Caffe La Tea

Congressional Ave., Quezon City, Metro Manila

Caffe La Tea
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Cardina R.
4.0 Stars

I love the ambiance of the place. Definitely homey and comfortable.

Foods are delicious and the milk tea tastes great as well. Even the cheesecakes are good for its price.

However, not all employees were friendly and welcoming. There's just this one specific female employee who looked so 'mataray' and not very eager to serve the customers. Parang ayaw nya na mag-order ka o mag-ask ka ng something i.e. water kasi ma-hahassle lang siya. Sometimes lang din, obvious naman na nakikita ka na ng mga employees when you bill out, but they seem oblivious. They're all too chatty, mas maingay pa sa mga customers.

Pasalamat sila masarap ang food and drinks dito.

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Lynne C.
5.0 Stars

This place is perfect for coffee,milktea and cupcake lovers.Its interior is not well lit(i think it was intentional) to create a cozy and homey ambiemce. good for those who wants to slow down and chill128522

It's food and drinks are affordable and delish!

Their pasta seeving is just right..not "bitin".

Downside..palagi puno128533

I recommend for those living near comgressional avenue to visot and try this place!

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April H.
4.0 Stars

Yeah, Caffe La Tea again... Sorry, I have not been feeling adventurous for the past 2 months!128513 Plus it's such a great place to study at that I just had to keep coming back!128515 just find the perfect spot because the lighting is quite dim!

Along Congressional Ave, you may miss this because it is literally a bungalow turned into a store. They do have limited parking but it's better than other establishments in the area. I like the homey and unassuming vibe of the place. Not to mention the very full menu they have with so many options to try...

I try to steer clear of milk teas and frappes these days, two of Caffe La Tea's sellable drink options. But I have found that I like their Iced Latte, which can be fully customizable with any flavored syrup that you might like... I have yet to try Berry F's suggested drink though.

I also like their Iced Tea, which you can turn into whatever flavor you may enjoy as well... Just be careful since their Iced Tea tends to be on the sweet side...

Best part about this place? You can bring your dog with you! And you can have them groomed at the nearby Barking Lot too! Yey to more pet friendly places!128522

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Sun M.
4.0 Stars

I found myself a little curious with Cafe La Tea having seen their posts on my instagram feed. I've been following them for quite a while now. Though I am more of a coffee-lover than a tea-lover, I finally decided to visit the store last Friday, together with my little brother. What got me even curious with this spot is the fact that most of their branches are located in places outside Manila, like Nueva Ecija, Cagayan De Oro, San Carlos, and Tarlac.

I thought their Congressional Ave. branch is only next to SNR, but is actually around 10-minute farther from it. It's almost near Visayas Avenue.

The store is a little bit hidden, but it's just along the highway. Though there is a signage, it was hard to notice it because the surrounding is a little dark, plus the dim lighting of the store itself.

I was even more surprised when my brother and I got inside. It's dimmer inside, and compared to other coffee shops I've visited. It somehow gave me a mixture of nostalgic and romantic vibe.

Most of the seats are made of couches placed in each corner of the shop. The ambiance was very relaxing that I thought I was inside a spa. I can tell that teir customers are mostly teenagers / students.

For tea-lovers out there, I highly recommend you visit this store because they have a wide range of tea selections. They also have varieties of coffee though not as many as the tea.

I tried their OREOS KAFFE (Php149) - chilled espresso with oreo and whip on top, blended with milk and ice. It was almost perfect for me. The coffee was mildly strong and it blended well with the oreo. On my first few sips, there was like a chocolate syrup at the bottom of it that I really liked. Only the whip cream tasted bland.

My brother chose to have their FUZY MELON + RSC ( Wintermelon + Milk Tea + their home made Rock Salt and Cheese Foam) (Php99 / L) - I tasted the home made RSC, and I loved it that I wanted to exchange drink withy my brother. I think it is even better than Gong Cha's.

For our meal, my brother ordered one of their rice toppings, BEEF SALPICAO (Php99). My brother said it was good and was generously served with lotsa beef!

I on other hand wanted something light for dinner so I went for the recommendation of their crew, which was the PENNE CREAMY CHICKEN PESTO (Php159) -the serving is good for one but I swear this was the star of the night. It was probably the most simple pasta yet the most creamy and appetizing pasta I've ever eaten. I loved it! Given the price, I was surprised that it has a lot of chicken chuncks in it. The creaminess and the balanced pesto flavor matched really well. I wanted to order more, and even take home some, because of too much joy. I swear this one is a must-try. Hihi. 128525128525128525128525

Good thing my brother was there to remind me that I have to save my stomach some space for dessert. Yes, desserts!
They have cupcakes, and cheesecakes too that are causing me to drool every time I visit their IG Page.

We tried the Newyork Cheesecake and Death By Choc La Tea, for Php59 each. The New York Ceesecake was good, that came with a nice texture. What I loved with the Death By Choc La Tea was its dark chocolate flavor because I was expecting it to be sweet. Though it has a less moist compared to the New York Cheesecake, the frosting made out of cream cheese made up for it.

For a spent of less than Php700, my brother and I left the coffee shop so full. What made me like this store is the simplicity of its everything yet they are extravagant when it comes to their food. I love that Cafe La Tea is not your usual coffee/tea shop. Their menu selection from Filipino meals to coffee, desserts, and most of all, teas, makes it an anytime-of- the-day / one-stop restaurant.

What will make me go back is definitely their PENNE CREAMY CHICKEN PESTO, the ambiance, reasonable price, and very friendly staff. I obviously had to use flash to take the photo because of the lighting and because I only have my camera phone with me. 999699969996


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Julie L.
4.0 Stars

Been wanting to try this resto out because the first branch is in Tarlac.

But we already ate for lunch so we had cupcakes instead. We ordered Red Velvet (49pesos), NY Cheesecake (59pesos) and Dulce de Leche (49pesos), i liked the first two flavors but the third one not so much.

Got milk teas too - mahilig pa naman ako sa pearls kaso bilang na bilang mo talaga yung nasa cup 128514

Plus points for being a dog friendly establishment.128054

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Berry F.
5.0 Stars

This is the perfect coffee combination for me. Cafe latte with peppermint flavor plus a dash of cinnamon powder = heaven! Wide food choices. We went here yesterday afternoon after our Vday lunch date. I hope they put blinds so that the heat outside cannot enter inside the place. Affordable food and drinks and they have a free wifi. 128513

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April H.
3.0 Stars

I have been making the rounds of the coffee shops in the area... Or rather going back to my favorite ones during this time. I spent one afternoon in Caffe La Tea again, being absolutely famished! I ordered the wild mushroom and truffle pasta again and their blueberry fruit tea.

I was a bit disappointed with their wild mushroom and truffle pasta this time around. I didn't like how the pasta was cooked, I thought it was a bit underdone. If you ever want to check this place out, I urge you not to order the blueberry fruit tea. It tasted weird and very very sweet. Even letting the ice melt did nothing to improve it's taste... I preferred the green apple iced tea, but that was also pretty sweet. I ordered mojos additionally because I was disappointed with my food. The mojos were okay but very oily. It was served with an aioli dip which cut try the oiliness of the fried potatoes.

I am hoping that this visit is just an off day!128546

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April H.
4.0 Stars

I just realized that they have a tendency towards sweet when it comes to their drinks... I tried their flavored iced tea today, green tea flavor as recommended by their staff... It was a bit sweet at first, but it becomes okay once the ice has melted... Slightly tangy too! They have a lot of available flavors to choose from btw, such as strawberry, blueberry, and orange...

I also tried their Hungarian sausage Pesto and I liked it! Their pesto was flavorful and yummy! I just mention it because I have encountered some pretty bland ones before... Not bad for P159... Serving size is pretty good too...

Their staff is pretty nice... Btw, ask for an OR. They don't issue one with the TIN number on top, just a paper with the accounting of your order... 128522 #parasaekonomiya

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April H.
4.0 Stars

I'm happy that Caffe La Tea has made it to Manila! My family hails from Nueva Ecija and this cafe has its roots in Cabanatuan... It's really a one stop shop-- offering everything from burgers to pastas to cupackes for food and everything from milk teas to ice blended beverages to coffee as their beverages... Slowly but surely, the franchise has made its' way to Manila... They have already opened two branches in the metro and it's my first time to try their Congressional branch.

This restaurant has two big plus points from the get go-- free wifi (but slow) and dog friendly... Music to my ears definitely! They allow you to stay at the restaurant at length without bothering you... But in case you need to study, just choose the tables in the middle for better lighting... They also have a smoking area off to the side...

The place is simple and dimly lit, with very comfy chairs and sofas in every corner... Soft music and a sort-of-private area in one corner...

The drink menu was overwhelming! They have so many choices! I settled on the green tea latte because I've had my fill of coffee for the day... I also chose the wild mushroom and truffle pasta for dinner, because I'm a sucker for anything truffle flavored...

The pasta was delicious and had a generous serving for P159... I love a good truffle and mushroom combination; I'll order it anyday! The green tea latte was likewise good! I liked the pronounced matcha taste, slightly sweet and not bad at all, especially at P99!128522

The staff were so welcoming, helpful and friendly-- all much appreciated... I changed my drink order maybe three times and it was just met by a smile... They were chatting, but somehow it was still respectful, not obnoxious or rowdy... Very easy to call their attention. I appreciated it...

I had a really positive experience here and would love to come back to try their coffee...

Open from 12nn-12midnight, great for days when you need to burn the midnight oil...

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Jayson J.
4.0 Stars

This cafe opened up last september and is new to the the congressional strip restos.
It offers milk teas, iced teas, shakes, coffee, teas, sodas and beers for their drinks; the cafe also has appetizers, salads, pastas, soup, sandwhiches, rice toppings, and desserts! It's a complete meal...
128204deviled tofu
Diced tofu in spicy mayo. Sprinkled with some kind of sugar that adds to the texture and taste. I liked this new stuff.
128204Wild mushroom and truffle oil
The truffle was considerably strong. Thick mushroom sauce. The bread was cold.
128204harajuku milk tea
“fuzzy melon” plus dark cocoa daw.. But it taste like chocolate lang. Sweetness borderline super sweet; kinda went down nung paubos na (good job ice)
The service was great Jayson (tukayo) entertained my queries on what to order. however they were quite noisy. Kinda telling jokes at each other loudly. I actually heard them planning about their dance performance sa christmas party. Haha. Ganoon kalakas.
The place is dim and cold. Although the lights were warm but the ambiance is cold... Then i noticed when they played the background music (at the end of my dinner) plus a little chatting sounds from a group of friends, it became warm na. 128522
Max capacity would be around 40 to 50. All seats are cushioned.. High 3 sana so 4!

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