Calderon & Guevarra Gourmet Carinderia

14 Pvt. Aurellana Rd., Bagong Ilog, Pasig, Metro Manila

Calderon & Guevarra Gourmet Carinderia
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Most Recent Reviews

Joy Vee A.
4.0 Stars

Oh i remember this, it was raining hard one late afternoon. I had 500 bill on hand no coins or smaller bill. I was hangry na. My favorite baked mac & cheese store has no change for 500. I was hesitant to try other small stalls baka magalit kapag bumili ako. The only restaurant I know was Calderon Guevarra. So when the rain stopped, I went there to rest and date myself for an early dinner.

I ordered Brisket Caldereta (100) and Cookies and Cream Smoothie (90).

Brisket Caldereta was served on top of white rice, meat was tender, sauce was a little spicy. Nakakagana kumain! And Cookies and Cream was smooth, creamy good.

No wifi, total bill with service charge, ambiance has it's 80s vibe and looks, non aircon but with industrial fans and stand fans.

Not sure if this restaurant is also the co-owner of Kanto Freestyle. But they have a better customer service than KFS.

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Brie K.
5.0 Stars

What I love about Calderon and Guevarra is how you feel the ambiance of a family. I had been here for several times but this would be my first review for them.

I was invited by a friend to shoot one of their set meals. We are welcomed by Edrie, and her husband who partly owns the restaurant. I am already familiar with most of the menu so she just laid all the food in front of us and ask us to eat it after! 128514

One of my favorite dish would be the squid stuffed with sisig. Where else can you get that? (Any suggestions?) I literally ask my friend to pass it to me immediately and get those tentacles and almost half of it! (Yeah, squid grabber!) The squid was perfectly cooked and tasted really fresh while the taste of the sisig gives more value to it. The flavor is just dancing in your mouth especially if you pair it with RICE! 128514

Next favorite would the Crispy Pata Kare-Kare. Well, I also love Kare-Kare and always seeks those tuwalya (That's Ox Stripe, right?) It was so perfect that the pata tasted really light (like not salty or not too bland) and tender while the kare-kare still has taste even if you do not use bagoong! 9996🏻10084

So guys, if you are around Pasig, you should definitely try out this restaurant. A carinderia with a twist! Put in your comments if you have questions! 1008410084

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Chris T.
3.0 Stars

I thought it was OK.

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Carna C.
5.0 Stars

Calderon's lengua is a must try. Their food is delectable yet affordable. I highly recommend this place to food lovers who are not only after for a good food but for a cozy place as well.128076🏻

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Kaye E.
4.0 Stars

Love the ambience of this place. Food was good. Order their rice meals, super worth the price!

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Joy Vee A.
4.0 Stars

What we have ordered:
1) Brisket Caldereta Rice Meal P100 - tender, a little spicy, topped on a hot white rice. It can be served two-way: on top of rice or on top of mashed potato.

2) Choco-Liquor Cake by Maricar Reyes P150 - served on a cute-red-plate, just enough size with cherry, mango and mint on top, my friend who's into chocolates and cakes, liked it. I enjoyed it also esp with the mango and mint chocolatey after taste.

3) Mixed Berry Smoothie P90 - First I thought all their smoothies were served in a mason jar glass 128513 It was served on a slim, medium sized glass. 128517 It was creamy, not so smooth still has hints of ice, but you can be sure it's not all flavoring but real combination of different berries.

I'm glad I read about this resto from one of the looloo reviews. I seldom in Bagong Ilog area and I haven't heard of it. I checked the map and it's just near Kubo (Pasig going to C5 area).

It was on a Saturday night visit. I already had dinner, tho, I wanted to try their cake and smoothie. My friend ordered one of their rice meals. Only few tables were occupied (5) at 10:30PM. Their garden area table was available so we seated there. For smokers they can smoke in that area, no need to go outside.

They have ample parking slots (4-5) with automatic lighting when you walked in that area, clean washroom, staff assigned to our table was knowledgeable about the menu but he kept on looking up instead of looking at us (he was thinking while explaining the menu but it was cool tho), he refill our glasses of water without asking for it, this is a non-aircon restaurant but they have industrial fans. No WIFI. And a 10% service charge on top of the total bill.

Will definitely be back again!

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Sarah B.
5.0 Stars

Read about many positive reviews about this restaurant so why not give it a try. Went here after church for late lunch. Thanks to Waze we didn't gone astray.128569 it was rested in a residential area. We went there on father's day and the place is jam-packed. Luckily we had our table minutes after we arrived. The service is efficient. We ordered Laing, Bicol Express, sisig, beef caldereta, isang buong manok, and ice scramble halo-halo.

Laing - i really don't eat laing haha! But based on my boyfriend's judgment it was good. So i'll give it 110881108811088

Bicol Express - bang! My brother crashed the red chili that was supposed to be a garnish i think hahah! But bicol express should really be hot and spicy. The sauce was good but the meat was actually dry and is hard to chew maybe its overcooked. 110881108811088

Sisig - it was really delicious! Full of meat with 4 small pockets of tortilla with sisig-filling on the side. 1108811088110881108811088

Beef Caldereta - so tender and tasty. Feels like i'm at home. It comes with a bowl of meat and another meat on top of there very own mashed potato. At first we thought it was an egg. But when we got to taste it oooh. Its remarkable! one of the best mashed potato i've ever tasted.1108811088110881108811088

Isang buong manok - the name of the food speaks for itself. Literally a One Whole Chicken with the head and feet included.128569 this was the last to be served maybe because it would really take time to roast a chicken. we waited for quite a while but the waiting is all worth it when it was served on our table, the presentation was like you're in a restaurant in Makati or in BGC. And the taste was even better.128076🏻 you can see the before and after photo of the chicken and you be the judge on how delicious it is.128541 not to mention the chicken comes with there very own sauce not the usual gravy thing.1108811088110881108811088

Ice Scramble Halo-Halo - it really looks like a scramble, its color pink. The ice is like the one from razon's, melts in the mouth. 11088110881108811088


The food presentation 1108811088110881108811088
Place 11088110881108811088️ (needs to be air-conditioned maybe it would take time coz they are just on there soft opening and there are really plenty of flies)
Taste 1108811088110881108811088
Value for Money 110881108811088110881108811088️ (6stars if i may) hahaha

You get what pay for. Will definitely come back.128076🏻

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Chieo O.
5.0 Stars

Our long overdued reunion ended up exploring the Pasig area in Bagong Ilog, where we found this modest yet homey Filipino dining find called Calderon & Guevarra Gourmet Carinderia 12852210084

Most of us would be intimidated upon hearing the word 'Gourmet' but once you browse the menu, you'll actually find yourself torn among the affodable foodie picks with catchy names....surprisingly the prices are quite on the pocket friendly budget ... And wait till you see when the food arrives!

Food presentation is in the now, laid in wooden chopboards, with garnishings etc.... Our sisig came out first, combined with bits of it inserted in a kind of pita bread and you could pour some sour cream... This is aside from eatig the sisig as it is 12852210084

Next came the Salmon soup, in lean strips....the texture of the fish felt like it has been fried with a coating before freshly dipped in its broth 12852210084

We also tried their Tortang Talong which had a unique presentation, because some of the portions were done ala Maki Style, in a special wrap!100841008410084

Then came our roasted chicken, beautifully done with the baby tomatoes and spices.... There is a hint of sweet taste which is appetizing 128522 Though I am not used to chicken served whole, meaning they included the head, feet in the presentation 128522128522128522it was still artfully done 12852210084128522

I really forgot the catchy names, hehehe but I also tried their recommended refreshing shake, a sort of vanilla/chocolate shake, which was also good 128077🏻128077🏻128077🏻128522

Its interiors speak of a Pinoy Industrialist theme yet still being homey, probably because of the wooden furnitures, capiz details and brick red flooring...I love how they made use of oldschool concrete blocks into a decorative wall which serves its purpose to provide ventilation as well 12852210084

It was like dining in your local neighborhood, away from the hustle n bustle scene, yet their small garden area is also a nice dining spot, open-air and having a subtle view of taller buildings and billboards with a slight highway background sound... You'll feel like you're in a secret, relaxing dining spot 12852210084128522

Super super worth trying my friends 100841008410084

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Edrie D.
5.0 Stars

Unique twerks to traditional Filipino food. "Isang Buong Manok" is a must try. The price is so affordable at Ph300, good for 4. Choco Chicharon is Ph150 good to share amongst 4 persons as well. Caldereta Rice Meal at Ph100!! This place is too good to be true...but it is!

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