Cafe Voi-la

Crosswinds Resort Suites, Tagaytay-Calamba Rd., Tagaytay, Cavite

Cafe Voi-la
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Nievs G.
3.0 Stars

Inside and out, Cafe Voi La in Tagaytay City is totally geared for your IG feed -- colorful, fun, festive, rustic and a bit mysterious.

The menu, on the other hand, is 90% Asian -- Filipino/Vietnamese/Thai with some Italian thrown in.

Once our eyes (and smartphones) were done with Cafe Voi La's visual factor, now we'd like to see if their food would be any good and worth the price.

What we had:

⏺Garlic Beef Tapa (₱375 x 2 orders = ₱750)
- I'd say this tapsilog was good, although in my opinion the beef tapa at Bag of Beans is better. I didn't expect that this all-day breakfast meal would be served with two sunny side-up fried eggs. The servings were even good for two.

I loved the pink-colored vinegar-based condiment. It was good.

⏺Shrimp Rolls (₱495) - 5-piece tempura-like spring rolls on a clump of vegetables and served with a dip. I could not eat this due to allergy. The food was even served to us by mistake but it was not their fault anyway, but it was due to our own mistake. We wanted to have the pomelo salad sana, but because of our miscommunication we were brought with the wrong dish. 128514 I wasn't able to take a pic of it.

We only had service water, as we wanted coffee from anywhere else.

We were also served with complimentary breads -- or more specifically, banh mi breads I supposed, as I have not tried banh mi yet. I loved them! They were crispy, light and delightfully airy. Probably the best thing I had there. 128513

Cafe Voi La was just okay. A bit overrated for me. It was a bit more on the expensive side, and some stuff like those shrimp rolls didn't justify the price. The ambiance though was unbeatable.

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Sandra Y.
5.0 Stars

Feel-good ambiance at Cafe Voi-la. Its a rainy slash gloomy morning, but the amazing ambiance never failed to give good vibes. The colorful sofas, ceiling decors as well as the pillows in the chairs.

My kind of place plus the All day breakfast is just so perfect.

We had:

11088️Daing na Bangus (P295) served with2 sunny side up eggs and garlic rice. - one comment, the bangus served has no belly 128546

11088️Garlic Beef Tapa (P375) marinated beef sirloin, served with 2 sunny side up eggs and garlic rice- crunchy garlic topping and flavorful beef, its good!

11088️food: quality and generous serving. 128077🏽
11088️ambiance: superb! It has a modern asian interiors. So coloful with nice details
11088️service: courteous servers!

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Antonio Lorenzo Q.
5.0 Stars

Great coffee, great weather, great ambience... Words are not enough to describe one’s dining experience at this picturesque side of Tagaytay Highlands. Situated beyond the bustling downtown area, this cafe offers not only good coffee, but also instagram-worthy sights within and around the area. The Bohemian-inspired lighting plus cabin style decor speak for themselves.

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Midz S.
5.0 Stars

Cafe Voi La is one beautiful restaurant I've been trying to cross off my list since last year. It's been awhile since I last thought about this place, until my boyfriend decided to bring me to Tagaytay for lunch.

This restaurant is located at Crosswinds, which is the area I haven't been to. Most restaurants are found at the other end of this road, so the traffic going to this place isn't really a problem, and the fog along the way made the trip more thrilling. It's beside one of the most amazing and instagram-worthy Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf branch, so you better ready your cameras.

Cafe Voi La has been on my list for so long, and you probably already know why. It's all about the ambiance. It's a restaurant that's a bit overdecorated, filled not only with different kinds of vases, but with different colors as well. Couches are in pink, orange, blue, green, and all come with fluffy pillows dressed in patterned covers. There's something fascinating in all the excessiveness in decors.

|Cafe Voi La Signature Chicken Satay P495 (5 pieces)
Tender chicken skewers marinated in lemongrass, turmeric, kaffir lime, and served with a cup of turmeric rice, peanut sauce and vinegar on the side. The chicken was cooked perfectly, being tender on the outside and juicy on the inside. The peanut sauce was okay, but I preferred having it with their vinegar salsa. The turmeric rice also paired nicely with the chicken satay, having just enough flavor not to overpower the chicken. The whole order is good for two people. Trust me, that cup of rice will be tough to finish.

|Special Senator's Salad P395
This salad is composed of mixed green lettuce, smoked salmon, shiitake mushrooms, grilled prawns, parmesan shavings and roasted sesame dressing. The presence of the salmon alone made me happy, but the combination of all the other ingredients, plus my favorite dressing, made this an even better healthy option.

|Salted Caramel Cheesecake P215/slice
Prior to our visit, I have already decided on what to order, but all those cakes in their display were really inviting, which made this salted caramel cheesecake an on-the-spot decision. Judging from the really smooth texture of the cake, I'm guessing that this is a no-bake cheesecake. It's as if the whole cheesecake mix was put in a cake mold and chilled, but it was good. I'm not complaining at all. It didn't have the strong cheese taste, but it blended well with the slight saltiness of the caramel sauce nonetheless. I was honestly overwhelmed with the size of the cake, so I think this is meant to be shared with someone.

I still can't believe it took me this long to finally cross Cafe Voi La off my list. And now that I have, I'm sure it won't be long before I return.

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Lunar S.
5.0 Stars

My sister took us to this cafe after a heavy lunch at Balay Dako. She said this place was at 'CrossWinds.' It was just a few km's drive from BD, and for a while i thought we'd gotten lost (heading towards Picnic Grove / Our Lady of Manaoag, DAP - basta trust Waze to take you there128521).

Ang ganda.. it was somewhat tucked away in this still quiet area of Tagaytay.. and from where we parked, the road seemed to slide down, lined with trees -- so green and peaceful!

The cafe had an outdoor (front and side) and indoor area. I would recommend to come back at different times of the day to experience this and to to be able take lots of photos.

this is one of those places where there's so much going on -- sensory overload which i really love!!! Asian feel with all the colors and textures galore! Wear 'fashyon' when you go here to dine or have coffee/dessert -- sarap kumuha at magpakuha ng litrato!

We ordered desserts and coffee/tea. Salted caramel cheesecake / Nutella cheesecake and a sticky red/black rice with mango. Washed these down with. pot of green tea / cold brew coffee and an americano. Since i was with the fam, mejo mahirap to make them wait till you finish taking photos of the food, so i just took quickie shots. I checked out the other table and the group ordered stylishly plated satay and some fried noodles.

I'm posting some photos of the other attractions at Crosswinds. There is more🤗.

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Jin Cara S.
5.0 Stars

This place is amazing! Love the interior and ambiance! Worth the drive for this alone! Our server was very welcoming and very friendly.
Ordered Garlic beef tapa from all day breakfast. since their breakfast is only served until 11am. We also got the signature satays and curry, and a pizza. He recommended most of what we ordered and our drinks (which was also really good) I forgot what I ordered but it had taro in it.

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Josette P.
3.0 Stars

When you're at Tagaytay at 11:44am, and the waiting at Balay Dako is unbelievably long you gotta find an alternative. And Cafe Voila has always been that alternative for me. I actually wanna introduce this place to my Dad but my Mom insists on going at Balay Dako instead. But in the end, we were where we should be.

I understand that it can be a little jammed on weekends especially Sundays for that matter. And we were very much willing to wait since they offer freshly baked small buns with this salsa which my Dad actually liked. However, when another table were given their orders ahead of us when we had our order first then you messed up with the wrong people. It was a bad service day! I am very disappointed. As per the server, our orders got mixed up and was doubled which is weird since no food was served to our table until we got a little furious about the situation. We waited a bad 40 minutes before ours got served. It was plainly disappointing.

What we had are their Senator's Salad which is good! Big serving with good chunks of salmon, grated cheese and shrimps. I like how rich its flavor is despite the minimal dressing. Their Kare-Kare is always a joy to have. I still haven't figured our what peanut they use but they're surely grind freshly and nothing too peanut-ish in color but great peanut flavor. The meat is soft and tender and the vegetables are still of good crisp. Their pork satay is another good try. We had the chicken before but the pork is also good. Chewy and perfect for that peanut like sauce. The pumpkin soup is okay. Nothing too creamy but sweet enough. The baked salmon is a good pick! Thick serving of gooey, creamy mashed potato plus perfectly seasoned and baked salmon.

You see, I have nothing against their food cause they deliver. It's just that bad service can make or break the success of their restaurant.

We even ordered dessert which is the Tiramisu and it is divine. Big serving, and smooth velvelty and rich in coffee flavor cake. I like how it melts in your mouth. As a complement to their bad service we were given a free slice of the salted caramel cheesecake which is their best seller. It's good as always with that rich cheesecake base and generous drizzle of caramel sauce.

The food is great!! I am a fan of their food. I am definitely giving them another chance but man, at least fix your service cause loaded weekends are no longer an excuse for a poor delivery.

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Unisse C.
4.0 Stars

I went on a Tagaytay Food Trip with a couple of friends and this was our first stop. I've been seeing beautiful photos of the CBTL at Crosswinds but I didn't really want to eat or have coffee at CBTL since there's tons of those in Manila.

Good thing Cafe Voi-la was just next door and it was such a pretty cafe. We enjoyed just sitting down and taking in all the quirky and unique interiors.

My friends both got coffee but I didn't since I really didn't want the risk of palpitating all day. Since we were having a food trip, we decided to share one dish - but C didn't really want to share because he was starving. He got the tapa, while G and I got their homemade longganisa.

The longganisa was very salty, but once you eat it with a ton of rice and the well-cooked sunny-side up egg, it's not so bad. The tapa was seasoned better and it really went well with their vinegar.

The cafe also had cakes and other pastries but we wanted to save some space for more food. We were aiming for around 4-5 stops so we really needed the space.

I would love to come back here again and try their other dishes because the place just looks so pretty!!!

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Kimberly C.
4.0 Stars

Place was nice and unique

Senator's salad highly recommended

Food presentation is nice

Satay might be little dry

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5.0 Stars

Cafe Voi La (Cafe Vwa-la)

It pronounce as French but they offer Asian cuisine.

This 3 year old restaurant is situated in Crosswinds, Tagaytay. I'm sure you will not missed this place 'coz it just beside the famous windmill shape CBTL.

Beautiful indeed! Upon entry, I was greeted by their courteous staff. I noticed the colorful chandelier at the center of the restaurant. The place is colorful with lots of "abubot" inside. And it's big, they have extension restaurant going downward. All I can say that they have nice interior with beautiful chairs and tables.

We order the bestsellers Cafe Voi La Signature Chicken Satay and Salted Caramel Cheesecake.

127842Cafe Voi La Signature Chicken Satay for Php495.00 - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
"They served the chicken satay in a mini griller paired with turmeric rice, peanut sauce and vinegar. I like the tenderness of the chicken it really blends well with the flavor of turmeric rice, especially adding some peanut sauce and vinegar on it."

127856Salted Caramel Cheesecake for Php225.00 - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
"Yes it's sweet! Who cares? It so delicious! Ugh!!! Now I'm drooling!"

The staff provided excellent service and keep entertaining us. Telling about some history and facts about Cafe Voi La.

#ilovetoeatph 12851510084

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Ruth S.
3.0 Stars

After lunch at Nonna's we decided to go to Tagaytay since according to Waze, from Sta. Rosa, it will only take us around 20mins to reach Tagaytay. We all wanted some coffee and sweets so I suggested we try CAFE VIOLA. I've read a lot of good reviews about their cheesecake so I was excited!!! 128513128513128513

PLACE. The place is nice and pretty. My officemates loved the design of the place. 128077🏼

We ordered 3 cheesecakes for sharing:


The cheesecake itself was good, it's not the no bake type, it's thick and firm and not sweet. The base/crust was just... hmmm either there's no crust at all or it's suuuuuuuper thin? I love the crust part, I like it really thick, so I was kind of sad.

The blueberry topping was just the usual. Nothing extraordinary.

The salted caramel was hmm too sweet for me. Felt like we're eating leche flan cheesecake something. 🙁128546

What made Ony and I sad was the Apple Crumble, we were hoping to have the usual apple pie but sadly this was not. It's an apple pie flavored cheesecake. Huhu. It was good but we were just hoping for something else. We should have read the whole complete name (not just Apple Crumble) and also, we should have asked before ordering. 128542

For our coffee, we all ordered their "bestseller", VIETNAMESE LATTE. They tried the iced version while Ony and I decided to order the hot version. The drink was just okay. I usually think that this type of coffee is bitter, intense and really strong that's why most Vietnamese coffee are mixed with condensed milk and best enjoyed iced. But their version was different, we all agreed that it tastes like a CAFE MOCHA. It's not strong and was chocolatey. Good but just... Weird!! Again, maybe we were all expecting a different taste.

SERVICE. It was just okay?? Servers weren't that approachable. Medyo pilosopo rin. But still "nice" because they gave us complimentary bread when we asked for some. But only after a very pilosopong sagot to our request. 128527128553

Speaking of the complimentary bread.... I heard a lot of good reviews about the bread and it was indeed good. Soft and tasty! Served hot with tomato salsa on the side. Sarap!!! 128155

Overall, it was an okay visit. Will I come back to try the breakfast options and other dishes? Hmmmm, not really sure. But definitely not anytime soon.

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Jayson J.
4.0 Stars

Looking for something romantic that's not too pricey?
Try this out!
(Ahem purple owl!)
The interior is good! The colors are similar with the coffee project except less flowery-- this one more on colorful glasses. It's also lit a little dim so to make that perfect lovely ambience.

I did ask for their recommended dish
128204128525 cafe voila signature chicken satay @395PhP
This is order got 3 pieces of very very moist chicken satay-- what made it moist is the small portion of grilled chicken skin attached to the meat. (So it's not dry!) it also tastes good because of the spices over it. The presentation is amazing, it's served d in a small grill with hot coals inside pa!
Also with the dish is some kind of curry rice with lemon grass. There were two dips: vinegar salsa and peanut sauce. If you got a sweet tooth, you'll like the peanut sauce but if you are the grill type, you might like the vinegar salsa.
Well, I'm sweet so i like the previous more! Heh

128204 Cinammon Honey Latte @130+
It's originally served hot, but i ordered an iced version. I think you'll enjoy it hot since there's honey and it will be miscible siguro when hot. But DO NOT FORGET TO STIR!! Okay? The honey is mixed with cinnamon. I did not like it at first because i did not stir. Walang lasa nung una. The serving got a piece of oat cookie.

There's free bread with olive oil and capsicum.

Minus one star because the bill showed extra charges like service charge plus 12%VAT 128533

The cafe opens 8am weekdays and 7am on weekends.
They have a clean common CR that has a window connected to the bar so it's not advisable to do #2 here lol!!

I was fond of using my LTE so i was not able to check their wifi

Cakes are great pero mahal at 215PhP
(Norman Lester T!)

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Ig Plummer S.
4.0 Stars

After our stay in Crosswinds, we decided to take our light lunch here. We ordered Pasta Vongole (its all clam shells with nothing on it but it smells and tasted good) and cheesy pizza which is very cheesy of course. Too bad we were unable to try their salted caramel cheesecake. Next time maybe.

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Anna d.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Josette P.
5.0 Stars

Cafe Voila is that restaurant you wish to keep for yourself but I'm gonna share it with you anyways. This place is known for their Asian fusion food. Filipino - Thai to be exact so expect some gingery flavor and a little spice.

I've read some blogs saying that this place can be really jammed so I had to reserve a table in advance cause I'm afraid of the possible long lines. But surprisingly, there were no long lines. There were just a couple of people and the place is so cozy. Colorful couch, pillows and interiors with quite heavy utensils and plate plus a nice view of the pine trees at Crosswinds. Not to mention how their playlist is chill and would definitely give you that good vibes feel.

Their menu is diverse with all day breakfast on the other while classic Filipino with Thai twist mains, to pastas, pizzas, they even have beers and coffees and shakes, pad thai, salads. Can't even name them all.

Now about their food ... I'll have to start with the Special Senator's Salad which is of big serving. This salad has this dressing I can't quite figure out but it complimented the shrimps, salmon and cheese and mushrooms. I like how it's not only greens and your typical salad into this bowl. Then we had their version of Kare-Kare. We all liked their Kare-Kare because it's different from the usual Filipino Kare-Kare. Their peanut is different, it's as if they used natural peanut for it and cooked that separately prior adding to the ox tail and beef. Their vegetables are are stirred fry so you can be assured that they're flavorful on its own and still crunchy. Ohh and their bagoong, it has that perfect saltiness on it.

One of their specialty is this Chicken Satay which we also tried. It's served beautifully. Too instagram worthy not to take a photo. The taste is commendable too. You cannot miss that turmeric and curry like flavor with lots of toasted garlic at the top and their peanut like sauce that makes it even more tasty. It also comes with something like an ensalada to give you that sour kick. One order of this comes with a bowl of java rice. Their Pork Spareribs is indeed cooked slowly for perfection. It's seasoned well, and their sweet bbq kind of sauce makes this spareribs a heaven in a plate. It also comes with a bowl of rice and btw the siding of fried banana with sugar tasted like an actual small churros. With cinnamon and sugar, ohh I like it as well. Their mango shake is also good and it comes with a pitcher serving for Php 250.

The dessert is a different story. Their cake slices can be a little expensive but worth a try!! Their salted caramel cheesecake is so moist, solid and creamy. Drizzled with caramel sauce and topped with some salt at the top, this a cherry on top. Their oreo cheesecake is equally commendable too. Solid and moist with a huge chunk of oreo at the top. Perfect!!

For a group of 5 we spent a little like Php 3k with service charge. For those of you who are looking for that Tagaytay hideout place to enjoy a great scenery, with peace and spend quality time with good food, I am definitely recommending this place. This is the kind of place you'll go back to because it's far from that noisy Tagaytay side you usually know. Will definitely go back for more!!

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Hydz T.
4.0 Stars

Food was delish! I like their kare kare version. Im not happy with their seafood platter, expensive(i think because of salmon)but little serving 128532

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Robbie C.
4.0 Stars

My 3rd time to visit and Cafe Voila never fails to please!

For this visit, it was just the Coffee Party (good for at least 4 people) and two slices of cheese cake - Nutella and Salted Caramel

Looking forward to the next time

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Mary Love S.
4.0 Stars

R and I always see this quaint looking restaurant whenever we visit Crosswinds for a short weekend getaway. We never bother to stop and check though as the place is always packed with diners. We did try though during Valentine’s and failed as all tables were occupied and the ones that will clear soon were reserved. But we finally got to successfully visit it a few weekends ago.

Hello, Café Vio La! (Yes, there really is a space in between Vio and La.)

The place was quite full at 8 p.m. on a Sunday but we managed to get a table for five.

Famished from swimming, we ordered Pork Crackling (PHP595), Grilled Norwegian Salmon (PHP595), Homemade Chicken Pork Adobo (PHP425), Garlic Longganisa (PHP295) and Garlic Beef Tapa (PHP375). L also ordered a pot of hot Camomile tea (PHP85).

First served was the pot of tea which tasted like hot lemon water. The tea taste was so mild.

The Homemade Chicken and Pork Adobo was served next and B who is not a local was looking for the adobo sauce. This one was the type of adobo where the chicken thighs and pork spare ribs are slow-cooked and simmered till dry in its natural juices, vinegar, palm sugar and lots of garlic and spices. I wasn’t able to take a photo of it as B was hungry.

Next served were the Garlic Longganisa and Garlic Beef Tapa.

The Garlic Longganisa was a bit dry and needed a lot of vinegar for taste and moist. It went really well with the fragrant rice and sunny side up eggs though.

I liked my Garlic Beef Tapa. The beef was tender and and had a nice sweet and salty taste. I drizzled a bit of vinegar for a tangy kick.

The Pork Cracklings or brick oven roasted pork belly was your usual lechon kawali. Though crunchy and succulent, it was nothing special or extraordinary.

I wasn’t able to take a photo of the Norwegian Salmon as it came so late and L was turning pale already. However, it was really good. It was perfectly cooked. Moist and served in a Beurre Blanc sauce, the light flavor of the dish would make you eat more of it till you finish every bit of it.

Though the ambiance was nice and food was good, I don’t think I’ll head back here anytime soon given the number of new restaurants in Tagaytay.

Café Vio La is located at Crosswinds Luxury Resorts, Tagaytay City. Contact them at +639 05 331 4457 or +639 18 372 7499.

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Nicole S.
5.0 Stars

This place is so pretty. It has different levels and a little bakeshop on the bottom level. The food was good as well, we ordered the

Pad Thai 3/5
Pork Satay 4.5/5

And a very special mention to the salted caramel cheese cake which I will give 7/5 stars.

Their cheese cake is by far the best I've had. It isn't as thick as a normal cheesecake but it's more of a leche flan make. Coffee is good as well and they serve alcohol.

Great place for families, groups of friends, or dates.

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Kevinross B.
4.0 Stars

On the "other side" of Tagaytay, you'll be able to find a peaceful and unique kind of cafe. Cafe Voi-la is a cafe/restaurant that's located at Crosswinds, Tagaytay.

What I love about this place is, that it's not over crowded. The multicolored decorations from the couches, throw pillows, to placemats and glasses very much suits the asian theme of this restaurant. Every angle is a perfect shot for your instagram photos!!

For my first time here, we only tried their coffee and the famous salted caramel cheesecake. I got the decaffeinated caramel macchiato while my gf got the vietnamese coffee with coconut milk ( i forgot what it's called).

Caramel macchiato - This drink is very milky (which I like) So if you want something stronger, I suggest trying another type of coffee.

Vietnamese coffee with coconut milk - My gf said it was good, but the coconut milk was kinda weird to go with it.

Caramel cheesecake - We liked it, but i think they can do better with the crust. It was too thin and soft. You can hardly taste it. But overall, it was worth the try.

Stars for effort on how they present whatever they serve to their customers! 128077🏼

I loved this place so much that I invited my family here the following week to try their main dishes. We tried a lot and It was kinda pricey, plus there was no wow factor, except for how each dish had a unique presentation. It would be so easy to take a good photo for you looloo reviews! When we went for dessert, we tried their oreo cheesecake and ube cheesecake. We loved the ube cheesecake!! I loved how the first few seconds of your bite tastes like cheesecake, then shift to an ube flavor. It's very unique and it tastes really good! I might even like it better than the salted caramel! Lol.

For me, i would just stick to their coffee and cheesecakes. I would definitely come back for more.

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