Caffe Xpress Illy

NAIA Terminal 3, Andrews Ave., NAIA, Pasay, Metro Manila

Caffe Xpress Illy
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Camille M.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Julie L.
5.0 Stars

Before boarding, i was thirsty so I decided to buy a bottle of water and the staff gave me free Mentos as well. It made my day, thank you kind sir. 128512128515

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4.0 Stars

A little expensive but the tuna pesto salad was divine. Ang Sarap. My tummy got a little sore due to the speed eating. Haha.

Coffee was so so but it was a welcome drink for my sleepy and droopy eyed self. Haha.

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Clarissa P.
2.0 Stars

Waiting for a delayed flight is never pleasing. But if it's Cebu Pac, then I guess I shouldn't be surprised at all 128548

While waiting, I felt the need for some cold coffee. I meant to check out Esspresamente Illy but saw the same Illy post near our boarding gate. To save time, I went there instead. The store was called Caffe Xpress Illy. They were selling the Illy brand but also had some extras like sandwiches, cup noodles, soft drinks, cakes and pastries. In any case. I wanted a drink with a strong coffee kick. The barista suggested JUMPSTART.

Jumpstart had 3 shots of espresso, chocolate, milk, coffee bean chips and was ice blended. They charged me for 221php for a grande size. There was no whipped cream what so ever. Just plain ice blended coffee. Fine. Took a sip and wondered if there were really 3 shots of espresso in my drink. It kind of tasted like the iced coffee in Jollibee 128555128553 only a little better. I guess I was used to the strong and distinct brew of Starbucks. My drink was a little too sweet too.

Anyway, I didn't like it that much. I wished I could have just visited the Espressamente one. Not sure if there will be a difference though.

Not worth my 221php 128534128548128555

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