Ongpin St. cor. Nueva St., Binondo, Manila, Metro Manila

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Jayson J.
4.0 Stars

I was "forced" to go here today because i did not know that the hardware stores around the area open until 10am. Well at least i did have a good time here because i was able to charge my electronics and sit on a comfy cushioned seat. Sayang ndi q natry yung cafe mezzanine beside it. But this place really is more conducive for relaxation.

128204 cappuccino @110php
What a quaint Latte art. Feathery. I don't add sugar to my coffee anymore and i think swakto lang ang lasa.

128204 espresso cheesecake @140php
A slice of this is big enough unlike those in the more popular cafés. This has 3 layers. The topmost is chocolate mousse the middle is cheesecake while the bottom is a dark chocolate crust with peanuts and raisins. Pretty unusual. There's also a thin espresso sauce over the cheesecake. There's also coffee-bean tasting treat at the sides.

This is my second time here but first time in the morning. There's a lot of old Chinese amiga magkakaberks here doing their morning chikas.

A recommendable place if you are waiting or would like to take a chill.

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Jayson J.
5.0 Stars

I have to walk from wai yung to this place because i a cannot afford to look for a nearer parking place. This store however is also a gem in china town. What i mean by this: usually you see Chinese stores and open canteens. But this one--air conditioned and has power outlets wherein you can charge your electronics-- that's what i did. Also you could get here a good WIFI connection. So go here to do your reviews 🤓

128204 dark chocolate bun
It's just a roti bun with dark chocolate crust that readily crumbles as you slice it, and as Jairus d tells us, it's kampon ng mamon too. 128539

128204128525 hot chocolate
I. Just. Love. This. I never knew this drink could be lovable--it was thick! So good i cant help to dip the bun which by the way is so good to ho with it. It tastes a little watery though but the chocolate is so pure--no sugar

Again, go dine here if you need a little different at china town. 128540

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Enaj F.
4.0 Stars

Sorry for doing a lot of reviews today since I have been filled up with reviews that I should have done months ago. This is one of my favorite place to hang out since I love the comfort of their food and the smell of their breads (naks!) though I'm not really pertaining to this location I am more of A UN branch fan compared to Binondo, its just that this is the nearest branch from me, as a matter of fact its just 100-150 steps away from where I usually am during most of the days.

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Kristine O.
4.0 Stars

officially joining the cronut craze!!!127882127881128514 (better late than never)

Starting it off with CafeFrance's version which they call "French Doughnut".128523

I got the lemon flavor and have to say I enjoyed it alot.128518 It was crunchy (which i dint expect) and flaky. the tartness from the lemon really cuts through the oily richness of the croissant like pastry which makes you crave for more after the first bite.128525

For P99 a piece, i think its sulit.128077

After my first cronut expericence, i'm hooked!!! eagerly looking forward to trying the other known sellers such as Bronuts, WildFlour etc. Oh well there goes my diet. i think #oplanbalikalindog could wait some more hahaha128061128055128514

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Terry S.
2.0 Stars

The manager of this branch isn't doing his/ her job. Chipped glasses were used on their drinks. Most of their seats were stained and dirty. Why pipe soft music when all you can hear is the incessantly irritating slamming of their back door leading to their kitchen for every in and out of their personnel every minute. Some customers even moved their table as far away from that. One of the staff even sat down on one of the table with her feet up where dining customers could see. I even have to complain the wee amount of salad dressing just because they ran out on the counter when they could just get in their kitchen. NOT a good place to chill >~<

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