Caffé Sant'Antonio

Aguinaldo Highway, Lalaan, Silang, Cavite

Caffé Sant'Antonio
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Most Recent Reviews

Denise J.
4.0 Stars

Caffe Sant'Antonio doubles up as a religious store and I'm not gonna lie, the statues in this place kind of freaked me out. But you can always move to their cute little dining area or their quaint garden if you find the beady eyes unsettling. 128064

As for their menu, you'll love it if you're into simple, fuss-free Italian food. I especially love the super thin crust on their pizzas! There weren't any leftover scraps on our plates for sure. Their pastas are pretty good too, flavorul and cooked al dente.

You might as well stay for dessert after your meal because they have a nice selection of muffins, cakes, and coffee. One of their bestsellers is the Kiwi Muffin and I don't think I've tasted anything like it before. It looks like a legit kiwi fruit when you slice into it and it's got a unique texture because of all the crunchy seeds in it.

Definitely drop by for lunch or merienda if you're en route to Tagaytay! 128513

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Cali C.
5.0 Stars

Great coffe, pastries, pasta and pizza! Where else can you find a place where you can have coffee, buy religious items and have italian food faves... Only at this place by the Rogationist Fathers. Pizza is only available on weekends though, so if you happen to drop by on a weekday sorry you won't be able to order their wonderful thin crust italian pizza.

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Denise Marie D.
5.0 Stars

What better way to start my first review here in looloo by giving a review on one of the places I went to last December that really needs to be given a spotlight and is definitely worth visiting and trying out their authentic Italian pizza and pasta plus it has their own store of religious items and other church supplies. 12859110084127926

It was the second day of the Simbang Gabi when me and my family went to this place. Just the border of Tagaytay and Silang, Cavite (since we traveled from Parañaque to Sta. Rosa and Tagaytay) was this cafe and religious store. Seeing it at first, I feel so calm as the place was really quiet and peaceful. When we got inside, it was heaven for me seeing a lot of religious items, mostly figures and statues of saints and the Holy Family, rosaries, songbooks and even mugs with their logo in it. Me and my mom got to buy bookmarks here that were really cute and inspiring while my dad bought a St. Anthony statue. 128522128513

We had our early lunch here and we ordered one whole pizza and each of us a pasta. Most of us ordered the carbonara and our pizza was Funghi pizza.

Carbonara 127837
- they used linguine for their pasta and not to mention it's made from scratch which is a plus plus for me to be more excited than ever to try their carbonara 128523. It was really good. It's not like any other carbonara that I had in other places and it was worth it. Complimentary bread on the side was also given with our pasta and it was also crunchy and soft. Just the way I like my bread to be 128076 I will definitely try their other pastas when I come back

Funghi Pizza 127829
- One of the things they are known for this place was their pizza. And as we received our pizza, it was definitely something I want to munch down already. 128513 It's a thin crust pizza with tomato sauce, cheese and filled with shitake mushrooms. Grabbing the pizza from the wooden board easily was already a sign that I will definitely enjoy it. A bite of the pizza and I fell in love with it. 128525 It was so soft and sooooooo really delicious. Definitely authentic Italian pizza. Not to mention it goes well with my carbonara. If I have the chance to order this one, I'll definitely buy this one again. 100841008410084

Overall, it was a GREAT GREAT experience. Food, ambience, and oh.. Outside on one side, they have a replica of the Bocca della Veritá (or known as the Mouth of Truth) which has a man-like face image, originally located in the church of Santa Maria in Cosmedin, Rome, Italy (did a little research on this). Reading a paper posted on their door they say that if you put your hand in the mouth of the image and you say something that is not the truth, he will bite you as punishment. 128561128547 (ohh and for those fans of Audrey Hepburn, the Mouth of Truth also was seen in one of her scenes. It was something showed in their TV screen in the cafe)

While on the other side also outside, they have a gazeebo with a pond beside it and from afar was my Saint. Saint Anthony of Padua. I wish I have more time to stay there and just relax.

Maybe also in my next visit I will definitely try their desserts and coffee there. 9749️ There wasn't much time for us to try whatever they had and nevertheless despite being full, trip was worth it.

Hope this review will be a big help and make this place a part of your list to visit and try out. 128522 10084

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Workaholic G.
5.0 Stars

What made me click 511088️ is that I love the location. I love the ambiance. I like it that it's a place where not everyone knows, just yet, so it's not crowded unlike in Tagaytay. The place is VERY relaxing for me..

As for the food/drinks, I got to try their frappé and it was good. I like their Al Caramello and Choco di Java (sounds something like that). It's just the right amount of coffee and cream that I prefer. I've tried their Ms. Polly's Chocolatecake, it was good enough for the taste. One time, I also tried their pancakes and I was surprised that despite the affordable price, it was pretty big in serving. 128077

Lastly, Cafe Sant'Antonio is strategically located just across/beside a pizzeria where they serve good pizzas. (across when you stand at the bar and look at the pizzeria, but beside if you are looking at the roadside of the highway) Try Salsica when you visit. Pizzas are cooked in an old-style pugon. 128523128523128523

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Jos O.
4.0 Stars

Check out their pizzas. They also serve wine!

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Gene G.
5.0 Stars

Me, my cousin & le parents decided to have late lunch in this comfy place.

The place is a sight to behold !! Upon entering, you would think it is just a simple cafe with religious things being sold (the owner of this place is a priest) but when you actually go deeper in the place, there's a hidden pizzeria that only opens during weekends & holidays. The pizzeria place felt like I was in Europe (to add with the rainy weather and cool air). When you go by the garden, you can see the Bocca della Verita (Mouth of Truth). According to legend, your hands should be bitten off in case you are lying, that is your hand should be placed in the mouth of this god. 128514

We ordered the ff : pepperoni, quattro formaggi, pasta and desserts

The pasta was alright. It went well with my tastebuds. The pepperoni was alright as well, a bit spicy I must say. It could have been better if the flavor could actually come out. The guattro formaggi was yummy. I actually had 2127829127829 128514
The desserts were yummy as well since it was not that sweet nor too bitter 128522

The staffs were well mannered. They were trained properly and how to move quickly. I understood why cooking of the pizza took quite long (20 minutes). It was because he was the only one doing the pizza. It could have been better if there was someone with him so that service in the pizzeria area can go faster.

The prices were just right. I kind of found the pizza expensive (340 for both) but the flavor gave justice to the prize. Also it's a good thing that the priest thought of making this kind of cafe. It just goes to show Filipinos can make great cafes as well.

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Mara-Angela N.
3.0 Stars

This is a cafe/ religious finds shop near the touristy Tagaytay area. It's 1/4 cafe and 3/4 shop, with giant statues of Mama Mary and small belen sets. They also have a lot of inspirational books for sale. Love their piano music.

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Eileen T.
5.0 Stars

This pizzeria and coffee shop is operated and managed by an Italian religious congregation. So upon entering at this resto, I wasnt surprised to see life size sculpture of saints, religious items, and among others for SALE inside128146 At the coffee shop, food menu are written in Italian with English description. I have tried their signature coffee with cacao! 9749️ The best! 128076128076128076 I also tried their Ms. Polly's cake, carrot cake, and the strawberry-banana smoothie 128077128077128077 Will definetly go back to this place! 128525128525128525

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Sandy T.
5.0 Stars

Love the place 128522
Especially polly's chocolate cake 128522
No need to go in the metro for this! 128525128525

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