UN Ave. cor. Maria Y. Orosa St., Ermita, Manila, Metro Manila

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Open 24 Hours

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₱99 - ₱285

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Liezzy M.
4.0 Stars

chill vibe for breakfast... 128522

pesto pasta was ok. corteous staff.

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Rhea S.
3.0 Stars

So sad to see this place deteriorating. Since this 24-hour place is just 10 tumblings from our house, this is one of the go-to brunch places of my family.

This place seriously needs maintenance! The air-con is already producing this irritating sound and is not cold anymore. The waiter is killing a number of flies using a thick rolled papers. It is such an eye sore!

Still gave this place 3 stars because they have new dishes in the menu which is quite good like the onion soup. It's nice that they keep on developing their menu. Hope they do the same with the interior of this branch. Though the painting in one of the corners is still pretty fine, the rest especially the mosquito/fly problem is nasty.

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Denise Q.
3.0 Stars

It was just our ordinary Sunday that my family decided to dine in somewhere near and not new.

This is how we spend our lazy weekends, so we decided to dine near and Cafe France was just there waiting. 128517

Each of us got the set meal of any meat with sides for less than P200 if I remember correctly. What I got was the Beef and Mushroom Demiglace with tomato soup - nothing unique, not too ordinary as well - just enough to satisfy my appetite. 128521

Our server was named July that my dad had the thrill of teasing and greeted her "Advance Happy Birthday!" And guess what! She said thanks as her birthday was indeed on July. In return, she treated us with 3 Red Velvet minis which were delicious much to our surprise (especially the cream cheese!) 128525 Talk about good customer service, haha!

Plus they gave out free samples of their new pastry - the Croffee (coffee-flavored croissant)! A good breakfast option especially when served warm! 128077

An ordinary dining experience capped off with something fun! 128079 thanks again for the generosity, July! 128513

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Enaj F.
5.0 Stars

UN branch 128516 an order of their breakfast deluxe and a nice and clean chitchat and this will made my day 128525

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Mae Lane O.
2.0 Stars


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Vanni C.
4.0 Stars

I'm not one of those people who are obsessed with croughnuts. I just want to let that out. It just so happens that everywhere I go now, they seem to be there!

So one of those late nights while waiting for my patient, I happened to forget to bring my usual baon, and ended up looking for 24 hour places. CafeFrance along UN is conveniently open 24 hours!

And here we are. Faced with another dilemma of whether I should be eating butter-filled pastry. I caved in, and followed the dark side.

So hello, Salted Caramel French Donut! If you've read my review of Maple, you'll know that I was totally let down by their version of the pastry. This was better. It wasn't crunchy, more on the chewy side, but it was still flaky, and somehow still felt like a croissant. The filling was very buttery. Literally, buttered Carmel. But it was yummy. Sinful, no doubt. I also took a bite of the Lemon Custard, and found the filling and the topping too sweet and a bit too fragrant for my liking. But this actually renewed my belief in people raving about these pastries. I mean, these weren't something I would be craving for, but I understand the obsession.

Now maybe if I can find my way to Wildflour, Mandarin, and InterCon. Hehe :)

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Heidz T.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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