Caffe Pascucci

2/F East Wing, Robinsons Galleria, EDSA cor. Ortigas Ave., Ortigas Center, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Caffe Pascucci
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Allan D.
1.0 Stars


Caffe Latte' was presented and tasted as flws:
80% ice
19% sugar
1% coffee n milk

....kulang na lang bolsa de yelo sa dami ng yelo

Didnt complain coz it was a treat from a friend hehe

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4.0 Stars

Caffe Pascucci:

Macaron Fraspuccio Confuso - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

Korean Maple Macaron - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

#ilovetoeat #Pascucci

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Aileen L.
5.0 Stars

Naaalala nyo pa ba sya???? The Arrow with a Heart Pierced Through Him"128152 Di pa din kasi ako makaget over sa movie eh kaya ....

One Day the heart is lost and wants to find another coffee food trip in Ortigas and epic fail yung unang pinuntahan sarado so she keep walking and walking then napadpad sa Gale and she saw Caffe Pascucci, an Italian cafe.

Sabi nung heart "Hi" can you make a coffee latte art like this one in my fone di kasi makaget over sa movie , pinagpawisan ang barista 128517 I'll try sabi sa arrow 128152 by the way whose heart are you and why are you here ? And there was no reply 128513

So she seated and just ate a delicious red velvet muffin with a special arrow design on it while waiting for his coffee with an arrow heart pierced through him and finally dumating na and she was so happy. Parang ayaw nyang inumin yung kape kasi sayang yung decor then she took picture of it and wrote letter on the tissue with her favorite lines sa movie and this is what she wrote:

May magbabalik sayong pagmamahal not exactly sa taong pinagbigyan mo , pero sigurado ako maibabalik yan sa iyo128152

When you loved stand by him, keep him and fight for him while you still can because to be happy and completely contented is a choice . Never fail to still believe in love 10084️love comes in circles and love tales it's own time , wait for the right one, right moment.. Because everything is worth the wait..
O baka after nyan biglang umakyat nayan sa Mt. Kiltepan at sisigaw ng AYOKO NA! 128561128561128561 sabay patugtog ng UP Dharma Down..

Ako si Aileen L. Minsan tatanga tanga.. #ThatThingCalledTadhana

Naloka ang barista ang lakas ng trip ko haha napasubok tuloy ang skills nya sa latte art, masarap ang kape pero mas masarap siguro yung kape sa Sagada habang nag try umakbay si Anthony Kay Mace haha. Yung nga lang sa Caffe Pascucci may wifi Italian coffee na at mababait pa ang crew nila .

Salamat sa effort Manong Barista at sinakyan mo ang kabaliwan ko sa Kape ng Tadhana lol

974997499749️ Erick B JP G Russel F Theresa L Peanut D Cyrene C Kiko G128540

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Karissa M.
4.0 Stars

Since we are too early for the party we decided to wait here at caffe pascucci.

Here's what we ordered:

Paspuccio - ✔️✔️✔️
Belgian Chocolate Cheesecake - for me this is sweet but goes well with the coffee 128521128077
Filter coffee - according to my mom was good hehehe

I guess will go back if will be visiting galleria again...

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The Food Scout N.
4.0 Stars

Caffe Pascucci branched out in the Philippines last 2013. The Italian coffee shop may not be famous in the Philippines but in Italy and Korea, coffee lovers have been getting their daily caffeine fix in their international shops.

Choosing a dessert should be easy. The selections at Caffe Pascucci added a little stress to my afternoon. I couldn't decide easily. After pointing and pointing of the server, to the dessert selections, I finally responded to a thumbs up to my best-seller choice, Dark Belgian Cheesecake.

It's dark and it's belgian, something I looked forward to. When I tried it, I had to savor every bite just like how I saved the frap I ordered, Banana Rock, for the entire afternoon. I forgot about the cheesecake part since it was quite far from being a cheesecake because of its smooth and light texture and its dark chocolate blend.

For more about Caffe Pascucci, please head over to

Pray, Eat and Love.

The Food Scout

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Jaymie P.
3.0 Stars

Warm, cozy but modern interiors. Love the feel of the place...and although they have a limited sitting capacity, the chairs were very comfortable.

Tried their Cafe Latte while my companion ordered his coffee black. Liked my Latte but didn't LOVE it. My friend loved his black coffee. 9749

Ordered the dark belgian cheesecake. Although I loved the rich chocolate taste topped with ganache, the cake was more of a mousse in texture rather than a cheesecake but it paired well with my coffee.

Overall, okay. But since CBTL is just a couple of steps away, would probably go there instead the next time I crave for coffee in Galleria.

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Theresa L.
5.0 Stars

My new favorite coffee place!!! 9786128150 If you're looking for a not-so-strong-coffee yet sweet and creamy, this is the place for you! 128525 It may seem new to others since they only have 2 branches here in PH but hey, they are the most popular coffee shop in Italy and Korea. 128522

Though this branch might not be as glamourous as the Glorietta branch, I really liked the ambiance of this place. A factor would be the striking red color that gives the place an energetic yet homey vibe. 128522

* No service review since it's bloggers event*

They have tons of choices to choose from. From sandwiches, gorgeous cakes, cupcakes, and different drink that other coffee shops were offering. We tried the following:

Paspuccio (125 pesos) - I'm the type of person who likes a bit strong coffee, yet sweet and creamy. That's why this is thumbs up for me. Right amount of espresso, foamed milk, pasciok powder and caramel syrup. 128525

Fraspuccio Confuso (155 pesos) - I liked the previous one, but boyfie likes this even more. I guess because it was cold drink. But I have to agree, it's indeed yummy! It's made up of espresso, milk, ice, sugar, confuso cream, caramel syrup and biscuit. 128525 The description may seemed too sweet but it's perfectly balanced. I am very particular with whipped cream and I really enjoyed the confuso cream they have. I don't know how to describe the difference from the regular whipped cream, but believe me, it's really good! Plus the crushed biscuit too! 128055

Dark Belgian Cheesecake (195 pesos) - As much as I would like to order different cake so I'm not the same with other bloggers from the net, I can't. 128532 How can I resist Dark Belgian Cheesecake after all? 128557128557128557 Rich and creamy chocolate cheesecake with smooth consistency, topped with dark chocolate ganache served beautifully. Huhuh. Reminded me of cakes in Bizu. 128525 *I can't wait to go back at 8pm since all of their cakes and sandwiches are 50% off!!! 128520 Oh yeah!! 128055

Gianduio (135 pesos) - Not in the picture. This was not part of the drinks offered to us. We really buy it ourselves. I can't resist when I found out that it's a hot version of hazelnut drink. What's in my mind is hazelnut = nutella. 128525 And I'm right! Haha. This drink has the combination of nutella and coffee combined into one. 128523

Definitely, this is my new favorite coffee shop! 978612815010024128171

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Edwin I.
3.0 Stars

Cafe Pascucci's Paspuccio coffee and Cannoli di Ricotta were ok but fell short to the true Italian flavors that I was expecting.

Pascucci is an international Italian coffeehouse chain with branches in various countries. Renowned for their proprietary in-house creations of takes on hot and cold Italian coffee beverage preps. Certainly not along the genre of the 3rd wave of coffee places nor your traditional authentic Italian coffee places.

Paspuccio was described as an up sized serving of Espresso with heated milk, cocoa powder, and Pascucci's signature caramel sauce-art. Presentation wise, the beverage looked indeed pretty with Pascucci's caramel-sauce spider web latte art. Taste wise, it basically tasted like milky-coffee with a minute hint of cocoa powder. Each sip of the beverage was mixed with a certain buttery-sweet kick owing to caramel sauce.

Don't get me wrong , the beverage wasn't bad. It was just that I was expecting a fuller-bodied flavor from the coffee. I enjoy Italian coffee (regardless if taken black or with heated milk) because of the dark roasts which infuse the beans with a fuller flavor. I found Pascucci's weak.

Pascucci's Cannoli di Ricotta also fell short of expectation.

I love these traditional Sicilian pastries. Cannoli, translated as "little tubes", are Italian dessert pastries made of a fried tube-like crust filled with sweetened Italian cheese (usually Ricotta or Mascarpone was used). Sometimes, the cheese filling is infused with fruity accents (e.g. berries, citrus fruits), nuts (pistachio), or aromatic spices (such as anise, cinnamon ). Best described as tasting like a creamy cheesecake wrapped in a warm crunchy crust. I love freshly made cannoli where the warm crunchy tube crust explodes with the delicious cold sweet cheese filling with each bite. Traditionally eaten freshly made and by the hand.

Pascucci's version didn't blow my tastebuds away. First, their Cannoli wasn't freshly made. The crust wasn't crunchy, it was cold, and tasted like "barquillos". Secondly, they sprinkled too much powdered sugar over the pastry ( good Cannoli should just be dusted with powdered sugar). I must say however, that the Ricotta Cheese filling was good. Nice level of sweetness with that creamy-tang from the Ricotta, nice bits of chocolate, and a certain good spice I couldn't pinpoint (I'm guessing cardamom).

I tasted a bit of my friends' cold coffee preps--the Iced Caramel Fraspuccio and Fraspuccio Confusio. They tasted ok. An alternative, I guess , to Starbucks or CBTL.

Caffe Pascucci, to my mind, specializes more on dessert-coffee. A good choice for coffee fans who enjoy sweet coffee preps.

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