Cake Draft Café

4 P. Oliveros St., Antipolo, Rizal

Cake Draft Café
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Clarisse D.
3.0 Stars

Standing outside the Antipolo Church, I need to get to my next destination.
While I was looking for the jeep going to Marikina, I saw Cake Draft and decided to gave it a try although it’s not really on my itinerary and budget. But for what reason did I bring some extra money?

I wasn’t feeling really hungry during that time, maybe because of the heavy breakfast I had before I leave the house. So I grabbed a Rum Dark Chocolate Cake, and medium iced dark mocha. There’s nothing really special about the place if you already experienced artsy coffee shops like AYC or Noriter, or Café Travel. It’s as simple as how it should be. Spacious and has a relaxing vibe.

The rum cake is so dry, the ganache sticks to the fork and 50% of what I eat gets stuck in between my teeth (I have orthodontic braces). They have a lot of options from pastas, to sandwiches, and cakes. I think I had a wrong choice.

The dark mocha is just fine. Though nothing really special about it, I just thank them I had a good coffee fix.

I left Cake Draft because I still need to find a jeepney that will pass by my next and final destination.

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Yda And Mat B.
4.0 Stars

Will try their cakes on next visit 9786
I asked my daughter to take a photo of our drinks but She got too excited to drink her strawberry monster shake 128517
Iced mocha was ok, too.
Price value is 128077🏻

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Nievs G.
4.0 Stars

Our extensive walks at the Pinto Art Museum made us really hungry, but we couldn't afford its (mostly) expensive in-house fare. Besides, we had just enough money for our day out so we decided to eat somewhere else.

Just near the Antipolo Cathedral was one cafe we discovered -- the Cake Draft Cafe. My first truly local cafe experience in Antipolo, would you believe that hahaha considering I live in Rizal but I mostly do the eating out in Angono (and I work at home, so I don't get to go out much and that far).

It was a nice, spacious cafe, and had a lot of stuff to offer. The staff was attentive enough -- there was one cute crew member who offered profuse thanks to us for dining... complete with hand clasp and bowing, parang Japanese greeting hahaha.

What we ordered:

127834 Pork Rice Bowl (Pepper Gravy), ₱100 - 11088110881108811088
127834 Chicken Rice Bowl (Soy Garlic), ₱100 - 11088110881108811088
Both rice meals were good. Pork was not too tender but not too tough either, I still could bite and masticate on it. The chicken was crunchy on the outside, tender on the inside. I liked that both of these dishes were accompanied by vegetables. However, soooobrang bitin sa kanin! Isn't ₱100 a bit too much for a bit of rice in a RICE MEAL?!? Lol.

127863Apple Raspberry, ₱85 - 11088110881108811088
From the line of their "Health Buff" drinks. This was good, had the right sweetness and tang.

127861Tiramisu Frappe, large, ₱145 - 110881108811088
127861Choco Raspberry, medium, ₱130 - 11088110881108811088
Sorry, no frappuccino icon (I can't believe it)

My Tiramisu was a bit too sweet for me. I even let some of the ice melt and still ended up sweet. I even liked my sister's Choco Raspberry even better. But at least it satisfied my need for caffeine.

127839 Crazy Bacon and Cheese Fries - 11088110881108811088
I expected crunchy bacon bits, but they instead came out lightly fried. Still, anything French fries is gooood!

127856 Vienna cake, ₱150 - 110881108811088
I think this was OK, but I should have ordered a lighter cake instead. I was just curious by the "half chocolate cake/half cheesecake" thing and besides it looked attractive. Pina-takeout ko na lang hehehe.

Will come back to try their other dishes and cakes. They're mostly delicious and affordable. Pero di ako maka-get over as rice hahaha mejo damihan nila ng kanin next time hihihi.

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Ria B.
5.0 Stars

I'm back again! This time I hope it's for good.

This place is nice and spacious. A perfect place to have a date or catch up with friends. The price is very reasonable too! I ordered their Chicken Pesto Panini which was 140php I think? I believe it was in that range inlcuding their carbonara and then their Pesto Cheese Fries is at 95php. Their frappes and lattes are good as well and is around 140php to 180php. They also serve cake, well it's named Cake Draft after all. However I wasn't able to try their cake. You do get what you pay for, plus the ambiance is just chill.

The staff is also very attentive.

They also have love locks outside if you wanna lock on your love? Lol and I believe the lock costs 110php for the smaller one.

You can check this place out after attending mass at the Antipolo Church.

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Drol Q.
4.0 Stars

Tried their Chicken Pesto Pasta and it's really, really good. I would definitely order it again. I also tried their Mud Slide Cake. I like it that it was not too sweet. My daughter ordered for it and almost finished it all alone.

The place is also good, nice interiors. Very different from the mood that you see around the place.

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