Calderon Cocina Tapas Y Bebidas

G/F Classica Condominium, 112 H.V. Dela Costa St., Salcedo Village, Makati, Metro Manila

Calderon Cocina Tapas Y Bebidas
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Most Recent Reviews

Chieo O.
5.0 Stars

There are times when you just crave for something flavorful, meaty and oily..... hehehe, hence, a sidetrip to another Cocina, this time at the heart of get our dose of tapas and bebidas!128522128077🏻10084127881127864

I guess, the looloozens have already said what kind of cuisine is served here so I'm just gonna share what we had from our mini reunion before it gets jam-packed for the holidays 128522

Luckily there was an acoustic performance that night which also added some charm to the intimate place...

So for starters we were excited and had lots of tapas hahahaha128518

Gambas Al Ajillo .....and we couldnt get enough so we had another set this time it was a Chori-Gambas Al Ajillo ( mixture of sausages and shrimp )the oily drippings were tasty enough for our complimentary bread100841008410084

So from gambas we craved for meat and added a Bandejo de Hamon, Chorizo y Quezo...loved how they were arranged with sprinkles of almonds and slices of olives 12852210084128077🏻

Nibbling all these tapas delights came the perfect combination, our Sangria Calderon, carafe mode 100841008410084

So to have a kind of green intake, we also tried their Ensalada de Cezar...

then onto the mains with their classic Paella Negra and Callos Madrileña 100841008410084️ very very tender and creamy tasting 127881127864128077🏻

Wait! Still saved some space for dessert as we tried their home-made Sans Rival with huge portions or macademia and craved for some Creme Brulee as well.....good enough to provide that "something sweet" after the tasty feast...

What a filling night! Truly Delicioso 10084127926127775128077🏻

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Mannix M.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Bel S.
4.0 Stars

First time to try this place. Their gulas a la Bilbaina (mock eels) were pretty tasty...reminds me of birthday noodles on Melba toast though. Their Bandeja de jamon, chorizo and quezo would probably be better paired with wine. Paella Valenciana is 2 thumbs up...not dry like the others. Can't wait to try the dessert!

  • No. of Comments: 1
Alex O.
5.0 Stars

Near Gino's in Salcedo Village, Makati, you can easily missed this place. Small, hidden in a building beside a Korean store and a laundry shop. It serves very good Spanish food. The paella negra and beef salpicao were fantastic.

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Aissa C.
4.0 Stars

This is definitely a 4.5!

I tried it for the first time with my officemate. This is sooo close to our office. The place is just small. It can sit may be 50 people more or less. It's dark and it fit well with the place

We ordered the salpicao and Gambas and it was amazing! It tasted authentic Spanish food.

We ordered a cup of plain rice and shared everything family style.

We decide to go to this place because we wanted to get out of the office from all the stress.

We even ordered dessert...sansrival. It was just okay...since we make yummy homemade I always end up comparing it.

I will definitely go back to this amazing place!

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Lizanne S.
4.0 Stars

Liked the original branch in San Juan. So we expected the same quality and level of service in this branch. Glad to report that this branch does not disappoint. We were a hefty bunch of 10 people, and our orders came on time. Quality was superb. Had the sopa de ajo (seen here), and as you can see, it had a perfectly poached egg! Mmmm. The start of things to come. 128522 Also had salpicao, paella Valenciana, paella Negra, stewed lamb and callos. Everything was good. Then again, I'm not hard to please when it comes to Spanish food. Muy bien!

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Ian P.
4.0 Stars

Wifey and I were hungry( as usual) and we saw this restaurant. Since we both love spanish food we decided to give it a try.
The restaurant was very good... IMHO the food caters to the Philippine pallete. Not a bad thing but I'm a purist. My wife is more forgiving, anyways we ordered the following:
Sopa di alio or garlic soup paprika and cheese. This was really good! Loved it
Gambas... My wife said perfect! Fresh shrimps and the olive oil garlic sauce was just beautiful she said
Dynamite sticks nice and spicy FTW!
Callos... Not the best but decent.
We will go back! Enjoy the weekend guys!

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Marie H.
4.0 Stars

Originally thought this was a Filipino restaurant (not sure why), so I was quite surprised when I finally saw the menu which offered distinctly Spanish cuisine. I can't say if it's authentic, but my parents kept on saying the caldereta is not the Pinoy version.

Speaking of, we tried the croquettas (mashed potato balls), lengua, caldereta, and a bar of macadamia sans rival (hmmm, this does not sound like a traditional Spanish dessert). I liked the caldereta. I'll have to admit though that, save for the chorizo, I don't know how this is different from our usual caldereta. I hazard to guess it's the sauce which had more tomato than usual. Still I loved drizzling the sauce over the rice. I don't really eat lengua, so I can't say if it was good lengua. I did have an eensy-weensy bite of the lengua and found it rich and creamy.

Our server was attentive and friendly (likely because there were no other customers that night). Place is cozy and quaint. I'd love to go back to try their paella.

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Alfred C.
2.0 Stars

Salty Spanish food. Paella negra comes with mayo as opposed to Alba's aioli. Disappointing.

  • No. of Comments: 2