California Pizza Kitchen

W Global Center, 30th St. cor. 9th Ave., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila

California Pizza Kitchen
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Most Recent Reviews

Joanne J.
5.0 Stars

Very nice ambiance, love their spinach and artichoke. Good selection of pizzas and salads. Avocado-Mango shake is 128523

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AlwaysHungryPh P.
3.0 Stars

Something is wrong when we are here. It’s not the CPK mark that I was accustomed to for many many years. It’s my second time as well in this branch.

The best pizza is their Barbecue Chicken no doubt, it was still good. Everything else illicit a question why and did they suddenly didn’t want customers to come back?

Fruit and Nut was nothing beyond its title. Yes they were both there but it didn’t blend well. Salad was dry and bland. It’s like they just place it there.

The Bacon Banana Pizza with Caramel was terrible. Again it didn’t go together so well and the caramel had a weird taste.

The Chocolate cake was dry as the Sahara and Goldilocks just sounded more appetizing.

Okay enough ranting. It should’ve been an off day right. It’s a 3.0 out of previous experience too.

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Jae-t M.
4.0 Stars

If you like pizza, of course.
They are more pricey than Pizza Hut or Shakeys but you can tell from the food why.
It doesn't look or taste like you fast food kind of pizza!
I like their hummus, i didn't think i would. Fried mozzarella, spinach artichoke!
They have big servings.
You almost cannot go wrong with CPK.
Their staff, always friendly!

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Jayson J.
5.0 Stars

Five star for this experience

The best kung pao pasta ive tasted.

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Maureen L.
5.0 Stars

I don't think you can ever go wrong with CPK. Their wide array of menu would definitely satisfy your palate.

For this visit, I was actually craving for pasta. But upon looking at the menu, I knew I also had to get a pizza. The only question was, which one?

So we finally decided on the never-fail garlic cream fettucine and the cpk-recommended sicilian pizza.

Garlic cream fettucine 1108811088110881108811088
We got the personal size and added shrimp as toppings. The rich, creamy garlic sauce of the pasta in my opinion, was addicting. To a point that I used my pizza to clean off any remnant in my plate - it was that good!

Sicilian pizza 1108811088110881108811088
Toppings included were marinara sauce, Italian sausage, mozzarella cheese, spicy ham, salami, basil and parmesan cheese. The mixture of savory sausage and spiciness from the ham was a perfect combination to our creamy garlic pasta.

Thinking about it now makes me drool and makes me want to go back for more 128514

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5.0 Stars

I was rushing when I went to California Pizza Kitchen BGC Branch for I need to catch The Third Party movie of Angel Locsin at SM Aura Premier mall. This is my first time here in BGC branch but not my first time to try CPK, I usually hang-out with friends at Promenade Greenhills and Eastwood Branch. I like CPK interior in BGC, it's hip and casual. The servers were attentive and accommodating too.

I had a quick snack before I went to SM Aura, a combo of sandwich and dessert.

BBQ Chicken Sandwich for Php325.00 (The original BBQ chicken, smoked Gouda and Mozarella. Topped with Onion Rings in CPK's freshly made Foccacia) - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
"This is a new item, you can choose your side it's either fries or apple-cranberry slaw"

Red Velvet Cookie Sundae for Php125.00 (Red velvet cookies layered with vanilla ice cream and chocolate fudge) - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
"I'm having a hard time to cut the red velvet cookie, I don't know why... maybe it's frozen. But I like the combination of chocolate fudge, vanilla and cream for the red velvet cookies."

I will go and visit California Pizza Kitchen again and will try other new dishes like Grilled Pork Chop, Puttanesca and Baja Pizza.

#ilovetoeat 12851510084

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Zey V.
4.0 Stars

After our frustratingly fun experience in Break out,we decided to just replenish our energy thru eating dinner.
Most of us wanted pasta and since we happen to pass by in this place, we gave it a try. 🙂

🍽 Spag Meatballs- Php 695/sharing
🍽 Bbq Chicken Nachos- Php 325/sharing
🍽 Garlic Cream Fettucine- Php 550/sharing
🍽 Caramelized Apple, Bacon Gorgonzola Pizza- Php 375/regular

I 128077🏻 the spag meatballs it isn't too sour
I 128077🏻avocados and the hint of spiciness in the nachos
I 128077🏻 the creaminess of the fettucine
I 128077🏻 the uniqueness of the flavor of the pizza. expecting it to be too sweet but surprisingly it isn't.

So here's my verdict:

Value for Money-10084100841008410084

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Pierre O.
4.0 Stars

My second review for this restaurant but in a different branch this time. Haha. 128516 I wasn't able to go to the national pizza day held a few weeks back. It was a shame. 128546

The ambiance in this branch is better compared to their greenhills branch. it was more modern and was able to notice those small sofa chairs accompanying small round tables. I don't know how people would be able to eat there.128517

On to the food. First on the list was puttanesca. The tomato sauce was a little sour but the taste won't give you those goosebumps after eating it. It was blended well along with the other ingredients however, it seem lacking on the spiciness of the dish.

Pesto cream penne. This dish is probably what keeps me from getting back to California pizza kitchen. The pesto was just enough to complement the creaminess of the dish. However, it seems to contain more cream than pesto. I hoped that the dish would contain more pesto than cream.

Grilled veggie pizza. I expected more from this dish since I am a pizza person but upon eating the first slice, I was so disappointed since the bottom of the dough was so overcooked that it was BLACK! 128546 a good old pizza was wasted. I wasn't able to enjoy the pizza on my visit. 128546

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Kristin A.
4.0 Stars

Who would choose to pass up a |ooloo rendezvoos invite? Not me! Especially when it's at one of my old favorites that I haven't gone to in a long time. Thanks to |ooloo and CPK, I got to experience #CPKNationalPizzaDay2016 ahead of everyone else 127829127881128521

Let's get to the meat of the matter. This year's NPD brings back 5 favorite pizza variants for a limited time only: August 15-16. The best thing is that you get one pizza from these 5 variants FOR FREE when you order another regular or thin crust variant from the current menu. Win-win, right? Just so we're clear, here are the pizza variants you can have as your "get one":
🧀 Traditional Cheese
127821 Hawaiian Pepperoni
127813 Mixed Vegetarian
128020 Garlic Chicken
128055 Salami and Bacon

My personal picks are the Vegetarian (ha!) and the Salami, which had a nice smoky flavor. The Hawaiian was also surprisingly balanced, the pineapple was not too sour like in other pizza places. Cheese was as basic as you would expect, and the Chicken was ok but not remarkable enough for me.

We also got first dibs on this year's Pizza Wars winner, the 128032 Anchovies and Goat Cheese pizza hailing from BGC branch. Not many people like anchovies in their pizza, including me, but these two ingredients together with caramelized onions and green apple kinda worked. Give this one a try during NPD and when it's finally out in the regular menu, sometime later this year - you might be pleasantly surprised.

Lest you think CPK is only about pizza - it is not, and the 127837 Kung Pao Spaghetti is a major reason why. We also got to try the lovely Spinach Artichoke Dip and Moroccan Chicken Salad, to balance out all those carbs 128514 I opted for the Cucumber Lemon shake to wash everything down, which I found refreshing.

I did miss the Tuscan Hummus which is a family favorite, and the Warm Butter Cake recommended by Pea - but there's always a next time 128521

Thanks again to Bob and Frances and the rest of the CPK crew for being great hosts! It was also nice to finally meet Reich T, Abe C, Norman Lester T and Will C who are my workplace neighbors - hope to bump into you again soon! As for Jayson J, Elaine O and Dennis O, I daresay I'll see you again, maybe. Peanut D, you were sorely missed 128542

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Elaine O.
5.0 Stars

Yay! My 3rd looloo rendezvooz and the invite was very timely since it will be CPK’s National Pizza Day in a few days (August 15 and 16) and I was so excited since it is my first time trying CPK and meeting new looloo friends Reich T , Abe C , Will C , and Norman Lester T and of course the usual eatup friends Dennis O, Jayson J and Kristin A .

We were invited to try their off the menu pizza flavors for the celebration of their annual National Pizza Day which will happen tomorrow, August 15 and 16. Brief history and introduction of the brand was given by Bob and Francheska, CPK’s friendly marketing team.

CPK was established in the US during the 80’s and was brought to the Philippines during the 90’s and since then CPK Philippines has been producing great pizza, pasta and fresh salads. CPK offers a wide range of menu items that can please even the pickiest of eaters or those with dietary restrictions. Atmosphere is pretty upscale, one of the fanciest pizza joints I have been to, but modern and casual. The establishment is spacious and comfortable so it can accommodate medium size to large groups.

Spinach Artichoke 128077128077
This is a big hit for me! Creamy and delicious but with less calories and fat.

Moroccan Spiced Salad127824127813
The salad contains the freshest vegetables is tossed with honey Dijon vinaigrette. I completely love the crunch of all the components of the salad.

Anchovies Goat Cheese Pizza 128536
I love the right amount of saltiness and sweetness of this pizza.

Pizzas 127829127829127829
They were just the right amount of flavor, not overly salty or bland and the crust was nice and soft. Toppings are fresh and filling for the tummy.
Traditional Cheese
Salami and Bacon - 128077128077
Mixed Vegetarian - 128077128077
Garlic and Chicken
Hawaiian Pepperoni

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Reich T.
4.0 Stars

The |oo|oo Fairy sent an email with some magical fairy dust last week.  Subject -  last minute sponsored |oo|oo Rendezvooz at CPK. 


Hooray for Guerilla Rendezvooz!  I haven't dined at CPK in ages,  the invite couldn't be more timely. 

We were welcomed by warm smiles from the Marketing Team.  Bob and Frances shared bits and pieces about the brand.  We got the lowdown on the upcoming foodie holiday -  National Pizza Day!

Pizza enthusiasts will have a field day in this annual event.  Eight CPK branches will offer  buy-one-get-one-free pizza on August 15 and 16.  How does it work,  you ask?  It's simple,  buy one regular or thin crust pizza and you get to pick your freebie from the special NPD menu.  Valid for dine in and takeway,  all payment options accepted (except for barter of goods and usage of GC and loyalty cards). And yes,  we got dibs on the five flavors from the NPD Special Menu.

While the pizza experts are kneading the dough,  appetizers were served first.

| Spinach Artichoke Dip with Tortilla Chips (Regular Size - Php 450, Personal Size - Php 250).   Creamy dip oozing with artichoke and spinach goodness.  Tortilla chips is mediocre,   a lil bland.

| Moroccan Spiced Chicken (Full - 625,  Half - 395).  A bowl of healthy goodness - toasted almonds,  roasted squash,  dates,  avocado,  beets, chopped egg,  cranberries,  leafy greens and honey dijon vinaigrette.  I have met a lot of salads and unfortunately this is the kind that I'd forget five minutes after ze first handshake.  Personal preference I guess,  i only like Oh Crab Lah of Salad Stop.  Don't get me wrong,  the salad is good,  the red beets adds an interesting flavor contrast and the chicken is flavorful.

Then there's the pizza.

| Traditional Cheese. 
| Salami and Bacon
| Mixed Vegetarian
| Garlic and Chicken
| Hawaiian Pepperoni

Among the five,  my personal favorites is Mixed Vegetarian and Garlic Chicken. 

I've always liked Veggie Pizzas and CPK's version is right up my alley.  They have an eclectic mix of veggies (cherry tomatoes,  jicama,  red onions,  green peppers and sweet white corn).   The aforementioned residents of Bahay Kubo boasts light and refreshing flavors that blend well with mozzarella cheese. 

I love garlic.  I love garlic.  I love garlic.  Need i say more?   OCD aside,  roasted garlic is always a good idea.  Add a lil mozza,  pulled chicken,  yellow onions,  parmesan and you got a lean mean garlicky pizza.  The chicken needs more flavor though,  cook em in garlic perhaps?  (Garlic Garlic Pizza 128512)

Apart from the five featured flavors,  we got to try the their newest baby.  The 2016 Winner of CPK's Pizza Wars. 

| Anchovies Goat Cheese.   Goat cheese,  anchovies,  caramelized onions and green apples.   This wicked creation screams innovative.   The usage of unconventional ingredients create the perfect juxtaposition of flavors - earthy x tanginess from the goat cheese,  saltiness from the anchovies and sweet notes from the green apples and onions.  Sweet and savory,  an explosion of flavors.  We were unanimous in saying that this is the best pizza of the night.  This item is not yet on the menu but you can have a slice on Aug 15 and 16. 

The carb feast doesn't end there,  a big plate of Kung Pao Spaghetti - A CPK Classic.  I only took a small portion.   I was never a fan of Asian Style Spaghetti,  this is something I'd forgo when in CPK.  I like my pasta Neapolitan style.

Off tangent topic - The Interior.   Modern with excellent lighting.  Classy x relaxed vibe.  This is a place where people can chill and relax. 

Dinner was fantastic,  Bob and Frances were excellent hosts.  Everyone had a grand time.   I was nice meeting you Kristin A Elaine O &  Dennis O

Good to see you again Will C Norman Lester T   Jayson J and one of #TheUsualSuspects Abe C 128512  We missed Peanut D and her fairy dust.
Thank you for having us,  Bob and Frances.

|ooloo team here's to more Guerilla Rendezvooz!

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Abe C.
4.0 Stars

BUY ONE PIZZA, GET ANOTHER PIZZA FREE, guys! Aug 15 - 16 is NATIONAL PIZZA DAY at California Pizza Kitchen (aka CPK; btw, it may be more appropriately called "days" but less cool, so I'll roll with it). For every pizza you order on those days, be it dine-in or take-out (excluding delivery), you get to choose one of their five fan favorite hand tossed pizzas FOR FREE, namely,
> Salami + Bacon Pizza
> Hawaiian Pepperoni Pizza
> Garlic Chicken Pizza
> Mixed Vegetarian Pizza
> Traditional Cheese

We were invited by the Global Restaurant Concepts, Inc.'s marketing team, Mktg Mgr Bob Vallar and Mktg Ofcr Frances, for a Looloo Rendezvoos last Tue night in their W Global Center branch (30th St. cor. 9th Ave.) so they can get the word out among the looloo community, and so we can try these pizzas and then some! Before I go to the review, for those unfamiliar with this group, they introduced the wonderful California style pizza to us back in 1998 when they opened their first branch of CPK in the country. That was in Glorietta (which opened to long queues back then, and I learned to love their creative roasted duck pizza and kung pao spaghetti; the duck pizza is gone from their menu due to supply shortage, while the latter remains an absolute classic that's been replicated by other joints since then); many branches and many slices of pizza later, they introduced a couple more innovative pizzas to the mix; I'm glad that they do innovate to keep fresh and keep people interested. Aside from CPK, these guys are behind IHOP, Applebee's, Morelli's, & Gyu-Kaku, so they introduce globally successful restaurants to Filipinos and foodies alike. I like that.

<On the side, Bob said they're opening their next Applebee's branch in Eastwood, I believe, so that's welcome news to QC peeps.>

Among the 5 pizzas that they're returning just for this B1T1 promo, I particularly liked the flavor of the vegetarian (who knew that a vegetable toppings only pizza was very good, writes this carnivore reviewer) and the well-balanced garlic taste of the garlic chicken pizza, though minor critique that the chicken should have been more moist. But the other three pizzas weren't far behind. It's exciting to enjoy their National Pizza Day (2-day) promo with your friends and loves ones, coz each pizza is good for sharing already.

To be perfectly honest, I've not been updated with CPK for a while, because it's pizza and pasta joints aren't normally in my preferred go-to types of restaurants, but this made me appreciate once again their quality pizzas, which are just the right thickness, made with hand tossed dough and hearth baked (or brick oven). They brought innovation to pizzas, which, by my experience, made me appreciate that pizza toppings need not be traditional. No doubt, their modern twist of their pizzas have influenced how other pizza makers innovate their creations, and I'm glad that CPK has continued their tradition of innovative pizzas via their own CPK Pizza Wars, wherein each of the 8 branches will create and submit its own creation, and the top pizzas have that chance to become part of their continuously evolving menu. One such fruit of their pizzas was the intriguing Truffle Mushroom and Steak Pizza, last year's winner, which I'm certainly going to try during my next visit.

Rewinding things a bit, we also got to try some of their dishes, namely
+ Spinach Artichoke, fabulous creamy dip, but their tortilla chips lacked saltiness and were not consistently crunchy, raing 3/5
+ Moroccan Spiced Chicken Salad - solid offering, with a vinaigrette dressing, but I still go for their Thai Crunch Salad or the Original BBQ Chicken Chopped Salad; rating for the Moroccan Spiced Chicken Salad, 3/5
+ Kung Pao Spaghetti, which is their awesome Asian inspired spaghetti, likely with a soy or oyster sauce blend, scallions, peanuts, chili, and your choice to add shrimp or chicken. Still lovin' this dish. 5/5
+ Fresh Fruit Sangria - it was a bit more tart than I would have preferred, but when I drink my wine, I usually prefer a sweetness to it over dryness, so this was just okay for me. Guess I should have gone with their mojitos or margaritas instead. 2/5

Other things of note, while this isn't as big as their other branches, this is still a quite comfortable and well decorated branch; service was good, but surprisingly slow with the orders and requests at times, considering we were already at a sponsored event; nevertheless, their staff were pretty friendly and alert, so it's not so bad. Ambience for its intended set-up 4.5/5; Service 3.5/5.

Perhaps the evening's highlight for the Rendezvoos was that we all got the chance to try their winner of this year's CPK Pizza Wars, their Anchovies + Goat Cheese Pizza. That livened me up, for sure. The saltiness of the anchovies, the creamy, tart and earthy taste of the goat cheese, balanced out by the sweetness caramelized green apples and caramelized onions. Bursting with all of these flavors, this was the clear winning pizza for the evening. This isn't available yet, but luckily for the CPK fans out there, it'll be on a limited time offer during the National Pizza Day, and then it will likely be part of CPK's updated menu come the "Ber" months. Meantime, this is a great place for friends & families to enjoy quality food, so check it out, and especially check it out next week on Aug 15 & 16 for the promo!

Thanks for the invite Peanut D and it was good to meet new looloo folks like Elaine O, Kristin A, Norman Lester T and Dennis O in the flesh, and also see again Will C, Jayson J and Reich T.

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Dennis O.
5.0 Stars

One of the most awaited yearly event of all Pizza Lovers! The CPK National Pizza Day!!! This coming August 15-16 is that time of the year. As previous CPK Pizza day event they are offering get one pizza on their menu and you'll get to choose 5 off the menu pizza. This is also the time when they offer the CPK Pizza War winner. This year winner is the Anchioves+Goat Cheese Pizza from CPK BGC branch. Last rainy Tuesday we got an invite to have a sneak peak of the 5 off the menu pizza and the Pizza War winner.

CPK is one of the 1st American franchise that was imported here in Manila. I can remember that Greenhills branch that we always frequent during family day for a fun fun carbo loading bonding. So I was very happy to get an invite to this looloo rendezvooz.

First to arrive was me Elaine O. and Jayson J.. We were early in BGC for pokemon hunting before the event. Hahaha. Next to arrive was Reich T. Kristin A. Abe C. and Norman Lester T.. Just in time for the nachos was Will C.

Bob and Frances of CPK Marketing met as and explained all about this yearly event. They also give us a brief background about the promo. As we were chit chatting about CPK and other GRC food venture, came slowly the appetizer followed by their appetizers.
> Nachos with Spinach artichoke dip - forget all about the cheesy nachos out there. This is just so good. The warm spinach dip was so good and just goes perfectly well with the nachos. The dip got a creamy laing kind of texture that just tasted good. Never got to try this before and now its maay favorite. This was simot sarap on our end of the table hahaha.

>Moroccan Spiced Chicken Salad - A refreshing salad that got all the fresh goodie roasted squash, avocado, beets and dates. Another new fave dish in CPK.

Next was the 5 premium pizza offered as a get one when you avail one regular or thin crust pizza on the NPD this August 15-16 on any CPK 8 branches.

>Hawaiian Pepperoni - This is not your typical Hawaiian pizza. This one got big fresh slices of pineapple and pepperoni. I love the smokey taste of the pepperoni that blends well with taste of the pineapples.

>Mixed Vegetarian Pizza - Honestly if I was ask to choose a pizza I always avoid the veggie pizza. But after trying this vegetarian pizza I was wrong all along. This was my favorite among the 5 pizza. Never imagined that veggie pizza would be this flavorful good. I highly recommend this one!

>Traditional Cheese- a very simple cheese pizza that is just back to basic kind of pizza. This would be a good choice for people who wants a pizza that is just straightforward plain cheese.

>Salami Bacon Pizza - the peoples choice in the yearly NPD event year in year out. That says a lot how carnivore we are hahaha. Love the meaty flavor of the salami and bacon that is complimented by slices of onion. A good choice for meat lovers!

>Garlic Chicken Pizza - garlicky good with pulled chicken breast. This is best eaten while freshly serve. The chicken tends to be a bit dry. I still love this pizza but might be my least fave.

After the 5 pizza came the Anchioves+Goat Cheese Pizza. Everyone was excited! Pizza war winner we expect no less that this would be awesomely delicious. You'll get to try this pizza on both day of NPD and they'll check if this would be a permanent thing on their menu.

>Anchioves+Goat Cheese Pizza - The smell of anchioves ahhh. The mix of creamy goat cheese and salty anchioves is balanced by the caramelized onions and sweet refreshing green apple. The mix of flavor of all the toppings just pefectly blend and this is definitely a winner. Better try this on Aug 15-16 since this is still on a limited offering.

Overall CPK is definitely one of the best franchise that came here in Manila. 18 years in the Philippines says a lot how we all love their pizza. Their pizza just got that distinct crust that are so good. How to be part of this yearly CPK event.

*As per Frances there would be also a free CPK shirt on the day of the event. Heres how to get one. FREE National Pizza Day shirt for the first 10 guests, maximum of 1 free shirt per table to dine in and post about National Pizza Day on Facebook or Instagram! So be sure be early to get that limited edition shirts.

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Will C.
4.0 Stars

Who among us love fantastic deals??? Whether it’s a 50% resort voucher, Mall Sales or even Buy 1 take 1 ice coffee blended on a whipped cream (errr, it’s not exactly coffee but that’s another story). We all love those, right?? :) And on August 15-16 (that’s this coming Monday and Tuesday) CPK will be celebrating its National Pizza Day(s). It means if you order a regular or thin crust pizza you’ll get another free pizza among the 5 premium flavors. To put it in another perspective, that’s (3 ice coffee blended = 2 regular size CPK Pizza).

My memories with CPK goes all the way back to the early 2000’s where Brittney Spears, and Backstreet Boys still rules the chart. Yes, its the CPK branch at Glorietta besides Tower Records with the long queues of customers waiting for their turn to try out their unique pizza.

Fast Forward today. For most of us, our preference for pizza are much more sophisticated. We now appreciate thinner crust over oily pan pizza and fine mozzarella cheese over a hard one. :)

I was lucky enough to be invited by looloo and California Pizza Kitchen to try out 5 of their premium pizza flavors as well as some of their bestsellers, so here we go:

1. Spinach Artichoke – We started with this one, i like the warm spinach dip and it goes perfectly with its tortilla chips. Doesn’t matter which among the 2 color of chips you pick, spinach dip was just simply awesome.

2. Moroccan Spiced Chicken – Next comes our salad, this was one of my favorite among all the dishes, the taste of roasted squash, date and beets was quite unique and flavorful, and to add avocados into it, Yummy. That’s Healthy and Goodness in one.

3. Kung Pao Spaghetti – This is one of those few Asian/Western Fusion foods that i like, having tried same dish from 2 local places, i must agree that this is definitely one of their bestseller, just try googling it :) The noodle used was of premium kind, and the balance of sweet-spicy flavour was just right.

So for the pizza’s:

4. Traditional Cheese - Good ole basic cheese pizza.

5. Mixed Vegetarian – This non-boring pizza is just perfect for vegetarians, or those who just wants to stay away from meat (And perhaps meat lovers too). The combination of jicama, basil leaves and cherry potato was just oddly delicious. DELICIOUS. :) My no brainer pick for my free premium pizza on NPD.

6. Hawaiian pepperoni – Were all used to the canned pineapple pizza. Just give this a chance and you’ll taste the difference.

7. Salami + Bacon – I’m excited for this combination, after a few bite off my slice, i realized there’s no salami on my slice :( But still the bacon is good.

8. Garlic Chicken – I’ve been looking forward to try this one out among the 5 flavors, this one’s best taken while still warm, i had mine with the toppings slightly dry/hard.

9. Anchovies + Goat Cheese – Worthy being the winner of their recently held Pizza Wars. Just like any food, it’s best if you smell it first before taking a bite. The anchovies combined with thinly sliced green apple was just the perfect blend sweet and salty. The goat cheese was just creamy salty good that you would wish there were bunch of. This is not part of the 5 premium flavors but customers will have the chance to taste this on NPD at its regular price.

10. Cucumber-Lemon-Mint – The Shake was refreshingly good, but i wish it would be less sweet.

The interior was nice with the unique cpk's feel. Overall it was a great dinner. I'll definitely be back on NPD. And despite the gloomy weather it was nice meeting new and familiar faces Dennis O. , Jayson J. , Kristin A. , Norman Lester T. , Abe C. , Reich T., @ElaineO. Thanks to Bob and Frances for being great host. And it feels odd without Peanut D. on a rendezvoos, but thank you for the invite. :)

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Jayson J.
4.0 Stars

It's national pizza day(NPD) this coming august 15-16! Thanks to looloo and California Pizza Kitchen letting us taste its get one pizza this coming national pizza day!!

Yep. You heard that right. It's a buy one take one on national pizza day! This is CPK's tradition celebrating the spirit of pizza 128518 California way! You could choose either thick or thin crust!

You can get either of these limited edition pizzas on NPD!
128204 traditional cheese pizza
I love the tangy tomato and salty cheese combination. The cheese is not that elaborate. I guess we were too used to too much mozarella cheese, but this one is simple and sticks to the basic good cheese flavor

128204128525 Hawaiian pepperoni
This is different from other "Hawaiian" pizzas we know. The pepperoni here has more smoky taste and is lively as compared to the dead thick processed pepperonis of other pizza chains. The pineapple chunks tasted like it were freshly cut from the plant you should try this too!

128204128525 mixed vegetarian
This is the most exciting vegetarian pizza i tasted! Red onions, green peppers and the basil leaves made it tasty while the cherry tomatoes, jicama and sweet white corn made the pizza really moist! The mozzarella and parmesan completes the cheese in this healthy pizza.

128204 garlic chicken
If you like something garlicky, try this one. The pulled chicken has the tendency to become dry (like it did) so eat it fast. The yellow onions did little help in making the pizza moist. Still, Reich T and Abe C loved this unique pizza.

128204 128525 salami + bacon
Crazy over meat?! Get this one! The Canadian bacon and salami made a perfect rustic and smoky taste, moistened by the savory red and yellow onion slices.

On NPD, you could also try the winner of the recently held CPK pizza wars (CPK's in-house Pizza Chef competition)

128204128525 anchovies + goat cheese
Winner indeed! We could smell the salty anchovies. It was served warm so the caramelized onions were still releasing its "savory grease"128525 the salty goat cheese and the amazingly sweet apples made it more interesting. The apples-- really-- that gave the pizza a different twist of taste in the end. These was also a winner pizza for Dennis O and Elaine O they have to share their second round slice of pizza.

Well, CPK also let us try some of their bestselling dishes-- do yourself a favor and order these when you drop by any of their branches!

128204 spinach artichoke
Regular PhP450/ personal PhP250
It was still smokin' and warm when it was served to us! The tortilla chips colors were appealing. The spinach tastes more than the artichoke. I even tried the dip sa crust ng pizza.

128204128525 moroccan-spiced chicken
Full php625/ Half php395
This is another recommendation! If you like healthy without getting bland. The squash, avocado, and beets combination were really a healthy fierce fleshy combination. The dates (actually tasted like figs) and toasted almonds strikes a winner texture. The cranberries and eggs play well of bland and sour combination.

128204128525 kung pao spaghetti
Sharing PhP525 / personal PhP275
This is one of my favorite. Sweet-spicy spaghetti that's not cloying at all. The texture of nuts and pasta was awesome! The focaccia bread served with this dish is also the same dough used for the pizza.

128204128525 mango watermelon shake
This was my choice of drink. The color combination is pleasing to the eyes, i like the combination texture of pome-y watermelon and dupe-y mangoes. The taste did refreshingly well. There were other really refreshing fruit shake combinations-- Kristin A and Will C had a refreshing cucumber-lemon-mint!

Overall i think i would prefer thin crust over the thick ones because the dough edges (since the sauce does not reach the edges) becomes cloying and a bit hard.

The place got a nice CR and not so reliable WIFI. It can accommodate at least 60 pax.

CPK vibes got its inspiration from the the bright city vibes of California -- with matching chill of the palm trees. This branch only got one floor. Its interior is irresistibly giving off a contrast of "busy and chill" making Norman Lester T click beautiful photos!

It was nice having loolooers join together for eatups like this. We miss you Peanut D

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Norman Lester T.
4.0 Stars

Are you guys ready for another NPD? We had our first NPD for this year at IHOP last March. That time, NPD was for National Pancake Day wherein we enjoyed unlimited buttermilk pancakes for 250php. This time, Global Restaurant Concepts will launch another NPD event on August 15-16, 2016. But the P in NPD is not Pancake anymore. Guess what? It's everyone's favorite - PIZZA. Yup, National Pizza Day from California Pizza Kitchen (CPK).

CPK has been around in PH since 1998. Since then, CPK continues to provide quality and delicious pizzas. I remember I used to love their Five-cheese pizza and their Italian meatball sandwich with melted Mozzarella and Quezo quesadilla (which I'm not sure if they still serve).

Being a self-proclaimed President of Pizza Lovers Club, having my next Looloo rendezvoos at CPK got me excited. The team was almost complete when I arrived at CPK, BGC. After a few minutes, we were welcomed by Frances and Bob - GRC's Marketing Managers. They explained the upcoming NPD promo* and allowed each of us to order our drink of choice. I decided to order Red Velvet Milkshake. I found this shake not too sweet which I liked. It was served in a mason jar and topped with whipped cream and one red velvet cookie. It's too beautiful to consume!

*NPD Promo:
On Aug. 15 and 16, you can enjoy a BOGOF (buy one get one free) pizza at all 8 CPK branches in Metro Manila. A free premium pizza can be availed for every order of their regular or thin crust pizza. The good news here is, the promo is valid all day! Yup, until their closing time!

So what are the five free premium pizza choices? For this rendezvoos, we got the chance to try them all!

1. Traditional Cheese. Your cheese pizza. This is dubbed as one of CPK's favorite pizzas worldwide.
2. Salami + Bacon. If you like meat, then this is for you. I actually liked this combination. Just imagine bacon with salami with Mozzarella cheese. What could go wrong with bacon, right?
3. Hawaiian Pepperoni. Their version of the classic Hawaiian pizza. This is my least favorite among the five just for the fact that I'm not a fan of pineapple.
4. Garlic Chicken. This has grilled chicken breast with roasted garlic in Parmesan-Mozzarella cheese combination.
5. Mixed Vegetarian. My favorite! 128525 Well, I'm more of a carnivore but I enjoyed this pizza. I loved every bite while wondering how the ingredients went well together. This has Mozzarella cheese, red onions, cherry tomatoes, and jimaca (new to me!).

Their pizzas were okay and served fresh from their oven. However due to our photo op sessions (128514), I was not able to eat them while still hot. Maybe that's the reason why Jayson said the Garlic Chicken pizza was dry. I'll still go and order this when I visit CPK again probably on Aug. 15 with my officemates. 128541

I forgot to mention that while waiting for the pizzas to be served, we were given Spinach Artichoke Dip with tortilla chips. This is actually a personal favorite and I'm always ordering this as appetizer. We were also served their Moroccan-spiced Chicken salad. This has roasted squash, dates, avocado, chicken strips, and fresh greens.

Overall, it was a nice dinner. Bob and Frances were friendly and very accommodating. For the place, I would say they have good lighting as I did not have problems with taking foodie pictures. I liked also their warm light for us to have our team photo. Good quality at that. Thank you, CPK!

P.S. Here is the list of 8 CPK branches.
* Greenbelt 5
* Alabang Town Center
* Power Plant
* Century City Mall
* Shangri-La Plaza
* Greenhills

P.S.S. Bob told us that the winning pizza of this year's CPK Pizza War will also be available on NPD Day. It's the Anchovies + Goat Cheese Pizza. This. I. Liked. I mean I love anchovies in my pizza. Plus, this has olives. Another reason to love this creation. 128541

Nice meeting you guys Jayson J Dennis O Elaine O Abe C Will C Kristin A. 128517 And Reich T, good to see you again! 9996🏻️ Cheers to more Looloo rendezvoos! Of course, thank you Peanut D for inviting us! 10084

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Iyah A.
3.0 Stars

These pastas are good for 2-3persons. Less than 800php. Good place to spend with your family over merienda or dinner

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Dark H.
5.0 Stars

And i thought they were like all other pizzA chain, and i was wrong. I'll swim thousand miles for this. SEAFOOD POMODORO 128031128032128031

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Maria C.
4.0 Stars

We craved for pizza so we tried this resto. The food was great.

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Mary Love S.
4.0 Stars

As a tradition, my team and I went out for dinner to celebrate getting our bonuses. (Yay, more money to buy food!) But unlike last year, we are celebrating (sort of) two events, our bonuses and my despedida. *cries*

I was pushing for Peperoni that time but all my teammates were craving for CPK's delectable The Original BBQ Chicken Chopped (PHP625, full | PHP395, half). Fine. 128555

I got to the place late as I had to go to St. Luke’s Global City first to get my X-Ray results. And I got lost on my way to the W Building. I always get disoriented at night and this is the reason why I always hurry back home when the sun’s about to disappear. Anyway...

All the dishes were already served when I arrived. On the table were: Quattro Formaggi (PHP450), Pepperoni (PHP365, regular | PHP225, personal), Pesto Cream Penne with Shrimps (PHP525, sharing | PHP295, personal + PHP295/PHP160 for shrimps) and Bangkok Calamari (PHP465).

The Calamari were just so-so for me. It was your usual deep fried battered squid rings.

The BBQ chicken salad was divine as always. It had a nice harmony of flavors and textures. It was sweet because of the barbecue sauce but also refreshing because of the cilantro and other herbs. The soft chicken bits were also well complemented but the crunchy greens. The dish was quite heavy but great for sharing.

I skipped the pepperoni as I was never a fan of that pizza flavor. I had two giant slices of the cheesy Quattro Formaggi though. It was lovely! Though greasy, I wolfed down two slices in no time. I just love anything cheesy! 128523

I also loved the Pesto Cream Penne with shrimps. I was so happy that they decided to add shrimps as without it, it would have just been an okay dish. The huge shrimps added texture or bite to the al dente pasta. The pesto cream was flavorful yet not overwhelming. I would love to order this again!

Overall, it was a great dinner. I had fun and I super miss these ladies! And it has just been 2 weeks! 128557

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