Boxpark, 73 Blk. 2 Lot 28 Congressional Ave. Ext., Quezon City, Metro Manila

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Jen S.
4.0 Stars

It tastes good and this one is filled with oreo crumbs 128523

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Muffy T.
4.0 Stars

When in Manila once wrote: "Their Churros are as good as the best churros in town and more affordable, too. The texture and the crunch are perfect, as is their not-too-sweet chocolate dip."

I agree 100%.

** Box Park is located at Tandang Sora Avenue in Quezon City. Inspired by the container parks abroad, Box Park Manila currently features 14 food brands that are unique from each other.

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Migs C.
4.0 Stars

Oh wow. Not far from La Lola's in taste. Cheaper alternative. 128523

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Kara G.
4.0 Stars

Backlog pala toh. This was still during Nins' and my sojourn here last Wed. Sojourn?! 128514

I looooooooooooooove churros and I am happy na if you just give me a truckload of this and a boatload of tsokolate e 128518

The chocolate dip was too sweet though. I much prefer La Lola's and Dulcinea's dip. Sweet na kse ung churros so dpat mejo bitter na ung chocolate.

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Jayson J.
2.0 Stars

What's inside the boxpark? There's also chutros here! Yay! No need to go to la lola's or sancho's!
Minimum order of 4 pieces for 95-105 pesos. For the 95 pesos, the chocolate dip is offered to you; pero kung 105 pesos, choose either tiramisu or strawberry..(forgot the other two flavors)
The quality of churros is not that good.. I mean it's pretty soft inside. And it's not healthy. They use "mantikang tulog".. The oil that hardens at room temperature.. So... Erm... Haha.

The tiramisu is unique though.. Tasted coffee... Not going back... You have to make me. Lol.

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Marianne P.
5.0 Stars

Box Park Random Foodventure
Not an over rated churros promise!:) crunchy and way perfect with their chocolate dip plus plus plus we also tried white chocolate dip!!!!!!

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Patty A.
5.0 Stars

Been aching (yes, aching haha) to go here at Box Park because I've been hearing great reviews about this place and alas! My two guy friends invited and fetched me last night to go at Box Park. And it's so ironic that I haven't been able to go to Box Park considering that the place is just a tumbling away from our village 128514

Anyway, when you get to Box Park, it is like Congressional Ave. Ext.'s version of Maginhawa's StrEAT and Z Compound. Tables and chairs are available for those who want to hang and chill in the area. When you're done placing your order, the servers will ask you where you are seated and they will bring you the food that you ordered.

I will also be posting a review for all the food we ordered last night but first, let's focus to Cajita. Oh, Cajita. Sounds like a lady's name right? Hahaha Cajita is known for their delicious Churros! For only 99php, you get 4 enormous Churros with a dip! Yes, with a dip already. But if you want to buy an extra dip, it costs 20php only so don't stop yourself :)

The Churros were crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside! It was incredibly light and it has the right amount of sweetness that you could it eat without the dip! To be honest, I can can compare Cajita's Churros to Churreria La Lola's Churros but way way cheaper! 128522

Stoked to go back at Box Park and have Cajita's Churros again! 128539


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Isha S.
4.0 Stars

Went to Box Park last Thursday and the first order of business was churros from this stall at the far left.

They offer four pieces of churros for 99 pesos plus chocolate dip. They ask you for your name and call you when your order's done. The churros come in a tall cup with a hashtag of the cafe on one side and your name on the other, a cup of warm chocolate is served as well. The churros were toasty and crispy but also soft on the inside. They weren't too oily, which was good and didn't leave you with them umay feelzz. Sadly, the chocolate dip didn't last. We still had about 2 churros left when it ran dry. As I said, the churros are still good on their own though. You can add 20 pesos for extra dip if you want. Aside from the churros, they also offer hot chocolate and some coffee-based drinks. Menu is still kind of limited, however.

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