Moomba Plaza, Mother Ignacia Ave. cor. Roces Ave., Quezon City, Metro Manila

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Reopens: 11:00a - 10:00p


  • Sunday
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Most Recent Reviews

Noelle O.
3.0 Stars

Note: Cafevegis seems to be floating at the moment and its guests are entertained at Moomba.

It's a good alternative if you're on a vegetarian mode, and prices range from P120 -250. I ordered the hamburger steak, potato cheese croquettes and a dayap juice drink.

The moment the burger steak (P 165 I think) arrived, the gravy has a lovely smell and reminded me of the Jollibee hamburger steak. It is indeed a good vegetarian alternative. The best thing for me about this dish was the white sauce that came with the veggies! It was creamy and not overpowering.

I liked the potato cheese croquettes much better, prices at around P120 think. The filling was something like cheese pimiento and the breading was delicious!

The dayap juice was nothing spectacular, felt like a syrup just mixed with water ugh.

The service was ok, the place (Moomba) a little dark. And I got some mosquito bites or something even if it was lunchtime. The place just seemed to have opened and there was a funny smell ...

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Mei O.
5.0 Stars

Grilled Liempo and Grilled Salmon. Plus, the sisig. I'm in love!! 128536128037128536

It was interesting to see liempo. I'm wary of these mock meat because they all taste like Spam. Or fine, maling. The texture is a dead giveaway of how much it was trying to pretend to be good. I was ready to bash the liempo. However......... It was dang good! From the texture to the crispy sides, it was really good! I was already suspicious about it, the strains were like real meat - at least how I remember it! I thought I heard angels singing when I tasted this! There was a vegetarian rave party inside my mouth. 128571

And we also tried their Grilled Salmon (which was also reaaaally good! It had that lansa-ng-isda feel hahaha) and sisig which was on the sour side (which I prefer). I still believe sisig at Greens is my favorite, while Bodhi's barbecue is top notch. I was able to try Agico's Bacon Burger and it was oh-mazing! Now, I want to try out other dishes from Cafe Vegis because this resto just made me want to try it again even while typing this. o___o

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Carol A.
5.0 Stars

In all the vegetarian restaurants in Quezon City so far this is our favorite. The restaurant is very spacious and with adequate parking space. Their food was great! They have both solo meals and for sharing meals. The veggie meat really tasted like real meat. I would definitely come back again.

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Karol S.
4.0 Stars

Vegetarian cuisine for the vegetarian birthday boy!

We got to try different dishes and each was different on their own.

128512 Salmon sinigang was great! My favorite among the rest.
128556 Bbq was a bit sweet, it was so-so.
128533 Paella had too much green peas. I dont like mixing green peas in anything. I like eating them on their own though! But the rice already tasted like green peas even without eating it.
128512 I loved the burger steak too! This one didn't taste like veggie at all!!

0% meat for dinner! Nomnomnom. Unfortunately paella looked the best so I chose that for the looloo photo :D

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