Fely J’s and we had the same number of people in the group.

I’ll definitely be back here or probably try their other branches! 128149


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Cel C.
3.0 Stars

Went on a Tuesday after lunch so not too many people but the servers were not as attentive as I'd hoped. Took a while to get our orders. I ordered crab omelet meal (P185) and mais con hielo (P72). The mais con hielo arrived first. I've already finished it and my main entrée hasn't arrived yet! I was a bit disappointed with the crab omelet. It was just so so. Still better at Ilonggo Grill. Oh well, I will still come back for the pinoy kakanin.

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April H.
4.0 Stars

Been craving puto bumbong for awhile now... Told my mom about my craving which resulted in getting an order to eat at home in front of my current favorite show -- Master Chef Australia!128513128513128513

It's so good with coffee on a rainy day!128077

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Sarah A.
4.0 Stars

Vigan Longganisa Pandesal

Winner! That it is a resto inside a department store. In the midst of ladies clothes is this resto which I find relaxing, as for me since all you see are dainty dresses, corporate attires and casual tops.

So while we munch on, we window (eye) shop.

Back to Cafe Via Mare

Food was OK. It is, my friend is Fine Dining. Imagine? Fast service and friendly attendants.

And did I say I fell in love 10084️ with their Hot Chocolate. FTW! Not in the picture since I enjoyed it while it too hot. Haha.

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April H.
4.0 Stars

Yummy bibingka!!! Great for merienda!=)

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Jean C.
3.0 Stars

My mom likes Filipino food soooo much, and that explains why Cafe Via Mare was where we headed for snack.

We ordered a cup of brewed coffee, an order of their puto bumbong and puto maya.

Brewed Coffee (65 Php)
• It was very very hot when it was served, and I like coffee served that way. Excellent! 9749

Puto Bumbong (80 Php)
• Nothing really special. I love the muscovado sugar though! 128076

Puto Maya (165 Php)
• This Filipino native has caught my eye. The mangoes were thinly sliced arranged in a beautiful way! (See picture) The mangoes were not so sweet though, and the suman tasted a bit gingery. But it tasted good when you eat it with the muscovado. 128077

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